Mark Watches ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: S03E03 – Faith, Hope & Trick

In the third episode of the third season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? IS THIS JUST FANTASY? CAUGHT IN A LANDSLIDE, NO ESCAPE FROM REALITY. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Buffy.


Look, I totally forgot that when the Slayer dies, another one is called. That means for the foreseeable future, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE TWO SLAYERS ON THIS SHOW AT ONE TIME. oh my god OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL. 

Okay, first things first: Eliza Dushku is SO YOUNG here. It’s like distracting because I’m like LOOK AT YOU YOU ARE SO ADORABLE AND FULL OF HOPE.

Second thing: Willow, this might be my favorite episode of yours. You are pursuing magic and it’s just so endearing and you are totally happy with Oz and this whole episode makes me want to hug you forever.

Oh god, I need to stop doing this because there are so many things I could separate out. Let’s just start from the beginning: We are getting new characters. I love it when shows introduce new characters when they move into a new season. (Let me take the chance to recommend Fringe again because they are the only show in the world to introduce new characters in the way that they do. Oh my god I can’t spoil you, but season three and four’s “new” characters are so beautiful I could weep.) I actually expected that Kakistos would become the multi-episode antagonist and that Mr. Trick would day, so color me surprised that this would be reversed. While Mr. Trick isn’t around long in the episode, I do get a different sort of characterization about him that I really like: he’s a vampire who wants to be modern. He wants to bring vampirism into the digital age, to use the Internet to stay connected to other vampires, and to bring about feeding for his fellow vampire consorts. It’s interesting, then, that he’s paired with one of the oldest vampires still living, one so hold he still has cloven hooves. That contrast is a great dynamic that I sort of wish was explored further. At the end of the day, though, I am much more intrigued by Mr. Trick, so I’m happy that he escaped. HE’S TOTALLY COMING BACK, RIGHT? omg please I would consider forgiving you for Jenny Calendar, Whedon. Note I said “consider.” That is still going to be a long, protracted process. ALLOW ME TO HEAL.

We’re still dealing with a serial narrative, too, though it’s not a mythological element. We see Buffy’s attempt to integrate back into her life, and I really love that this is also a slow process for her. (God could I project myself any harder into this story I SWEAR.) She has to find a way back into school, which also gives us a scene where Buffy and Joyce burn Principal Snyder and then angels sang a beautiful chorus when this happened and a new savior was born somewhere because HOLY SHIT THAT WAS SO PERFECT. On top of that, “Faith, Hope & Trick” also addresses the idea that Buffy might want to date again, and how that conflicts with the lingering emotions she has for Angel. Scott is a pretty neat guy, and I certainly agree with Oz that he gets extra points for utilizing “mosey” in a sentence more than once. But I find it weird that Willow pushes Buffy to date to get over Angel. This is wholly a personal thing because I have the dating history of a child, I SWEAR. Like, after I stop dating or seeing someone, I go months without even thinking of a guy except in like that way where I think Ryan Gosling is adorable and I just want to be text message buddies with him? PLEASE TELL ME OTHER PEOPLE DO THIS. I have these weird platonic crushes on people where I find them so attractive but I would NEVER want to sleep with them and I just want to be friends with them. Like I want to be buddies with Amy Poehler so badly and I think she is gorgeous? But I just want to text her after a particularly good sandwich, that’s all. Or like FUCK I JUST TOLD SOMEONE TO PUT MY RECEIPT IN MY HOLE AND I MEANT MY GROCERY BAG WHAT DO I DO.

No? Just me? Well, this is embarrassing.

The point I’m trying to make is that my whole experience with dating is so atypical that when I see stuff like this, I just can’t relate to it. I’m like YOU JUST KILLED YOUR BOYFRIEND. Why don’t you wait a year or five like I would??? That’s totally sensible and normal, right?!?!?!?!?!? Still, I think that perhaps Willow understands that Buffy might need to be pushed towards dealing with her emotions of Angel, and we later find out that Giles thought the same thing. Though that’s kind of odd, now that I think of it? Like forcing someone to come to terms with an issue of theirs by tricking them? I don’t know that I personally would be averse to someone doing that to me, but I would understand if someone else thought that was presumptuous.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve gone on a few hundred tangents. Let’s just talk about Faith. FAITH! Her introduction is just so sudden, so much different than Kendra. She just shows up, knows who Buffy is, stakes a vampire, then walks away, JUST LIKE THAT, leaving myself and all the Scoobies to just sort of sit there and wonder what the fuck just happened. We’re given a Slayer very much unlike both Buffy and Kendra. She’s far more brazen and excited about being a vampire slayer. There is one common denominator, and that’s Xander being attracted to a slayer. Writers, please stop doing this. It’s just boring at this point. I’m not even going to comment on it. Go back to being adorable with Cordelia.

It’s interesting that Faith is introduced at this point in the season because it definitely piggybacks on the emotions of “Dead Man’s Party.” Buffy had already dealt with feelings of inadequacy, and suddenly someone arrives in her life who can seemingly do everything she can do better, and all her friends and family are excited about this. I didn’t really feel like the show was repeating itself, though; it was more of an extension of what we’d seen before. I think my favorite aspect of this is Buffy’s conversation with her mother about the benefits of having a second slayer around. It’s why I’m glad that Faith survived the episode and appears to be staying. It really does add a new dynamic to the show that’s refreshing. Of course, it’s also during this conversation that Buffy accidentally reveals that she *may* have died at one point. AWKWARD. What we see here, though, is the attempt by both parties to work with one another by being honest. For a second, I was worried that this revelation might collapse everything these two had done. But even if it’s subtle, the two are willing to work things out in a way they never really could before.

Oh god, I just love Joyce Summers so much.

And you know what? I’m really fascinated by Faith as well. I love a good flawed character, and when the main flaw of Faith’s is revealed, she suddenly becomes such a better written character. IT’S SO INSTANTANEOUS. We see how Faith is not just ecstatic to be a Slayer; she has a penchant for extreme violence. Like holy crap, she beats the shit out of that vampire. (Bravo to Eliza Dushku, by the way, for making that scene seem so raw and brutal.) Even worse, she then insults Buffy after she’s called out for not helping Buffy.

Oh lord, this just got so good.

And really, there’s just so much that happens at this point. This reveal that Faith’s ego can be a dangerous thing is only made worse by a few things. I think Buffy’s biggest fear is not that she’s replaceable. I think it’s that her own suspicions are coming true. She is afraid that she really isn’t the best Slayer. She is afraid of inadequacy. I honestly think that you can read that subtext into the scene where Scott gives her the same friendship ring that Angel once gave her. Obviously, that is such a specific trigger for her, one that horrifies her so deeply that she starts crying immediately. But in the moments after it, I think it’s easy to imagine that she’s starting to worry that she really is inadequate after her experience with Angel. Even on a larger scale, I think a lot of us can relate to that feeling, can’t we? Have you ever just felt broken? As if your parts don’t match up and everyone else just seems to have it all together? Of course, this episode actively says that while someone (Faith) might seem to be perfect, we’ve all got issues and baggage under the surface that we have to deal with, and that’s okay that we do.

Whatever Faith and her now deceased Watcher went through isn’t told to us, and I wonder if we’ll ever find out now that Kakistos is dead. I imagine that whatever happened to her was so horrible that her Slayer lashed out in the way that she did. Honestly, it sounds like whatever Kakistos did was vicious and traumatic. I mean, look at how frightened Faith is when he arrives and when he attacks her in his temporary lair. (Again, major props to Dushku.) Something fucked up happened to her. What the hell was it?

Truthfully, Faith and Buffy really are a good fighting pair, and I think more than anything, I want to see this in the upcoming episodes.

Yet even after all of this, there are two huge reveals that have nothing to do with Faith at all. Given the way it was progressing, I honestly expected that Buffy would keep the info of the return of Angel’s soul to herself. That’s what I thought this was leading to, that in order for her to forgive herself, she would allow this one concession. Instead, she tells Giles and Willow, and it’s just such a heartbreaking scene. God, the guilt that spreads over Willow’s face when she realize what she inadvertently did to her best friend…FUCK. What a horrible thing to find out, especially because Willow was genuinely trying to do the best thing for Buffy, and it ironically ended up causing more pain.

Instead, Buffy realizes that honesty – with herself, with Joyce, with Faith, with her friends – is really how she’s going to get better. And so she returns to the mansion where she killed Angel, and she sets his ring on the floor. She has to leave him behind in order to move forward. Oh, my heart nearly burst from how sad this was because –


Dead People Count: 3. Three vampires killed, all by Faith. Why do I think this is wrong? Anyway, 9 total. I forgot to count one yesterday!

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  1. enigmaticagentscully says:



    I swear I had so many things to talk about with this episode, I was compiling a neat little mental list, but they’ve all been completely driven from my mind by the last few seconds.


    I actually watched this episode with my dad, and after it was over and the credits were rolling, we sat in silence for a few seconds. Then he said, quite matter of factly:

    “There’s just no getting rid of the git, is there?”


    Actually, in order to keep my coherent thoughts in order, I’m going to do a quick quote-a-thon for this episode:

    Joyce: I think what my daughter's trying to say is: nyah nyah nyah nyah. Oh Joyce, everything is forgiven. To me, you are perfect.

    Oz: Plus, bonus points for the use of the word "mosey." Mosey is one of my favourite words too!

    Giles: Quite an honour to be invited. So I'm told… Awww Giles is like the unpopular Watcher in the corner. But he works with the Slayer! Surely he must have some pull? I mean, what do the other Watchers even do?

    Faith: I’ve seen him. If I'd known they came this young and cute I'd've requested
    a transfer.
    And with one brief sentence, Faith endears herself to me forever. Finally someone else sees it!

    Buffy: Okay, but I'm right about leprechauns, right? All I want from life is an episode with leprechauns. Please Santa, I have been so good.

    Faith: They don't have a word for what he did to her. Jesus, this show really has a way of painting a vivid mental picture, doesn’t it?

    Giles: There is no spell. Oh. OH. Is it just me, or is Giles the most perfect, wonderful person ever to have walked the earth?


    But most importantly: WHAT. How is Angel back???? Wait…when he said he went to Hell, was he being literal?? Did they spit him back out like a piece of brie dipped in ketchup? Oh my god, is he good!Angel or vamp!Angel? And does it make me a bad person if I still kind of resent him either way? AUGH SO MANY QUESTIONS.

    • Bonnie says:

      I think I love your dad.

    • Kat says:

      "like a piece of brie dipped in ketchup" – thats the best image ever. I am going to steal it!

      Also, I don't think I've ever eaten Brie with ketchup but now I want to try?

    • etherealclarity says:

      "And with one brief sentence, Faith endears herself to me forever. Finally someone else sees it! "

      If you notice, Buffy says "Raise your hand if 'ew'?"
      And Xander sort of makes a motion like he's going to raise his hand but then doesn't quite get it all the way up.
      And WILLOW doesn't even attempt to raise her hand. So clearly Faith isn't the only one. 😉

    • DreamRose311 says:

      There are few things funnier to me than a bit of silence followed by that sort of dead-pan matter of fact type comment.

      Giles: There is no spell. Oh. OH. Is it just me, or is Giles the most perfect, wonderful person ever to have walked the earth? – The first time I watched this, when I was younger, I totally didn't get it. I was like 'wait, the fact that Angel got his soul means there's no spell? huh?' Then a couple years later when I finally did my first rewatch, it dawned on me, and I was very much in the camp of Giles being the most perfect, wonderful person ever to have walked the earth :o)

      I like what you did there… keeping up the brie/brie with ketchup conversation from yesterday… nice ;o)

    • kte says:

      What, how, and why are three really good questions.

    • knut_knut says:

      AHAHA I love your dad’s reaction! I’m not at all excited for Angel’s return 🙁 BUT I’M TRYING TO LIKE HIM! I really am!!

      How could Giles be the unpopular Watcher? HE’S GILES! And I’m glad Faith and Willow find Giles attractive. We’re in good company.

    • NB2000 says:

      V zrna, jung qb gur bgure Jngpuref rira qb?

      Cerggl zhpu whfg jngpu Znfgrecvrpr Gurnger.

    • WHAT?

      Guerr rkpryyrag dhrfgvbaf.

      • arctic_hare says:


      • Fiona says:

        Oh I love that episode so much <3.

      • Karen says:

        V'z abg nfunzrq gb fnl gung gung vf cebonoyl zl zbfg erjngpurq rcvfbqr bs Ohssl. Vg'f zl tb-gb rcvfbqr gb purrel zlfrys hc.

        • Vg'f shaal, V sbhaq vg yrff shaal ba erjngpu orpnhfr gur vqrn bs Fcvxr naq Ohssl jnfa'g n wbxr nalzber. Ng gur gvzr, vg jnf nofheq, ohg va ergebfcrpg, vg'f fbeg bs…qrcerffvat sberfunqbjvat. Fgvyy tbbq gvzrf, gubhtu.

          • Karen says:

            Vqx. Vg'f fgvyy shaal gb zr whfg orpnhfr yvxr vg'f gur BCCBFVGR bs ubj Fcvxr/Ohssl raqrq hc cynlvat bhg ba gur fubj. Ohssl/Fcvxr ba gur fubj va frnfba 6 jnf nyy natre naq frys-ungerq, naq rira va frnfba 7 vg jnf zber bs n pnyz zhghny erfcrpg/cnegarefuvc. Fb gb frr gur gjb bs gurz nyy ybirl qbirl va guvf rcvfbqr fgvyy penpxf zr hc. Nyfb, whfg Tvyrf'f ernpgvba gb gurz. VQRX. VG WHFG OEVATF ZR FB ZHPU WBL.

    • ZeynepD says:

      Did they spit him back out like a piece of brie dipped in ketchup?

      I love you so, so much for that line alone.

    • LadyPeyton says:

      “There’s just no getting rid of the git, is there?”

      Your father just made my list of the world's awesomest people.

    • hassibah says:

      OMG your dad is the best.
      And yes Faith totally knows what's up.

    • notemily says:

      But he works with the Slayer! Surely he must have some pull? I mean, what do the other Watchers even do?

      That's a good point! He should be bossing THEM around or something.

      Is it just me, or is Giles the most perfect, wonderful person ever to have walked the earth?

      It is not just you. <3333

      As for Angel… we never saw him turn to dust, which in this universe is the equivalent of "we never saw a body, so [character] is not really dead." Buffy keeps saying "I killed him," but you can't kill a vamp with a sword unless you cut its head off.

      • RoseFyre says:

        Naq rira jura jr QB frr n obql be n qhfgvat…lrnu. *ybbxf cbvagrqyl ng Ohssl naq Qneyn*

        • notemily says:

          Jryy, lrf, ohg V qvqa'g jnag gb tvir nalguvat njnl 😉

          (Nyfb, Fcvxr!)

          • RoseFyre says:


            Erfheerpgvba unf Pbafrdhraprf ba guvf fubj, ohg gung qbrfa'g fgbc crbcyr sebz qbvat vg. Crbcyr jub pbzr onpx gb yvsr (naq abg va gur orpbzvat-n-inzcver jnl be gur Svefg-vzcrefbangvat-gurz jnl) vapyhqr Qneyn, Ohssl, Fcvxr, Natry (vs lbh pbhag ergheavat sebz uryy), Pbeqryvn (vs lbh pbhag ergheavat sebz orvat n uvture orvat), Qneely Rccf, gur mbzovrf va Gur Mrccb, gur mbzovrf va Qrnq Zna'f Cnegl…naq V znl or zvffvat fbzr. Bu, Jneera, va gur pbzvpf.

            …Fcvxr'f nobhg gur bayl bar bs gubfr gung ernyyl gheaf bhg jryy, naq lbh pbhyq znxr n pnfr sbe uvz abg orvat qrnq, whfg fgberq va gur nzhyrg. V thrff Ohssl vf urefrys, ohg fur unf gur zrzbevrf bs Urnira (cerggl onq sbe n fvqr rssrpg), naq Qneyn fgvyy unf gur flcuvyvf gung fur qvrq sebz jura fur pbzrf onpx. Naq rira Fcvxr unf gur vagnatvovyvgl fvqr rssrpg.

            Lrnu, erfheerpgvba pna unccra, ohg…abg fb tbbq.

            • ThatGuy11200 says:

              Qba'g sbetrg Wblpr, jura Qnja oevatf ure onpx.

              Jura fur jnyxf cnfg gur jvaqbj naq xabpxf ba gur qbbe, naq gur jnl Ohssl ernpgf, gung'f bar bs gur perrcvrfg fprarf va gur jubyr frevrf.

              • RoseFyre says:

                Qbrf gung pbhag nf n erny erfheerpgvba? Ner jr fher gung'f Wblpr? V xabj vg'f na nggrzcgrq erfheerpgvba, fb vg qbrf svg gur gurzr bs erfheerpgvba nyjnlf tbvat onq, ohg V'z ubarfgyl abg fher gung gung'f npghnyyl Wblpr – orpnhfr vg'f cbffvoyr jung gur fcryy vf chyyvat hc vf Wblpr ohg fperjrq hc, be abg npghnyyl ure, be gung Qbp yvrq gb Qnja nobhg jung vg qbrf.

    • "Awww Giles is like the unpopular Watcher in the corner. But he works with the Slayer! Surely he must have some pull? I mean, what do the other Watchers even do?"

      Since you mention it, this actually got me wondering what the usual lifespan for Slayers is. I mean, Kendra didn't last very long at all — do most Slayers die just as quickly because of the dangerous nature of their job? That could potentially mean that Giles' position gives him no prestige at all because they just assume that Buffy will die shortly anyways.

      ;_____; Man, that's so depressing if that's the case oh my god.

    • devilscrayon says:

      “There’s just no getting rid of the git, is there?”

      I know I'm not the only one to say this but… I love your dad. Hilarious!

