Mark Watches ‘Supernatural’: S07E22 – There Will Be Blood

In the twenty-second and penultimate episode of the seventh season of Supernatural, Sam and Dean track down the two remaining types of blood they need to kill Dick Roman. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Supernatural

Trigger Warning: For talk of blood, Stockholm Syndrome

This is so fucked up.


Let’s first discuss the inevitable decline of Bobby. And really, it was inevitable. That’s how this story always goes in lore, so I do appreciate that as uncomfortable and awful as it is to see Bobby succumb to this, the writers are committing to this. Bobby can’t escape this fate, particularly since he’s so intimately involved in a case that led to his death. Despite that he wants to remain a good spirit, he can fight the pull of becoming a vengeful spirit. There’s that point where he possesses the maid and he says that it’s only for a little while, as if that is a good enough justification for himself.

Except it’s not, and we know, and I bet Bobby knows it. It’s one little possession now, but it’s only going to get worse and worse, and then someone’s going to have to burn that flask. I’M PREPARING MYSELF FOR IT, Y’ALL.


I mean, I’m not thrilled that he translated the Word of God for Dick Roman, BUT OH LORD, HE AND HIS MOM ARE STILL ALIVE. I was a little confused, though. Are the angels not tracking Kevin’s every move? I get that Edgar killed the two who were tasked with protecting him, but surely the angels have… a backup??? Actually, now that I think about it, the angels are severely limited in their resources post-Castiel, so this kind of makes sense. NEVERMIND, TALKED MYSELF OUT OF MY OWN NITPICKING.


Both of these plots are small parts of “There Will Be Blood,” and most of the episode follows Sam and Dean as they track down both Crowley and the Alpha Vampire. It’s a tense episode for the most part, namely because the writers pit Sam and Dean against a veritable procession of some of the strongest, most intimidating creatures in the entire Supernatural universe. Seriously! They go from Crowley, the king of Hell, to the Alpha Vampire to Edgar. In these scenes, we’re meant to distrust everything. Given what we know about these people, there’s no reason to assume they won’t just kill the Winchesters. On top of that, the signs of Roman’s takeover are everywhere. More mergers, more acquisitions, and more use of high fructose corn syrup to slow the human population down. (Which… I get what the show is trying to do, but it’s yet another use of fat people not as characters but as a visual form of storytelling. They don’t have any contribution to the story except to show the decline of humanity. Booo.) It builds atmosphere. It suggests urgency. Dick Roman and the Leviathans are close to something, perhaps the opening of the first slaughterhouse. At the very least, we also know that Dick is determined to eliminate Crowley and the Alpha Vampire, all so that Sam and Dean cannot build a weapon against him.

I do like the idea that Sam and Dean have to descend into moral filth in order to save the world. There’s not a clear victory here, you know? By striking a deal with the Alpha, the Winchesters choose to save the vampires in order to take out the Leviathans. It’s not the first “dirty” deal we’ve seen on the show, but there’s an air of desperation to this. Despite that their instincts are telling them to kill everything they come across, they’ve got to constantly re-evaluate what they’re doing.

And then we meet Emily and EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH MORE AWFUL THAN IT WAS BEFORE. Emily represents both a sharp turn in the plot and the desperate lengths the Winchesters have to go in order to stop the Leviathans. To say that she’s uncomfortable is an understatement. We learn that the Alpha Vampire has been kidnapping children and holding them FOR YEARS so he could drink their “virgin” blood. LIKE… WHAT THE FUCK. And the show even goes far enough to show us Allen, a young boy who also seems to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, viewing the Alpha like a father. At least the show didn’t have Sam and Dean just leave poor Allen behind, and I did appreciate that they demanded the Alpha free Allen before they left. Because even though they’ve gone to such depths to stop the Leviathans, they’re still not going to let that kid suffer any more than he has to.

So what now? Dick Roman’s got Crowley captured by a devil’s trap; we still don’t know what Sam and Dean need as the actual weapon to kill Dick Roman with; we still don’t know if killing Dick undoes the entire Leviathan empire; we still don’t know where Bobby is; EVERYTHING IS A HORRIBLE MESS.

Onwards to this finale I go. Shit, y’all, I’VE SEEN SEVEN SEASONS OF THIS SHOW. This is a thing that’s happened! Remember when I said I’d only give this show a season’s worth of a chance? Look what I have become.

The video for “There Will Be Blood” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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