Mark Predicts ‘Leverage’: Season 2

Hello, my fellow Leverage fans and watchers! (There are so many of you, holy shit, WHERE DID Y’ALL COME FROM.) It’s time for my first chance to embarrass myself in front of this whole fandom IT’S A GREAT TIME FOR ALL INVOLVED.

In case this is your first Predictions post, let’s make a few things clear:

Do not spoil me or anyone else posting predictions in any way. Don’t quote or reply in plaintext about anything; put everything in rot13 if you’re talking about predictions. This eliminates the risk of catching something that might hint if a prediction is right or wrong.

Do not post fake predictions. It’s happened before, but thankfully it’s been a while. Don’t do this. The mods will know.

Don’t tally how many anyone got right or wrong. Seriously, don’t.

My life is really surreal because this is a thing I have to type up. I just wanted to say that.

Lord, here we go.

Mark’s Predictions for Leverage, Season 2

  1. New headquarters! I think it’ll be Hardison’s hiding spot.
  2. Hardison and Parker will kiss, but not as part of a con.
  3. We will get a Hardison backstory episode.
  4. Nate will quit drinking by the end of season 2.
  5. Sterling will appear in three episodes.
  6. Those two goofy FBI agents will appear twice.
  7. Sophie and Nate will start an honest-to-god relationship instead of ENDLESSLY FLIRTING WITH ONE ANOTHER.
  8. We’ll also see Eliot on a date with someone.
  9. One of the cases will involve an injustice against a homeless shelter.
  10. Another will involve IYS again.
  11. Another will be set at an animal shelter.
  12. One of the five main characters gets shot.
  13. Eliot never fires a gun all season.
  14. There will be one episode set outside the United States.
  16. Someone will get arrested at some point.
  18. Heists?
  19. HELP

Onwards to season 2 I go!

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