Mark Watches ‘Gargoyles’: S02E50 – Hunter’s Moon, Part One

In the fiftieth episode of the second season of Gargoyles, HOW. WHY. NO. DON’T. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Gargoyles.

I hate how much this feels like the end.

I mean that in purely a selfish way. I hope that over these 60+ reviews, I have conveyed just how much Gargoyles has affected me and impressed me. I really should have been watching this growing up, but in a way, I’m glad I missed it. I’m glad that I got to watch this with all of you. Yet the first part of “Hunter’s Moon” comes off as the beginning of the end. The episode opens with a typical night in the lives of Elisa and the gargoyles, and it is meant to remind us of the duty these people have to the city of New York. Night after night, they protect the citizens of this place from threats large and small. Sometimes, it’s from mundane crimes like petty theft, and more often than not, they’re fighting monsters. Time travelers. Immortal beings. Hunters. Other gargoyles. The list of antagonists is long and diverse, but the point remains the same: gargoyles are protectors.

Thus, the opening sequence is just another example of that. They stop a group of thieves from stealing from one of Xanatos’s warehouses, yet in doing so, they still face resistance from the humans who they are protecting. Such is the life of the gargoyles, who make strides very slowly when it comes to their public presence. Even though there’s a more significant portion of the city that knows they’re real, they still exist in the shadows. In myth. In legend. It is, in every sense, a thankless job that they commit to regardless of how they’re treated by those they’re helping.

With the introduction of a new group of Hunters, however, the gargoyles’ purpose is made ever more clear. By contrast, we have a group of creatures dedicated to helping others, and now there’s a group that’s arrived to kill them, all because Demona slashed at Duncan’s face over a thousand years prior. It’s such a disparate set of views of gargoyles, one based on myth and distant history, the other based in current reality. Of course, that sounds exactly like Demona, doesn’t it? It’s been her major flaw throughout the show, and apparently, she hasn’t learned. She’s involved in all of this, too, though I am completely lost as to what she’s doing. Clearly, the Hunters arrived in Manhattan to kill Demona, unaware that they wouldn’t be able to without Macbeth, and the presence of another clan is just an extra benefit to them.

BUT WHAT IS WITH THEM INFILTRATING THEMSELVES INTO THE LIVES OF EVERYONE ELSE? How did they know? There’s no way it is a coincidence that one is Elisa’s new partner, another is going to be Ms. Destine’s assistant, and the third is a reporter interviewing Xanatos. Look, I know I’m jumping ahead with this theory, but after seeing one of the Hunters with that blonde ponytail (and the fact that there is three of them), I feel like it’s all but outright confirmed that the three newcomers are also the Hunters. BUT WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? How much reconnaissance did they do prior to revealing themselves??? How are there multiple Hunters working at the same time? OH MY GOD ARE THE OTHER GARGOYLES AROUND THE WORLD OKAY???

There’s a combination of tensions here. I’m well aware that we are painfully close to the end of this show. (Or at least the accepted canon, since it was highly recommended to me not to watch season 3.) I’m worried about what this ending is going to be and if I’ll be cliffhanger’d. I am also not the least bit thrilled about having no more Gargoyles to watch. But there’s one thing that hangs over all of this: Gargoyles is a show in which the writers have repeatedly demonstrated that they’re willing to go the distance to tell a good story. So yeah, I am extremely worried about Angela’s condition, and I was super fucking scared that Brooklyn was going to die in that explosion. When writing is this good and consistent, then it’s easy to imagine that you aren’t going to be dragged along with an unsatisfying story. But that means that anything can happen at this point.

So… will Goliath actually kill someone in revenge??? The show has avoided that the whole time, but he’s angry enough that he might actually do it. Plus, what does Demona need all that disinfectant for? I’M SCARED.

The video for “Hunter’s Moon, Part One” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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