Mark Re-Watches ‘Firefly’: Jaynestown

Thank you, Mitchell, for giving me the choice of which Firefly episode to re-watch! This show holds a special place in my heart. Not only was it the first Whedon show I had ever seen, but it was the show I started with here on Mark Watches! I am already overwhelmed with feelings.

Here’s the video associated with “Jaynestown”:

  • There are a lot of reasons why it sucks that Firefly got cancelled. Y’all don’t need me to list them, despite that lists are totally wonderful. I would have liked to have seen the show feature some actual Asian actors in the cast. HAR HAR I MADE A JOKE. Okay, aside from that, this episode specifically shows us what Firefly could have been. The show was inherently about existing on the fringe of society, and “Jaynestown” gave us that in a way it hadn’t before. 
  • It must be said, though, that “Jaynestown” is funny as hell. In just seven episodes, though, the writers were able to build up Jayne’s characterization to the point that we could appreciate the comedy of the situation. We know why it’s funny to see a statue of Jayne Cobb in this town. We can appreciate the brilliance of the crew’s reaction to it, too. ESPECIALLY SIMON’S. Oh god, look at his face. 
  • Oh, the whole Simon/Kaylee relationship is done as well as it could have been done in these fourteen episodes. And a movie. I guess more than anything else, the story was pretty much second to these characters. I just wanted more time! I also think that’s a big reason why I enjoy Buffy and Dollhouse so much, definitely more than Firefly. For the most part, the story is on par with the characterization. 
  • Just throwing this out there: I just found out that Adam Baldwin is a raging asshole. It’s weird.
  • Also throwing this out there: as soon as I saw Book onscreen, all I could think of was The Shepherd’s Tale and how goddamn heartbreaking that comic is. You asshole, Joss Whedon, you destroy everything we love.
  • Which is why I’m glad Inara generally gets a good treatment by the writers, especially in this episode. Ugh, she is so fantastic!
  • I just re-read my original review, and I managed to pick up on a lot of subtle plot items and character development. SOMETIMES, I AM SLIGHTLY PREPARED FOR THINGS.
  • Only sometimes.

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