The next batch of Double Features / Supernatural, season 11

Hello, friends! Just an update more than anything else, and it won’t be a long. I’m home from tour, and aside from a 18-day trip to San Francisco, New York, and Chicago for two events and two conventions, the Mark Does Stuff Tour 2015 is now finished! It was lovely to get to be in my own bed last night, and after spending today running some much-needed errands, I’m ready to start getting back into the groove of things.

While regular review-writing and video-recording won’t begin until Monday morning (BECAUSE I AM ACTUALLY ON A NORMAL SCHEDULE NOW??? WHAT????), I have many things planned in the next three days. I’m about to sit down and watch the season 11 premiere of Supernatural, and the review and video will be available once I’m done with them in a couple hours! As promised, every Thursday, I’ll keep up with the show in as close to real-time as possible. IT’S VERY EXCITING. Unless the season is awful BUT WE’LL SEE.

On Monday, the next Mark Watches Double Feature show will begin to be reviewed! I’ll be watching the 13-episode run of Kings, a show about I have no fucking clue. It was apparent that my schedule for Double Features was nearly complete, so, thanks to MANY suggestions (which are still open!!!), I’ve come up with the next five shows to be covered in Double Features. This will happen in this specific order as well. Thanks to the folks who recommended these, and bravo to my Patreon friends for not spoiling the surprise, either.

With much ceremony, I’ll be watching:

Sense8, season 1
Agent Carter, season 1
The 100, seasons 1 & 2
Death Note
Neon Genesis Evangelion

As of now, both Sense8 and Agent Carter are all claimed for commissions, but the rest still have unclaimed episodes. HAVE AT IT, FRIENDS. It’s all yours for the taking.

Finally, I’ll be making all of the videos for my October Patreon commissions, and they’ll be released in the next day or two! You will have MANY NEW VIDEOS! It shall be grand!

It’s nice to be home. I have a tour post going up on Patreon soon, and then some more surprises. I’m excited. Thanks for all the support, and I am very thrilled to have met so many of you in 2015. Here’s to a lovely holiday season (FULL OF FANFICTION CARDS I CAN’T WAIT) and a ridiculous 2016.


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