Mark Watches ‘The 100’- S01E10 – I Am Become Death

In the tenth episode of the first season of The 100, I can’t even deal with this show. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch The 100.

Trigger Warning: For terrorism, body horror/gore/blood.

I still cannot believe this show killed off everyone on the drop ship. I said I wouldn’t believe it until I saw bodies, and then, in the opening scenes of “I Am Become Death,” THERE ARE LOTS OF BODIES. LOTS OF THEM. Diana is there. SHE’S DEAD, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE, WHAT SHOW DOES THIS. My god, y’all, do you realize that this totally changes how she’ll be viewed in history? She launched the drop ship too early, and she guaranteed the deaths of all those people because THE PARACHUTE DIDN’T DEPLOY.

What the fuck is wrong with The 100.

So, I really need to know what’s going on up on the Ark, but we get not a second set there. Granted, I get why that is; there’s so much crucial development in the war between the 100 and the Grounders that the writers needed all the time they could get. Well, I also think that heightens the tension anyway. (It’s mean. IT’S CRUEL. How dare you do this to me!) Regardless, war is coming, and while the events of this episode might have delayed them, it’s only a matter of time before this all goes to hell.

And given how events have unfolded on this show? I’m certain Hell is awaiting us all.

Jasper / Monty

I did like that we finally got a subplot involving their friendship, though I’m at a point where I desperately want a story solely about Monty, who barely gets any screen time anymore. But I did enjoy that Jasper’s ascent to “folk hero,” as Monty calls him, fit neatly into the commentary of “Unity Day.” Jasper re-imagines his own history so that he can be the center of attention and he can reap the benefits from that act. In the process, he objectifies women and turns against his best friend. Where does that get him? Well, NEARLY DEAD, which is an extreme way for the show to demonstrate why Jasper’s behavior is toxic. It’s one of the more simplistic stories this season, but I’m thankful for more time with Monty.

Murphy’s Law

Let me start by first saying that the Grounders’ retaliation is one of the most fucked up things I’ve seen from a show. Like… what the fresh hell is wrong with the people writing The 100? What did I do to you? Is this revenge?

Okay, all joking aside, I think that Murphy’s return brings up an interesting question that the survivors will need to address: How will any sort of law work on the ground? If Murphy was banished, can he do anything to earn his stay in the camp? Will he always remain unforgivable? (Which also calls back to the themes in “Day Trip,” no?) Clarke wants to have hope that Murphy can at least re-integrate back into the group, which isn’t the same as trusting him. Bellamy is more interested in executing him for breaking the rule set specifically for him. Now, this isn’t the first time that Clarke and Bellamy have clashed on what to do as leaders, but I realized in hindsight that the events of this episode caused us to overlook Murphy by the time that final scene rolled around. The man did a few nice things here, which including warning the 100 and helping out Clarke when she got sick herself. But Murphy was always an awful human being. I believed that his experience had changed that, and NOPE. HE’S STILL TERRIBLE AND AWFUL. And is anyone even going to figure it out??? Nope.

(Boo on this show for killing the only other black kid who had any lines.)

Love in a Dangerous Place

CAN IT BE OVER, PLEASE. There is so much going on here that’s genuinely fascinating and engaging, and that makes this plotline suffer sometimes. It just doesn’t hold the same power when compared to everything else unfolding on the screen. I’m hoping that this means that Raven can be given another plot besides angsting over Finn. Wouldn’t it be great if both her and Clarke left Finn behind instead? LET’S SHIP THAT. I’m not saying that because I dislike Finn; I actually think he’s grown a great deal since the pilot! I just think the interpersonal conflict is a little tired. Plus, the one between Lincoln and Octavia is just way more entertaining to me! It’s mysterious and ~destiny~ and also, Lincoln is so goddamn hot that I can’t think about it.

Look, I just want Raven to have a story outside of Finn, just like Clarke gets to have stories outside of him, too. I have no problem with romantic subplots at all. Again, I want to see more of Lincoln, and I understand the idea that he and Octavia are just drawn to one another. I guess I’ll have to see what they do next now that Raven has broken things off with Finn. Let’s pursue more of the story about the power these kids are wielding! I loved those undertones in this episode.

Mountain Men

WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY??? So, I guess my assumption about the Grounders was right, but who are they? People inside the off-limits Mount Whisper, maybe? Why are the Grounders afraid of them? What’s going to happen now that the bridge was blown and more Grounders were killed???

The video for “I Am Become Death” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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