Mark Predicts ‘Supernatural’: Season 10

Ten seasons. What the fuck? Who knew I’d make it this far??? This is so weird, y’all. SO WEIRD. I’ve got plenty more to predict, so let’s get to it.

First, let’s laugh. A lot.

  1. The bulk of this season will track the Winchester’s attempts at tracking down fallen angels and stopping Metatron. More or less correct!
  2. Crowley will escape from the Winchesters by the end of the first episode. Not even close, though I’m still so confused by them, like… not killing Crowley? You had a thousand chances.
  3. Jody Mills episode! THE BEST
  4. Charlie episode! ALSO THE BEST
  5. Kevin Tran episode! THE ACTUAL WORST
  6. We will definitively find out if Mama Tran is dead, and I think it’ll be revealed that she is still alive. BURY ME IN THIS PREDICTION
  7. Castiel will remain a human for the entire season. Human!Castiel was pretty great.
  8. He will get his grace back in the finale episode. Wow, wrong on TWO counts.
  9. One of the angels who fell will help Sam heal from the trials. (Given that Castiel isn’t an angel anymore, that seems like the only way Sam can get better at this point.) HAHAHA AHSADFLK;ASFDL;K FAHASFD;ASFDASFDL; ASFDSAFDLK; AFSDL;SFD ASALKSAFD AFSD WHAT HAVE I DONE
  10. The Men of Letters bunker will stay safe the whole season. (THIS IS A DEMAND. I LOVE THAT PLACE.) I think it’s “safe” to say it’ll be okay for a while. Har har.
  11. Sam and Dean will actually attempt to trust and respect one another more after their tearful ANGST BATTLE in “Sacrifice.” I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong in my life. Christ!
  12. The Gates of Hell will stay closed this season and no one else will try to close them. Who cares about this anymore? EVERYTHING ELSE WAS TERRIBLE.
  13. The angel and demon tablets will be destroyed. Well, one of ’em was.
  14. We’ll get at least one glimpse at Metatron in Heaven. Hey, a correct prediction, in the wild, in its native habitat.
  15. We’ll get an episode about an angel getting revenge on humanity. All of them? Like… all of them were about that.
  16. Crowley dies at the end of the season. I highly suspect the show isn’t getting rid of him any time soon.
  17. One of the Winchesters gets stuck in Heaven at the end of the season. Why did I think this? What is wrong with me?

Not a very respectable showing, but I’m going to laugh about #9 for decades to come. Then cry.

Mark’s Predictions for Season 10 of Supernatural

  1. Dean will remain a demon for three episodes before he’s magically cured. (I wish I could say that I’m not cynical about this, but I don’t think the writers will commit to it longer than that.)
  2. Sam will find out that his brother is a demon by the end of the first episode.
  3. Dean will stay with Crowley the entire time he is a demon.
  4. Charlie episode!
  5. Jody Mills episode!
  6. The primary arc of this season: repairing Heaven.
  7. So, lots and lots of angel episodes.
  8. I think we’ll see Hannah once.
  9. Dean will use the First Blade three times.
  10. One character who appeared prior to season 4 will show up. (I’m just throwing this out there, no reason for the number.)
  11. Sam and Dean will fight a lot about trusting one another?
  12. They’ll also fight about fighting at one point because that’s just what they do.
  13. We’ll get a Men of Letters-centric episode.
  14. This is really weird because I’m predicting something none of you have seen the end of.
  15. So the end of this season involves Castiel and Heaven. I’m guessing he becomes God again?
  16. I’m not even remotely certain about that. If I weren’t posting this publicly, I’d whisper to you, “Don’t hold me to that.”
  17. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.

Lord, let’s catch up on Supernatural.

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