Mark Re-Watches ‘Avatar’: The Chase

Just to confirm for folks asking, but YES, I will do commissions for any show I once watched, and each episode you buy will get its own discussion post. I mean WHY NOT. Plus, I LOVE REMEMBERING HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS.

Let’s get to it.

Okay, for today’s and tomorrow’ Avatar re-watches, I tried my best not to turn them into platforms for me to complain about Legend of Korra. I liked that show! But it was also disappointing and problematic, and then I watched “The Chase” and “The Firebending Masters” and was reminded of just how spectacular this show was. Character development that matters and is consistent! THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT. Like, I haven’t rewatched an episode of Avatar in well over a year, and I dropped myself into “The Chase” and was comfortable enough knowing exactly where I was. Ugh, THESE CHARACTERS ARE SO GREAT. I love the Dangerous Ladies and I love that Toph’s integration wasn’t treated as this flippant, easy thing.

I MISS SOKKA. Oh my god, I miss him so much. His whole arc is just phenomenal. Is it strange to say that Sokka does the Xander storyline better than Xander? Yes? No? WELL, HE DOES. And he’s funnier. But I’m biased because I kind of have a thing for puns? Sokka loves puns, y’all. He loves them a lot.

Anyway, re-watching “The Chase” largely ignited every feeling I have ever had for this glorious show, and I promise a whole bunch more for “The Firebending Masters” tomorrow.

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