Mark Predicts ‘Babylon 5’: Season 3

Hello, friends! Welcome back to another predictions post, and I’m absolutely mortified at the idea of having to predict this show. There’s no way I can get this right, but I’m going to try. And probably fail.

First things first: here were my predictions for season two!

  1. We will discover Delenn’s new form in the first episode. Nope, not until the end of the second episode. 
  2. I am also guessing this is why I cannot watch the opening credits for the first two episodes. Well, only partially right.
  3. I am guessing that Delenn is a new form of her species. Only partially right here, too. Like, in the spirit of the prediction, I’m kinda right?
  4. Garibaldi will recover by the end of the second episode. Technically, he took longer than that, right? 
  5. Talia and Ivanova will clash over the Psi Corps again this season. JUST… STOP IT. GOOD FUCKING GOD. This, in hindsight, is LUDICROUS. What have I DONE.
  6. We’ll see Bester again. True!
  7. We will also see Morden multiple times. True as well! UNFORTUNATELY.
  8. Mollari will continue working with the Shadows. N O P E. I mean, I was right, but NO.
  9. Bonus points if he knows who he has allied with and keeps doing it anyway. Can the bonus points actually just be negative points because we all lose anyway.
  10. Sinclair will discover the truth about the Battle of the Line, but not until the end of the second episode, when Delenn tells him. LORD. Not even close. NOT EVEN CLOSE. 
  11. There will be another episode about Garibaldi’s alcoholism. Nope! Referenced a couple times, but not a full episode. 
  12. We will find out where G’Kar went to in the first episode. Nope. Second episode. 
  13. The new president is gonna be THE WORST. Oh, he sucked, but there were so many that actually qualified as this. 
  14. Home Guard will also be THE WORST and will escalate their attacks and their presence in the galaxy. Remember when this was a major concern for me? lol i was so innocent then. 
  15. A war of some sort will break out at the end of season two. Earlier than that!
  16. I think it’ll be the Shadows/the Centauri versus… everyone else? Wow, this is almost close, but also NOPE. Not close enough. 
  17. Ambassador Kosh will show someone else their true form. This is accidentally perfect, I’m not counting it. 
  18. IVANOVA WILL CONTINUE TO BE MY FAVORITE FOR ALL TIME. An easy one, I shall continue to predict this because she is my bisexual hero. 

All right, given my poor performance, let’s see if I can not be abysmal this time around.

Season 3 Predictions

  1. Season 3 will largely focus on two things: first, the coming of the Shadows and the revelation of their agenda.
  2. And two: the growth of the Night Watch / Ministry of Peace and how they affect Babylon 5.
  3. At some point, Sheridan will openly defy Earth in his running of the station.
  4. And Babylon 5 will probably go rogue at some point, too.
  5. Ivanova will not pursue a romantic relationship this season because she’s been burned twice now. (GIVE MY SWEET SUSAN SOME HAPPINESS SOON, PLEASE.)
  6. Dr. Franklin’s use of stims will come up this season.
  7. Garibaldi will directly challenge the Night Watch and try to ban them from the station.
  8. He’ll lose.
  9. In at least one episode, Londo will try to distance himself from the Shadows and his actions.
  10. He’ll fail at that, too.
  11. I think we’ll see Z’ha’dum at some point.
  12. The big reveal at the end of the season will be the war with the Shadows.
  13. Delenn will meet with the Gray Council at least once.
  14. Delenn and Sheridan will start a relationship.
  15. Vir will turn on Londo by the end of the season.
  16. (Bonus points if it is with help from Lennier.)
  17. We will see Sinclair at least once.
  18. I’m not ready.
  19. Ivanova will continue to be my favorite.

I’m cheating with that last one I DON’T CARE.

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