Hello, Babylon 5 fans! Let’s talk about my upcoming project

Despite being pushed back a number of times, we are now close to one of the most-requested Mark Watches projects EVER: Babylon 5. I am so thrilled that I finally get to see what all the fuss is about regarding this series, especially as it is highly-regarded in the science fiction community.

I wanted to make a post just to verify a couple things before I purchase anything OR before I drop the entire viewing order in the Master Schedule and then discover I’ve made a critical error.

So, first things first! Despite that there is now a digital version of Babylon 5 via Amazon Prime, I’ve opted to go with the DVD sets. Watching on DVD means I won’t have to worry about streams getting interrupted, and I’ve heard whisperings that the digital transfer is… not that great.

I’m going to purchase this; it has all the seasons, the 5 films, and Crusade. Due to availability and cost, The Legend of the Raiders and The Lost Tales will have to be digital, as I can’t find versions of those that don’t collectively cost LESS than the complete series.

Thanks to the lovely rukbat3, there is now an OFFICIAL survey you can take to vote for your preference in viewing order. Please use this survey to vote for the best viewing order for me!

As for the viewing order, here was what was emailed to me by multiple people:

Babylon 5 Viewing Order!

The Gathering
Seasons 1-3, uninterrupted. I AM NOT TO WATCH THE OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE TO 2×01 AND 2×02.
Season 4, 4×01 through 4×08
Season 4, 4×09 through the end
Season 5, 5×01 through 5×21
River of Souls
The Legend of the Raiders
A Call to Arms
Crusade (see order below)
The Lost Tales

Now, as for Crusade, I was ALSO told this aired wildly and absurdly out of order on TNT because… well, it’s TNT. So the order listing I have for that show, based on canon and JMS’s intentions is:

1×01 – War Zone
1×02 – The Long Road
1×06 – Ruling from the Tomb
1×08 – Appearances and Other Deceits
1×10 – The Memory of War
1×11 – The Needs of Earth
1×09 – Racing the Night
1×12 – Visitors from Down the Street
1×13 – Each Night I Dream of Home
1×04 – The Path of Sorrows
1×05 – Patterns of the Soul
1×03 – The Well of Forever
1×07 – The Rules of the Game

As far as labeling these… well, that’s going to be a bit of a nightmare. As confusing as it is, I think I might put a big warning at the top of EVERY review that we are following intended order, not airing order. The show is short enough that I am making an exception to my normal policy of watching things as they aired because apparently, if I do that this time, I will be left immensely confused. So, we’ll use the AIRING ORDER numbers as we go, just because that’s how they’re labeled digitally and on the DVDs.

Now, I’m aware I probably can’t participate in the discussions if there is disagreement; PLEASE USE ROT13 to discuss all spoilers. However, if it’s clear this viewing order is a disaster, feel free to post that in plaintext so I can see it!

I’m so excited to start this. The first post goes up on September 20, so we’re LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY. Thank you for all your help, friends!

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