Mark Watches ‘Person of Interest’: S04E16 – Blunt

In the sixteenth episode of the fourth season of Person of Interest, the team meets someone just as (and perhaps more) qualified and talented as they are. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Person of Interest


Oh, I don’t get what Root is doing at all.

It took me until the credits were rolling to remember Caleb from “2πR” back in season 2, the brilliant coder who now has success and a company of his own. Which is a pretty fantastic fucking update, I might say, especially since we don’t often see the positive effect of the team’s work to save people. LOOK AT HIM NOW. So, I assume that Caleb is a recruit for… what? What exactly can he provide that the Machine can use to fight against Samaritan? Is it the app that Root developed, or was that just a means to an end? I suspect the latter, but that doesn’t really help me.

I am fascinated that Root and the Machine are basically doing the same thing that Samaritan has been doing, too: Recruiting people to their side without really telling them what they’re doing. That’s my assumption here. Whatever Root is going to do will help the Machine, and Caleb and his employees won’t ever be made the wiser about their involvement in this… right?



But then there’s Harper, and you know what? It’s entirely possible that, by the end of this episode, Harper had made up her mind to maybe work with the team at some future point. Indeed, it feels like she’s crafted specifically to return to this show because SHE IS INCREDIBLE. I do love it when the writers make us question whether or not a number is a victim or a perpetrator, and it seemed pretty likely that Harper was far more in control of this situation than she initially let on. She set the Mexican cartel against Dominic’s men, and then stole thousands upon thousands of dollars while no one was looking. I mean, she’s a genius in that regard! She stole from criminals to make a living, grifting expertly as she moved from one city to the next.

And then Trey happened. Once again, Person of Interest finds a way to address the idea of complicity. Even if Harper intended for this to be a “victimless” crime, she inadvertently got her boyfriend, Trey, involved in Dominic’s revenge scheme. And even if she tried her best to keep him out of this, John helped her to realize that she was getting someone else hurt in the process.

Isn’t that exactly the sort of thing that would help a person feel like they should work for John and Harold’s team??? IT IS THE PERFECT SEGUE, Y’ALL. Which makes me have a little hope that Harper might return for her ring some day. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT.


I still feel like Dominic’s arc isn’t quite up to the standard I’ve held for most of this show, and I really want it to be about more than just him wanting to control most of the area around I-95. With everything else going on in the show, it just feels so… simplistic? For a moment, though, it seemed like John had made enough progress to build a relationship with Dominic similar to the one he had fostered with Elias. What if they could stay out of one another’s way? Would that be possible?

But it seems Dominic can’t give up his desire to hurt innocent people. That was the breaking point! Because in the end, he wants what he wants, and he’ll do anything to take it. And in that instance, John was still standing in his way.

Well, at least he tried, right???

The video for “Blunt” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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