Mark Watches ‘Steven Universe’: S05E10 – Kevin Party

In the tenth episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe, Steven attends a party thrown by Kevin because of who he thinks might show up. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Steven Universe

I was fully expecting a continuation of “Sadie Killer,” so yeah, I admit to be 100% unprepared for Steven and Connie to finally see one another again. That last episode seemed to end on a cliffhanger of sorts, given that Sadie had made perhaps the biggest decision in her entire life. WHAT HAPPENED? How was Sadie Killer’s first show?

I suppose we’re meant to believe it went well, given that Steven has moved on in the beginning of “Kevin Party.” The next ramification plays out for us, though: ever since Connie left Steven on the beach outside his home, Lion has been missing. I don’t know why I didn’t think of the obvious—that Connie still had Lion in her possession—BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE FEELINGS.

It’s a long journey to those feelings, though, because Kevin, the human manifestation of immaturity, derails Steven into a NIGHTMARE of a solution to his problem with Connie. I like that even though we get a glimpse of a possible event that pushed Kevin into such a toxic personality—he had his heart broken—the show doesn’t decide that this negates everything else he did. The guy is a mess, and his advice to Steven is possibly the worst advice we’ve ever seen someone give another person on this show. (Okay, maybe not the worst. But it’s bad!)

Kevin deflects responsibility. Kevin cares about appearances. Kevin DOESN’T ACTUALLY TREAT HIS FRIENDS LIKE THEY ARE FRIENDS. They’re all pawns to make himself look better! So when he believes that Connie dumped Steven, he advises Steven to behave in ways that would manipulate Connie into talking to him. Nevermind that she came to party knowing Steven would be there! No, Steven has to pretend to have been living a wonderful life without Connie because… then she’ll come running back to Steven?

See, Kevin assumes that everyone thinks like him, that other people are just as concerned with appearances over substance. But that’s not Connie, and Steven knows that! Poor kid; look how nervous he is throughout this episode when he’s trying to pretend everything is fine. KEVIN, THIS TECHNIQUE HAS NEVER WORKED FOR YOU, WHY DID YOU THINK IT WOULD WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Maybe he had hope it would work so that he could use it himself!

Regardless, it’s unsurprising that honest conversation is what gets Steven and Connie talking again. Y’all, IT WAS SO OVERWHELMING AND IMMENSE TO WATCH THEM FINALLY TALK. I adore that the writers had Steven apologize and acknowledge that it was his reaction to Connie’s anger that made Connie feel like she was going out of her mind. He doesn’t blame her for anything that she feels and instead accepts responsible ENTIRELY. It’s so beautiful! Not just that, but it was relieving. Y’all, even I started to feel bad that these two weren’t talking, so this was a REVELATION to experience. They’re friends again! I AM A MESS OF EMOTIONS.

The video for “Kevin Party” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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