Mark Predicts ‘Galavant’: Season 2

Hello, Galavant friends! While I only get to do one of these for the show, I’m still excited to publicly embarrass myself for all of you, especially after that finale. LET’S DO THIS.

In case this is your very first prediction post for one of my sites, here’s what you need to know:

1. Please do not spoil me. It may seem obvious, but every once in a while, people still try to. Use rot13 cyphering for all spoilery comments.

2. Please do not spoil other people. There are often people posting their own predictions! Treat them as you would treat me.

3. Do not pretend to be watching this for the first time and post “fake” predictions. It’s happened. It’s been a while. Still, don’t do it.

So, here’s what I think will happen in season 2 of Galavant.

  1. The first episode of the season will deal with how badly matched Galavant and Richard are to travel together.
  2. We’ll also find out that Isabella’s parents aren’t that interested in leaving Hortensia because they’d prefer her to marry her cousin.
  3. The second episode will deal with Isabella trying to escape.
  4. She will succeed!
  5. Right as Galavant and Richard arrive to rescue her, and they miss reuniting with her.
  6. Galavant and Isabella won’t reunite until the sixth episode.
  7. Sid will be secretly plotting to overthrow Madalena.
  8. Gareth will discover that he HATES ruling.
  9. So Gareth will ALSO secretly plot to overthrow Madalena.
  10. Chef and Gwynne will finally get married.
  11. Galavant will give up on his love of Madalena and will fully pursue Isabella.
  12. They will get married in the season finale, too!
  13. At some point in this season, the show is gonna take a real sharp turn into the unexpected, and I’m putting this here because I know it. I know it in my bones, y’all, I AM NOT READY FOR THIS.

Here we go, friends!!! ONWARD!

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