Mark Watches ‘Dollhouse’: Unaired Pilot

I met Lawrence at my final tour date on the Mark Does Stuff tour, and he graciously allowed me to borrow the Netflix disc that had the unaired pilot of Dollhouse on it, something I knew had existed, but I’d never seen it. AND NOW IT HAS BEEN SEEN oh my god so many emotions.

The video file for the unaired pilot is available for download here, and all Mark Watches videos are indexed in my Dropbox folder.

  •  So, first of all, this pilot is WAY, WAY different. It’s a different story completely, it introduces the story in a dissimilar way, and it actually sets up the series with a different tone. The unaired pilot hints more towards the greater mythology and serialization than “Ghost” does.
  • Interestingly, it fits in with the canon super well. Of course, it helps that there are entire scenes that were later moved to other episodes. There are hints towards Alpha, Dr. Saunders past, Boyd’s unsettling obsession with treating the dolls well (HELP ALL OF HIS PAST INTERACTIONS WITH ECHO ARE NOW RE-CONTEXTUALIZED HELP), Adele’s desire to do what she wants versus what she should, and the idea of a remote wipe.
  • Oh god, the plot with Chrissie was really good!
  • OMG.
  • By nature of what I do, I drift from one fictional world to another, and it’s like I make this really good friend, and then we both graduate high school, and we swear that we’ll keep in touch and we’ll still be besties, but then we are both super swamped by our lives, and we totally intended to stay in touch, and that intention was sincere, but by virtue of the complication of the world, it just doesn’t happen, and then one day, I am reminded of why they were my friend, and this massive wave of emotions hits me, and I can’t. I simply cannot. That was what it was like to watch this pilot. I missed these characters desperately. And then I think about all the things that happen to them in season two, and my heart weeps. MY BABIES. I just want to take you away from Joss before he does anything else to you.


Thanks, Lawrence!

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