The Mark Watches schedule post-Star Trek

Hello, Watchers! I revealed this news first on Patreon and then through my newsletter, and now it’s time for everyone to know: I have chosen what will replace Star Trek when I finish watching all five shows and the films that have been released thus far. (We’ll talk about that new series later.)

Now, please note that these are all normal features; they are not susceptible to the breaks that I have to take when I travel or when writing/editing my fiction stuff gets in the way. Like it’s been with Star Trek, you can always depend on these posts, barring extenuating circumstances. I won’t be alternating shows for these, so these will be watched in this order straight through. I have another set of announcements in the coming weeks that will finally shed light on why Double Features have been sporadic, but I do intend to tackle those three shows (as well as catch up on Steven Universe) as soon as it is possible! You can always sign up for my newsletter, which will let you know when Double Features have been posted. I’ve also been making Review Round-Ups on my new site as a way to keep track of what’s been posted in case you want an easy place to look.

Anyway, enough of an introduction. Here’s what starts this November:

Yuri on Ice, season 1
Babylon 5 (Yes, the films will be watched in their entirety and in the order they were released; I was given a watching schedule years ago and shall be using that. I will post the schedule and give credit when the time comes!)
Slings & Arrows

You are now welcome to begin claiming episodes for commissions RIGHT NOW. The Patreon / Newsletter folks got first dibs, so Yuri On Ice was snatched up a mere SIXTY SECONDS after I announced it. But there’s a lot left! I made these decisions almost entirely based on what was popular on my Suggestions page, with the exception of Alias and Babylon 5, which I had long promised to cover. (And much of them were already claimed). I needed a bit of a break from SPACE DRAMA before I started another show set in space, so…. here we are!

I hope y’all are excited. I AM VERY EXCITED.

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