Mark Re-Watches ‘Lost’: Through The Looking Glass, Parts 1 & 2

God, I really am so happy that I am getting to re-watch Lost and that I get to do so in this context. This show is not perfect by any means, and I’ll be the first to say that it’s flawed as all hell. I can pick apart problems in nearly any episode you send me. But due to the constant emotional devastation I felt at the hands of this show, I have too many positive memories and experiences attached to it, so these posts are often going to turn into me sobbing and flailing about a show that got me back into watching television.

Shall we? Note that there are some general/thematic spoilers below for the whole show, so please exercise caution if you have not seen any of Lost. 

Part 1

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Part 2

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Season finales are generally a lot of fun. With Lost, if you were watching in real time, you always sort of dreaded the experience. The first season established that they were going to fuck you up with cliffhangers, and the show never relented from that during its entire run. (MY GOD, the finales for seasons four and five are just… they are works of art, y’all. Both of them changed what you thought of the show in such ridiculous ways that they’re unforgettable to me! I remember exactly where I was for both episodes.)

Earlier in season three’s run, things were… well, the show was interesting. Okay, the first six episodes really aren’t that great. The writers were stalling. The show wasn’t going anywhere, and the mini cliffhanger we got before the winter break was BLEH. ABC allowed the producers to give the show an end date: 6 seasons! So it seemed as soon as the show came back in February, it was ON FIRE. It helps that the seventh episode was a Juliet-centric story because I FUCKING LOVE JULIET MORE THAN MOST THINGS.

There were so many great moments in this season! “The Man From Tallahassee,” “The Brig,” “D.O.C,” and “The Man Behind the Curtain.” IT’S SO GREAT. And then we have this two-part finale, featuring so many of Charlie’s best lines. It’s like his character was renewed once he knew the end was coming soon. We’ve got Rose’s incredible line about punching Jack in the face, which I will always adore because sometimes, Jack just needed a punch in the face. Juliet and Hurley are such BADASSES in this episode, too!

Of course, there’s still the ~love triangle~ that I cared absolutely nothing about during the whole run of the show. Seriously, it’s so boring! And it’s one of Lost‘s great flaws. They couldn’t make so many people care about that specific plotline. MORE JULIET, PLEASE.

Anyway, I still have this terrible fear of spoiling people for this show, so let’s discuss this episode in greater detail in the comments. Remember, please rot13, since there may be people following along who haven’t seen the show. Thanks!

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