  2. settlingforhistory says:

    Faith, ugh. I just can’t get excited about her, I don’t hate her, but I’m not a fan of her either. (Vg’f xvaq bs gur fnzr nf vg vf jvgu Natry naq Natryhf, V cersre Snvgu nf gur ebhtu Fynlre)

    How did Willow manage an unblemished record with all the Scooby activities?

    I love the “un-couple” move. Oz seems to have a word for every occasion.

    “I don't mean a bad thing with your mouth” I only got that joke after many, many re-watches.

    “Admittedly, not a haven for the brothers. Strictly the caucasian persuasion in the Dale” So even the demons notice that minorities are underrepresented in Sunnydale.

    I just love Joyce’s schadenfreude at having Snyder overruled.

    Giles is the most observant of the Scoobies; none of the others even considered that there was more to the events of Becoming. Of course he is the only one who can understand how it feels to lose the person you love. (Vg jba’g gnxr gur bgure Fpbbovrf ybat gb trg gb guvf yriry bs haqrefgnaqvat.)

    (Naq urer vf nabgure ybfg punapr gb fgbc Jvyybj orsber fur orpbzrf zntvp-nqqvpgrq. Gurer jrer fb znal, V thrff vg jnf fvzcyl sngr.)

    (Gur Jngpuref pbhapvy ernyyl unf gur jbefg pbzzhavpngvba. Ab bar rira gbyq Tvyrf nobhg Snvgu be gung ure Jngpure qvrq. Vg’f fhecevfvat gung gur jbeyq unqa’g raqrq orsber Ohssl pnzr nybat.)

    Poor Giles, the other Watchers don’t want him around. (Juvpu fnqyl jvyy bayl trg jbefr nsgre ur trgf sverq.)

    The Master was very old; I wonder how old you have to be to become so demony to get cloven hands and feet.

    Joyce wants Buffy to be save so much, she doesn’t even realize that she is hurting her.
    I believe at this point Buffy wouldn’t even give up slaying if she could.

    It’s kind of scary when you feel bad for a vamp, but Faith is way too brutal.

    (Leprechauns are one of the few myths that don’t exist in the Buffyverse. V zrna, gurer vf rira n ubeevoyr irefvba bs Fnagn Pynhf.)

    Faith’s room is so depressing. Gur K-Znf yvtugf yngre va gur frnfba qba'g uryc guvf zbbq zhpu.

    (V jvfu gurer unq orra fbzr Snvgu pragrerq synfuonpxf znlor gung jbhyq unir tvira ure n ovg zber qrcgu guna n Ohssl jvgubhg sevraqf naq snzvyl.)

    If he was older than the Master shouldn’t Kakistos have left a skeleton, too?
    Maybe the Master had some kind of magic protection, though.

    A great decision to reveal Angelus had regained his soul here instead of having a constantly depressed Buffy. It was time she got to share this with her friends.

    Scott is nice, nothing special but sweet to Buffy.

    Oh that song and that ring and poof there is Angel.
    Love that scene so much, but it will be hard to wait for the next episode until Monday.

    • cait0716 says:

      I always liked that Buffy drew the line of the supernatural beings somewhere. Everything is real. Except leprechauns. That's just ridiculous.

      • settlingforhistory says:

        Gubhtu gur yvar bs gur evqvphybhf vf irel guva. Gurer ner Unafry naq Tergry naq n jbeyq jvgubhg/jvgu bayl fuevzcf.

        • tanbarkie says:

          Jnfa'g Fuevzcjbeyq/ Fuevzcyrffjbeyq n ulcbgurgvpny gung Naln znqr hc? Be qvq fur fhttrfg ng fbzr cbvag gung gurl'er erny.

          Orpnhfr vs fb, V JNAG GB TB GB GURER

          (Fuevzcjbeyq, gung vf. Fuevzcyrffjbeyq fbhaqf yvxr n fnq, hanccrgvmvat cynpr.)

          • myeck says:

            V oryvrir va Natry gur frevrf, Vyylevn fnlf fur ivfvgrq Fuevzcjbeyq ohg qvqa’g pner sbe vg.

            • stormwreath says:

              " V jnyxrq jbeyqf bs fzbxr naq unys-gehguf, vagnatvoyr. Jbeyqf bs gbezrag naq bs haanznoyr ornhgl. Bcnyvar gbjref nf uvtu nf fznyy zbbaf. Tynpvref gung evccyrq jvgu vafrafngr yhfg. Naq bar jbeyq jvgu abguvat ohg fuevzc. V gverq bs gung bar dhvpxyl."

    • Jenny_M says:

      The Master was very old; I wonder how old you have to be to become so demony to get cloven hands and feet.

      Well…the Master kind of had a cloven face?

      (Sorry, I'll show myself out.)

    • robin_comments says:

      Faith, ugh. I just can’t get excited about her, I don’t hate her, but I’m not a fan of her either
      That's pretty much exactly how I am with her too. I don't despise her, but it's like… meh. My face mirrors Buffy's for the first half of the episode.

    • LadyPeyton says:

      Maybe being stuck in the hellmouth so long caused his bones to harden, or something.

    • RoseFyre says:

      "How did Willow manage an unblemished record with all the Scooby activities? "

      Well, she mostly did the research? So I guess she stayed in the school and just…worked through her classes. We don't see her leave the school nearly as much as Buffy or even Xander.

      "(Naq urer vf nabgure ybfg punapr gb fgbc Jvyybj orsber fur orpbzrf zntvp-nqqvpgrq. Gurer jrer fb znal, V thrff vg jnf fvzcyl sngr.)"

      Lrnu, V guvax Tvyrf…V qba'g xabj. V ybir Tvyrf, ohg guvf vf jura Jvyybj fgvyy unf erfcrpg sbe uvz naq xvaq bs yvfgraf gb uvz – juvpu fur'f abg ng nyy ol gur ortvaavat bs Frnfba Fvk – naq ur qbrfa'g fgbc ure. V'z cerggl fher ur'f gur bayl bar jub cbffvoyl pbhyq, naq rira gura…V'z abg fher vg jnf cbffvoyr. Jvyybj vf nyy nobhg gur xabjyrqtr, naq fur qrsvavgryl uvgf n cbvag jurer vg qbrfa'g znggre vs fur FUBHYQ qb fbzrguvat fb zhpu nf vs fur PNA qb fbzrguvat. Fur gnxrf gur dhrfg sbe xabjyrqtr gbb sne, juvpu vf ure qbjasnyy. (Nyfb, gur arrq sbe pbageby, cbffvoyl orpnhfr fur'f unq fb yvggyr bs vg.)

      "(Gur Jngpuref pbhapvy ernyyl unf gur jbefg pbzzhavpngvba. Ab bar rira gbyq Tvyrf nobhg Snvgu be gung ure Jngpure qvrq. Vg’f fhecevfvat gung gur jbeyq unqa’g raqrq orsber Ohssl pnzr nybat.)"

      V nyjnlf jbaqre vs guvf vf vagragvbany. Orpnhfr lbh'q guvax gurl'q unir gbyq Tvyrf nobhg Xraqen, gura Snvgu, naq nyfb gbyq gurve jngpuref…gubhtu Snvgu qbrf frrz gb xabj gung gurer'f nabgure Fynlre, ng yrnfg. Ohg znlor gurl qba'g jnag gur Fynlref grnzvat hc gb qrcbfr gurz? Juvpu pbhyq unccra jvgu gjb, gubhtu vg'f qrsvavgryl zber yvxryl jvgu Ohssl naq Snvgu guna Ohssl naq Xraqen – nf jr frr jvgu Jrfyrl va Onq Tveyf.

  3. VicarPants says:

    Rkprcg Knaqre trgf n pbyyngreny-qnzntr-snyybhg-shpx sebz gur arj Fynlre… >_> Fb vg'f abg RAGVERYL n yngre-evafr-ercrng bs gur hfhny Pehfu ba gur Hanggnvanoyl Qvfvagrerfgrq.

  4. icy says:

    This episode makes me love Giles more (is that possible?!). Yes, he is tricking her, but when it comes to her reveal, he is so gentle and open with her–he lets her tell the story and gives her space. He is her family, and she is his.

  5. Raebear says:

    first! I'm such a goof. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for Mark to meet Faith, my goodness what fun. My goodness.

  6. Katie says:


  7. laneswitch says:



      It's Faith guys! Faith! she's my favorite character in all of Buffy. The first time i saw BtVS and Kendra showed up, i was like "whoa, two slayers. that's awesome, want more Kendra," but then Faith came along and now every time i rewatch the series i keep wishing Kendra would die so Faith could appear sooner. Horrible, i know, but i can't help it.

      I'm sooo glad we finally got to this episode. Buffy's my hero, but Faith's my favorite.

    -Willow paranoid about leaving campus. THAT IS SO ME. Every time the bell rings I'm scared i imagined it and will get in trouble for leaving class early.
    -Trick order a diet soda but never said what kind. AND IT COST EIGHTY NINE CENTS.
    -Faith's in the credits. Awesome.
    -I love how Faith dances with her vampire before killing him. It's like she has to get her time's worth out of him.
    -"Hungry and horny" is possibly the most fan fic quoted Faith saying besides "five by five"
    -Joyce is marching in the slayer pride parade. I forgot to mention in Becoming that Buffy being the slayer was a metaphor for being gay.
    -Faith saying "My dead mother hits harder than that!" always makes me sad.
    -And damn it, Angel's back. WHHHYYY?!

    Also, i love how Faith running away paralells Buffy running from her problems in Dead Man's Party, and how the being replaced by her 'new little sister' theme goes along with her trying to fit back into her life. The writers didn't just throw in a new character and forget about their old arcs, which is something i appreciate.

    • Skyweir says:

      Faith is best slayer.

      But her talk about her dead mother and her depressing "room" makes me sad for her. Buffy really does not have that much to complain about. She has her mother, friends, a great watcher, school and a pretty nice home and lifestyle solidly in the middle class. And they are all willing to take her back even though she might have screwed up a bit by running away.

      • RoseFyre says:

        Buffy does have issues – no one is ever going to say that killing Angel was easy for her. And I think she did get a taste of the other half in Anne – and more so in the summer preceding that, which we obviously don't see.

        But Faith…Faith is the other half, I think. The hints we get of her life in this episode aren't good. Her mother is dead, her Watcher is dead (and died in front of her, almost certainly violently), she eats everything in sight when she's at Buffy's, and she's staying at a motel that a) charges by the day, b) costs only $18, and c) …she's having trouble getting the money together. This does not point to a good life.

    • eruonna says:

      -Trick order a diet soda but never said what kind.

      Once upon a time, the only options were Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite. Maybe an orange soda or a root beer.

      • @farwell3d says:

        I've still never in my life seen a fast food place that had any other kind of diet pop that Coke or Pepsi, whichever they carry. Is this something that exists in bigger cities or something?

    • Dru says:

      Quoting you: Nyfb, v ybir ubj Snvgu ehaavat njnl cnenyryyf Ohssl ehaavat sebz ure ceboyrzf va Qrnq Zna'f Cnegl, naq ubj gur orvat ercynprq ol ure 'arj yvggyr fvfgre' gurzr tbrf nybat jvgu ure gelvat gb svg onpx vagb ure yvsr.

      All I can say is……OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH. Especially when it comes to things that at this point need to be in rot13.

  8. Shadowmarauder says:

    I love Faith.

    Sbetrg Natry/Ohssl v cersre Natry/Snvgu

    • cait0716 says:

      I agree with all of this.

      Natry naq Snvgu whfg unir fb zhpu zber va pbzzba naq npghny onfvf sbe gehfg naq n eryngvbafuvc.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      V cersre Natryhf/Snvgu.

    • Plactus says:

      Zr gbb, nygubhtu V nyfb ernyyl yvxr Natry/Qneyn. Sbeghangryl, gurer'f abg zhpu pbasyvpg orgjrra gur gjb orpnhfr Qneyn'f zbfgyl va Natry'f cnfg.

      Gb n yrffre qrterr, orpnhfr V fuvc gurz obgu jvgu bgure crbcyr, V yvxr Ohssl/Snvgu.

      • hamnoo says:

        Qb Snvgu naq Qneyn rire zrrg? Gung jbhyq unir orra cresrpgvba – JUL PNA'G GUVF UNCCRA ERGEBNPGVIRYL?

      • @Ivana2804 says:

        V ybir Ohssl/Fcvxr naq Natry/Qneyn naq Natry/Snvgu, gubhtu jvgu Natry/Snvgu vg'f abg arprffnevyl va n ebznagvp jnl – V'z abg fher vs V'q rira yvxr vg gb qrirybc yvxr gung, ohg V'z abg ntnvafg gurz orpbzvat n pbhcyr vs vg'f qbar jryy, ohg gung jbhyq erdhver gerzraqbhf qrirybczrag sebz obgu bs gurz. Evtug abj vg'f gur bayl Natry fuvc V pbhyq trg oruvaq, fvapr Qneyn naq Pbeql ner qrnq.

        Natry/Pbeql V'z nzovinyrag nobhg – vg pbhyq unir orra ernyyl tbbq, ohg gur rkrphgvba fhpxrq. "Lbh'er Jrypbzr" vf gur bayl rcvfbqr jurer vg jbexf.

        Ohssl/Natry jnf n terng fgbel va gur uvtu fpubby frnfbaf naq V hfrq gb ybir vg onpx gura, ohg rirel nggrzcg gb erivir vg nsgrejneqf be qent vg bhg jnf whfg njshy naq znqr zr qvfyvxr gur fuvc pbzcyrgryl. V fgvyy rawbl Onatry va frnfbaf 1-3, ohg va beqre gb qb gung V unir gb vtaber gur fhofrdhrag qrirybczragf (Raq bs Qnlf/Pubfra, NgF frnfba 5 naq, zbfg bs nyy, frnfba 8), nf jryy nf snaba naq gur zrqvn zlgu nobhg Onatry nf "sberire ybir" naq nyy gung penc.

        • L_Storm says:

          V’z jvgu lbh gung Natry/Snvgu vfa’g arprffnevyl n ebznagvp fuvc. V ubarfgyl yvxr gurz orggre nf cyngbavp, orpnhfr bs ubj fgebat gurl ner sbe rnpu bgure.

          Nyfb, V’z zber oruvaq gur “sberire ybir” guvat. (Cyrnfr abgr, guvf vf vtabevat frnfba 8, nf V’ir bayl jngpurq gur fubjf, abg ernq gur pbzvpf.) Vg vfa’g fbzr zlfgvpny guvat gb zr, ohg engure gurl’er gubfr rkrf jub whfg pna’g znantr gb trg bire rnpu bgure. Ab znggre ubj greevoyr gurl ner sbe rnpu bgure, ab znggre gung jura Natry svanyyl trg jung ur jnagf, vg’f greevoyr (V Jvyy Erzrzore Lbh, NgF frnfba bar) vg gheaf bhg gb or greevoyr naq abg jung ur jnagf ng nyy. Fb ur yrgf tb. Ohg abg ernyyl orpnhfr ur fgvyy guvaxf “jung vs.”

          V’ir unq gung rk. Jub ab znggre ubj greevoyr bs na vqrn vg jnf, jr obgu qvq va snpg cvar sbe rnpu bgure. Znlor fgvyy qb. Arvgure bs hf znantr gb guvax pyrneyl nobhg gur fvghngvba, naq gungf jung V ernq vagb jung Ohssl/Natry orpbzr nsgre frnfba 3. Natry jnyxf njnl, naq lrf vg vf gur evtug qrpvfvba, ohg gung qbrfa’g zrna gurl obgu nera’g fgvyy vqvbgf nobhg rirelguvat.

          • @Ivana2804 says:

            Gur guvat jvgu Ohssl naq Natry vf gung gurl qba'g tebj hc naq fgneg gerngvat rnpu bgure nf nqhygf – gurl yvxr gb ahegher n snagnfl gung gurve ybir jnf gung vqrny "ybir bs zl yvsr" guvat gung pna arire or fhecnffrq naq gurer ner boyvtngbel ersreraprf gb gung nobhg bapr n lrne (gb xrrc n cbegvba bs snaf fngvfsvrq), juvyr ng gur fnzr gvzr, gurl qba'g xrrc va gbhpu irel bsgra (vg frrzf yvxr gurl gnyx gb rnpu bgure nobhg bapr be gjvpr n lrne), gurl nera'g pybfr nalzber, gurl unir ab vqrn jung'f tbvat ba va rnpu bgure'f yvirf, naq va gur zrnagvzr gurl'er bofrffvat bire bgure crbcyr naq qba'g frrz gb tvir rnpu bgure'f n gubhtug zbfg bs gur gvzr (creuncf gur zbfg oyngnag rknzcyr va va frnfba 6 jura Ohssl qbrfa'g rira erzrzore gung Natry rkvfgf naq vf fbzrbar jub fubhyq or abgvsvrq bs ure erfheerpgvba:[nf gur cubar evatf, jura Natry jnf pnyyvat ure] "Jub vf gung? Rirelbar V xabj yvirf urer…" hagvy fur urnef vg'f uvz ba gur cubar). Ohg jura gurl frr rnpu bgure gurl graq gb snyy onpx gb npgvat yvxr Ohssl vf fgvyy gur tvey fur jnf ng 16 naq yvxr Natry unqa'g unq nal bs gur qrirybczrag ur unq va Y.N., vafgrnq bs vagrenpgvat nf nqhygf naq npxabjyrqtvat gung gurl'ir npghnyyl zbirq ba, ohg fgvyy pner nobhg rnpu bgure qrrcyl (hayvxr va pnaba, jurer gurl qba'g frrz gb pbasvqr va rnpu bgure ng nyy cbfg-frnfba 3).

