Mark Predicts ‘Babylon 5’: Season 5

We’ve made it to the final prediction post for my journey through Babylon 5, friends. I’M NOT READY.

First things first: last season’s predictions.

  1. In the opening of season 4, we will find out that somehow, Sheridan survived. Technically, yes!
  2. That survival is also tied to Sheridan having a “remnant” of Kosh within him. HELL YES. 
  3. This season will also feature the growth of Ivanova’s telepathic powers. Actually, this didn’t feature at all. Still want to see it!
  4. We will find out where Garibaldi is by the end of the first episode. NO. NOPE. WASN’T READY.
  5. (Oh lord, I hope I’m right about Sheridan, or this is gonna be a disaster.) Delenn and Sheridan will resume dating/courting one another. HELL YES, AND THEY WERE CUTE.
  6. The Shadows will strike back against their foes by the fifth episode. Fifth? FIFTH?
  7. The Shadows will also attack Earth at some point this season. I think I meant to say “directly” sooooo… I don’t think this counts. 
  8. (Bonus points if it is in the finale episode.) (It wasn’t.) 
  9. This is a ridiculous one, but I think Bester will leave the Psi Corps to oppose the Shadows. UGH. Okay, you know what? This is a cool idea, but still WRONG. 
  10. And I think President Clark will publicly ally with the Shadows by the end of the season. HELP ME. This is like… so close to the truth, and yet it didn’t happen because OTHER THINGS. 
  11. We will see Lyta twice. Way more!
  12. We will learn more about Kosh’s replacement. I’m not counting this because we barely learned anything at all. Did we even learn their name???
  13. And news of Kosh’s death will become public. Nope! Wow, I did not do well this season.
  14. Londo will accept the position he was offered at the end of season 3. Oh, no, OH NO.
  15. But he will use it to maneuver himself closer to becoming the Emperor. NOT ON PURPOSE??????? NOOOOOOO OH MY GOD
  16. I am very uncertain about literally every other character. G’Kar? Dr. Franklin? Ivanova? I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM.  YOU NEVER WILL, IT’S ALL TOO MUCH. 
  17. Actually, let me carry over a prediction: Vir openly defies Londo this season. Oh my god, he didn’t have to because LONDO CHANGED. 
  18. I am scared. I don’t get how there are two seasons left. YOU STILL WON’T.

So… a pretty terrible outing, altogether. Which makes me very nervous about what I’m posting. Here goes nothing!

Season 5 Predictions

  1. This season will largely cover two things: first, the Telepath War.
  2. Second: the war with the Drakh.
  3. The Telepath War will be first.
  4. And Bester will metaphorically (or literally) fire the first shot.
  5. Zack and Lyta will get together!
  6. Bester dies by the end of the show.
  7. We’ll meet the temporary replacement for Ivanova in the first episode, but Ivanova will return to Babylon 5 after four episodes.
  8.  Delenn and Sheridan will conceive their child this season.
  9. They will also be born this season, too.
  10. That terrible telepath virus will make an appearance again.
  11. The Psi Corps will be dismantled by the end of the season.
  12. We will see how the Drakh destroy the Centauri Empire.
  13. Events from “War Without End” will not be changed in this version of the story.
  14.  A new President of Earth will be elected.
  15. Garibaldi will rejoin command staff as Chief of Security.
  16. G’Kar and Londo will die while strangling one another.
  17.  We will see the destruction of Babylon 5.
  18. John Sheridan will die in the projected 20 years that Lorien stated.

Okay, cheating on that last one, but OH WELL.

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