Mark Re-Watches ‘Avatar’: The Storm

Thank you to my good friend Kelsey, who will be responsible for another commission I’m doing over on Mark Reads later today, for getting me to re-watch one of the most crucial episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. BECAUSE HOLY SHIT, “THE STORM” IS SO FUCKING GOOD.

So, the video file for “The Storm” is available for download right here, and all Mark Watches videos are indexed in my Dropbox folder. (And I just got a huge dose of season six and seven of Buffy videos added, too!)

  • Okay, so I may have spent an inordinate amount of time shouting HONOR HONOR HONOR every time I saw Zuko on screen because you kind of have to. Has the Internet created a drinking game for Avatar? Like, take a shot when Zuko speaks about honor, a shot when someone says “avatar,” a shot when Sokka makes a joke, a shot when OH MY GOD YOU’D BE PLASTERED IN FIVE MINUTES.
  • I have a lot of affection for this show. A lot. I recommend it constantly, I speak very highly of it when I do, and whenever I find out someone I know is watching it, I make them text me updates as they go through the show. I love it. I LOVE IT.
  • Perhaps there’s no better example of how quickly Avatar just dropped a wave of feelings on its viewers. In this dual flashback episode, we learn how both Aang and Zuko were disillusioned and disappointed by the experiences they were forced into.
  • I may have also spent a lot of time just internally screaming about Aang and Zuko becoming friends because I love friends and stories of friendship and could they just be friends already.
  • Now I’m thinking of all the character flashbacks from The Legend of Korra with adult Sokka and Aang and I can’t deal with feelings anymore.
  • Anyway, I adore this episode, y’all. Did you know I got to hold a giant stuffed Appa during my tour event in Boston this year? There’s photographic evidence of such a thing somewhere.
  • I wish this show never ended 🙁
  • When does Korra come back?
  • I am only slightly excited for more of that show. Just barely.


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