Mark Predicts ‘Supernatural’: Season 6


Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

  1. We will see Lucifer in the first episode of season 5. Hey, off to a good start!
  2. At some point during the season, Sam will get a cure for the demon blood within him, meaning that he’ll either be able to resist his addiction, or it’ll be removed from him. And then immediately 100% wrong. No, 10,000% wrong.
  3. We will learn what happened to Castiel when he faced the Archangel alongside Chuck. Couldn’t you also so that we technically SAW it based on what Lucifer does to Cas in “Swan Song”?
  4. We will get at least two more appearances of Chuck. Yay! YAY CHUCK.
  5. We will get at least three more appearances of Anna. Hey! This is pretty good! I miss you, Anna. 🙁
  6. Bobby will be in at least half of the episodes in season 5. Bobby was thankfully in a lot of this season. AND HE KEPT BREAKING MY HEART.
  7. We will see demons of all sorts flock to Lucifer once he’s completely out of Hell. You know, I’m counting this one.
  8. This season will largely focus on the attempt to kill Lucifer. Wow, I feel so good about myself right now.
  9. I say “attempt” because my guess is that they’ll fail to do so by the end of the season. See, this is just a disaster. Because I get so close and then it’s all awful and GODDAMN IT.
  10. I also think that they’ll instead find a way to re-imprison him in Hell. I predicted this and then, during the Great Binge Write of 2014, completely forgot that I predicted this. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever once re-visited my predictions for a show/book before I’m finished with the next one.
  11. Somehow, there will be an episode even more meta than “The Monster at the End of This Book.” SUPERNATURAL CON, HAHAHAHAHA YES.
  12. I will once again fall for a really funny episode and get distracted by it and then be steamrolled by sadness. NOT ONCE. LIKE EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  13. We’ll get an episode with young Dean and young Sam in it. Too easy!
  14. Dean and Sam will also have to fight angels as well as demons throughout this season. Dan Brown did not show up. Damn it, spectralbovine!
  15. We will see Zachariah before the halfway point. AND WE LOST HIM, TOO. Goodbye, you evil angel.
  16. We will also meet other named demons who are above Castiel in the hierarchy of angels. YES, I MEANT ANGELS. And we did! Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. WHERE IS RAPHAEL.
  17. At the end of this season, the Winchesters will not be able to stop the apocalypse. So wrong. SO WRONG. SAM. SAM I CAN’T.

And now, I head into the mystery that is season six. With “Swan Song” feeling much like the end of the whole Azazel/Lucifer mythology, I can guarantee these predictions are garbage because I don’t know what else this show is gonna do. OH WELL, HERE I GO.

Mark’s Predictions for Season 6

  1. Sam is brought back to Earth in the first episode, but we won’t know who or what did it.
  2. We will not learn what happened to Sam or what he did while in the Cage with Michael/Adam until the fourth episode of the season.
  3. Dean and Sam will also spend an entire episode trying to pull Adam out of Hell, too, and they’ll ultimately succeed.
  4. Adam will part from Dean and Sam after this and go live his own life.
  5. Like Dean in season four, Sam will return to the mortal world with a changed perspective and emotional state.
  6. He will no longer be able to be addicted to demon blood.
  7. Castiel will spend the entire season trying to organize Heaven and keep control of the angels.
  8. We will meet at least five new NAMED angel characters.
  9. In the first episode, we’ll find out that Dean tried to stay with Lisa and Ben, but he couldn’t leave hunting behind. He’s hunting alone, without Sam.
  10. We’ll get another flashback episode with Young Sam and Young Dean.
  11. Another meta episode!
  12. We will also see another character from a season OTHER than season 5 come back.
  13. Ummm… Bobby meets someone and gets married!
  14. (I have already run out of things to predict, bear with me.)
  15. Christmas episode!
  16. Werewolf episode!
  17. I think we’ll see Death again this season.
  18. ….I got nothing else. “Swan Song” felt like the end of a chapter in this show’s mythology, so I am going to guess that a new mythology that doesn’t have to do with Azazel or Lucifer will be introduced!!!

castiel help me.

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