Mark Watches ‘Dead Like Me’: S01E12 – Nighthawks

In the twelfth episode of the first season of Dead Like Me, what? Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Dead Like Me.

Well, that happened.

  • I am struggling to best understand what I just saw. I don’t think I have ever reviewed a flashback clips episode in Mark Watches history, though “Nighthawks” had too much plot and characterization to simply categorize the story that way. I feel like the flashbacks are too heavy-handed, too clunky, and too obvious, like there could have been a better way to convey the experiences and growth of these reapers over the course of this season. Do I know what that is? Hell, of course not.
  • But it’s clear that these flashbacks are here for a reason: They help peel away the facade each of these characters hides behind. There is character growth here! Well, some of it.
  • Did Mason grow? Sort of? He is still mostly a goofball in this episode. He’s the first to cheat, the only one to chew up his pencils (EWWW), the quickest to distraction, and he’s still high. I felt like the last episode grew him as a person, but there’s no real hint to that here.
  • Roxy is far more thoughtful than he is as she reminisces about what she’s done over the past year. However, the only new clip we get appears in Rube’s flashbacks! Still, it’s a glimpse of Roxy in one of the happiest moments of the season: her death anniversary cake party with Rube. That was awesome. If anything, I felt like Roxy’s flashbacks were self-affirming. She believes in herself, and she’s proud of what she’s done.
  • But it’s Daisy who totally steals the spotlight here. Through the use of Rube’s book of paintings, we’re able to see Daisy in a new light. She’s been hiding in plain sight the whole time, masking a deep internal sadness with a facade that is far more shallow than she actually is. God, that scene where she looks at the very painting that reminded George of her gave me chills. “Nighthawks” does give us the reason for Daisy’s sadness, but that’s okay. It gave us depth, and that’s just as important to me. And I love that paintings are used to develop this! That’s brilliant!
  • Yet as frequent as the flashbacks are, they’re not my main problem with “Nighthawks.” It’s Rube and George’s story that’s the most repetitive of the bunch. Hell, Rube’s flashback sequence alone reminded us all that Rube has, time and time again, had to teach George a lesson about the futility of fighting mortality, and yet here we are at square one. George is doing the exact same thing she did in… nearly every single episode? Doesn’t that just paint Rube as a terrible teacher? As much as I enjoy watching Mandy Patinkin and Ellen Muth interact, I couldn’t really get into their story. It was the only thing I’d seen before that felt stale. You’re not telling me anything new, though I admit I could have just missed it.
  • Gosh, I really don’t know what else to say! This totally could have gone over my head, and I don’t have a problem saying that. It happens! I don’t understand everything. So… yeah. I’m really interested in what y’all have to say.

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