Mark Finishes ‘Gargoyles’: Q&A Comment Party

Hello, friends! Before we start another Double Features show here on Mark Watches, I thought I would have a day devoted just to celebrating my journey through Gargoyles. Let’s first deal with my predictions for season two before OTHER STUFF.

Predictions for Season 2

  1. We will see Xanatos and Demona work together many times. I
  2. There will be numerous flashback episodes. cannot
  3. Some of these flashbacks will introduce gargoyles who are not around anymore. believe
  4. The gargoyles will officially work with the NYPD throughout season 2, helping to solve crimes. how
  5. The Pack will appear again. completely
  6. So will Macbeth! unprepared
  7. SO WILL COLDSTONE, but that’s not because I think it’s actually going to happen. I just want it badly. I
  8. At least once, we’ll see a new gargoyle in the PRESENT day. was
  9. For at least one full episode, the gargoyles will live in Wyvern Castle again. for
  10. Derek Maza will quit working for Xanatos. this
  11. And he’ll join the NYPD again. entire
  12. Elisa’s partner, Matt, will be very hesitant to work with any gargoyles. season
  13. Lexington will learn how to drive a car. because
  15. One of the gargoyles will fall in love. at
  16. Halfway through the season, one of the gargoyles will appear on live television. how
  17. Xanatos will be the main antagonist. wrong
  18. But he will not be the only one: Demona will remain an antagonist the whole time, too. I
  19. At the end of the season, a citizen upset at the gargoyles presence will try to get rid of them. was.

Truly, this show was something else. I love that the very idea of the World Tour wasn’t even a molecule of a theory in my mind. I DIDN’T KNOW THIS SHOW WOULD DO SO MANY INTERESTING THINGS IN ONE SEASON!

So, if you’ve never attended a comment party around here, it works like so: Years ago, I realized I didn’t really have a chance through normal reviews to look at the big picture. I always focused on one episode at a time, and thus, these were born. I will be hanging out in the comments all day, so now is your chance to get me to think about Gargoyles as a whole. Favorite episodes, characters, shipping stuff, WHATEVER YOU CAN THINK OF. On top of that, the spoiler rules are now a free-for-all. Since I’m not watching the non-canonical season 3, and I am most likely not getting to the comics, we can talk about all these things. What fanart have I missed? Behind-the-scenes info? Everything you kept to yourself is now welcome!

I CAN’T WAIT TO TALK ABOUT THIS SHOW. Tomorrow, we will start up the next Double Feature show: Person of Interest. Until then, have fun!

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