Updates! Fall Tour, Patreon Videos, Suggestions Open!!!

Hello, friends! I thought I would take some of my free time (what is this bizarre concept???) to update you on things going on in my life. BUCKLE IN, FRIENDS. Many exciting things shall follow!

Mark Does Stuff Fall Tour!

I wanted to highlight the FINAL tour of 2015 for me, as it will be the last major tour I do for a long time. While I have plenty of conventions and appearances in November and throughout 2016, I need to spend time focusing on a few things in the next year. I absolutely need to finish my novel (it’s almost done!!!) and begin the process of getting it published, and I want to focus on catching up on all outstanding commissions and Patreon work, which will help me pay off the debt I have gotten into this year due to moving three times on top of two major tours. I hope to be able to reschedule touring late next year, particularly since it is a goal of mine to get to all the places I didn’t get to this year, as well as spend some time in Australia and New Zealand for the many, many fans I have there.

This tour will cover the southwest of the United States, and you’ll hear me read a chapter of my upcoming novel live, as well as participate in a discussion about the Mark Does Stuff universe and hear me read a short story certain to ruin your life. All events will be free, all ages, and open to the public. At this point, any help with venues or places to stay would be greatly appreciated so as to cut down on the cost of traveling for myself and my assistant.

You can reach out to me via any of the linked Facebook event pages below, or you can email my assistant at markreadsandwatches at gmail dot com.

September 25 – 27: Fencon, Dallas TX
September 27: Dallas, TX (Public event)
September 28: Austin, TX
September 29: San Antonio, TX
September 30: Houston, TX

October 1: El Paso, TX
October 2: Albuquerque, NM
October 3: Phoenix, AZ
October 4: Las Vegas, NV
October 6: San Diego, CA
October 7: Los Angeles, CA
October 8: San Francisco, CA

I hope to see many of you next month!

New Email System / My Assistant!

As of today, markreadsandwatches at gmail dot com will be answered entirely by the assistant I hired due to the generosity of many of you from Patreon. This is to prevent confusion on my part and to make it clear who it is you are talking to. They have completely taken over correspondence for me, which is a GODSEND, let me tell you. I have created a private, professional email for myself, which they will forward emails to in case I need to respond to people. That way, you always know who you are talking to. I am not forsaking my email, as I am too obsessive about it to not read every piece that comes in, but this will take off the bulk of the burden from me and save me precious time I need to complete reviews, videos, commissions, and my own writing.

Patreon Videos!

I am happy that the first set of videos made as a result of my Patreon supporters are now out, with many more to be released in the next two weeks. In addition to those Mark Watches videos, I’ve also read Eugie Foster’s “When It Ends, He Catches Her,” as well as the first section of Sunshine by Robin McKinley. I’ve got two more sections of Sunshine to read, about ten more chapters of Fifty Shades Freed to record, and a lovely host of Mark Watches bonus commissions left. It’s very cool to be able to do extra shit for y’all without being horribly overwhelmed by it, so thank you for your patience and generosity!

Mark Watches Suggestions are FINALLY OPEN AGAIN

The time has come. With just seven confirmed shows left on the list – many of which I can finish off this year through Double Features – it’s time for this lovely community to choose what I watch next for Mark Watches. While the main feature spot will be taken up by Star Trek until November 2017 (!!!!!!), I always do my best to accommodate Double Features as much as possible. You can list your suggestions on this page, and use the commenting/upvote feature to vote for other people’s suggestions. Please try to make sure you are not repeating another show, as it makes it confusing to me. This is very exciting for me, and I’m sure it is for y’all, too, since there are plenty of shows that have come out since I started Mark Watches that would be a good fit for this site. Go forth, my friends!

Supporting Mark Does Stuff

As always, this online enterprise is a very costly thing to keep going, and that cost skyrocketed this year because of all the personal shit that got dropped in my lap. If you’d like to support me, you can do so via the following methods:

As always, thank you all for your help in keeping this surreal journey alive. It means the world to me!

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