            NgF naq yngre frnfbaf bs OgIF cbegenlrq gurve yvatrevat srryvatf nf cerggl zhpu na vqrnyvmrq snagnfl nobhg gur cnfg gung gurl graq gb pyvat gb nf n fnsr arg jura gurl pna'g qrny jvgu gurve npghny pheerag eryngvbafuvcf naq ceboyrzf. Naq gura jr trg fhpu fgngrzragf nf Ohssl'f "V ybirq uvz zber guna V jvyy rire ybir nalguvat va guvf yvsr" – bs pbhefr, rknttrengrq gb znxr n cbvag gb Knaqre, ohg vg'f n fvta abg whfg bs ure ure rzbgvbany neerfg ohg ure qrgrezvangvba gb erznva gung jnl. Vg'f whfg nznmvatyl fvyyl gung n 22-lrne byq jbhyq znxr n cebabhaprzrag gung fur JVYY arire ybir nalbar/nalguvat nf zhpu nf ure svefg oblsevraq (gubhtu vg'f rira shaavre gung V'ir frra Onatry fuvccref hfr gung yvar gb cebir nalguvat nobhg Ohssl'f srryvatf cbfg-"Frysyrff" naq gb nethr gung vg'f rivqrapr gung fur jvyy arire ybir nalbar nf zhpu – nf vs Ohssl jnf cflpuvp), naq abgr gur cnfg grafr nf jryy; *ybirq*. Vg'f n guvat bs gur cnfg naq fur qbrfa'g ernyyl fubj n qrfver gb trg onpx jvgu uvz, ohg fur vafvfgf gung fur qbrfa'g naq jvyy abg rire ybir nalbar nf zhpu nf fur *ybirq* Natry va gur cnfg; gb zr gung fbhaqf yvxr fur qvqa'g jnag gb, orpnhfr vg jnf gbb qnza cnvashy naq fur qvqa'g jnag gb tb guebhtu gung ntnva. Vg'f abg fhecevfvat gung gur oblsevraqf fur gubhtug bs nf npprcgnoyr jrer oynaq thlf jubfr nccrnyvat dhnyvgvrf fur qrsvarq nf "avpr, fbyvq, ohg orfg bs nyy abg n uryy ornfg naq abg yvxryl gb uheg zr" naq qvqa'g frrz gb or gung zhpu vagb (Fpbgg, Evyrl).

    • Karen says:

      Natry/Pbeql vf bar bs zl ovttrfg fuvcf, ohg V qb unir n fbsg fcbg sbe Natry/Snvgu. V guvax gurl unir n erny pbaarpgvba. V qba'g xabj vs V ernyyl fuvc gurz va n ebznagvp jnl, ohg lrnu. Gur frnfba 1 rcvfbqrf bs Natry jurer Snvgu gheaf hc ner fbzr bs gur orfg rcvfbqrf bs Natyr, vzb.

      • cait0716 says:

        V qrsvavgryl nterr. Naq gur cebzvfr bs Becurhf vf jung svanyyl pbaivaprq zr gb erjngpu gur sbhegu frnfba bs Natry naq qvfpbire gung V npghnyyl fbeg bs yvxrq vg gur frpbaq gvzr nebhaq

        • _Bailey_ says:

          ZR GBB! Jryy, abg gur cebzvfr bs Becurhf orpnhfr V qvqa'g jngpu Natry hagvy vg jnf bss gur nve, ohg V'ir orra erjngpuvat fryrpg rcvfbqrf yngryl naq V jnf nibvqvat frnfba 4 orpnhfr V qrfcvfr jung gurl qvq gb Pbeql gung frnfba, ohg ba erjngpu V sbhaq zlfrys zber . . . . npprcgvat? Znlor? Naljnl, vg qvqa'g frrz dhvgr fb evqvphybhf naq qvqa'g svyy zr jvgu entr gur jnl vg hfrq gb (gubhtu V unira'g jngpurq "Ncbpnylcfr, Abjvfu" ntnva lrg — gung'f gur bar jvgu gur Pbeql/Pbaabe jebatarff, evtug? V jvyy cebonoyl nibvq gung hagvy Znex jngpurf vg).

          • cait0716 says:

            Bu V ungr jung gurl qvq gb Pbeql gung frnfba. Gur bayl jnl V'ir orra noyr gb pbzr gb grezf jvgu vg vf ol qrpvqvat gung fur jnfa'g va gur sbhegu frnfba ng nyy. Fur tbg pnyyrq hc gb urnira ng gur raq bs gur guveq frnfba. Naq gura n qrzba gbbx bire ure obql sbe gur ragvergl bs gur sbhegu frnfba (V guvax guvf vf fbzrjung fhccbegrq ol Fxvc) naq gura Pbeql pnzr onpx va gur svsgu frnfba. Orpnhfr bgurejvfr vg znxrf ab frafr ng nyy. Ohg, gung ernqvat qbrfa'g jbex gur svefg gvzr lbh frr vg orpnhfr gur erirny pbzrf fb yngr.

            • _Bailey_ says:

              Rknpgyl, naq V'z cerggl fher jung lbh qrfpevorq vf jung jnf fhccbfrq gb unir unccrarq, ohg vg'f fb pbaibyhgrq naq pbashfvat . . . . sebz gur qrgnvyf V'ir znantrq gb hapbire, gur Cbjre jnf va pbageby bs Pbeql'f obql jura fur pnzr onpx, ohg gurer jnf n fnsrthneq be fbzrguvat va cynpr gb oybpx ure zrzbevrf naq gel gb xrrc gur Cbjre sebz erzrzorevat vgf vagragvbaf? Ohg gura gur tnat qvq gur Fcva gur obggyr fcryy naq oebxr vg, naq gura rirelguvat sebz gurer ba jnf gur Cbjre va shyy cbffrffvba bs obgu zvaq naq obql.

              V xabj gurl jrer cvffrq ng univat gb nppbzzbqngr PP'f certanapl, ohg sbe Tbq'f fnxr, gurl pbhyq unir unq ure fghpx ba gur uvture cynar nyy sernxvat frnfba, naq gura unq gur tnat svaq jnlf gb pbzzhavpngr jvgu ure be jungrire hagvy gurl pbhyq trg ure onpx ng gur raq bs gur frnfba be ortvaavat bs frnfba 5 be jungrire . . . . be fbzrguvat.

              Ernyyl, nalguvat jbhyq unir orra orggre guna jung gurl qvq.

            • _Bailey_ says:

              Ol gur jnl, unir lbh ernq gur rffnl "Gur Nffnffvangvba bs Pbeqryvn Punfr" ol Wraavsre Pehvfr? V guvax lbh'q ernyyl rawbl vg.

              Ure onfvp cerzvfr vf gung gur jevgref bs Natry jrag pbzcyrgryl BBP jvgu Pbeql jura gurl pubfr gb fraq ure gb n uvture cynar ng gur raq bs Frnfba 3 naq pbagvahrq gb ivbyngr ure guebhtubhg Frnfba 4, oevatvat hc naq tbvat vagb qrcgu lbhe cbvag nobhg ubj gur erirny gung vg jnfa'g Pbeql pnzr gbb yngr.

              Urer'f n yvax gb gur shyy rffnl:


      • tanbarkie says:

        I'm right there with you. V qba'g fuvc Natry/Snvgu va nal fbeg bs ebznagvp jnl, ohg gur flzzrgel va gurve punenpgref nepf vf ornhgvshy. Gjb qnzntrq fbhyf, jub'ir frra gurzfryirf qrfpraq vagb gur qnexarff naq erghea, hapregnva bs gurve cynprf va gur jbeyq.

        Naq gurve vagrenpgvbaf ba NgF ner cresrpg. Erqrzcgvba nepf ner nzbat gur zbfg cbjreshy fgbevrf gb zr, naq V nofbyhgryl ybir gung Natry fnirf Snvgu – naq gura fur fnirf uvz evtug onpx.

      • Shadowmarauder says:

        V xvaq bs yvxr Natry/Pbeql gbb. V whfg gbqnl jngpurq gur 100gu rcvfbqr bs Natry. V eneryl pel, gbqnl v whfg pnag fgbc. Pbeqryvn Punfr V ybir Lbh. Cyrnfr pbzr onpx.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Bar bs zl nyy gvzr snibevgr svpf unf n yvar jurer Snvgu vf guvaxvat nobhg ure eryngvbafuvc jvgu Natry, nf bccbfrq gb uvf jvgu Ohssl.

      "Natry jnf rirelguvat gb ure—oebgure, frafnv, Sngure pbasrffbe, cflpuvp gjva—ur jnf ure bgure unys. Ohssl zvtug or Yvtug gb uvf Qnexarff, ohg fur, Snvgu, jnf Qnexarff gb uvf Yvtug. Gbtrgure, gur guerr bs gurz jrer n fcveny. Abg n pvepyr, pybfrq naq rkpyhfvir; n pvepyr rvgure fuhg guvatf vafvqr be bhgfvqr bs vgf obhaqnevrf. N fcveny jnf bcra-raqrq. Syhvq. Tbvat obgu hc naq qbja ng gur fnzr gvzr."

      GUNG vf gur yvar gung fnlf vg nyy sbe zr, naq gung'f gur jnl V yvxr gb ivrj vg. Ohssl'f gur bar jub chyyf Natry bhg bs gur qnexarff. Ohg Natry'f gur bar jub gura chyyf Snvgu bhg.

  9. @aagblog says:

    "Have you ever just felt broken? As if your parts don’t match up and everyone else just seems to have it all together?"

    Yes. Pretty much every single day.

    "God could I project myself any harder into this story I SWEAR."

    No more so than I have, my friend. No more so than I.

  10. cait0716 says:

    Faith: I love Faith so much. She just barrels into town and exudes confidence in everything she does. She doesn't seem to care what anyone else thinks about her and just goes about her business. But then we also get to see her vulnerability when Kakistos attacks and we learned that he killed her watcher. I like that she and Buffy are able to bond by the end of this episode, and that Buffy almost takes on the role of mentor or big sister with her. And it's just going to be so much fun to have another slayer around.

    One of my favorite moments in this episode is Faith's assessment of Giles. Note that when Buffy says "raise your hand if ew", Willow doesn't raise her hand. She just gives Giles a goofy grin. Willow is definitely the smartest of the Scoobies.

    Hope: Oh Scott. I really like his approach to wooing Buffy. He definitely gets bonus points for using the word mosey, but also for recognizing that there is a limit to the number of times he can ask Buffy out before it crosses the line into stalker territory. The gift of the Claddaugh was unfortunate, but I appreciate that it triggers Buffy into finally putting Angel behind her.

    Trick: If not for Spike last season, Trick would be my favorite vampire. He's just so fun, while also being smart and willing to change with the times and embrace the modern. Plus he points out the whiteness of Sunnydale. It doesn't really make anything better (rfcrpvnyyl fvapr guvf qbrfa'g vzcebir va gur shgher) but it's nice that it's at least acknowledged.

    Angel: I was twelve when this episode aired. This was the first time I'd ever seen a naked man. This fact makes me strangely happy.

    Giles: I love that he uses the guise of a binding spell to give Buffy a forum for talking about what happened with Angel. He knows exactly how to best help her and it's kind of beautiful. This sort of hearkens back to the "inordinate amount of nudging" he promised back in <i.Reptile Boy. He keeps asking her for details, but by never asking about the soul or her emotional reaction, he gives her a safe space to eventually discuss that on her own terms. I want a Giles of my own.

    This episode is really jampacked. There's so much going on that I could probably talk about it forever. So many interesting stories and great lines and fun character moments. To me, it feels like the proper beginning of season 3. The last two episodes felt more like an epilogue from season 2 to help remind us of where we were and tie up the loose ends. But now we're back in the swing of things, with Buffy getting her life back and Faith showing up and people moving forward from the events of last season. We get the introduction of Mr. Trick and the reintroduction of Angel. The show feels like it's settling back into a familiar groove.

    Tbq, gur thvyg gung fcernqf bire Jvyybj’f snpr jura fur ernyvmr jung fur vanqiregragyl qvq gb ure orfg sevraq…SHPX. Jung n ubeevoyr guvat gb svaq bhg, rfcrpvnyyl orpnhfr Jvyybj jnf trahvaryl gelvat gb qb gur orfg guvat sbe Ohssl, naq vg vebavpnyyl raqrq hc pnhfvat zber cnva.

    Naq gura guvf trgf gnxra gb gur agu qrterr va gur fvkgu frnfba.

    • hpfish13 says:

      To your rot13, that's exactly what I was thinking when I read that! Yikes!

    • Kickpuncher says:

      Season 2 also felt like it really got started on episode three with Spike and Dru rolling into town.

      Fnzr jvgu frnfba sbhe. Vg xvpxf hc n abgpu jvgu gur erghea bs Naln naq Fcvxr.

      • cait0716 says:

        You're right!

        Npghnyyl, V erzrzore orvat ernyyl fhecevfrq ng gur ortvaavat bs frnfba frira jura vg sryg yvxr gurl jrer xvpxvat guvatf bss evtug njnl, jvgu gur jubyr xvyyvat n cbgragvny va gur pbyq bcra. V thrff guvf vf whfg n unovg bs Ohssl

        • RoseFyre says:

          Gubhtu Frnfba Bar fgnegf bss vzzrqvngryl – jvgu Ohssl pbzvat gb gbja naq gur ybff bs Wrffr – naq Frnfba Fvk nyfb fgnegf bss vzzrqvngryl, jvgu Ohssl'f erfheerpgvba. Frnfba Svir, V jbhyq chg zbfg bs gur svefg rcvfbqr va gur "abg ernyyl fgnegvat gur frnfba" pngrtbel, ohg gur raq…gur raq vf gur fgneg bs gung frnfba, orpnhfr Qnja'f nccrnenapr ernyyl frgf vg bss, V guvax. Fb vg'f n zvk.

          • cait0716 says:

            V jbhyq nethr gung frnfba svir npghnyyl gnxrf gur ybatrfg gb fgneg, fvapr abar bs gur Qnja fghss rira ortvaf gb trg rkcynvarq hagvy gur svsgu rcvfbqr jura Tybel fubjf hc. Qnja'f nebhaq pbashfvat rirelbar, ohg vg qbrfa'g ernyyl trg tbvat sbe n juvyr.

            • RoseFyre says:

              V qba'g xabj, V guvax gur Qnja zlfgrel vf rabhtu gb ernyyl trg gur frnfba ebyyvat, ohg…vg'f nyy n znggre bs bcvavba, ernyyl.

    • Skyweir says:

      To the rot13:

      Naq lrg, pbzr frnfba 6, fur qbrf vg ntnva. Ohg gung gvzr, gur reebe vf zhpu jbefr naq ure vagrag vf abg arneyl nf cher….

    • bearshorty says:


      Yes, that stood out to me too. I actually didn't put it together that this is a pattern for her until Mark put it in those words. I do like character continuity.

    • Karen says:


      This is the first time I realized that the "Hope" in the title refers to Scott. I mean, I got that it was a reference to the Biblical passage about "faith, hope and love" and the Faith and Trick parts are obvious, BUT I JUST NOW GOT THE HOPE PART.

    • Noybusiness says:

      Gur vagreangvbany-arff naq qvirefvgl vf bar bs gur guvatf V ybir nobhg Frnfba 8.

  11. guest_age says:

    My favorite part of this episode outside of Faith's entire existence (because DAMN is Eliza SO FREAKING AWESOME) is Oz. Everything he does and says is flawless.

    Also…God, I am kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I have been wondering for YEARS since the first time I saw this show where "five by five" came from/what it's in reference to. I mean, I always got what it meant from context, but somehow when I was watching this episode earlier today I finally figured out that it means "square" because…well, 5 x 5. I SWEAR I AM USUALLY A SMART PERSON I FEEL EVERYONE'S JUDGEMENT BUT I AM OKAY WITH THAT.

    Nalbar ryfr erzvaqrq bs jura Jvyybj oevatf Ohssl onpx sebz gur qrnq va F6, jung jvgu gur jubyr "Jvyybj qvq n fcryy gb uryc Ohssl naq vafgrnq vg sbeprq ubeevoyr njshyarff hcba ure vafgrnq," guvat? Cbbe Jvyybj. Fur gevrf. Oyrff.

  12. misterbernie says:

    Hey look I got around to thoughts again:
    – Ah yes, off-school ground-ness. I remember when some of our teachers made us literally walk the 1 meter more so we’d be off official school bounds when we were having a smoke during break.
    – Thank you for your character introduction exposition, Willow. Also bad thing with your mouth? Yeah, it’s probably IC for Willow, but :|. Also Xander, you deserved that punch is anybody here surprised I say this? No? Good!
    – A black character with lines! WHAT IS THIS MAGIC, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER? Okay so he’s a villain but hey! And a snappy dresser. I approve of a man in a suit.
    – Oh hey, cheesy obligatory Angel dream sequence! *fastforwards*
    – Joyce, you’re rising in my esteem. And OOOOH, BURN, SNIDER!
    – Giles, you could make paralinguistic clicks at my place all day.
    – Willow, I love you, but if Buffy doesn’t want to date yet, don’t push her. Also, Scott Hope, grow a personality, please? And Cordelia, slut-o-rama? Xander is rubbing off on you in all the wrong ways, isn’t he? Do not want.
    – And I would complain about Scott Hope’s bland some more, but let’s not pretend anything interesting is going on here, because FAITH! F TO THE A TO THE I TO THE T TO THE H! HELLO, NEW SLAYER! I don’t know why but I love your outfit let’s drink booze and trade stories of adventures
    – thank you for your convenient exposition epiphany, Cordelia! HOW CONVENIENT
    – Xander, it’s rude to interrupt people when they’re about to talk about their awesome rocket launcher kill. Also, find a new thing. This is just ridiculous, and not in a funny way.
    – "I got bit" OH OZ &lt;3
    – Faith, I can’t blame you for your Giles flirting. Also, 'zest'? Faith is not an Italian sauce.
    – Faith has been on screen for what, five minutes, and I declare her 'attraction' to Scott Hope to be OOC. Come on, she’d never go for such a pathetic bland personality-free … blandy.
    -My my, Mr Trick, you seem to have a thing for young male service sector workers.
    – Oh come on Buffy, try to be nice to Faith &gt;:| good thing you’re an only child indeed.
    – Faith, you may have some violence issues there 🙁
    – But! KISSING TOAST oh buffy. Giles’ translation is a bit fancy here, κάκιστος is a superlative of κακÏŒς 'bad, evil, wicked', thus, 'the most wicked'. But if the accenting I got from wiktionary is right, it should be emphasised on the first syllable.
    – And climactic fight, and woo go Faith KILL YOUR ISSUES WITH SUPPORT BEAMS! o/
    – Buffy 🙁 and Giles’ understanding of her &lt;3
    – ew no don’t encourage his creepy behaviour buffy ew ew ew


    German title: Neue Freunde, neue Feinde – 'New Friends, New Enemies'. Not too bad, I’d say, considering that there’s no way they could’ve kept the connection to the Christian virtues (which are Glaube (faith), Liebe (love/charity), Hoffnung (hope)) while still making sense.

