Mark Watches ‘Alias’: S01E19 – Snowman

In the nineteenth episode of the first season of Alias, well, what the fuck am I supposed to write? If you’re intrigued, then it’s time for Mark to watch Alias.

I had a whole review written in my head. I was gonna talk about how Sydney and Noah were fundamentally two very different people, that by spending five years undercover, he had changed into someone she couldn’t have ever been in a relationship with. Nevermind the complications of navigating the world that is SD-6. This was about compatibility. They had chemistry, but that does not mean they were compatible. How could they be? Noah was done. He was ready to move on to the next chapter of his life, to try something other than being a spy. While that idea was appealing to Sydney—especially after that awkward confrontation with Will and Francie—she wasn’t remotely close to leaving this world behind. If anything, she was still entangled in the past. It wouldn’t let her go! How could she possibly disappear with Noah and feel satisfied?

The extreme irony, of course, is that Noah was entangled in the past the entire time, too. AND I’M SO ANGRY AT HIM. I’m angry at him because he lied so very many times. He deceived Sydney, he led her on to believe that he was done with this “life” while he was FLYING ON HIS WAY TO MURDER THE LAST POSSIBLE LINK BETWEEN HER MOTHER AND KHASINAU. So yeah, I’m pissed at his poor excuse for his lies. He tried to keep her away from this??? SHE WAS ALWAYS GOING TO BE INVOLVED, Y’ALL. He knew she needed Calder to find Khasinau, and yet, as much as he claimed to care about her, he still murdered Calder.

This world of espionage is inherently one of deceit. Even the title of the show makes reference to it! And in these nineteen episodes, we’ve had to unravel all the lies, all the subterfuge, to attempt to find the truth of Sydney Bristow’s life. Her father and Sloane have stood in the way; we’ve watched other characters deal with infidelity, lying, and double lies. LITERALLY IN THIS VERY EPISODE, FRANCIE AND WILL CONFRONT SYDNEY ABOUT HER OWN LIES. Honestly, it makes the idea of Noah’s offer seem all the more appealing. Living in this world must be exhausting. How much longer can Sydney maintain it? How many more heartbreaks can she stand? WHY DOES THIS SHOW HURT US LIKE THIS?

At least Jack is finally seeing a therapist without being ordered to. So… one good thing happened here? Just one? THESE POOR CHARACTERS.

The video for “Snowman” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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