Mark Predicts ‘Babylon 5’: Season 4

Hello, again, Babylon 5 fans! I am… weirdly impressed with my predictions for last season??? How the fuck??? That being said, I don’t feel like I have as good of a grasp on where stories are heading, so here we go into the unknown.

First things first: season 3’s predictions!

  1. Season 3 will largely focus on two things: first, the coming of the Shadows and the revelation of their agenda. I mean… yes! Okay, not a bad prediction. 
  2. And two: the growth of the Night Watch / Ministry of Peace and how they affect Babylon 5. Look at me! Predicting things!
  3. At some point, Sheridan will openly defy Earth in his running of the station. LOOK, THIS IS ACTUALLY PRETTY FUCKING SPOT-ON.
  4. And Babylon 5 will probably go rogue at some point, too. And yet, I was still surprised by the way in which this happened.
  5. Ivanova will not pursue a romantic relationship this season because she’s been burned twice now. (GIVE MY SWEET SUSAN SOME HAPPINESS SOON, PLEASE.) I mean… technically? She didn’t really address it beyond THE GUT-WRENCHING admission she made about loving Talia.
  6. Dr. Franklin’s use of stims will come up this season. HAVE I EVER BEEN THIS GOOD AND YET STILL SO COMPLETELY NOT READY.
  7. Garibaldi will directly challenge the Night Watch and try to ban them from the station. HE DID.
  9. In at least one episode, Londo will try to distance himself from the Shadows and his actions. I AM A SEER.
  10. He’ll fail at that, too. Well, this is a more complicated one. Did he fail? Did he not do enough to distance himself? His manipulation by Morden probably means this counts, sooooo…. maybe???
  11. I think we’ll see Z’ha’dum at some point. HELP ME
  12. The big reveal at the end of the season will be the war with the Shadows. Well, okay, so here’s one that’s flat-out wrong. The war came MUCH earlier than I expected!
  13. Delenn will meet with the Gray Council at least once. OH NO.
  14. Delenn and Sheridan will start a relationship. OH NOOOOOOO
  15. Vir will turn on Londo by the end of the season. All right, another one that’s completely wrong.
  16. (Bonus points if it is with help from Lennier.)  NO BONUS POINTS FOR ME.
  17. We will see Sinclair at least once. This is so unnerving, y’all.
  18. I’m not ready. Weirdly, I was??? BUT WASN’T. Because a lot of these points seemed like natural progressions for the show, yet this still didn’t go where I thought it would.
  19. Ivanova will continue to be my favorite. INDEED.

Okay, so, let’s see if I’m still this good for season 4:

Season 4 Predictions

  1. In the opening of season 4, we will find out that somehow, Sheridan survived.
  2. That survival is also tied to Sheridan having a “remnant” of Kosh within him.
  3. This season will also feature the growth of Ivanova’s telepathic powers. 
  4. We will find out where Garibaldi is by the end of the first episode.
  5. (Oh lord, I hope I’m right about Sheridan, or this is gonna be a disaster.) Delenn and Sheridan will resume dating/courting one another.
  6. The Shadows will strike back against their foes by the fifth episode.
  7. The Shadows will also attack Earth at some point this season.
  8. (Bonus points if it is in the finale episode.)
  9. This is a ridiculous one, but I think Bester will leave the Psi Corps to oppose the Shadows.
  10. And I think President Clark will publicly ally with the Shadows by the end of the season.
  11. We will see Lyta twice.
  12. We will learn more about Kosh’s replacement.
  13. And news of Kosh’s death will become public.
  14. Londo will accept the position he was offered at the end of season 3.
  15. But he will use it to maneuver himself closer to becoming the Emperor.
  16. I am very uncertain about literally every other character. G’Kar? Dr. Franklin? Ivanova? I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM. 
  17. Actually, let me carry over a prediction: Vir openly defies Londo this season.
  18. I am scared. I don’t get how there are two seasons left.


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