    Also, in regards to one thing: ALL THE NUNS!

    • misterbernie says:

      Like, after I stop dating or seeing someone, I go months without even thinking of a guy
      Well, if it's sharing time, no, you're not the only one, though I only go for months without any romantic thoughts. After my last break-up, I did go through an extensive, er, distraction phase, though.

      Tbq, gur thvyg gung fcernqf bire Jvyybj’f snpr jura fur ernyvmr jung fur vanqiregragyl qvq gb ure orfg sevraq
      You are SO. UNPREPARED. sbe gur arkg gvzr jr frr Jvyybj'f zl-zntvp-shpxrq-guvatf-hc-snpr.

    • Abygail says:

      The more I read the German versions of titles, the happier I am to live a few miles west, where we subtitle things instead of redubbing all the vocals of a show (I don't think any English show would've been successful if they where dubbed in Dutch :P)

      • hamnoo says:

        I was always jealous of you when I was younger because of that. Now I see that there's two sides to that coin. (I'd still like a subtitled TV programme. I don't watch German dubs.)

      • misterbernie says:

        I can only think of one show that I think was improved by our dub (namely, ALF), but yeah, most of the time, I'm jealous of the easy access to the original audio you guys have.

        My first exposure to the English versions of a TV show was the Golden Girls, which for some time were broadcast with a secondary audio channel (or rather, mono German/mono English instead of stereo) on ORF, the Austrian public channel, and it was just… so. much. funnier.

    • hamnoo says:

      I love that you're German, a Linguist and love Buffy. We're basically related now, even though I know that there are tons of other people that share a German background and have studied linguistics. And I'm even just now trying to acquaint myself with the Linguistics part of my Cultural studies.

      Anyway, I wanted to point that out.

      • misterbernie says:

        Servus 🙂 und haha, immer wieder nett, andere Deutsche oder zumindest Deutschsprachige online im englischsprachigen Netz zu treffen. Wobei ich ja gebürtiger Ösi bin, nur halt in München aufgewachsen, also quasi nix halbes und nix ganzes, was meine Zugehörigkeit angeht 😉

        I never formally studied linguistics, actually, safe for half a semester of Indo-European major with General Linguistics minor before I dropped out because no thank you. I do, however, love to read and educate myself in my spare time. I did vocational studies to become a translator/interpreter, though, which naturally focused on translation problems/difficulties, so nitpicking the titles with my current level of understanding is quite fun.

        • Delta1212 says:

          Oh, I love Munich. I’ve only spent a grand total of about a week there over a couple visits, but I really love the city.

          Actually, now that I think of it, my first time there, there was a gay pride festival going on on my last day which hadn’t known about beforehand, and it was really funny to wander into. Definitely made for a memorable trip.

          • misterbernie says:

            Munich seems to be one of the hate-it-or-love-it cities. I do like it, it is my home pretty much, but sometimes I do feel like needing a break somewhere else.

            I did march in last year's pride parade, with the pridehawk I got as my avatar here. And got horrible sunburn :/ but it was fun, otherwise.

        • hamnoo says:

          In my case, I really want to study Culture, and have to string Lingustics. It's not nice, but what I wouldn't do. (No, that's about it.)
          I hear that it's suppossed to get more interesting next semester though, when we apparently use Linguistics to analyse movies?

          Und ich hab erst ein bisschen gebraucht, den deutschen Teil zu entziffern, so ungewohnt hier. Ich war manchmal abends zum weggehen in München, oder um mir Unis anzusehen … und ein Ösi? Hihi. Ich bin komplett deutsch, zumindest soweit ich weiß.

          • misterbernie says:

            It really depends on the specific aspect of linguistics; the syntax class I had I should've probably choosen for later. Analysing movies from a linguistic perspective sounds fascinating, though 😀 !

            Ich bin deutsch online auch kaum gewohnt inzwischen; ich hab auch mein Facebook und so auf Englisch gestellt weil sich das auf Deutsch einfach falsch anfühlt für mich >_>
            Naja, k.u.k-Gemisch. Teils tiefstniederösterreichisch, aber wenn ich nach dem Mädchennamen meiner Mutter geh, hab ich zumindest ein paar slawische Vorfahren irgendwo. Andererseits häuft sich laut geogen mein Nachname in Sachsen, also wer weiß, wo meine Ahnen überall herkommen.
            In München zum Weggehen, also ein/e Bayer/in, nehm ich an? Oder Schwabe/Schwäbin?

    • robin_comments says:


      V pbzcyrgryl oynzr gur rkvfgrapr bs Evyrl Svaa ba gur jevgref' vanovyvgl gb gryy gung ab ivrjre jnf punezrq ol, be pnerq va nal jnl sbe, Fpbgg Ubcr.

    • notemily says:

      when I click Google Translate on your Greek "kakistos," it gives me "very poor fashion." Hee.

    • pica_scribit says:


      OK, so I've been watching Buffy pretty much since it aired, and it's only now that I suddenly realised Snyder's name is a pun on the word "snide". *facepalm*

      Faith is not an Italian sauce.

      Hey! She can be anything she wants to be! Stop oppressing her!


      This is a new word. I like it. I'm going to have a word with the OED people.

  13. Jenny_M says:

    So, I have seen all of Buffy, and please feel free to rot13 me the answer to this question but: if Faith was JUST called over the summer, does this mean all her slayer tales have happened in JUST that three month period? Again, this may have been answered and I forgot, so please rot13 and enlighten me!

    • DreamRose311 says:

      Uru lrnu, V arire gubhtug nobhg gung fubeg gvzr crevbq orsber… Gubhtu tvira Snvgu, V jbhyqa'g or fhecevfrq vs fbzr bs gur fgbevrf jrer znqr hc.

    • cait0716 says:

      Gurl arire fcrpvsvpnyyl zragvba vg, ohg lrnu Snvgu unq gb unir unq nyy gubfr nqiragherf bire gur fhzzre. Fur pnzr sebz n oebxra ubzr (fvatyr, nypbubyvp zbgure jub qvrq ng fbzr cbvag, cbffvoyl ng gur unaqf bs Xnxvfgbf), fur qvqa'g unir fpubby be sevraqf, naq fhqqrayl fur tbg unaqrq n checbfr. V vzntvar fur guerj urefrys urnq svefg vagb gur fynlvat guvat. Gurer'f n ybg bs vagrerfgvat snasvpgvba gung qryirf vagb ure yvsr cer-Fhaalqnyr.

    • threerings13 says:

      That is always my reaction to this episode. It BUGS me. It distracts me from what is otherwise a good episode cause I'm too busy going: wait, WHEN did she do all this stuff? She's apparently been traveling all over the country killing things. Not totally inconceivable, but WEIRD.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Well, she seems to have been running from Kakistos, so maybe some of them were while she was running from Boston to Sunnydale – since she mentioned the story with the nudity was in South Boston, and that's…a pretty long way to go.

      Also, maybe she made some of them up.

      Either or both are possible, really.

  14. Kat says:

    Faith! She's such a contrast to Buffy, and to Kendra as well. I think all their totally opposite attitudes towards slaying are a really interesting – it shows that being the slayer is something thats defined by you and your personality, and not the other way around. Vg nyfb erzvaqf zr bs gur qvssrerag jnlf Natry naq Fcvxr unaqyr orpbzvat n inzcver jvgu n fbhy – gurl'er obgu gbezragrq ol vg ohg qrnyg jvgu vg va irel qvssrerag jnlf gung ernyyl svg jvgu gurve punenpgref.

    Also, about everyone pushing Willow to date. I think there are two types of people – people who can't get over the last person til they start dating the next, and people who can't date the next til they're fully over the last. If that makes any sense? I am most definitely the latter! I broke up with my last boyfriend a year and a half ago and I've allocated myself another 3 years or so before I'm even close to ready for another boyfriend. Some people say excessive, I say necessary! But having a main character on a show take longer than 2 weeks to get over someone is unheard of. I feel like writers/producers are sitting there going – quick, introduce a new love interest before everyone gets bored and wanders off!

    • SelphieFairy says:

      Fiction tends to speed pretty much everything up, anyway. Things are also shown as a lot more intense. It's not really a matter of whether it's realistic because it's not realistic at all lol. It's exactly how you said it is — they wanna make sure no one gets bored and wanders off. So i feel like people shouldn't be comparing their relationships to ones on television too much. It can be unhealthy.

  15. Mary Sue says:

    The point I’m trying to make is that my whole experience with dating is so atypical that when I see stuff like this, I just can’t relate to it. I’m like YOU JUST KILLED YOUR BOYFRIEND. Why don’t you wait a year or five like I would??? That’s totally sensible and normal, right?!?!?!?!?!?

    Oh, hey, look, here's my soapbox from 1998! It's very well worn because handtogod, I get up on this bad boy at least once a week.

    [Hops up on soapbox]



    No, seriously. This irks me to no end. If you're the main female lead in a TV show, you are not allowed to just go fight vampires (Buffy), or be a grifter (Leverage and White Collar), or fight crime and try to keep from kicking the writer tasked to follow you around in the shins (Castle). Nope, no matter how amazing and awesome and competent you are, you must ALSO be either seeking a partner or living happily partnered.

    And gentlemen.
    And folks who do not subscribe to binary genders.


    And now, Faith.

    Faith is hot.
    That is all I have to say about that.

    (Also? "They should film that and show it every Christmas" is something that comes out of my mouth a couple times a month. It's so wonderfully elegant in its emotion, n'est ce pas? Even if it is Xander being gross.)

    • laneswitch says:

      about Leverage
      Va gur frnfba gjb bcrare Cnexre gryyf Uneqvfba gung fur pna'g qngr uvz orpnhfr fu'r abg ernql. gung frnfba unf ure fvatyr naq fgvyy znfffviyl njrfbzr.

      • Mary Sue says:

        Lrf, ohg V jbhyq abg pynffvsl Cnexre nf gur znva srznyr yrnq. Gung'f Fbcuvr.

        • LadyPeyton says:

          Personally, I would much prefer Cnexre/Uneqvfba over the lead relationship. But then Cnexre and Uneqvfba are my favorite characters, along with Ryyvbg.

          But mostly Uneqvfba because he is THAT awesome.

          • Mary Sue says:

            I learned about Leverage back in the day because I was a reader of John Roger's blog (because he wrote the Blue Beetle comic book and linked to a review I did of one of the issues) but the man does a recap/Q&A of every episode. Bloggination here.

            Zl vffhr jvgu Fbcuvr vf ubj… HAFHOGYR vg'f orra gur jubyr gvzr. Jr nyy xarj guvf jnf tbvat gb unccra, ohg vg jnf yrff bs na "Vg'f SNGR!" naq zber bs n "*syvat zlfrys!* Bu, jnvg, gung qvqa'g jbex. *syvat zlfrys!* Uz. Gel ntnva. *syvat zlfrys!* Url, guvf gvzr vg jbexrq!"

            Rira jura Tvan gbbx gur gvzr bss gb unir ure onol, gurl senzrq ure nofrapr nf n jubyr, "Fur'f tbar gb svaq urefrys fb fur pna pbzr onpx naq gurl pna yvir– bx, abg unccvyl rire nsgre, ohg znq jnpxl zbaxrl frkva' rire nsgre."

            (Ohg url, jr tbg gur punenpgre bs Gnen bhg bs gur qrny, fb LNL!)

            But yes, I am a big fan of Cnexre/Uneqvfba, nygubhtu V nz n ovttre sna bs Cnexre/Uneqvfba/Ryyvbg orpnhfr LRF.

            • LadyPeyton says:

              Fbcuvr bugs me. I don't know why. I loved the actress when she was on Coupling and even liked her in Jekyl, albeit I wasn't the biggest fan of the show, but Fbcuvr irritates me.

              And I love Kung Fu Monkey. I don't have the patience to read the Q&As but I used to read it regularly all the time.

    • rabbitape says:

      I would add to this that chfuvat Ohssl naq Fpbgg Ubcr gbtrgure ortvaf na hasbeghangr cnggrea bs cnvevat Ohssl hc jvgu (zbfgyl) oynaq znyr cnegaref nyzbfg vzzrqvngryl nsgre ure cerivbhf eryngvbafuvc raqf. Vg'f naablvat obgu sbe gur ernfba lbh rybdhragyl bhgyvar nobir, ohg nyfb orpnhfr vg pna or xvaq bs rzbgvbanyyl wneevat sbe n ivrjre, nf Znex cbvagf bhg. Vg'f qbar fb pbafvfgragyl gung V unir gb whfg funxr zl urnq ng vg. Jr arrq ebbz gb oerngur, urer, jevgref! Yrg Ohssl or Ohssl ~nybar~ sbe n punatr.

      • Fbzrgvzrf lbh'er whfg pbbxvr qbhtu, nz V evtug?

      • KatieHal says:

        But it all fits, really. As for why Willow pushes Buffy to date here–they're high schoolers! And to most high schoolers, the clear answer to 'How do I get over this big hurty breakup?' is 'Go date someone else!' Is it wise? No. Is it smart? No. Is it an obvious, honest, and well-meant advice from a set of folks without much experience at all in dating and heartbreak just yet? Yep!

        Nf sbe Ohssl'f nygreangvat oynaq oblsevraqf, gung nyfb znxrf fbzr frafr. Qngr n crefba bs n pregnva glcr be crefbanyvgl be unovg be jungrire, vg tbrf ubeevoyl, gur angheny ernpgvba vf bsgra gb urnq bss vagb gur bgure rkgerzr. Naq jura Ohssl'f eryngvbafuvcf tb jebat? Ubb obl qb gurl tb jebat va penml vagrafr naq jrveq jnlf! V qba'g oynzr ure ng nyy sbe bppnffvbanyyl gelvat gb qngr n avpr, abezny oynaq thl urer naq gurer. V nyfb qba'g oynzr fnvq oblf sbe abg ynfgvat zber guna gjb rcvfbqrf. (Bcvavbaf ba Evyrl abgjvgufgnaqvat–ur jnf fbeg bs n avpr naq xvaqn oynaq thl jub ng yrnfg qvq vagrerfgvat guvatf.)

        • monkeybutter says:

          Please don't use the word crazy on this site.

        • rabbitape says:

          I disagree that pushing is a high school characteristic, and I'm not entirely sure it's in character for Willow either.

          V'z nyfb abg pbaivaprq gung Ohssl fbyryl pubbfrf ure shgher cnenzbhef orpnhfr fur penfurq naq ohearq jvgu Natry. Gurl nera'g havirefnyyl obevat — ohg gurl ner oynaq va gur frafr gung (va zl bcvavba) gurl ynpx n fcnex be purzvfgel jvgu ure.

          Jr'yy unir cyragl bs rknzcyrf naq sbqqre sbe qvfphffvba va shgher rcvfbqrf!

          • KatieHal says:

            Snve rabhtu. Oynaq znl abg or gur jbeq…"fnsr" znl or n zhpu orggre bar. (Fnsr sebz ure cbvag bs ivrj, gung vf.)

    • [Borrows your soapbox]

      This ideology that girls need to be paired up in television (something that I think is imposed on men too, just not to the same degree) annoys the shit out of me. Especially because it's so prevalent in real life too. At my college orientation, my stepmother turned to me and said, "You might find your future husband here."

      wha- but- huh?

      Because I thought going to college was for getting an education and a good career and also I'm like the first person in my extended family besides my uncle to have gotten into a pretty big university but yes let's discuss how I'm going to use this opportunity to find a ~husband~

      And I love my friends, but anytime we go out, they say "Time to find you/get you a boyfriend." Um excuse me, I will get my own when I want one and anyways I really only want to go out for texting and scones with Zachary Levi, Han Solo, or Ned the Piemaker.

      So it would be nice to see a character on television actually tell people to fuck off and say they'll date when they want to, not because someone says they need to.

      [Gives soapbox back]

      • Inseriousity. says:

        Agreed about the real life thing. Last semester I was sat with two girls for one of my modules and one of them would always mention how she was never going to find a boy and had been single for TWO WHOLE WEEKS and practically saying it like it was the end of the world. I'm a boy and I told her "you can be happy single, y'know" but they both just gave me that look as if to say "you wouldn't understand." Truth is, I'd rather not.

        • Ridia says:

          My roomate sophmore year of college was like that — her boyfriend originally went to a different school the year before, then transferred to our school the next year and broke up with her halfway through the year. She seriously spent the *entire rest of the school year* looking for a boyfriend. She would talk about it constantly. In fact, part of the reason we eventually stopped getting along was when I finally reached my breaking point after one day at 11 at night, the night before I had an early morning final, she asked me if I would leave the room for a couple *hours* so she could meet a guy she'd never talked to before who "might" be a potential boyfriend. And then she didn't understand why I was rather annoyed at being asked to wander around campus in my pajamas for two hours just so she could *audition* a boyfriend.

          • t09yavosaur says:

            My God, this is almost my experience. Except my roommate had a boyfriend back home and it was the new guy who asked me to leave. (Also this was only the first instance. My breaking point was much later.)

