Mark Watches ‘Enterprise’: S04E22 – These Are The Voyages…

In the final episode of Enterprise, I think the fuck not. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to finish Star Trek. Sort of. 

The more I think about this finale, the more horrific I think it is. Like, Enterprise has not been my favorite show, not by a long shot. Even then, I still wanted some closure for these characters. While it was neat that the timeline jumped ahead to the first inklings of the alliance that would lead to the Federation, this is otherwise a disaster in plotting and focus, and I would hazard a guess that the fandom was NOT pleased with what transpired.

I like The Next Generation. It was a great show. I FINISHED WATCHING IT A LONG TIME AGO. “The Pegasus” was a solid episode, but I really didn’t need MORE insight on Riker’s struggle about whether he should tell Picard the truth. And y’all know I loved Deanna Troi more than most things, but…







Even if we accept that Riker needed help figuring what to do with Pressman, THIS MISSION MAKES NO SENSE AS A FORM OF ADVICE. It doesn’t relate to his issue at all! It is absolutely forced as a means to provide Riker with guidance but THERE IS NO ACTUAL GUIDANCE GIVEN TO HIM. What was the fucking point, y’all????

And killing off Tucker??? FOR RIKER MAN PAIN??? 100% unnecessary, actively offensive, A TERRIBLE WRITING DECISION ON ALL FRONTS. What the fuck??? Why? Why do this? What purpose does it serve to do this to a beloved character and then HAVE HIM DIE OFF SCREEN. You couldn’t even give him a heroic goodbye? The episode literally cuts to T’Pol packing up his things. THAT IS IT.

Ugh, it’s so bad. And I get the sense that the writers felt like this was actually going to be awesome for us, and yet? Wow, this fails on nearly every front. “Terra Prime” works better as part of a finale, but even then, I don’t feel like the audience got to say goodbye to anyone on this show. I thought the Voyager finale was complicated, but this is just straight up awful.

What a way for my Star Trek journey to come to a close. I know I’ve got three of the reboot films left, and perhaps one day I’ll have time for Discovery. But as fun as watching Star Trek has been, sometimes, it’s pure garbage.

The video for “These Are The Voyages…” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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