Mark Watches ‘Bones’: The Wannabe in the Weeds

Hello, friends! This is gonna be a short post ~because of reasons~, but I wanted to get it up so it wasn’t late! Also: I AM REALLY DISTURBED.

Thanks to my friend Kelsey for commissioning this episode and the season three finale that goes up on Monday. The commission can be streamed or downloaded with Quicktime Pro right here. Otherwise, it’s on Dropbox.

So, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment I need to leave for in about ten minutes, and I’ll be occupied with ~doctorly things~ for the rest of the morning. Anyway, this episode. It’s no secret around here that I have had a lot of stalkers??? And this was before Mark Does Stuff ever started, unfortunately. So let me just tell you that as many dead bodies and piles of gore I’ve seen on Bones, it’s PAM NUNAN who terrifies me the most. Oh my god, I know that she mostly serves to be a plot point by the end of the episode, but for the first half of “The Wannabe in the Weeds,” this is a horror film for me. IT’S SO SCARY.

Also: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ENDING OH MY GOD DON’T DO THIS TO ME. Holy shit, what a cliffhanger! It’s made even worse by faces. Just look at the expresson on Bones’s and Booth’s faces during the final scene. It’s heartbreaking. 🙁

Anyway, just a heads up as well: These Mark Watches posts are going to change starting next week. I’ll have a bigger post up on Monday morning at the usual time to explain what’s going on, but they’re going to gradually be phased out. Don’t worry if you already have a commission, but I’m not taking new ones anymore now that I’m doing Double Features.

See y’all then!

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