        • Bonnie says:

          OH yes. One of my friends had this mini breakdown to me about since her last boyfriend had dumped her rather spectacularly and she hadn’t been able to get over it. But what she was upset about is the fact that she had been single in all those months and in her words “it’s the longest I’ve been single since puberty!”

          and I just stood there like “I’ve only been single for sixteen years so…”

          Honestly there’s more to life than high school dating.

      • NeonProdigy says:

        Holy crap, I have a tale to tell as well. This is not a phenomenon that is solely in the domain of women. Because back when I first got into college, my grandmother pretty much did what your stepmother did and said that college would be a great place to meet girls.

        First off, let me say how little I want my grandmother involved in my lack-of-a-love-life. And also there's the whole thing about getting a degree. And to be honest, I'm really not all that interested in dating anyway. I have plenty of friends whom I adore and love to hang out with (90% of whom are female strangely enough), I just have zero desire to date.

        Since then, grandmother's been continuously asking whether or not I've found a girlfriend yet (she's also constantly telling me to get a teaching degree despite my explaining to her multiple times why I'm not going to but that's neither here nor there).

        • It really is amazing how pervasive it is in American culture to EXPECT people to date/get married.

          Apparently, a couple years ago my aunt and sister had a conversation:

          Aunt: So has littletonosense started dating yet?
          Sister: Nope
          Aunt: Why not?
          Sister: She really just doesn't want to
          Aunt: But…. she's so pretty.

          So apparently I am wasting my good looks because I'm not using them to find men. Oh well. They're mine to waste.

          On the other end of the spectrum, my grandma continuously informs me that I cannot trust any man. It's pretty much her catchphrase at this point. MEN… YOU CANNOT TRUST THEM. So I told her that I probably won't get married, that I'll probably just live alone with my eleven cats. Made her laugh.

      • Zoli says:

        It's so true. >_>

        Some time ago, I opened my e-mail to find a message from Facebook where a guy I had met maybe two or three times had written me saying "Hey Zoli! I don't know if you're dating anyone or looking to date, but I know a guy who I think would be really great for you! Let me know if you're interested!"

        First off, WTF, person I met twice and barely remember, why do you think it is okay to send me this message? Second, even my close friends and I do not recommend people to each other to date, because that is a seriously personal choice.

        I didn't even justify that nonsense with a response. WTF.

      • Mary Sue says:

        I'm 32 years old. My parents have never once asked when I was 'planning' to get married or dropped 'hints' about wanting grandkids.

        For this, I bless their names forever. My parents are proud I have a full time job and I pay my own bills, they have color photocopies of my multiple college degrees hanging on their living room wall, and they are happy I am living the life I want to live. Seriously. My parents are awesome. I am blessed beyond reason.

        EVERYONE ELSE in the whole wide world, from my uncles and aunties to the lovely little ladies at church to my BFF (male, married 3 years, I was best man at his wedding 'cause none of the rest of the men in his life were better than me) have asked this of me at least once, and often more.

        • CrisA says:

          I generally find people will shut up if they ask the "how long have you been single?" question and I just cheerfully reply "Oh, about 30 years." They look at me a little askance, but they stop asking.

        • @JacksAnnie says:

          My parents are like that to, luckily. And my siblings as well. I love my family for never trying to pressure me into being anything I don't want to. Some of the extended family are a bit worse though. I have one cousin especially who seems to find the most interesting question in the whole wide world is "so, hows your love life?" at every family gathering. And with me being the youngest of all the cousins, and one of few still unmarried/not in a serious relationship, I get way too much of her attention. It's a good thing we don't have too many family gatherings.

      • kte says:

        I’m older than the average poster on this site. I am female. I have never been married. Things that I have learned from society: 1) being single because of divorce is more socially acceptable than being single because you never married; 2) there must be something wrong with me; otherwise I should have been able to find a man willing to marry me by now; 3) couples mostly prefer to hang out with other couples and this strongly influences their motivation to try and get me coupled up (this is where I think Willow’s motivation is coming from).

        I have nothing against marriage/partnering; I am just pretty sure it is not for me.

        • RoseFyre says:

          Yeah, Buffy is somewhat the fifth wheel here, and Willow doesn't want her to be all sad because she's the only one who's single while everyone else is all happy and coupled, so she tries to set her up…which is wanting the best for Buffy, but not going about it in the right way.

    • Bill says:

      For some reason that reminded me of true grit. The remake. Haven't seen the original.

    • RoseFyre says:

      THANK you.

      Joining in the "single and happy about it" group here – I like my life. I am happy with my life, and with myself. While I have had one long term relationship and am not averse to another if I find the right guy (or girl, for that matter), I am also not averse to remaining single if I don't. I'm not actively searching – if the right person comes along, then I will date. But I don't feel a need to put myself out there.

      Yes, I would like at least one child someday, probably within the next ten years. But I know a few women who have raised children on their own – some of them didn't choose to get pregnant, but chose to keep the baby and become single parents, while others chose artificial insemination and to be single parents, and I am not against doing this myself. If I want a child and I don't have a partner? There is always a sperm bank.

      So, yes, I'm not actively looking, and it would be nice if the older relatives would stop asking about it.

    • RaeBear says:

      I totally agree about TV rarely (ever?) giving a woman full agency — there's always the lurking "who will she partner/marry/whatev with" vibe. It is deeply ingrained, deeply annoying. So I completely agree. I completely understand. I've been on this soapbox many times! I curious if Lost Girl will keep this agency thing in some way.

      However, at the risk of being hated, I'm so much older than I suspect so many of you are — the clock doesn't tick forever, it is much easier to be a parent when you are young than when you are old (I know this! we can barely keep up!), practically speaking there's more opportunity to meet people in college/University than in "the lonely real world". Even married, it's lonely out here. Please don't hate me but think about the deep goals you want — not the degree, not the job, not the stuff to buy. The core is: love to give and love to receive, yes? Be loving. Be open to love. That's all I'm saying. AND I don't say any of this to my kids and it nearly kills me so please give me credit.

      And — no one tells anyone this but as an old married lady let me break the secret — married sex is WAY better. WAY. Believe me, someone you trust, someone who sizzles when you zing and you sizzle when they zing — WAY BETTER. I say with all respect and as a feminist — marriage is a deeper thing than a joining of economies or producing of grandchildren (with the right person and good luck). But I don't have the words. I count my blessings for my wonderful partner everyday and how we feel like we've become better people over the years. I was so silly when I was young. No examples of Buffy et al. that's my only defense.

    • jademg says:

      I also want to chip in here with the single and loving it! Also, to point out Mark is not alone in taking PLENTY of time to "get over" previous relationships. I am not a 'rebound' person. There is a looooong period where that is just not even on my mind. And I totally have platonic celebrity crushes. I think Ryan Gosling is gorgeous too, but I mostly would love to just sit and have a cup of tea and conversation with him!!

      My mom has a wonderful habit of thinking I am not 'over' my last relationship until I get into another one. Sigh.

  16. mgauck says:

    One of my favorite episodes. The introduction of Faith. do love Faith’s character. She’s a zesty, refreshing change to previous slayers and Eliza is HOT. So that’s fun. Naq ure nep nznmvat.

    There’s so much more to comment on but as River Song always says, “Spoilers.”

    Just know, You Are So Not Prepared.

  17. hpfish13 says:

    Woohoo!!! I love this episode, but I have to fess up to something, I completely forgot who the Hope part of the title was. Mostly because Faith is amazing!!!! And Mr. Trick is so amusing. Scott Hope, on the other hand, is kind of just there. He’s nice and adorable and everything, but he’s really ordinary (which is probably what Buffy needs right now).

    FAITH IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Eliza Dusku! She is so fabulous at playing this kind of role, where she just doesn’t care what other people think. She does what she likes. She provides such a contrast to Buffy, but in a completely different way than Kendra did.

    Also, Giles you are the best, most wonderful, most awesome person on the planet. What he does for Buffy in this episode is just plain amazing. He gets here to share the burden she’s been carrying around for months.

    Buffy: Angel was cured.
    Giles: I'm sorry?
    Buffy: When I killed him, Angel was cured. Your spell worked at the last minute, Will. I was about to take him out, and, um… something went through him… and he was Angel again. He-he didn't rememebr anything that he'd done. He just held me. Um, but i-it was… it was too late, and I-I had to. So I-I told him that I loved him… and I kissed him… and I killed him. I don't know if that helps with your spell or not, Giles.
    Giles: Uh, yes, I-I believe it will.
    Willow: I'm sorry.
    Buffy: It's okay. I've been holding onto that for so long. Felt good to get it out… I'll see you guys later.
    [walks out]
    Willow: Giles, I know you don't like me playing with mystical forces, but I can really help with this binding spell.
    Giles: There is no spell.

    After being so frustrated with her in the last episode, I jumped back on the Joyce Fan Club train in this episode. The moment when she realizes Buffy died is so powerful and then there is this:

    Buffy: So, let me get this strait. I'm really back in school because the School Board overruled you. Wow! That's like having your whole ability to do this job called into question, when you think about it.
    Joyce: I think what my daughter's trying to say is, "Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah."

    Anyway, great episode all around, here’s the official summary!

    Episode 3: Faith, Hope & Trick
    Written by David Greewalt, Directed by James A. Contner
    There’s a new slayer in town, named Faith, and she’s moving in on Buffy’s territory. But Faith and Buffy soon join forces when they are threatened by Kakistos, Mr. Trick and a bunch of vampires.

    Edit: I forgot to mention it, but Angel is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he seems to have lost his clothes…….

  18. enigmaticagentscully says:

    "omg please I would consider forgiving you for Jenny Calendar, Whedon. Note I said “consider.” That is still going to be a long, protracted process. ALLOW ME TO HEAL."

    NO. NEVER. Don't you give up on me now, Mark. WHEDON DESERVES NO FORGIVENESS.

    In other news, I totally do that thing you do as well. That thing where you just sort of want to be friends with someone?
    Like I always wanted to hang out with Daniel Radcliffe, not because I find him particularly attractive, or even because he was Harry Potter. He just seems like kind of a fun guy? I'd like to just bro around with him. Maybe go to lunch or something.

    • etherealclarity says:

      I want to be friends with Kristen Bell SO BADLY.

    • knut_knut says:

      I’d love to be friends with Daniel Radcliffe too!! Ever since I saw him sing that periodic table song on some talk show I’ve wanted to be his friend. Actually, I’d like to be friends with all the kids from HP; they all seem like a lot of fun!

    • Seventh_Star says:

      dan truly does seem like such a lovely guy!

    • I want to be friends with all the very nerdy celebrities.

      Felicia Day/ anyone from The Guild
      Zachary Levi
      Craig Ferguson
      Nathan Fillion
      Hannah Harto
      Chris Hardwicke


      • Felicia Day/ anyone from The Guild
        Yes! I mean, I also have a massive celebrity crush on Felicia Day, but she seems like she'd be just plain fun regardless, as would the other Guildies.

        I do not know this Hannah Harto person. *Googles* Huh, I just saw "My Drunk Kitchen" posted on my Facebook Feed today! I will have to check it out.

      • Oh God, could Nathan Fillion be my friend forever??

      • Fiona says:

        I want to go drinking with Nathan Fillion so badly. He would be so much fun to spend time with, him and Alan Tudyk.

        • tanbarkie says:

          A night out on the town with Fillion, Tudyk, and Whedon would be the best, funniest nerdfest of all time.

          OF ALL TIME

        • Drinking with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk is definitely going on my list

          Also Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

          Also Jason Segel

          Also Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law except we would drink tea and coffee and I will watch them bromance each other

      • LadyPeyton says:

        Oh I second Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion. They both just seem like such fun people. I'd like to round out the list in a Horrible way and add Neil Patrick Harris. I'd love to just go see a magician with him.

    • znachki says:

      So, that dream I had of sitting in a bar with Steve Martin and playing Scrabble isn't as weird as I thought…

    • monkeybutter says:

      He really does seem like a fun guy to be around. And since Dan and Craig (and Kristen Bell, though she's not in this clip) have been mentioned in this thread, I think you should watch this:
      [youtube b5USaEqdWzk youtube]

      • DreamRose311 says:

        I haven't gotten to this one yet, but I"m very much looking forward to it.

        Kristen Bell is definitely one of the best regular guests on CraigyFerg, Along with Ewan McGregor and Jim Parsons. But it doesn't matter who is on, I always love to watch me some CraigyFerg

        • monkeybutter says:

          Scottish Vacuum of Charm <3 <3 <3 Yeah, CraigyFerg is my favorite late night host, though I sadly don't get to watch him as often as I'd like.

      • LadyPeyton says:

        I'm a little disappointed that the wall didn't say "Don't Blink" after he tore the wallpaper away.

    • arctic_hare says:

      I do it too! Like, I NEED to be besties with Kristin Chenoweth and Ian McKellen. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING.

    • VicarPants says:

      I'm going to be best friends with Emma Thompson some day.
      It's a cycle with Joss. Joss hurts us, and then starts the healing process and we begin to open up again, recalling how great parts of the show are, and the things we love about BtVS that maybe make it worth it…AND THEN WE'RE GOING TO CATCH JOSS WITH THE BLOOD OF A THOUSAND FLUFFY BUNNIES ON HIS HANDS WHILE HE LIGHTS OUR FACES ON FIRE.

    • Fiona says:

      I want to be friends with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer so much. That would end in tears though as I'd be far too nervous to talk to either of them without crying. I ended up sitting really near to Neil at one of Amanda's gigs I went to and even being that close to him made me start to tear up :).

    • Zoli says:

      I want to hang out with Matt Smith. He just seems like he would be really fun to talk to. 🙂

    • hpfish13 says:

      I think it would be really fun to be friends with Jewel Staite. She seems really fun!! (Of course I would love to be friends with the entire cast of Firefly, and Chuck, and Castle, and How I Met Your Mother, and Community, and I think I'm getting a little bit too greedy).

      Seriously though, the friendships that seem to form between certain TV cast's is why I would much rather work on TV than in movies (unless it was a long shoot like LotR, or a series of movies like HP).

    • Dru says:

      re: the platonic crushes on people, I have those feelings for Nathan Fillion and David Tennant. Like I wouldn't want to sleep with either of them because they are so far out of the realm of that possibility that I can't even think of them that way, but I would absolutely vote YES for some hanging out and jokes (their jokes, that is. I am rubbish at jokes).

  19. knut_knut says:

    I DIDN’T KNOW ELIZA DUSHKU WAS IN BUFFY!!! I REALLY enjoyed this episode (minus Xander- WHY DO YOU ACT LIKE THIS?) and, this is incredibly naïve of me, but I feel like we’ll see more of Faith and she won’t die a horrible death…yet. It would be too similar to Kendra, or even Jenny, right? RIGHT?!

    I know I said I would give Angel a chance, BUT WHY DID HE HAVE TO RETURN NOW??? Buffy was just about to move on!!! How did he get out of hell anyway? I was secretly hoping his spinoff would be about his silly and wacky adventures in hell *sigh* I was never that interested in his relationship with Buffy, and the thought of going through another season of it isn’t that appealing to me, but I’m sure the writers did something different this time.

    WHEN WILL WE SEE THE MAYOR? I was convinced Kakistos was it, and yesterday when Pat was drinking with Joyce I thought she was the Mayor and was trying to get information (lol forever that idea was short-lived).

  20. Mandy says:

    my confession: Faith just said what I always thought about Giles!

  21. Ellie says:

    Yes, I really love that Kendra’s death didn’t reset the status quo back to one Slayer. It means that Buffy’s death in S1 wasn’t just a gimmick. It was a game changer.

    Oh, and Faith is great.

  22. DreamRose311 says:

    Tbq, gur thvyg gung fcernqf bire Jvyybj’f snpr jura fur ernyvmr jung fur vanqiregragyl qvq gb ure orfg sevraq…SHPX. Jung n ubeevoyr guvat gb svaq bhg, rfcrpvnyyl orpnhfr Jvyybj jnf trahvaryl gelvat gb qb gur orfg guvat sbe Ohssl, naq vg vebavpnyyl raqrq hc pnhfvat zber cnva.

    Fbzrgvzrf, abj znggre ubj njrfbzr lbh gel gb or, naq ab znggre ubj zhpu lbh gel gb crbcyr bhg, lbh nyjnlf whfg snvy. V gbgnyyl trg guvf.

    Naljnl, fb va n srj zbaguf, jura jr'er gb "Bapr Zber Jvgu Srryvat", vs Znex qbrfa'g ercrng guvf cnentencu RKNPGYL, V funyy gel gb erzrzore gb qb vg…

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Fbzrubj vg'f gur znva ceboyrz jvgu zntvp, lbh jnag gb uryc ohg bayl znxr guvatf jbefr.
      Va gur zhfvpny vg jbhyq jbex sbe nyy bs gur Fpbbovrf V thrff.
      Vg jbhyq nyfb svg "Gnohyn Enfn", rira gubhtu Jvyybj'f ernfba sbe gur fcryy vf zbfgyl frysvfu.

  23. Summeriris says:

    Mark, forgive me for correcting you. " vampires killed by Faith the vampire she was dancing with at the Bronze and ol' cloven hands. 2 vampires staked by Buffy during the fight between her, Faith and the vampires, and the take through guy killed by Mr Trick. I think that's 5.

  24. Seventh_Star says:

    "he lived for kissing toast."
    "do you mean kakistos?"
    "maybe it was taquitos…maybe he lived for taquitos…what?"

    i always forget just how much happens in this episode. faith blows into town, joyce finally finds out that buffy died that one time, giles devises a clever way of getting buffy to fess up about what really happened with angel, and ANGEL COMES BACK. ALL NEKKID.

    "you're supposed to stop me when i do that."
    "i like when you do that."
    SQUEEE! why don't boys like it when i ramble on like that (not that that has ever stopped me)? you've ruined me forever, oz.

