Mark Predicts ‘Dollhouse’: Season 2

You know, this is going to be strange, isn’t it? “Sweet!” I thought. “A prediction post.” But wait. Didn’t “Epitaph One” just… spoil… season two? Wait, how do I do this? I AM ENTERING NEW TERRITORY OH MY GOD.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it is weird to think about making predictions for season two since I’m sure that the season one finale gave me entire plots that will pop up here. So, this is a challenge, but you know what? I appreciate that this show has created such a weird situation. Here’s what I think will happen in season two:

  • Okay, again, I can’t just say something like, “Caroline will escape the Dollhouse,” because we clearly already saw that she did. Hence the difficulty! I have to be way more specific than I ever have before. Let’s start with this: we’ll get an episode about Whiskey/Dr. Saunders coping with learning she’s a doll.
  • DeWitt will not make it out of the Dollhouse, but Topher will.
  • Caroline will make it to Safe Haven with the remaining dolls/people left in the Dollhouse.
  • Alpha will appear in one more episode.
  • We will see Caroline’s parents.
  • We’ll find out what “happened” to November.
  • We’ll find out where Victor came from and who he was prior to coming to the Dollhouse.
  • We’ll learn what it is that Boyd did that put Echo in “danger.”
  • We will see Dominic twice more.
  • At least one actor or actress who has been in another Whedon show/project will make an appearance in season two.
  • We’ll find out that someone purposely leaked the Dollhouse technology out to the world to make a profit.
  • Sierra will get revenge against Nolan.
  • We will get one more episode set far in the future, possibly as a continuation of the events in “Epitaph One.”
  • We’ll get confirmation that DeWitt refused to sell Actives’ bodies. (I know it’s pretty much hinted at, but LET ME HAVE ONE EASY ONE, OKAY.)
  • We’ll see inside another Dollhouse. PLEASE.
  • And here’s my big prediction that I NEED MORE THAN AIR: We will get to see what’s inside the Attic.

Forever unprepared and I LOVE IT.

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