Mark Watches ‘The Tribe’ videos!

I wanted to do something special for Annie, who commissioned two videos from me to watch the show The Tribe. It’s no longer on the air, but this delightfully weird and lo-fi show has a global fanbase, and I NEVER EVEN KNEW IT EXISTED. Neat! Anyway, she bought videos of me watching the first two episodes:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Annie is hoping that others see this show to keep the fandom alive, and you can find other fans of The Tribe on the official Facebook page.

I was personally curious how many of you have seen this show! What was your experience like? Does the show change much over the various seasons?

You can commission me to watch pretty much anything for only $25, and if you’re unsure whether I’m willing to do something, just shoot me an email: markreadsandwatches [at] gmail. Thanks!

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