Mark Predicts ‘Person of Interest’: Season 2

Hello, friends! I love it when y’all choose a show for me that’s just so much fun to predict. I was definitely left with a lot to work with, so this should be properly embarrassing for me. OH WELL, I’M DOING IT.

So, just a quick re-hash of some rules in case you are one of the folks who is new around here and wants to know how these work. Please do not spoil me. Seems obvious, and while it’s been years since someone messed this up: this also means you shouldn’t tell me whether a prediction is right or wrong. Or quote it and respond with a GIF reaction. Or tally how many are correct or incorrect. Just let my wrongness (or eerie rightness) stand untouched so as to provide maximum embarrassment later on. TRUST ME, IT’S WORTH IT.

You are also allowed to participate if you are watching this for the first time! Don’t post fake predictions, though. The mods will know, and we’ll show you the door.

Okay, nothing to go over in terms of previous predictions, since this is my first one for Person of Interest, so HERE WE GO.

Season 2 Predictions

  1. Finch will not be rescued until the end of the second episode of season 2.
  2. Simmons will be shown turning on Fusco in the first episode since he saw Fusco helping Carter and Reese.
  3. Zoe Morgan will appear three times in season 2.
  4. Nathan Ingram will appear in flashbacks four times.
  5. We’ll find out what happened with Mark Snow and Kara Stanton.
  6. Agent Donnelly will begin to suspect that Joss Carter is working with Reese.
  7. HR will get both Fusco and Carter suspended at least once this season.
  8. We will learn more of Finch’s past with Ingram. Specifically: what happened after the government took ownership of The Machine.
  9. We will learn why Alicia believed that The Machine killed Nathan Ingram.
  10. Elias will get out of prison.
  11. Root will only be in two episodes of season 2.
  12. Simmons is killed by Fusco.
  13. Root is killed by Finch.
  14. We will find out where The Machine is being kept.
  15. Over the course of this season, the Machine will start to give more information than just a person’s social security number.
  16. Finch will gain full access to The Machine in the season finale.

I’m so excited for season two, y’all. SO EXCITED.

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