    "are you mad at me?"
    "no, of course not, no. if i were i would be making a strange clucking sound with my tongue."
    gur pbairefngvba gurl unir urer sbeprshyyl erzvaqf zr bs gurve pbasebagngvba va frnfba 6. jvyybj unf n onq unovg bs oryvrivat fur xabjf orfg. fher, fur'f hfhnyyl gur zbfg yriry-urnqrq, erfbheprshy, naq vagryyvtrag crefba va nal tvira ebbz, ohg gung qbrfa'g zrna gung fur fubhyqa'g yvfgra gb bguref jura gurl unir yrtvgvzngr pbapreaf.

    my skin blotches when i lie, too, scott hope! also when i laugh or cry or get nervous…

    i notice that willow didn't raise her hand when buffy was calling for some backup. willow knows giles is a hottie.

    it's established that leprechauns aren't real in the buffyverse. vg znxrf zr fzvyr rirel gvzr guvf vf ersreerq gb urernsgre.

    "there is no spell."
    oh, bless you, giles. you KNEW. YOU KNEW.

    as is typical, as soon as buffy starts to move on DUN DUN DUNNNN! ANGEL RETURNS. i love the way this is shot and scored.

    so! faith…i'm not as excited to see her as most of you are. urer'f gur qrny. vg'f abg gung v nz abg bppnfvbanyyl flzcngurgvp gb ure punenpgre be gung v qb abg haqrefgnaq jul fur vf gur jnl fur vf. naq fbzrgvzrf fur'f n fhpu n pbzcyrgryl nznmvat onqnff gung v jnag gb fgnaq hc naq purre, ohg, birenyy, v whfg qb abg pner sbe ure. vg ernyyl pbzrf qbja gb jub v nz nf n crefba. va erny yvsr, v jbhyq pbjre njnl sebz fbzrbar yvxr ure nf dhvpxyl nf cbffvoyr. fur'f n gbgny ybbfr pnaaba jvgu znffvir natre vffhrf gung ybirf gb or hc va lbhe snpr. fur znxrf zr fb qnza hapbzsbegnoyr fbzrgvzrf gung v pna oneryl fgnaq vg. v erpbtavmr gung vg'f n fvta bs n jryy-jevggra, shyyl-ernyvmrq punenpgre gung fur znxrf zr SRRY FB ZNAL GUVATF. v yvxr gung fur pnhfrf gurfr pbasyvpgvat rzbgvbaf, ohg v whfg qba'g yvxr ure.

    • Laura says:

      I feel exactly the same as you about Faith!

    • settlingforhistory says:

      V haqrefgnaq lbhe srryvatf nobhg Snvgu. Fur vf terng nf n ivyyvna, orpnhfr jr ner fhccbfrq gb srne gurz, ohg juvyr fur jnf jvgu gur Fpbbovrf V jnf whfg jnvgvat sbe bar bs gurz gb trg xvyyrq orpnhfr bs ure erpyrffarff.
      Juvpu znxrf zr jbaqre ubj gur Fpbbovrf pbhyq guvax fur jbhyq or n orggre yrnqre guna Ohssl va frnfba frira, jura jr frr ubj hacerqvpgnoyr fur vf.

      • Seventh_Star says:

        qba'g rira trg zr fgnegrq ba gung frnfba 7 rc. v jnf fb orlbaq synooretnfgrq gung v fng gurer jvgu zl zbhgu ntncr sbe na hapregnva nzbhag bs gvzr.

      • robin_comments says:

        "Juvpu znxrf zr jbaqre ubj gur Fpbbovrf pbhyq guvax fur jbhyq or n orggre yrnqre guna Ohssl va frnfba frira, jura jr frr ubj hacerqvpgnoyr fur vf."

        lrnu, gung'f nyjnlf ohttrq zr nf jryy. V'z fher jr'yy qvfphff vg va qrgnvy va gung frnfba, fb V ernyyl qba'g jnag gb trg vagb vg abj — guhf, V'yy whfg fnl gung guvf rcvfbqr erzvaqrq zr bs gung vapvqrag nf jryy naq V crefbanyyl graq gb gnxr vg nf gur jevgref orvat n yvggyr fybccl naq sbepvat n cybg bpphenapr ng gur rkcrafr bs punenpgrevmngvba. Gurl jnagrq Ohssl erwrpgrq naq vfbyngrq, fb gurl znqr gur punenpgref qb vg, rira vs V pna'g ohl Jvyybj naq Knaqre RIRE frrvat Snvgu nf gur orggre yrnqre bcgvba guna Ohssl ol gung cbvag va gur frevrf.

    • devilscrayon says:

      For some reason, "he lived for taquitos" always sets me off giggling.

  25. NB2000 says:

    Eliza Dushku is SO YOUNG here.

    SHE HAS SUCH A BABYFACE, I'd completely forgotten how young she looks. And now I can finally do this without rot13 FAAAAAAAAAIIIIIITH! One episode and she's already such a well developed character, and Eliza's already settled into her role so well, she's such a contrast with Buffy.

    "If I'd known they came that young and cute I'd have requested a transfer" I'm sure there's a lot of fans who would very much agree with Faith's opinion on Giles' cuteness, Willow seems to be one of them (notice her not raising her hand for eww).

    "Vgg'f cebonoyl tbbq lbh jrer na bayl puvyq." Zzzzuzz, lrnu gung yvar boivbhfyl qbrfa'g rkvfg va gur Qnja gvzryvar.

    "V qba'g jnag lbh gb qvr." …bu tbq vs Wblpr unq orra cerfrag sbe Gur Tvsg, naq V whfg znqr zlfrys fnq.

    There's some really awkward and slightly distracting lighting during the scene where Scott gives Buffy the ring and the later one when she comes to talk to him. The light just seems to go across the middle of their faces and leaves the tops of their heads shadowed, it only appears in those scene so I don't know what's going on there.

    • cait0716 says:

      Eliza Dushku is the only actress to actually play her age on this show. I think she was 17 when she filmed this.

      • lawrence_s says:

        I assume you mean of the younger characters, because we don't really know say, Joyce's exact age, but Kristine Sutherland seems to be about right. (Znttvr Jnyfu, gbb, ab?)

        Naq Zvpuryyr Genpugraoret vf cerggl pybfr gb Qnja'f ntr, vfa'g fur?

        • tanbarkie says:

          Also, little known fact: Boreanaz was actually born in 1727. Don't tell anyone, though, he's very sensitive about his age.

      • Dru says:

        She's not the only one – Mercedes McNab (Harmony) was actually born in 1981, which makes her the same age as her character (gubhtu Wnzrf Znefgref fnvq vg qvq tvir uvz fbzr fdhvpxf jura Fcvxr naq Unezbal jrer qngvat va F4, orpnhfr fur jnf oneryl yrtny gura). But yeah, Eliza is the first actress with such a big role (as the focus of this episode) to actually be playing her age on this show.

    • GirlWith1Eye says:

      if you think she's young in this, you should watch True Lies. she plays arnold schwarzenegger and jamie lee curtis's daughter. such a baby in it omg

  26. Most of the comments will be all about Faith, but she’s not the only one in the title.

    <img src=&rdquo ;”&gt;

    Yes, sir, and I gotta stand up and salute YOU, Mr. Trick. You know how to make an entrance. V ybir gur fuvg bhg bs gur Znlbe, ohg V erznva qvfnccbvagrq gung Gevpx jnf xvyyrq bss fb haprerzbavbhfyl. I was so excited when I got to see K. Todd Freeman in Art, especially because it was a rotating cast and I might not have seen him at another performance. It was Mr. Trick! Onstage!!

    But, however, we must not leave without making this next joke.

    Buffy: Giles, there are two things that I don't believe in: coincidence and leprechauns.
    Giles: Well, Buffy, it's entirely possible that they both arrived here by chance simultaneously.
    Buffy: Okay, but I was right about the leprechauns, right?

    <img src=”


  27. Most of the comments will be all about Faith, but she’s not the only one in the title.

    <img src=""&gt;

    Yes, sir, and I gotta stand up and salute YOU, Mr. Trick. You know how to make an entrance. V ybir gur fuvg bhg bs gur Znlbe, ohg V erznva qvfnccbvagrq gung Gevpx jnf xvyyrq bss fb haprerzbavbhfyl. I was so excited when I got to see K. Todd Freeman in Art, especially because it was a rotating cast and I might not have seen him at another performance. It was Mr. Trick! Onstage!!

    But, however, we must not leave without making this next joke.

    Buffy: Giles, there are two things that I don't believe in: coincidence and leprechauns.
    Giles: Well, Buffy, it's entirely possible that they both arrived here by chance simultaneously.
    Buffy: Okay, but I was right about the leprechauns, right?

    <img src=""&gt;


  28. laneswitch says:

    Eliza Dushku's awesome. I just love watching her play someone going batshit.

  29. cait0716 says:

    I adore Eliza Dushku. I know she can be fairly divisive, but I think she's awesome, both as an actress and as a person

    • tanbarkie says:

      I think Dushku gets a bit of an unfair rap because she's not the most range-y actor out there – she's not a chameleon like Alyson Hannigan or Heath Ledger (be Npxre naq Twbxnw). But she's extremely good at playing a certain type of character – of which Faith may be the best example.

  30. cait0716 says:

    Vg'f gehr. Ohg gurl unir gb qenj gur yvar *fbzrjurer*. Naq V yvxr gung guvf rira trgf oebhtug hc ntnva ol Thaa va Natry.

  31. Abygail says:

    Faith! (or, more, ELIZA! <3)

    And for some reason, I always wondered, did Angel fall onto that ring? And didn't that hurt? 😛

  32. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Awww I love the idea of Willow having a little crush on Giles…because really, who wouldn't?

    • cait0716 says:

      There's an episode back in the first season where Willow has a picture of Giles in her locker. I forget which episode exactly, but it's an adorable little detail.

      • hamnoo says:

        I remember.

        Naq vg'f n avpr gbhpu gung Tvyrf vf gur crefba fur'f fubja cnegvphyneyl nf ybfvat nyy erfcrpg sbe va gur ortvaavat bs frnfba 6 …

    • etherealclarity says:

      I'm weird, I never really got crushes on teachers. Guys much older than I was were never attractive to me (WITH THE GIANT EXCEPTION OF HARRISON FORD IN BOTH STAR WARS AND INDIANA JONES). But I think it's sort of adorable that Willow has a crush on Giles.

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        I got a huge crush on my female biology teacher when I was about 15, which actually helped me realise I was bi. Also, I've just this second realised that she looked quite a lot like Jenny Calendar HOLY SHIT THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH.

        Also, I had a hugely embarrassing crush on one of my art teachers which made me tend to drop a lot of stuff and become incoherent whenever she spoke to me. I think she assumed I was just kind of an idiot, actually.

      • LadyPeyton says:

        We weren't lucky enough to have male teachers. There were nuns and there were female lay teachers. Ergo, my entire school (save the few that have come out in the intervening years) had a crush on the groundskeeper.

      • Dru says:

        I never understood the supposed appeal of older men or male teachers, and especially not how young girls could fall for them instead of being grossed out completely……….until I turned 16 and had a maths teacher who was almost as brilliant and exactly as acerbic as this:

        <img src="–007.jpg&quot; />

        He also had cheekbones I could cut myself on, but I think his extreme sarcasm did quite a job of dissuading most of us girls/boys from going googly over him (I was the exception, and oh how hard I tried to keep it from my then-love-interest, who was in THAT VERY SAME MATHS CLASS WITH ME. Awkward).

  33. Jenny_M says:

    Yanno, my only quibble with Eliza in this episode is her line reading of "wrasslin'" the crocodile. Faith shows no indications of being Southern, damn it, and she could have included a G!

    Other than that, I love you Eliza and also Faith.

  34. Katie says:

    I've seen this episode many many times and I never noticed: in the Bronze scene (not the dream one), right before we pan to Oz and Willow making out, we actually see Faith dancing! Without any introduction, the camera just pans over her.

    • tanbarkie says:

      I actually did notice Faith dancing the first time I saw this – and not because I recognized her from other roles or anything. Eliza just radiates such raw charisma (and, let's be honest, a certain hottttitude) that she stands out from the crowd.

  35. Inseriousity. says:

    Angel has a nice bum.

    Faith is so unlike Kendra and Buffy that it's both a refreshing and intimidating change at the same time. I wonder if the stories she tells are true or exaggerated though. There's clearly someone who has to deal with a lot of baggage and does it by making herself appear "five by five" and stronger than she actually feels. So you mention Buffy's inadequacy but I think Faith also feels inadequate especially after what kissing toast did to her watcher! Rule number 1 for slayers is don't die! Rule number 1 for watchers is don't kiss toast!

  36. I love this episode. Really well written by David Greenwalt. One of the co-creator of Angel with Joss Whedon.
    ( And he created Profit before, one of my favorite OMFG shows! )

    Everything in the episode turns around the "moving on" issue : Faith with her watcher's death, Buffy with Angel.

    I love how with only one episode, Faith changes the dynamic among the Scoobies and plays another version of a Slayer. Her "Five by five" and calling Buffy "B." became legendary…

    Giles remembering the England Watchers' retreat is just hilarious : "I used to like Kayak"…. Who isn't having the image of Giles kayaking, stuck in their mind now ?

    What I love the most in this episode, is how Giles subtly tries to push Buffy to her confession. He invented this whole Acathla spell and all perfectly led to this moment when Buffy finally and for the first time, confessed that she did kill Angel and not Angelus……. Giles knows. Giles is Love.

    And just when Buffy understands that she has to move on and is ready to say good bye, Angel came back. Sneaky Joss! Hehe… Oh, and : NAKED AND WET ANGEL FALLING!!!!!!

    Funny fact: The band that is playing at the Bronze in this episode is Darling Violetta, the one who will compose the theme of the future series Angel. 😉

  37. etherealclarity says:

    MARK – I forgot that you are counting vampires slayed in your body count. I'm pretty sure you missed one… Buffy slays a vampire in the last episode (when she comes across the scoobies just after having gotten home). IIRC you only counted Pat and neck-snappy guy. I'd check for myself but am having loading problems with your site.

  38. stephanie says:

    okay, have to post a couple of favorite things, then will go back to reading everything
    WILLOW__I'm giddy.__
    Oz__Like you giddy. Always have.__
    WILLOW__It's the freedom! As Seniors we can go off campus now for lunch. It's no longer cutting, it's legal. Heck, it's expected. But also a big step forward, a Senior Moment…__
    Oz glances over his shoulder at Xander, they exchange nods.__
    WILLOW__…one that has to be savored fully before — ooo!____
    Without breaking stride, Xander takes Willow's arm as Oz takes the other. They carry her off the curb, towards the park across the street.____
    WILLOW__I can't.__
    XANDER__You can.__
    Oz__See? You are.__
    WILLOW__But… what if they changed the rule without telling? What if they're laying in wait just so they can arrest me and put me in detention and mar my unblemished record?__
    WILLOW__Okay. You can put me down.__
    they do

  39. stephanie says:

    These forces aren't something one plays around with, Willow. What have you been conjuring?
    Nothing much. I mean, I tried that spell to cure Angel, I guess that was a bust, but after that just, you know, small stuff. Floating feather, fire out of ice, which next time I won't do on the bedspread — are you
    mad at me?
    Of course not. If I were angry I believe I would be making a strange clucking sound with my tongue.

    I'm just going to go stand by the dance floor. If you change your mind you can mosey on over. If not, you don't mosey. No harm, no foul.

    He smiles and goes. Buffy watches him go.

    Come on, Buffy, the guy is charm, and normal which is that thing you want to get back to.
    Plus, bonus points for the use of the word "mosey."

    And, that's just act one!! i LOVE THIS EP!!!!!

  40. While Mr. Trick isn’t around long in the episode, I do get a different sort of characterization about him that I really like: he’s a vampire who wants to be modern. He wants to bring vampirism into the digital age, to use the Internet to stay connected to other vampires, and to bring about feeding for his fellow vampire consorts.
    Yes, yes, and yes! It's a fun idea. Didn't think about the juxtaposition with Kakistos, the super OLD vampire, though. Nice catch.

    But I just want to text her after a particularly good sandwich, that’s all.
    Initially I thought you wanted to text her a sandwich and I was like OMG YOU CAN DO THAT? DIGITAL FOOD? AM I BEHIND ON TECHNOLOGY??

    Dead People Count: 3. Three vampires killed, all by Faith. Why do I think this is wrong?
    Because it is. Per

    Happy Burger Employee: Drained by Mr. Trick at the drive-thru window.
    Anonymous Vampire: Staked by Faith outside of the Bronze.
    Pizza Delivery Boy: Presumably drained by Mr. Trick at his hideout.
    Anonymous Vampires (3): Staked by Buffy while she's on patrol.
    Motel Manager: Presumably killed by Kakistos at Faith's hotel.
    Anonymous Vampire: Staked by Buffy at the hideout.
    Kakistos: Staked by Faith at the hideout.

    They're counting a few "presumed" deaths, but the count is 9 if you go by that.

  41. monkeybutter says:

    FAITH! I'm so excited!

    <img src=""&gt;
    I kinda love Eliza Dushku, and I'm so, so happy that you seem to love her, too.

    I really like this episode, and I think it's the perfect way to cap the week. Buffy's been trying to deal with the aftermath of Becoming, and her identity as a slayer, and just as she's able to settle back into school and normalize one aspect of her life, she has to confront being the slayer and how she killed Angel, and it's not easy. I think you're right about her fears of inadequacy, or that she might be replaced, and those feelings are probably enhanced by the fact that she's just stepped back into that role, and repaired her relationship with the Scoobies. And god, that scene with Willow and Giles was difficult to watch and brilliantly acted; I couldn't help but focus on how emotive everyone was in this episode.

    Most importantly, "Xander, get a new theme" is my new response for whenever he's annoying me. Bless you, Cordelia.

  42. geo_hof says:

    I remember the first time I was this episode I turned the channel right as the screen went black and just happened to see the beginnings of light on the ring, I instantly switched the channel back, holy shit I almost missed Angel's return!! I would have been sooo confused if I hadn't changed back!!

