The official viewing order for Mark Watches ‘Babylon 5’ is here!

Hello, friends! Many thanks, first of all, to rukbat3 for assembling the survey that was used to vote on the numerous issues that cropped up due to airing/production orders for this show; it made assembling this list much easier. Thank you to everyone who discussed this in the comments, too; you’re all greatly appreciated and have made me even more excited to watch this show and talk about it with all of you.

Obviously, this is not a definitive order or a sanctioned one; it’s just the one I’ll be using to watch the show in as faithful and sensible of a manner. I have also been warned to avoid many of the DVD covers and the opening bits in the menus (also thanks to rukbat3 for that!), so I should be good to go at this point to remain UNSPOILED throughout my viewing.

So, here’s the official order for Mark Watches Babylon 5:

The Gathering

Season 1 in DVD order EXCEPT move 1×14 and 1×17, in that order, to after 1×21
Season 2 in DVD order EXCEPT swap episodes 2×07 and 2×08 AND swap episodes 2×16 and 2×17
Season 3 in DVD order
Season 4, 4×01 through 4×08


Season 4, 4×09 through the end

In the Beginning

Season 5 in DVD order

River of Souls
The Legend of the Rangers
A Call to Arms

Crusade, with the order below:

1×01 – War Zone
1×02 – The Long Road
1×04 – The Path of Sorrows
1×06 – Ruling from the Tomb
1×08 – Appearances and Other Deceits
1×09 – Racing the Night
1×11 – The Needs of Earth
1×10 – The Memory of War
1×12 – Visitors from Down the Street
1×13 – Each Night I Dream of Home
1×05 – Patterns of the Soul
1×03 – The Well of Forever
1×07 – The Rules of the Game

The Lost Tales

As of this post, the entire show has been commissioned; only some of the films and all but one episode of Crusade is left, so you’re welcome to claim any of those! 

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