Mark Re-Watches ‘Angel’: Judgment

Good day, Angel fans! Let us continue dragging out our conversation on this show forever. I REFUSE TO LET IT GO.

Anyway, let’s get to it:

Okay, so yesterday, a few of us might have poked fun at Angel ruining everything he touches. It’s true! I admit that I like tearing Angel down a bit. And Spike. Spike, too. That’s probably a big reason I liked so much of season five. These two “heroes” who try to portray a tough exterior are really just bickering dorks most of the time. The truth is that I enjoy stories where heroes are deconstructed, and season two of Angel does that in spades. Right from the beginning, I should have recognized that the theme of season two would tackle Angel’s sense of morality and redemption, far more explicitly than the previous season.

Over the course of this season, Angel has to accept that demons can do good things, including the very one inside of him. (I CAN’T WAIT TO TALK ABOUT THE PYLEA ARC TOMORROW, I LOVE IT SO MUCH.) He is going to be presented with a FUCKED UP set of choices to make, and he’ll make A BUNCH OF TERRIBLE ONES because he’s so obsessed with the metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: his humanity.

Oh, and he’ll sing. And it’s so great. I’m so happy this show introduced the character of Lorne, y’all, and I think the showrunners deserve a lot of praise for how Gunn was integrated into the cast. Remember when I thought I might never see him again? Bless. Also, I never noticed that David Boreanaz imitates Elvis after the GRRR! ARRRGH! in the credits! ~secrets~

How many times has Angel fought on behalf of other people in a trial by combat? Like five times? He’s pretty good at it. Doesn’t he have a perfect track record? He should get into that business. I bet it’d be profitable.

Anyway, I will have a lot to say about Pylea tomorrow. Oh god, Fred. I’m already sad. 

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