  43. stephanie says:

    Tbq, gur thvyg gung fcernqf bire Jvyybj’f snpr jura fur ernyvmr jung fur vanqiregragyl qvq gb ure orfg sevraq…SHPX. Jung n ubeevoyr guvat gb svaq bhg, rfcrpvnyyl orpnhfr Jvyybj jnf trahvaryl gelvat gb qb gur orfg guvat sbe Ohssl, naq vg vebavpnyyl raqrq hc pnhfvat zber cnva.

    BZT. Frnfba 6 nalbar?? BZJS?!

    v'z fher fbzrbar zragvbarq vg nyernql ohg v whfg unq gb pnyy vg bhg!!!


  44. Fuchsia says:

    "Vg'f cebonoyl n tbbq guvat lbh jrer na bayl puvyq."
    Bu. Sberfunqbjvat, V frr lbh.

    This is the only note I have from watching this episode. I don't understand. I definitely had other things I wanted to talk about. I guess that's what I get for taking notes while delirious with pain.

  45. monkeybutter says:

    I never noticed that! I want to go in search of it now…


    <img src=""&gt;
    I love her so much.

  46. SecretGirl127 says:

    It's interesting how Buffy may have felt threatened by Kendra being the "perfect" slayer (studying the ancient texts, not talking to boys, a good girl doing as told, a watcher' dream student) and now Faith is the opposite of perfect yet threatening to Buffy in a different way.

    Also, NAKED ANGEL! DID I JUST SEE A NAKED ANGEL? I had to rewind to double check. I guess he escaped from hell without even the shirt on his back.

  47. Danny_SAP says:

    <img src="; />

    WILLOW Nothing… much. Well, you know, I tried this spell to cure Angel, and I guess that was a bust. But since then, you know, small stuff: floating feather, fire out of ice, which next time I won't do on the bedspread. Are you mad at me? GILES No, of course not, no. If I were, I would be making a strange clucking sound with my tongue.

    Giles reserves his humor for the perfect moment.
    <img src="; />

    FAITH The whole summer it was, like, the worst heat wave. So it's about a hundred and eighteen degrees and I'm sleeping without a stitch on. And all of a sudden, I hear this screaming from outside. So I go tearing out, stark nude, and this church bus has broke down, and there's these three vamps feasting on half the Baptists in South Boston. So I waste the vamps, and the preacher comes up, and he's hugging me like there's no tomorrow, when all of a sudden, the cops pull up and they arrested us both. XANDER Wow. They should film that story and show it every Christmas.

    At the end of all this I might put together a compilation of characters giving Xander side-eye.
    <img src="; />

    CORDELIA What is it with you and Slayers? Maybe I should dress up as one and put a stake to your throat.

    Cordelia would be an amazing domme. Somebody please link me to Cordelia BDSM fanfic?
    <img src="; />

    BUFFY Mom, the only way you get a new Slayer is when the old Slayer dies. JOYCE Then that means you… When did you die? You never told me you died! BUFFY No, i-it was just for a few minutes. JOYCE Oh, I hate this. I hate your life. BUFFY Mom, I… JOYCE Look, I-I know you didn't choose this, I know it chose you. I have tried to march in the 'Slayer Pride' parade, but… I don't want you to die.

    More evidence in favor of the Slayer as Gay metaphor. SHARING TIME: When I came out to my mom as bi (after the season 2 episode of Dawson's Creek where Jack McPhee comes out. Thanks for the queer characters WB!) she didn't want me to be public about it at my rural upstate NY school because she didn't want me to be assaulted. Not like closeting my naturally flamboyant self made much of a difference, of course. Lessons learned.
    <img src="; />

    BUFFY Uh, no tats. Crappy dressers. And, uh… Oh, the one that nearly bit me mentioned something about kissing toast. He lived for kissing toast. GILES You mean 'Kakistos'?

    I love the running gag of Buffy's homophonic puns.
    <img src="; />

    BUFFY When I killed him, Angel was cured. Your spell worked at the last minute, Will. I was about to take him out, and, um… something went through him… and he was Angel again. He-he didn't remember anything that he'd done. He just held me. Um, but i-it was… it was too late, and I, I had to. So I, I told him that I loved him… and I kissed him… and I killed him. I don't know if that helps with your spell or not, Giles. GILES Uh, yes, I, I believe it will. WILLOW I'm sorry. BUFFY It's okay. I've been holding on to that for so long. Felt good to get it out. I'll see you guys later. WILLOW Giles, I know you don't like me playing with mystical forces, but I can really help with this binding spell. GILES There is no spell.

    Giles is a smart cookie. Also I totally teared up at "I kissed him and I killed him." Way to sell it, SMG.
    <img src="; />
    It's raining men!
    So apparently I found Faith to be completely uninteresting in this episode. Huh.
    Transcripts by BvA

  48. plaidpants says:

    So part of this episode felt like a retread to me – there's a new slayer, she has a different philosophy than Buffy, the others are enthralled, Buffy needs to learn to work with her, etc. I dunno, I understand why they were paralleling their storyline, that they both needed to understand/come to terms with what they had done/seen/witnessed, but I guess I was expecting a new angle.

    I guess they needed a way to introduce Faith, and I'm assuming the next time we see her, she'll be killed off so we can have the Buffy meets a new slayer thing every season! There's still no answer to my question of how that process exactly works though. I'm glad the voice-over guy no longer has to lie about that "once in a generation" thing.

    (Also, I was extremely proud of myself, because when the camera was flashing over the people dancing at the bronze, I saw who was later revealed as Faith and thought, wow that looks a lot like Eliza Dushku. and then it was!)

    Now, that ending. I'm glad that Giles really pushed for Buffy to come to grips with what she had to experience, because Buffy was avoided the pain. After dropping that ring, I kept expecting to see just a had reach down and pick it up. When it faded to dark, I almost turned off the netflix player, so I'm glad I didn't do that right away, or I would have missed the best part! Angel is back! (Naked!Angel). I have no idea how that happened, but my SPECULATION AHEAD personal feeling is that Willow is involved somehow – she contacted the dead or something? IDK, it's going to be interesting to see how this effects the entire group, I'm hoping for individual reactions for all of them!

  49. cemeterybaby says:

    I love Faith. I love her vomit colored vinyl pants and the shirt with the tits window and the fringe. I also love that her and Buffy's relationship and the tension there is very real–prior to this point I feel like when Buffy is feeling awkward or angsty about something it tends to manifest itself in immaturity for the sake of comedy (see: her reaction to Kendra), which is funny but also sort of suffers for its funniness? I love that in that exchange ("What are you getting so strung out for. B?" "Why are your lips still moving, F?" "Wow–did I just hear a threat?" "Would you like to?" combined with her bright beaming smile) it's funny but it's legitimately tense and you get the sense that Buffy is 100% ready to kick ass instead of just sitting there feeling awkward and tossing out pithy asides. As someone who loves gratuitous displays of Slayer strength and fighty scenes, I am majorly pleased by this and what it brings out in both characters! (Also love that instead of telling Faith to duck, she just shoves her violently out of the way. Hah.)

    Gur jnl gurve eryngvbafuvc ribyirf va frnfba guerr vf bar bs zl snibevgr fgbelyvarf va gur ragver fubj, naq V fgvyy srry n yvggyr yrg qbja nobhg gur jnl vg jnf unaqyrq sebz frnfba sbhe ba. V jvyy sberire ybir gur fprar jurer Ohssl tbrf naq xvffrf Snvgu ba gur sberurnq nsgre fur'f chg ure vagb n pbzn naq gung vf jung cerggl zhpu frnyrq zr nf fuvccvat Ohssl/Snvgu gvy gur raq bs gvzr.

  50. ajaxbreaker says:

    It's interesting that you point how Buffy's feelings of insecurity. You can totally juxtapose that with the fact that Buffy is clearly a better Slayer than Faith – she never fell to pieces when confronting Angelus or the Master like Faith does here, nor is she prone to losing herself in violence while other people in the vicinity are in danger.

    I loooooove Mr. Trick, with his dapper suits and his fancy-pants "statistical analyses" and his pointing out Sunnydale's utter whiteness. Funny that the past few episodes have mocked some of the unrealistic stuff about Sunnydale: the lack of racial diversity in a South California town, and peoplel ignoring the supernatural deaths.

    Just how good is Eliza Dushku in this role? Perfect portrayal of the tough-as-nails exterior with the vulnerable interior. Although she wears the ugliest pants in the history of the show so far in her opening scene.

    I wish Xander had been there during Buffy's confession to Willow & Giles. He needed to see how his actions in Becoming II have hurt Buffy.

    The opening scene, with Willow bouncing up and down in giddiness and getting dragged along by Xander & Oz while Cordelia watches with amusement is one of the cutest ever in the show. Willow ILU!

    Buffy's trend of wearing pastels and strappy feminine dresses and flower barrettes continues. <sigh> I miss her miniskirts and leather jackets and white go go boots!

    Giles's love for Buffy is more beautiful than most things.

  51. cait0716 says:

    Yeah, I should have clarified that.

    Zvpuryyr Genpugraoret vf n ovg byqre guna Qnja – gur npgerff vf gur fnzr ntr nf zr, ohg gur punenpgre jnf gur fnzr ntr nf zl oebgure. Naq nyfb guvegrra gjb lrnef va n ebj, V oryvrir.

    • _Bailey_ says:

      Qnja jnf arire guvegrra ba gur fubj. Fur jnf sbhegrra, svsgrra naq fvkgrra erfcrpgviryl. Fur jnf fhccbfrq gb or lbhatre, ohg gurl sryg gung Zvpuryyr jnf cresrpg sbe gur ebyr naq vg'f uneq sbe rira n lbhat grrantre gb cynl n cergrra.

      • cait0716 says:

        Gurl qrsvavgryl zragvba gung fur'f va rvtugu tenqr va gur svsgu frnfba (gur zbaxf chg tenqrf 1 guebhtu 7 va zl urnq, znlor gurl'yy chg 8 gurer gbb). Gura va gur fvkgu frnfba vg'f hapyrne. Ohg va gur friragu frnfba fur'f va ure svefg lrne bs uvtu fpubby (genqvgvbanyyl avagu tenqr, jura lbh'er sbhegrra lrnef byq)

        • _Bailey_ says:

          Fur fcrpvsvpnyyl fnlf fur'f sbhegrra va "Erny Zr": "Onolfvggre? V'z sbhegrra! V'z byq rabhtu gb OR n onolfvggre!"

          Nyfb, qhevat gur friragu frnfba QIQ fcrpvny srngherf gur perj pbzzragf ba qrnyvat jvgu Qnja abj gung fur vf gur fnzr ntr Ohssl jnf jura gur fubj fgnegrq.

          V'z nyzbfg pregnva gurer ner bgure ersreraprf gb ure ntr, ohg gurfr ner gur barf V pna guvax hc bss gur gbc bs zl urnq.

          Naq fur pbhyq unir orra va uvtu fpubby orsber, ohg . . . . gurl qvqa'g UNIR n uvtu fpubby sebz frnfba 3 hagvy frnfba 7. Gurl yvxryl penzzrq gur ybjre tenqrf vagb gur zvqqyr fpubby naq znlor uryq gur uvture tenqrf ng gur havirefvgl be fbzrjurer hagvy gur uvtu fpubby jnf pbzcyrgr.

          • stormwreath says:

            V'z nyzbfg pregnva gurer ner bgure ersreraprf gb ure ntr,

            Gurer ner ng yrnfg unys n qbmra. Sbe rknzcyr:

            Va Frnfba 5:
            "V'z sbhegrra! V'z byq rabhtu gb *or* n onolfvggre!"

            Va Frnfba 6:
            "Jung V zrna / V'z svsgrra / fb guvf Dhrra / guvat'f vyyrtny"

            Va Frnfba 8: (Abgr: 2 lrnef nsgre Frnfba 7)
            "Vf zl yvggyr fvfgre trggvat qehax qbja gurer?"
            "N: Fur vf va snpg bs yrtny ntr va Fpbgynaq…"

            (yrtny qevaxvat ntr va Fpbgynaq vf 18)

  52. etherealclarity says:

    Haha you are adorable 🙂

    I DID have some weird moments with an english teacher of mine when i was a senior in HS. He was young and cute and I knew that this was true from an objective standpoint, but didn't actually have a crush on him. I did really like him as a teacher though, and I was hyper aware of the fact that many girls in the class DID have crushes on him, so I was always awkward when talking to him because I never wanted to give the impression that I had a crush because, well, I didn't.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Ah, there was a teacher in my old school who looked almost exactly like Orlando Bloom. Bearing in mind this was an all girls school. He only lasted a couple of years, poor guy. I think half the school was in love with him.

      If you want to be a male teacher in an all-girls school, you have to either be pretty old and plain looking, or have a really good sense of humour.

      • threerings says:

        OMG, so true. I went to an all-girls school. We had a young math teacher who really wanted to be an actor when I was in middle school. He actually didn't even make it a whole year. We only had one male teacher who ever managed to stick around and that was my high school physics teacher. He was in his 50's, overweight and plain, and ALSO had a good sense of humor. He totally blew my mind one day by telling me that he used to have long hair past his shoulders and an earring…

  53. knut_knut says:

    yup! that's the one!

  54. Noybusiness says:

    It is a bit weird how Willow pushes Buffy to date. Fur qbrf gur fnzr guvat va Frnfba Sbhe.

    • robin_comments says:

      Lrf, vg'f pbafvfgrag… (fur pbhyq or irel raguhfvnfgvp va rapbhentvat Ohssl gb chefhvat Natry nf jryy) ohg JRVEQ. Qbrf fur birevqragvsl? Jul vf Ohssl'f ebznagvp yvsr fb vzcbegnag gb Jvyybj? Jul qbrf vg perngr fb zhpu nakvrgl va ure gb frr Ohssl fvatyr? vqx.

      Creuncf vg qbirgnvyf jvgu ure bja qvfvapyvangvba gb or fvatyr. V nyjnlf crefbanyyl ernq n ynetr cneg bs ure rkpvgrzrag naq ratntrzrag jvgu Bm gb or rkpvgrzrag naq ratntrzrag nobhg *univat n oblsevraq* va trareny (nal avpr, qrprag ybbxvat thl jub fubjrq vagrerfg jbhyq unir svg gur ovyy) — naq gung'f abg n pevgvpfz bs Jvyybj, gb or pyrne. V guvax znal grrantref rkcrevrapr gung srryvat. Abe vf vg n fgngrzrag bs snpg — whfg zl crefbany vagrecergngvba bs pnaba.

      Vg'f gur bireratntrzrag jvgu *Ohssl'f* eryngvbafuvcf gung V svaq n yvggyr bsschggvat.

      • _Bailey_ says:

        "Vg'f gur bireratntrzrag jvgu *Ohssl'f* eryngvbafuvcf gung V svaq n yvggyr bsschggvat."

        Naq hasbeghangryl guvf pbagvahrf . . . . nyy V jnagrq sebz guvf fubj yngre ba jnf Ohssl gryyvat ure sevraqf gb rvgure fgbc vagresrevat jvgu ure ybir yvsr be yrg ure pubbfr jub GURL qngr. Vg ernyyl obguref zr gung gurl frrz gb guvax gurl unir n fnl va jub fur pubbfrf gb nffbpvngr jvgu, cnegyl orpnhfr V unq n fvzvyne fvghngvba jurer V jnf cneg bs n tebhc bs sevraqf gung vapyhqrq n thl jub unq n pehfu ba zr ohg V qvqa'g erpvcebpngr. Vg tbg ernyyl veevgngvat jura gurl jbhyq trg naablrq ng zr sbe abg tvivat uvz n punapr rira gubhtu V sryg abguvat ohg sevraqfuvc sbe uvz. Fb V pna xvaq bs eryngr, rkprcg V qba'g frr nal naablnapr ba Ohssl'f cneg naq vg znxrf zr sehfgengrq gung fur frrzf gb guvax gurl fubhyq unir n fnl va ure yvsr.

        • Danny_SAP says:

          V pbzcyrgryl nterr.

        • Noybusiness says:

          Guvaxvat nobhg vg, V guvax cneg bs vg vf orpnhfr fur'f gur znva punenpgre, fb fur'f nyjnlf ba gurve zvaqf.

