Hello, Watchers! I’ll be gone from June 3-9!

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to put up a post today to let you know that as of right now, I am off to ride my bicycle about 550 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles over 7 days. As of the time I’m writing this, I raised $3,700 for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Thank you. Thank you to each of you who donated to me or passed along my donation page. The fruit of your efforts will not only raise awareness for how critical AIDS services are in this state, but they’ll keep people alive every day. You are heroes, and I love and respect you for it.

I will NOT have any sort of consistent access to anything outside of the occasional Instagram and Twitter update. Reviews will go up as scheduled, but I won’t be around to answer tweets or emails. If you have any pressing issues, please report any comments so that my moderators can deal with it. I’ll be back online on Monday, June 11th, which is also when I’ll start making my Mark Reads videoblogs for those who have purchased them! If there are any left (I’m only selling 40 right now), feel free to support me if you like!

My Instagram user name is markdoesstuff, and you can follow me there to see what the ride is like. I’ll also tweet photos from my @panasonicyouth account, so you can follow that, too! If you’re on Tumblr, my Instagram posts will go there, too. My @MarkDoesStuff will largely be silent during this time.

Thank you for the support, and I’ll see you after I’ve biked to Los Angeles.

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