Mark Watches ‘The Legend of Korra’: S04E08 – Remembrances

In the eighth episode of the fourth season of The Legend of Korra, I feel like I was trolled by this show. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch The Legend of Korra.

This will be a short review because there’s not much in this episode to comment on, but y’all: I LOVED THIS. It’s one of the most clever clip shows I’ve ever seen! BLESS.


I think that at least for the first two parts of “Remembrances,” we’re given context. These characters are about to enter into one of the most challenges conflicts of their lives, and this episode provides us with a chance to understand what they’ve been through to get here. While Korra’s story is far more serious, Mako’s is a clever and hilarious acknowledgement by the show itself that his romantic life is… well, kind of a mess. I actually feel like the show addressed many of the issues with the love triangle between Korra, Asami, and himself, such as the poor breakup, the lack of a breakup, bad communication, and, ultimately, Mako’s need to find himself outside of a relationship.

Look, I think it was hilarious that Yin, Wu, and Tu dragged Mako to the ends of the earth for his past behavior because the guy needed a little constructive criticism. But I think that Mako was also ready to hear those things because he’d already realized them himself. I think that’s evident in “Reunion,” first of all, and throughout most of season three. It was just nice to see it spelled out within the show itself.


I believe that Korra’s reminiscence was as serious as it was because of the events in the last two episodes. Korra’s always been harsh on herself, and it’s one of the few things that hasn’t changed over the course of this series. After losing her fight against Kuvira and nearly losing Prince Wu as well, it’s hard for her not to believe Toph’s disparaging cynicism. Without her full physical and mental strength, how is Korra ever going to stop Kuvira? How long can Korra go from one traumatic conflict to another? What’s the point of being the Avatar if the world is always out of balance?

Look, I already have way too many feelings about the growing friendship between Asami and Korra. (Most of them involving incoherent garbling, I should admit.) I just love so much that Asami is the one to remind Korra that she is a good person. She’s done undeniable good in this world, and when Korra slips back into her spiral of self-disgust and hatred, Asami is there to give her proof of what a spectacular person she’s been.

I also found it fitting that Tenzin was the one to provide insight into Toph’s cynicism. Yes, Korra will always face enemies and evil in the world, but hasn’t the experience helped her become a better person? I have loved how much Korra’s temperament has changed since the beginning of the show, and Korra needed Tenzin to remind her of that purpose.


I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I think that it was brilliant of the show to have two sincere and entertaining glimpses of the lives of Korra and Mako, only to bring us Bolin’s past as interpreted by Varrick. BECAUSE HOLY SHIT, THIS IS SO UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUS, AND I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT. There’s still a chance for us to see how Bolin has grown from his days as a professional bender, but The Legend of Korra decides that it’s totally cool to have Varrick reimagine the entirety of the show as a senseless action movie starring Nuktuk as Bolin.

Just… holy shit. THE FOUR-WAY PHONE CONVERSATION. Zombie Amon. THE MOST EVIL KITE IN THE UNIVERSE. UnaVaatu is the stars??? Bolin was a giant???? BLESS ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. I wasn’t ready at all, and it’s one of the most exciting clip shows I’ve ever seen.

The video for “Remembrances” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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