Mark Watches ‘Galavant’: S02E03 – Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled

In the fourth episode of the second season of Galavant, Galavant tries to get rid of Richard; Gwynn has second thoughts; Madalena gets a taste of her own medicine. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Galavant. 

Trigger Warning: For discussion of poverty and hunger

This show is so strange, but it’s so fun. 


In Hortensia, Isabella’s predicament is finally gaining some attention, but the little hope that I had that someone was going to figure out what was happening to her is now gone. I understand why, though, because Chef Vincenzo was bewitched by the lifestyle he was afforded at Harry’s palace. There’s a lot of absurd and dark humor in this plot line—I lost it when Chef sang about his bones no longer bending WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHOW—but it works because for some of us, it’s so recognizable. I lived in poverty and have been homeless a few times, and the very idea of wasting food or not eating everything on my plate is TERRIFYING to me. I can’t do it! I know what it feels like not to have anything at all, and I can’t bear the thought of letting shit go to waste. 

It also means that, to a lesser extent, I am not used to nice things. The show exaggerates this for comedic affect, but it’s a real feeling! I remember the first time I stayed in a nice hotel and how I constantly had this wave of discomfort washing over me. Everything was too nice. Who knew sheets could feel good? WHY IS THIS TOWEL RACK HEATED? But it was more than that. There were the dirty stares in the elevators when rich, white patrons boarded with me. There was the woman who asked me to clean her room as I walked past it. There was the bellhop who asked me if I knew where I was, if I was just meeting friends or looking for a bathroom.

Yeah, no thanks. So I get why Gwynne feels the way she does. There’s no way that Hortensia will ever provide her with a place to fit in. Beyond that, she doesn’t want to change who she is! She likes where she came from and how she lived. And in a charming display of love and devotion, Chef ACTUALLY AGREES TO LEAVE HORTENSIA. I can’t believe it! They’re really doing it! Which leaves only the Jester who suspects the truth of Isabella’s true nature. So maybe he’ll get that headpiece off of her? In the meantime, Chef and Gwynne are on their way home! Oh god, what if they don’t fit in there, either???


Roberta is honestly a surprise, and I didn’t expect to enjoy her as much as I did. Her chemistry with Richard is well done, and that’s important, especially if the show was gonna sell this story to us. However, even putting that aside, this still worked because all we really needed was an annoyed Galavant! And boy, did we ever get one! By the time this episode was halfway over, he was SO TIRED of Richard and Roberta bonding, cracking jokes, and he needed them GONE. It certainly didn’t help that Richard botched that negotiation at the start of the episode. The point being: Richard was holding Galavant back. 

Unfortunately, Galavant’s plan to get Richard and Roberta together as a couple so he could seek an army by himself… well, it backfired. IN TWO DIFFERENT WAYS. Look, Richard is perhaps the most oblivious character I’ve ever seen. HE NEVER TRULY UNDERSTANDS WHAT IS GOING ON. His interpretation of the world around him is so fascinating because it’s so terrible. And despite that Galavant sets up a dinner for him to bond with Roberta, he still sees her as a friend, and he still swears that he will stick by Galavant’s side to help him. EVEN WORSE: he helps Roberta realize that she does like Richard as more than just a friend.



I find it hard to feel bad for Madalena because, like Richard, she is just so terrible to everyone around her. Okay, Richard has gotten better since he was introduced, but I don’t know that it’s intentional; he’s changed because his circumstances have forced him to change. Madalena, on the other hand, experiences cruelty and… pretty much stays the same? She is put through the ringer her, at least in the context of her reputation. This is not even remotely the most difficult thing a character has had to go through on this show, but for Madalena? It’s a nightmare. The same queens who tormented her as a child invite her to a Sunday Roast, only for Madalena to find out it’s a comedy roast, and she’s the subject. All of the power she has had is washed away, and she has to suffer through it. She can’t lash out, can she? What will she lose if she reacts the “wrong” way? 

Thus, this brings her to an epiphany: she “feels” something. It’s a big ol’ negative feeling, but it is her first feeling ever! And lord, does she ever HATE it. Sucks, doesn’t it, Madalena? There was a slim part of me (admittedly very slim) that thought that maybe she might learn that her actions hurt other people, but nope! Instead, she wallows in that bad feeling for a few moments, then Gareth brings her the ears of the Queens (!!!! WHAT THE FUCK !!!!), AND THEN SHE HAS A NEW FEELING!!! Which might be affection for Gareth? Who knows! She certainly isn’t a better person because of the experience, and I suspect she might not get redeemed until the very. I would not be surprised if that was the case.

The video for “Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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