Mark Watches ‘Stargate SG-1’: The Tok’ra, Part 2

My lord, what a gloriously weird episode. I’M ALL FOR THIS.

If you would like to stream the video for this episode OR download it with Quicktime Pro, please go here. Otherwise, you can download the video file on Dropbox. Thanks again to SIR ANDREW for commissioning this arc!

  • So, I’m guessing that the main mythological thrust for a while on Stargate is going to deal with the Goa’uld, especially since a resistance force is now a thing on this show. It looks like they’re taking The X-Files style of mythology episodes mixed in with monster-of-the-week stories.
  • Did the folks back at base not think about how it might be a terrible idea to send another SG unit by surprise? They’re on a diplomatic mission. Surely you should think this through???
  • I know I should have seen it coming, but I did not anticipate the idea that Carter would ask her father to blend with Selmak. It is just so fucking strange, and given the characterization we’d seen of Jacob in the previous episode, he seemed like the last person you should ask to blend with an alien parasite. There was not a person less suited for this!!! Well, maybe O’Neill.
  • I AM SUPER INTO CHARACTERS HAVING TO INTRODUCE MAGICAL AND RIDICULOUS SECRET WORLDS TO OTHER CHARACTERS. I think that’s a huge reason why the introduction of Hagrid in Sorcerer’s Stone was what drew me in to Harry Potter. I am so into fictional universes! They’re lovely. And watching someone get drawn into one is generally fascinating to me. So watching Carter explain her job to her father is just downright entertaining.
  • In hindsight, it’s easy to feel awful for Cordesh, since his host turned on him. That sucks, dude. 🙁
  • HOW AWESOME IS THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN JACOB AND SARMOOSH? Like, I’m still floored by the introduction of the Tok’ra because they provide such a fascinating dynamic to this show. It’s a clever way for the writers to introduce a rebel force that can be played by human actors. It allows for the whole sequence with Sarmoosh to even exist. And now Samantha’s father can remain alive and on the show in this new capacity, and I’m just so impressed, y’all.
  • I am hoping some of the upcoming episodes of this show have more Tok’ra, because you consider me deeply interested in them.

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