Mark Watches ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’: Episode 1

In the first episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena, AM I IMAGINING THINGS? IS THIS REAL? If you’re intrigued, then it’s time for Mark to start Revolutionary Girl Utena.


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That is all. Which means it’s time for me to cry on my computer??? LET’S DO THIS.


“The Rose Bride”

Trigger Warning: For discussion of abuse.

As I said at the opening of the video for “The Rose Bride,” I knew that this was a magical girl anime of sorts, and that is it. It’s always fun for me to go into a new fictional world completely ignorant and full of wonder and confusion, and this show is not an exception to that. I think that maybe the show Pushing Daisies set the record for the quickest amount of time to utter shock, but Revolutionary Girl Utena might beat that. Because… are they touching? Are they almost kissing? ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME? WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE TOUCHING. WHY DOES ANTHY LOOK JUST LIKE THE PRINCE FROM UTENA’S PAST? WHERE WAS UTENA WHEN I WAS BULLIED THROUGHOUT MY ENTIRE SCHOOLING HISTORY?

There are so many things here in the pilot episode of this anime that make me want to swear allegiance to Utena and everything that she stands for. And I think it’s pretty damn bold of a show to not only put a young woman front and center, but to have her so openly defend two of the women in her life against sexism, cruelty, and abuse? THIS IS IN THE FIRST FUCKING EPISODE. Not only that, but “The Rose Bride” opens with a distinct flair for the genre of fairy tales, and then deliberately moves to the Ohtori Academy, and it’s not at all a fairy tale anymore. BUT THEN IT IS?

And shit, y’all, how many of you knew I’d react this way? We’ve got a young girl who, as an orphan, was inspired by some mysterious prince to live her own life as a prince. Rescuing princesses. FROM DISTRESS. AND THE SHOW DOESN’T CHANGE HER GENDER OR MAKE HER RESCUE PRINCES??? AND I CAN’T DO THIS BECAUSE OH MY GOD. I can’t tell if this is like… some weird form of fanservice or if this romantic view of Anthy is legit? Anthy is framed – sometimes literally so with roses – as if she is meant to be the character who is Utena’s romantic interest. I admit that I’m not that genre savvy when it comes to anime, since I haven’t seen all that much of it, but actual rose-colored frames. HOW? HOW AM I NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS?

I’m overwhelmed. It’s not just because of what I see as some pretty queer motifs, but WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. There’s a purposeful surrealism to this show, I think, from the mystical opening, to the weird ass music that I am so completely into, to the DUEL. THAT DUEL. But what does it communicate to me as someone coming into this show for the first time? “The Rose Bride” isn’t weird for the sake of it. No, right from the start, we see how Utena – who is fairly popular and well-known at Ohtori – is the kind of person who desperately wants to do what is right and fair. She dresses how she sees fit, embracing her own self-imagined role as prince, and she interacts with the other students with respect and care. The main interaction we get from her is with her best friend Wakaba, who initially interrupts her as she watches one of the Student Council members, Saionji, strike Anthy. From this, we know that they’ve been close for a while, enough so that Wakaba refers to Utena as her “boyfriend.” (Now I understand why, I think. It’s because Utena views herself as a prince, right?) The two of them start the term on a rough note, though, after Saionji ruthlessly shames Wakaba for sending him a love letter.

Like I mentioned before, it was Utena’s response to this that already made me a big fan of her as quickly as it did. Saionji’s behavior is clearly depicted as antagonistic, not just when he embarrasses Wakaba, but when he physically abuses Anthy, too. Of course, there’s clearly something else at work here that I definitely don’t understand. WHO THE HELL ARE THE STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS? What is the End of the World? Why is it capitalized like that? Why do they OWN Anthy??? WHY DOES UTENA HAVE THE SAME RING THE OTHER COUNCIL MEMBERS HAVE?

Most importantly, though: why is there a floating, upside-down castle above that hidden dueling ring? I mean, at one point, Utena mentions that the duel location that Saionji gave her is in the part of the forest where students aren’t allowed to go. Does that mean that the school administration knows about that place? Oh, lord, I know I have a lot of questions already, but I also recognize that this episode is designed simply to pique my interest. And the duel that occurs here DEFINITELY DID THAT. I love that Utena battles not just Saionji’s physical prowess, but his arrogance as well. He’s openly misogynist about fighting her, he taunts her constantly, he pulls a sword out of Anthy to fight Utena when all she has is a practice rod (HOW THE FUCK DOES ANTHY HAVE A SWORD IN HER BOSOM WHAT THE FUCK), and all the while, he’s certain he’s going to defeat someone who has never dueled in this arrangement before. So you better believe I find it memorable that Utena cuts Saionji’s rose from his breast. It’s an immediate sign that she should not be underestimated. I like that that sets the tone for the show, too!

Oh, right. UM, ANTHY IS NOW UTENA’S BRIDE? I DON’T GET IT. I don’t get this at all! Is this really happening? Is Anthy really the prince from Utena’s past? What the shit is going on with this weird ass student council arrangement? Who’s the creepy guy with the red hair? WHAT HAVE Y’ALL GOTTEN ME INTO????

The video for “The Rose Bride” can be downloaded here for free while I am reviewing this show; it’s also available in my store for $0.99 if you’d like to support me OR if you’re getting to this review after I’ve finished the series.

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