Updates! Holiday Cards, Mailing Address, Gifts!

Hello, friends! Just thought I’d update you on a few things as we enter the final couple weeks of this fine holiday season. 

1) You still have about two weeks to order a Holiday Card. I will send the last batch out on January 5th, with orders being closed on December 31 at 11:59pm so that I have time to finish out the last batch. Cards are $25 and are available internationally. You can check the hashtag #MDSHoliday on Twitter and Tumblr; plenty of cards have gone out, and you can see all the ridiculous things I’ve written for people.

2) Mark Does Stuff officially has a P.O. Box!!! I had rented one for a year a while ago, but did not get much mail from it, so I stopped. My following has never been bigger (THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU), so I decided that with the return of Holiday Cards, I would get a P.O. Box to accept mail! You can now reach me for correspondence, gifts, or other such things here:

Mark Does Stuff
P.O. Box 561555
Los Angeles, CA 90056


3) If you would like to get me a gift, my Amazon Wish list is your best bet! While you are welcome to send any ol’ thing you think I’ll like to the P.O. Box, this is the only place where I’ve listed stuff that I either need for upcoming projects (like Death Note and Neon Genesis Evangelion), but also has stuff for my new apartment and things I just want for no other reason than they’re awesome. I am very thankful for the folks who have helped me out along the way, since moving this year was very expensive and sudden!!! I appreciate each and every one of you!

Otherwise, that’s all. Hope y’all have the best holidays imaginable!


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