Mark Watches ‘Pushing Daisies’: S02E07 – Robbing Hood

In the seventh episode of the second season of Pushing Daisies, Dwight moves dangerously closer to Chuck’s secret while the team investigates a bizarre Robin Hood murder scheme. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Pushing Daisies.

Pushing Daisies, you are just too much. You are too much for me to handle.

  • Oh, a flashback where Ned chooses to help someone who needs it while it is at great risk to himself? Why must you do this to me?
  • Ned stress bakes, I stress eat. If I was Ned’s best friend, this would be a dangerous arrangement.
  • Hey! A gay character! Granted, it seems to be of the unrequited love type, but he’s still there and not demonized or shamed in the slightest. Gay characters are still few and far between for me, so allow me this brief excitement.
  • The only thing I don’t particularly care for here is how Elise is written. Nearly every character-of-the-week that this show features has had depth and motivation to them. Elise is the most literal stereotype for a pretty blond woman that I’ve ever seen, and it’s borderline gross to me. Come on, that’s all you could come up with? There doesn’t even seem to be a reason for her to exist except to serve as a reason for why Gustav Hoffer made a second will. It’s boring, and I expected better from this show.
  • Elise’s introduction is then followed by one of my favorite things this show has ever done: stick Ned in a room with a ton of dead animals. That polar bear roar is PERFECTLY timed, I swear. BLESS THIS SHOW.
  • I have actually known people who have gone to key parties. It’s not my thing, but yay! It’s real! It’s not a joke. Actually, there are a lot of different terms for those sort of parties? And they’re not straight exclusive, either.
  • Where’s my THE MORE YOU KNOW rainbow? Sometimes, I really want those things to pop up occasionally.
  • The writers of this show have an ability, and it is to create the silliest, most colorful, and enjoyable companies out of nothing. This time, it’s the Bellman Charity. Seriously, how many amazing companies have we seen on this show?
  • Actually, how many totally over-the-top disguises have we seen from the writers? Mrs. Carville might take the cake, I swear. Well, Olive as a nun is pretty damn good.
  • Anyway, I’m really touched and frustrated by Lily’s feelings for her own sister. On the one hand, it’s rad that she cares so much about her and wants to protect her. However, the longer she puts off telling Vivian the truth, the worse this is going to get. The very protective nature that Lily feels for Vivian is what’s causing her to lash out at her. Which sucks because SHE’S ACTUALLY RIGHT ABOUT DWIGHT. But I got the sense that it wouldn’t have mattered who was pursuing Vivian. Lily would have reacted the same way.
  • It’s that same protective instinct that we see in Ned, though for a different reason. Ned’s refusal to bring Chuck’s father back to life is based on this feeling. He doesn’t want to have to kill the man again, only this time it would be in front of Chuck. He knows what a disaster this is!
  • Even Daniel Hill’s actions in the murder mystery are indicative of a desire to protect the man he loves. Gods, I love when the main plot is paralleled with the character development.
  • WHAT THE FUCK??!?!?!?
  • Of course, then this episode is revealed to be a secret two-parter because we end on that infuriating cliffhanger. NED IS GOING TO BRING CHUCK’S FATHER BACK TO LIFE. They have no choice, now that Dwight knows Chuck is still alive. Oh god, this is going to be so awful. I AM FRIGHTENED.

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