Hello, Watchers! You should read this thing, and SURPRISE

OMG I love that I can call y’all Watchers.

You should read this thing I posted on Mark Reads. It is important.

So that it does not get lost in the information, I will very plainly state this here: I am going to spend time working on a third Mark Watches series to give y’all double feature posts ASAP for the next week, and that show is

Puella Magi Madoka Magica 

I’ll put the schedule of eps up on the Master Schedule once I get the first batch of reviews done, but I wanted to give any of you who were interested the chance to purchase Mark Watches videos for any episodes not claimed. I was commissioned to do this, and as far as I’m concerned, the fantastic person who purchased those videos bribed me into pushing this show up on the list. LOL YES. The claimed episodes are listed at the bottom.

Otherwise, things are progressing as usual around here! I hope you take some time to visit the third site in the Mark Does Stuff world, which I debuted last month: Mark Plays. I will be chronicling my journey through games for your enjoyment.

Thanks for the support, everyone!

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