Mark Predicts ‘Person of Interest’: Season 5

Well, here we are, friends: the final prediction post for Person of Interest. It has been a ridiculous journey up to this point, and I hope my predictions are worthy of that. I’ve got lots to base predictions on, so let’s get started!

First things first:

  1. The team remains separated for at least five episodes. I tried.
  2. They will still be given numbers based on where they are located. Still tried. 
  3. At least one of them will have to deal with a number while alone. Oh, this might TECHNICALLY be right, given how many numbers got split up, but it never really occurred as I meant it to. The jury one is close but not quite it.
  4. The main villain in season 4 will be Greer/Decima. YES. Finally, I got one right!
  5. We will learn what Samaritan is “commanding” of Greer. What am I saying here. Honestly, I do get what I was trying to say, but this is a mess, NEGATIVE A MILLION POINTS. (Which I don’t even keep track of anymore, LMAO.)
  6. Samaritan will start targeting people based on information provided to it, instead of the other way around. Basically, as we saw in the finale, external forces (namely Decima) will be able to direct Samaritan to track anyone they want. HELP, I TAKE THIS PREDICTION BACK. 
  7. Samaritan will cause the death of at least one innocent person. JUST ONE? JUST ONE?????
  8. More request than a prediction, but could Root and Shaw do something about all that flirting? I’d really love if this wasn’t queerbaiting. AND THE HEAVENS OPENED, AND THE VOICE OF GOD THUNDERED DOWN UPON THEM, AND HE SAID, “GAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY.” (Oh my god, I can’t believe this actually happened. BI/PAN SHAW. QUEER ROOT. WHAT THE FUCK.)
  9. Lionel will have to play a bigger part in this season. Sort of? I have a prediction for this. 
  10. But only once the main characters reunite and re-assemble in a new HQ in New York City. NEW HEADQUARTERS!
  11. Control dies in season 4. Wow, nope.
  12. So does Greer’s assistant, whose name I didn’t get. He’s the guy at the end with the sling on his arm. Where did he go??? 
  13. So does Garrison. I am so wrong about everything.
  14. Public opinion will veer toward favorability of surveillance due to the Vigilance bombing. Surprisingly unaddressed!
  15. And the big finale: Samaritan turns on Decima and the rest of humanity. Isn’t that what Harold warns Greer of? I THINK IT HAPPENS. You know, what actually happened is a million times worse. 

So, lots to cover here. I SHALL ATTEMPT THIS ONE LAST TIME.

Predictions for Season 5

  1. The team will have to abandon their headquarters at some point in this season.
  2. Shaw will be reunited with the team by the halfway point.
  3. But we’ll discover that she’s been brainwashed by Decima.
  4. The Machine will be taken back online by the halfway point of the season.
  6. More innocent people will die because of Samaritan.
  7. We will see Control once.
  8. But she dies.
  9. So does Garrison.
  10. So does Greer, who is killed by Root.
  11. And so does John. If anyone dies of the main cast, I think it’s gonna be him. In the finale, is my guess.
  12. Which means he breaks things off with Iris at some point this season.
  13. We’ll see Harper once.
  14. We’ll see Zoe once.
  15. Once the Machine is online again, it’ll simultaneously provide numbers AND work towards stopping Samaritan.
  16. Samaritan turns on Greer/Decima by the end of the show.
  17. In the end, Team Machine defeats Samaritan by destroying it.
  18. Harold is reunited with Grace in the finale.


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