          • _Bailey_ says:

            Lrf ohg gung qbrfa'g tvir gurz gur evtug gb qvpgngr jub fur qngrf be nal bs ure bgure npgvbaf. Gurl unir abg bar ohg gjb "vagreiragvbaf" pbapreavat ure eryngvbafuvc pubvprf, Knaqre tvirf ure thvyg gevc bire orvat natel gung Evyrl vf CNLVAT INZCVERF GB FHPX BA UVZ, pbairavragyl vtabevat gur snpg gung vs ur tbg uvzfrys ghearq vg pbhyq unir orra qrinfgngvat sbe gur ragver tebhc, naq gura ur yngre gevrf gb frg ure hc jvgu Evpuneq, gur thl sebz uvf jbex, naq trgf chful nobhg vg jura Ohssl qbrfa'g fubj na vagrerfg, naq ur nyfb fyhg-funzrf obgu ure naq Naln gb gur agu qrterr jura ur svaqf bhg gurl fyrcg jvgu Fcvxr . . . . naq V ernyvmr V'z sbphfvat ba Knaqre jvgu gurfr rknzcyrf, ohg Jvyybj vfa'g yvyl-juvgr va guvf rvgure — Fpbgg urer, naq fur'f n znva betnavmre bs gur vagreiragvbaf, rgp. Jvyybj nyfb qrzbafgengrf guvf jura fur trgf hcfrg nobhg Ohssl abg gunaxvat ure sbe erfheerpgvat ure, naq rira nsgre fur svaqf bhg Ohssl jnf va urnira, fur pyrneyl guvaxf gung Ohssl fubhyq fgvyy whfg trg bire vg naq or unccl fur'f onpx jvgu ure sevraqf. Gurl rira XVPX URE BHG BS URE BJA UBHFR. Frevbhfyl, vs gurl qvfnterr fb zhpu, gurl fubhyq yrnir! Gurl unir nofbyhgryl ab pynvz gb gur ubhfr, rkprcg sbe Qnja, naq fur'f fgvyy n zvabe fb fur qbrfa'g unir gur nhgubevgl be gur yrtnyvgl gb gnxr cbffrffvba bs gur ubhfr sebz Ohssl. Gurl nyy frrz gb guvax gung orpnhfr fur vf gur Fynlre fur fubhyq yvir hc gb gurve vqrnf bs cresrpgvba, naq jura fur qbrfa'g, gurl trg natel naq gel gb pbageby ure yvsr. Naq Ohssl yrgf gurz, orpnhfr fur guvaxf gung gung vf jung sevraqf qb . . . . be fbzrguvat evqvphybhf yvxr gung. Gurl gryy Ohssl gung fur pna'g qngr inzcverf, ohg ubj jbhyq gur srry vs fur gbyq Jvyybj fur pbhyqa'g qngr n jrerjbys, be n tvey, be Knaqre gung ur pbhyqa'g qngr na rk-qrzba? V qbhog gurl jbhyq gnxr vg nf dhvrgyl nf Ohssl qbrf. Tenagrq, fur qbrf nethr onpx ng gur Natry vagreiragvba (naq gur frpbaq bar vf n aba-vffhr orpnhfr vg jnf gur Ohsslobg), ohg gurl fgvyy whqtr ure — rira Tvyrf, jub nfxf ure va gur arkg rcvfbqr vs fur jvyy or frrvat Natry, naq fur srryf fur unf gb whfgvsl ure npgvbaf ol rkcynvavat jung gurl jvyy or qbvat! Fur ehaf nsgre Evyrl ba Knaqre'f vafvfgrapr, fur uvqrf ure eryngvbafuvc jvgu Fcvxr xabjvat gurl jba'g nccebir rira nsgre Gnen gryyf ure vg'f bxnl . . . . gurl whfg arrq gb npprcg ure pubvprf. Gurl ner ohflobqvrf, naq gurl ner sne gbb vairfgrq va Ohssl'f crefbany yvsr.

            • Noybusiness says:

              V xabj vg qbrfa'g (nygubhtu gur vagreiragvbaf va Eriryngvbaf naq Vagreiragvba jrer whfgvsvrq, ohg abg gur bgure fghss lbh zragvba). V jnf ernyvmvat gung gur bgure punenpgref guvaxvat n ybg nobhg jung Ohssl qbrf naq jub fur vf jvgu vf ersyrpgvir bs gur nhqvrapr qbvat fb.

  55. Karen says:

    So the two big things that happen this episode are the return of Angel and the introduction of Faith. The Angel stuff is not very exciting and doesn’t take up much screen time. So let’s talk about Faith!

    Just as Buffy is starting to settle back into her old life in Sunnydale, Faith (the new Slayer after Kendra died) shows up and Buffy feels a bit threatened. She’s just started to repair her friendships and here Faith is, dazzling Willow and Xander with her tales of slayage. It’s easy to see how Buffy might feel threatened.

    Faith comes off as so confident and sure of herself. She’s “five by five” and revels in slaying. But as the truth about why she’s in Sunnydale is revealed (her Watcher [a woman, btw!] was killed by Kakistos) comes out, we see that she’s actually a bit of a mess. Also the throwaway line Faith has while killing the vamps, “My dead mother hits harder than that” probably says a lot about Faith’s past.

    I LOVE everything between Joyce and Buffy in this episode. I love Joyce standing up for Buffy with Snyder, and I love their conversation in the kitchen. Joyce is TRYING to be supportive, but Faith adds a whole new dimension to this. Joyce wants her daughter to have a normal life and to go to college, and Faith taking some of the Slayer responsibilities could open up a lot of possibilities for Buffy’s life. And then Buffy reveals that she died briefly which just confirms all the fears that Joyce has been dealing with regarding Buffy being the Slayer.

    And while the possibility of having a slightly more normal life appeals to Buffy, she is feeling a bit replaced by Faith. But at the same time, Buffy is considering moving on from Angel with Normal Guy, Scott. She’s a bit wary at first, but eventually realizes she has to move on and thus symbolically leaves the claddagh ring at the spot where she killed Angel… AND THEN HE MAGICALLY APPEARED. AND I TOTALLY SAW BUTTCRACK. Naq vg jnf pbasvezrq yngre gung vg jnf GCGO gung fnirq Natry sebz uryy, lrf?

    Xander is kind of really obnoxious in this episode though. Ugh. The way he just KEEPS OGGLING FAITH WHEN HIS GIRLFRIEND IS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM AND IT IS CLEARLY BOTHERING HER. SDLFJD;SLJFA YOU ARE GROSS. STOP IT, XANDER. And even though it’s said in a completely joking manner, Xander’s “You want to date, you little slut!” at the beginning of the episode is obnoxious just because of his history of slut shaming.

    I love how Giles gets the truth of what happened with Angel out of Buffy because he knows she needs to get it out of her chest and suspects that there is more to it than what she told him. Awww… Giles… you really care about Buffy!

    V guvax gung rira nf rneyl nf guvf rcvfbqr jr trg n uvag bs Jvyybj’f qrfver gb tnva zber cbjre. Vg’f cebonoyl fbzrguvat gung V bayl frr va ergebfcrpg bs yngre frnfbaf nf Jvyybj orpbzrf fhcre cbjre uhatel, ohg lrnu. Vqx. Rira va gurfr rneyl rcvfbqrf bs Jvyybj qrnyvat jvgu zntvp fur frrzf gb or FB guvefgl sbe zntvp naq cbjre.

    Bu naq va ergebfcrpg, YBY NG GUVF YVAR: “Vg’f cebonoyl tbbq lbh jrer na bayl puvyq.” Ubj sne onpx jnf Wbff cynaavat ba vagebqhpvat Qnja?

    • etherealclarity says:

      "Naq vg jnf pbasvezrq yngre gung vg jnf GCGO gung fnirq Natry sebz uryy, lrf? "

      Jnf vg? V gubhtug vg jnf Gur Svefg? V unir jngpurq Natry gur frevrf n srj gvzrf naq qba'g erpnyy nalguvat fnvq gb pbagenqvpg guvf, gubhtu nqzvggrqyl V nz sne yrff snzvyvne jvgu Natry gur frevrf guna V nz jvgu OgIF.

      • cait0716 says:

        V qba'g guvax vg'f rire pbasvezrq bar jnl be gur bgure. V graq gb guvax gur Svefg jnf gelvat gb gnxr perqvg sbe arsnevbhf checbfrf, ohg vg jnf GCGO gung npghnyyl unq gur cbjre naq zbgvingvba gb chyy uvz bhg bs uryy fb ur pbhyq shysvyy uvf qrfgval. V'z fher gurl jrer gur barf jub pnhfrq gur zvenpyr fabj gung xrcg uvz sebz xvyyvat uvzfrys va Nzraqf.

    • cait0716 says:

      Xander calling Buffy a slut is so indicative of the whole culture around slut-shaming and really underlines how ridiculous it is. I mean, he called her a slut because she smiled at a guy she might potentially be interested in dating. The whole thing is just completely absurd, and yet it happens every day.

      V guvax Wbff unq cynaf gb vagebqhpr Qnja urer. Qrsvavgryl ol gur svanyl bs guvf frnfba jura Snvgu znxrf n zber rkcyvpvg ersrerapr gb ure: "Zvyrf gb tb, yvggyr zvff zhssrg pbhagvat qbja sebz frira guerr bu"

      • RoseFyre says:

        Gubhtu vfa'g gur frira guerr bu n ersrerapr gb ure qrngu, abg gb Qnja? Orpnhfr Qnja nccrnef pbafvqrenoyl rneyvre guna gung.

        (Abg gb fnl gung gur cyna jnfa'g va cynpr, ohg V guvax gung'f va ersrerapr gb xvyyvat Ohssl, abg gb ure fvfgre – vg'f zber rkcyvpvg va Erfgyrff, jvgu "Or onpx orsber Qnja.")

    • NB2000 says:

      V'z abg fher vs vg jnf npghnyyl rkcyvpvgyl pbasvezrq nf n ersrerapr gb Qnja ohg gurer vf gur "Yvggyr Zvff Zhssrg pbhagvat qbja sebz frira guerr bu" va Tenqhngvba Qnl gjb, naq jryy jr xabj jung gur frpbaq unys bs gung yvar jnf sberfunqbjvat fb vg'f cbffvoyr Wbff JNF guvaxvat gung sne nurnq nobhg Qnja. Jurgure gung zrnaf gur "bayl puvyq" yvar jnf cneg bs vg…V unir ab vqrn.

      • cait0716 says:

        Vg vf pbasvezrq. V oryvrir vg'f va gur pbzzragnel.

        • NB2000 says:

          Nnnu, V xarj gur pnyyonpx va "Erny Zr" jvgu gur zna fnlvat "Pheqf naq jurl" gb Qnja jnf zrnag gb gvr vagb vg ohg V jnfa'g fher vs gur bevtvany yvar jnf zrnag nf n Qnja abq.

          • cait0716 says:

            Lrnu, gur "frira guerr bu" vf fhccbfrq gb ersre gb gur ahzore bs qnlf va gjb lrnef, fb Qnja jvyy or neevivat va gjb lrnef. Rkprcg gung fur npghnyyl neevirf va n lrne naq n srj zbaguf. Ohg Wbff vf onq n zngu naq fnvq frnfba 5 zvahf frnfba 3 rdhnyf gjb lrnef!

  56. Katarina_H says:

    FAITH! It's funny, when I first saw BtVS I didn't like Faith at all, but now I absolutely love her. Bs pbhefr, ure rcf ba Natry uryc n ybg – gung'f bar bs gur ernfba V guvax crbcyr jub pubbfr gb jngpu OgIF jvgubhg jngpuvat Natry ner zvffvat bhg.

    Gur frnfba 7 Snvgu/Ebova urycf gbb, orpnhfr LBJFN.

    • stormwreath says:

      Even better, remember the conversation Faith and Buffy have after slaying Kakistos:

      "So, you hungry?"
      <s>How about horny? You horny too?</s>

      And they go off together, side by side. 😉

    • RoseFyre says:

      …Other than the fact that whoever made that cap is clearly British, because Americans spell it yogurt.

      Still awesome, though.

  57. Marrrkkkk WE should be texting buddies, it would be ~so awesome~

    I promise that I am mostly interesting sometimes 😛

  58. Fiona says:

    Endless thoughts for this episode because FAITH. She's one of my favourites for so many reasons and some of the best episodes involve her and ahhhh, I'm just so excited to see what you think of future plot developments. Anyway, here's a list before I flail too much:
    – What is that fluffy monstrosity Willow is wearing?
    – Willow's ability to dig herself deeper in any conversation is completely adorable.
    – Only two minutes in and Xander's started with the slut shaming, great.
    – I like Trick and how his first comment is to say about how white Sunnydale is. That doesn't make it ok writers.
    – Kakistos is less interesting, although I do like the weirdness of the older vampires and how they're less human than the young ones.
    – I forgot that Trick was in the opening credits for this series. That's a little bit spoilery.
    – Yet another cheesy Angel dream, great. Ooooh, foreshadowing though. I see what you did there writers.
    – FAITH! I've been looking forward to this so even seeing her name in the credits is great.
    – 'Nah nah nah nah nah!' I love you again Joyce, all is forgiven from the last episode.
    – It's called tutting Willow, it's one of our national past times along with queueing and complaining about the weather.
    – You big liar Giles. I can understand why he did it though, it's not like Buffy's particularly willing to open up about anything.
    – What does sage mixed with a virgin's saliva do? Hmmm Willow?
    – (Qneyvat Ivbyrggn! Gur gurzr hfrq sbe Natry vf bar bs gur orfg fbatf sbe bcravat perqvgf rire V guvax. V nyjnlf srry yvxr V fubhyq yvfgra gb zber bs gurve fghss.)
    – I see you there Eliza. Ah it's so much better knowing what's coming.
    – More of the fluffy knitwear. Stop that costume department.
    – More slut shaming, this episode is on fire. Side-eyeing the writers right now.
    – I will never get bored of watching Faith's introduction. Ybbxvat onpx ba vg vg frgf hc gurve ebyrf sebz gur fgneg.
    – Stop being skeevy Xander.
    – And Cordy saying eww to the horny part, because women showing an interest in sex is bad obviously. Why have I never noticed these things before? Bad Buffy writers!
    – Don't interrupt Xander, you're being particularly annoying in this episode.
    – 'It's a long story.' 'I got bit.' 'Apparently not that long.' Silly Buffy, any story involving Oz will always be incredibly short and low on the word count.
    – First five by five ever (znal zber bs gubfr gb pbzr. Znlor jr fubhyq xrrc pbhag?)
    – Poor Giles not being invited. He's like the bad seed of Watchers. We love you anyway Giles.
    – He really is young and cute, rfcrpvnyyl ol Jngpure fgnaqneqf, nygubhtu Nyrkvf qvq tnva n pregnva nzbhag bs punez bapr ur zbirq gb Natry naq orpnzr nyy qnex.
    – I think I actually ship Buffy and Faith more than I ever shipped Buffy and Angel. There's a hell of a lot of subtext.
    – The vampires who embrace modern life always seem to do better than the old ones.
    – I like how this episodes focuses on the common fear that you'll be easily replaced. I suppose it's partly Buffy being an only child in this case but I think everyone gets it at some point.
    – I like how there are hints about the shittiness of Faith's life in this episode, like how she dropped out of school and her mother's dead. It's like a harsher version of Kendra's life in that she's alone but she doesn't have her Watcher and the others to support her like Kendra did.
    – Faith immediately gets way too into her fighting. Foreshadowing all over the place.
    – 'I digress' is a phrase which doesn't get used often enough.
    – Kissing toast! I can never take that name seriously anyway.
    – (Gurl arire qvq unir nal yrcerpunhaf. Abj gung'f fbzr pbzzvgzrag gb pbagvahvgl, abg gb zragvba gurl nyjnlf pbzr npebff va n ernyyl purrfl jnl.)
    – If Faith looks scared then you should be scared, every time.
    – I'm guessing invitations don't count in cheap motels then.
    – The pragmatic vampires are my favourite. They're soulless, why would they care about morality?
    – If only there was some kind of Sunnydale therapist who they could talk to about all of their problems. It could solve so many bad situations.
    – If anyone actually did that 'I've had a minute to think about it…' thing I would probably laugh in their face. I know it's supposed to be sweet but it's one of those things which would seem really cheesy in real life.
    – Annndddd Angel's back, minus his clothes of course. I can still remember being pretty shocked by that when I first watched it as back when I was about nine I obviously wasn't jaded enough to know that if someone's staying in the opening credits then it probably means that they'll stick around (juvpu bs pbhefr Wbff oehgnyyl fhoiregrq jvgu Gnen, sbe juvpu V'yy arire sbetvir uvz).

    This episode feels a bit like the set up part of a two part episode in that it's full of introductions and twists. It is needed though as there's so much ready for events to come. You are incredibly unprepared Mark :D.

    • Fiona says:

      Oooh, also Angel spoilers: Vg'f n avpr cnenyyry gung obgu Natry naq Pbaabe raqrq hc orvat frag gb uryy qvzrafvbaf. Vg'f fbzrguvat gung gvrf gurz gbtrgure avpryl. V xabj gung zragvbavat Pbaabe graqf gb trg lbh fubhgrq qbja ol Natry snaf ohg ur qvqa'g naabl zr nf zhpu nf ur frrzf gb naabl bgure crbcyr, hc hagvy gur sbhegu frevrf bs pbhefr. Qnza lbh Wbff!!!

    • arctic_hare says:

      "V guvax V npghnyyl fuvc Ohssl naq Snvgu zber guna V rire fuvccrq Ohssl naq Natry. Gurer'f n uryy bs n ybg bs fhogrkg."

      aty guvf vf zl cersreerq fuvc sbe Ohssl (gur punenpgre). Fb zhpu ubggre naq zber vagrerfgvat guna nal bs ure oblsevraqf.

      • Fiona says:

        Qrsvavgryl. V gubhtug ure naq Fcvxr jnf zber vagrerfgvat guna ure naq Natry naq gura Frrvat Erq unccrarq juvpu znxrf vg zhpu uneqre gb qrsraq gurve eryngvbafuvc, cyhf V'z abg fher vs V ernyyl jnag gb. Gurl whfg frrzrq gb haqrefgnaq rnpu bgure orggre guna nalbar ryfr qvq. Vg'f rvgure gung be Snvgu naq Natry.

      • robin_comments says:

        *abqf* V qvqa'g rira yvxr Snvgu zhpu gou naq lrg V unir nyjnlf pbafvqrerq n pregnva ubzbrebgvp nggenpgvba gurer gb or pnaba. V srry yvxr Snvgu jbhyq unir tbar gurer jvgu Ohssl naq fbzrgvzrf vagraqrq gung syvegngvbhf rqtr gb or na bcravat. Znlor vg'f zl bja frkhnyvgl nssrpgvat zl vagrecergngvbaf, ohg V fgvyy srry yvxr gurer'f n… "dhrrearff" gb obgu ure vagrerfg va Ohssl'f nggragvba naq ure ntterffvba gbjneqf Ohssl. Naq V'z cerggl fher V'ir ernq na vagreivrrj be urneq na nhqvbpbzzragnel jurer n jevgre fnvq gung fhogrkg jnf vagragvbany.

        Onfvpnyyl, lbh thlf unir tbbq vqrnf naq qhevat pregnva crevbqf V guvax gung fuvc jbhyq or n ernyvfgvp, cbffvoyr bcgvba sbe gur punenpgref.

        • @Ivana2804 says:

          Vg jnf vagragvbany ba gur cneg bs Qbht Crgevr (jub jebgr "Onq Tveyf"), ur'f zragvbarq vg. Ba gur bgure unaq, