Mark Watches ‘Gargoyles’: S02E13 – High Noon

In the thirteenth episode of the third season of Gargoyles, I WAS TRICKED. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Gargoyles

I FELL FOR IT SO HARD. I even questioned how the hell Demona and Macbeth had escaped the Wyrd Sisters and THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS EPISODE. Now, y’all know I loved this because it’s so heavily serialized. It’s a direct continuation of the events of the “City of Stone” arc, one that surprised me because I honestly expected that we’d not see either Demona or Macbeth for a while. Unfortunately, they’re immediately the source of conflict for the gargoyles after they steal Coldstone during the day, though I felt strange about it. Why would they do this? Just to destroy the gargoyles? That made sense to me if Demona had been the only person behind this, but Macbeth only had interest in one specific gargoyle. Why harm the others? What purpose did it serve for him to have control of Coldstone with Coldstone’s brother at the helm?

I trust this show, though, because it’s so consistently satisfying and because the writers have a knack for giving the audience proper conclusions to the premises they create. So there had to be some reason for a temporary alliance between sworn enemies. Yet as this episode progressed further and further towards that huge confrontation between Elisa and this new alliance, I wondered if the writers had thrown too many elements into the plot. Macbeth was so determined to help Demona and THIS MADE NO SENSE TO ME. After the end of “City of Stone,” they both appeared more determined than ever to destroy one another. So what had the Wyrd Sisters done to them? Changed them ever so slightly? Shown them the error of their ways? NONE OF THE ABOVE? It was hard to tell because something had happened off-screen to get these two to team up.

Generally speaking, I understand that sometimes, things must happen off the page/off the screen. It was a lot to ask of the audience, though, to accept that these two were comfortable with working with one another, especially since the end goal was just as ambiguous as their bizarre partnership. That being said, the eventual reveal that the Wyrd Sisters manipulated these two through magic helped to explain pretty much everything. At the end of “City of Stone,” the Sisters had realized that they were responsible for these two disasters, and thus, “High Noon” is their attempt to address it. It’s a messy solution, first of all, since magic cannot change hearts and minds. By the final scene, both Demona and Macbeth turn on each other once more, unable to ignore the creeping realization that their alliance was forced. I’d also argue that this episode establishes the sisters as major players in the greater story rather than a random influence on history. There’s mention of some huge “war” that’s coming, and their manipulation of these two characters helped them gain some magical items they needed for… well, I don’t know what they needed them for.

It’s a hint of a larger story, but it must be significant enough that they did all this just to get others to obtain items they wanted. Coldstone is more of collateral damage than anything else, a means to an end. Yet even if that’s the case, he is still given a plot of his own! His struggle to deal with the three souls in his body is beautifully written, a tale of love and devotion. He even admits at the end of “High Noon” that until he gets his brother under control, he cannot be around his brethren safely. That realization is a hard one, given that he misses them so much, but I was touched that he had his lover at his side. SHE’S SO GREAT, EVERYTHING IS GREAT, I AM SAD THAT COLDSTONE HAD TO LEAVE BUT HAPPY THAT SHE IS WITH HIM.

Seriously, what’s this war, y’all? Oh, don’t actually tell me, but now I’m worried. I’m unprepared. AGAIN.

The video for “High Noon” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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