Mark Watches “The Gift”

Hello, Buffy fandom! This is going up earlier than usual because I’m not sure I’ll be online around 1pm to make the videos live. SO HERE’S A PRESENT.

I got to watch both finales of Buffy and Angel with the wonderful SpectralBovine and GarnettJoyce, and I filmed myself watching “The Gift.” I didn’t want to split up a premiere over the weekend, so I thought it would be fun to share this with you! I had thought of editing them together, but not only am I terrible at this, but I DID raise the volume of the show and it sounds rather awesome!!!

So, here’s part I:

And here’s part II:

YOU GET TO WATCH ME SWEAR AT THE TELEVISION and then try not to cry for like ten minutes straight.

I have plans to do things like this in the future, but if you’d like to reserve a Mark Reads video to have me film my reaction to something or provide commentary during an episode, you can! It’ll cost the same.

Also, I’m hosting an all-day Q&A on Mark Reads right now. Come join the party! We start season three of Angel on Monday. HELL YES.

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3 Responses to Mark Watches “The Gift”

  1. thewordlover says:

    I cried so badly at the end. Thanks for posting, it was neat (and painful) to see your reactions.

  2. Simone says:

    Your reactions are priceless!
    The Gift is a great episode… However s6 is my favourite season,so i’m excited to read your reactions to the craziness headed your way. 🙂

  3. sanna says:

    I was suppose to leave the house today.
    Instead I’m still in pj’s having spent the last…11 hours (!!!) reading your buffy (& some angel) posts. I’ve laughed, cried and done an ugly combo of both.
    Damn you Mark. You’re just too good.

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