Mark Watches ‘Death Note’: Episode 13 – Confession

In the thirteenth episode of Death Note, I will repeat myself endlessly while reviewing this: HOW DOES IT KEEP ESCALATING. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Death Note. 

I just have to expect this show to throw me into an abyss every episode. I just have to do this to survive.

The Diary

There’s a commentary here on how the media can often be used to elevate and boost the profiles of violent people. I realized while watching “Confession” that the Sakura TV station has just become nothing more than a messenger. How does the general public  feel about this drama that’s unfolding on their news every day? Does Misa plan on using the media for further exploits, or was this just a means to an end?

I think that’s a question I’ll ask further along in this show. There was an endgame in this episode: Misa wanted to identify Kira. Despite that Light took numerous precautions to protect himself, his own shinigami couldn’t have prepared him enough. It came down to ignorance: Ryuk simply didn’t know that those with shinigami eyes can’t see the life span of anyone who has a Death Note. Surprisingly, this doesn’t end as disastrously as I thought it would, but more on that in a bit. Can we acknowledge that had Misa not had this one advantage over Light, she probably would not have found out his identity? He brilliantly invites a group of friends with him to Aoyama, which makes Matsuda believe that Light is trying to help instead of what he’s really doing: hiding in plain sight.

Light is so creepy and manipulative, but I had no idea how true that would be.

Thank You

I found it distressing that L and the officers were so convinced that Second Kira was a fool. I was mostly worried that when she finally revealed herself, there’d still be this weird treatment towards one of the only women in this whole story. As sloppy as Misa seemed at times, this episode demonstrated that she was far more thoughtful and careful than she seemed. Hell, she used the media in a calculating way to get exactly what she wanted. She got Light’s full name. His address. Short of a photo, she did something intentional to achieve a goal. She’s not a fool or “stupid” at all.

So she sends a thank you to the station and the police officers investigating her. The whole message is simply, “You gave me Kira’s identity. Thank you!” That is bold as hell, y’all. Do not underestimate Misa at all. Not only will she taunt you with a cheery message like that, but she then balks in the face of the threats and condemnation that the police issue in response to her last tape. They try to shame her and offer her a deal that’ll minimize her punishment, and it doesn’t phase her. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT.

Light + Mina

Instead, she uses it as a sign to visit Light – AT HIS HOUSE!!! – so she can swear her loyalty to him. Let the video stand as evidence that this whole scene nearly ended me because HOW ARE THEY ALREADY MEETING? HOW ARE THEY IN THE SAME ROOM? THIS IS GOING TO END TERRIBLY, I JUST KNOW IT. Honestly, it’s so much worse than I thought, and I need to see more of this story before I comment on the bulk of it. But I think it’s clear that Death Note is trying to portray this relationship as unequal and creepy. Misa, to be frank, worships Light. It’s not because she was destined to be hold the Death Note. I think I misinterpreted “Love.” What if that comment she made to her shinigami was in reference to the fact that Light saved her when he killed the thief who ruined her life???

Okay, I think it might be able to be read either way, and I hope I get this figured out. Regardless, the relationship is still eerie and unsettling because Misa throws herself at Light’s feet, begging him to tell her what to do. She’s clearly still upset about what happened to her parents, and she’s developed an attachment to him because of it. The problem I see? Light has no qualms about taking advantage of her. That evil gleam in his eye is all the sign I need that he’s going to exploit her. He’ll use her, and as soon as she isn’t helpful or she becomes more of a burden than anything else, he’ll get rid of her. She’s entrusted him with her Death Note, and I believe that he will kill her if it comes to it.

Jesus, this show is so fucked up.

The video for “Confession” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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