Mark Watches ‘Supernatural’: S10E08 – Hibbing 911

In the eighth episode of the tenth season of Supernatural, YES. YES TO ALL OF THIS. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Supernatural. 

Trigger Warning: For fatphobia, misogyny, blood, and gore.

Surprise! A Jody Mills episode was wonderful. I AM SO THRILLED THAT THIS IS STILL THE CASE. This story was just so satisfying to watch and you know why?

Because of Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum.

Never in a billion years did I ever think these two characters would cross paths. I mean, first of all, I thought Donna was a one-shot, never to be seen again. But it makes so much sense, y’all, for the show to explore how both of these women deal with monsters, the sexist culture of cops, and their own insecurities over their relationships. They have way more in common than I would have ever assumed, you know? It’s one of those things that I find common in fandom where you didn’t know you needed a pairing until that pairing came into your life. And here it is, y’all. Donna and Jody? It’s not even a romantic thing (IT IS, A LITTLE BIT) so much as a friend thing.

THEY ARE SUCH GOOD FRIENDS TO EACH OTHER IN JUST ONE EPISODE, OKAY??? Like, can we discuss this right now???

  1. Even from the first moment they interact with another, Jody and Donna are quick to read emotions through body language. Jody observes how Donna shuts down once Doug insults her; Donna is well aware how stand-offish Jody is.
  2. There’s a gentle teasing and some passive aggression in the early scenes, but it never feels particularly mean. Instead, I though it was more like these two characters testing the waters. I think neither of them liked each other instantly. Jody was definitely irritated by Donna’s behavior.
  3. But over time, it’s easy to see how quickly they begin to pay more attention to the other person and to support them. Donna tells the morgue attendant that Jody is with her, for example! It’s a small moment, but it’s the first sign of a BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP.
  4. Then, we’ve got Jody being a bit more blunt about her dislike of Doug. Again, she’s testing the waters. How honest can she be with her new friend?
  5. Well, immediately after this, Donna calls Alex a dick, and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP IS BORN. IT IS GIVEN TO US WITH GRACE AND WONDER. It’s during this crucial scene that Jody and Donna realize that they can communicate with each other openly and honestly. Once Donna cracks a joke about Jody’s life, it’s like the floodgates are opened between these two.
  6. And really, the scene in the weapons expo is SO IMPORTANT. First of all, it really was spectacular to see Jody stand up for Donna. Point blank. It’s electrifying to watch someone tear into a guy being fatphobic and sexist, and I almost can’t believe this happened on Supernatural. It is a Jody Mills episode, though.
  7. Here’s the thing: having Jody do this was great. It was! After seeing how Doug verbally and physically tormented Donna, I was thrilled to see someone come to her defense. But this episode takes things a step further by showing that sometimes, people don’t want confrontations like this. They’d much rather deal with issues in their own way. And I really think the script respects this reality. Donna is allowed to be angry at Jody.
  8. The same goes for the reverse. When Donna makes a comment about Jody not losing a husband, which triggers her, Donna is quick to recognize that she was wrong. Both of these characters do not let their issues – even those that came up during the heat of the moment – stew and warp over time. Within hours, they both apologize to each other genuinely.
  10. I’d say that their whole “body cop” vibe in this episode is indicative to their growing respect for each other, too. When Donna must be brought into the know after witnessing a vampire attack, Jody is quick to take her under her wing. Not only that, but Donna’s training is quick, roughshod, and brutal. It has to be. She doesn’t exactly have all the time in the world to learn the ins and outs prior to taking down a vampire. So this ends up being a chance for Jodi to guide someone to success in a very short period of time.
  11. There’s even a promise of a future friendship between these two, especially since Donna has so much that she needs to learn. And who is first in line to do that? Sheriff Jody Mills, y’all.

I am still confused about why this specific vampire consumed so much of the bodies, you know? For hunger? I wasn’t exactly clear on that. However, this is a damn fine episode because of all the reasons lifted above. Sam and Dean take a backseat, but it’s not like “Bloodlines.” The story is entirely commanded by the presence of these two wonderful characters. I want so many episodes with Jody Mills in it, but now I’m certain that this wouldn’t be the same without Donna either. SHE’S SUCH A GIFT TO THIS SHOW, and I hope we see her again.

The video for “Hibbing 911” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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