Mark Watches ‘Bones’: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

Good lord, this was great.

Many thanks to my friend Kelsey, who commissioned this episode. You can download the video file for “The Double Death of the Dearly Departed” here, and all Mark Watches videos are now located in my Dropbox folder.

Let’s do this!

  • I mentioned on a recent tour date how fun it was to be able to do commissions like this because the fandoms for these shows get to choose the best of the best. Sure, I’m seeing things out of order. I admit that it was jarring to be introduced to Sweets in this way. Also, I had no idea that John Francis Daley was on Bones! Anyway, this is still enjoyable regardless, especially when y’all get me to watch episodes like “The Double Death of the Dearly Departed.”
  • This episode was genuinely funny. It felt like a giant love letter to Death at a Funeral, which I rather enjoy. A lot. ALL VERSIONS. It’s technically a heist in a funeral, right? I mean, Cam and Temperance have to steal a corpse out of a funeral. On top of that, we’ve got this super complex whodunnit that’s honestly quite bewildering for a while! Props to the writers for coming up with a story where it was damn hard to figure out who had actually killed Hank.
  • And honestly, I think it’s pretty hard to write something like this and misdirect us from how disturbing it is, you know? And the writers did it! It’s great! I think it’s a fantastic example of how you can use all the tropes associated with a story and still give the audience a good time.
  • Anyway, one of the things I liked about “The Double Death” was the fact that it seemed to poke fun at the constant plot twists that appear so often in procedurals of this nature. There were so many “A-ha!” moments that appeared to lead the team closer to the truth, and nope. Not at all.
  • Hodgins’s speech at the wake was PERFECTION. Oh my god!!!!
  • The undertaker was handsome. GOOD FOR YOU, HELEN.
  • This episode reminded me of the Dollhouse episode “Haunted,” now that I think of it.
  • Sorry, I got distracted for a second because I’m on VIA Rail in Ontario, Canada, and there are those giant windmills that terrify me forever, and I hate them, and I wish they’d go away.
  • Okay, on topic! I like Sweets. I assume Zack actually went to Washington to work for the President? I dunno, DON’T TELL ME. Regardless, Sweets seems like an interesting part of the team, but I don’t exactly understand his role quite yet. (I’ve been commissioned to watch four episodes in season 3 that’ll better introduce him to me, so I’m excited for that!) He appears to be the team’s psychologist, but I don’t necessarily know why they need one.
  • I think that Cam has a daughter? Did she just never mention her before? Actually, it might be a new thing, especially since I skipped an entire season.
  • All said, this episode was a blast, and I am quite thankful I got to watch it!


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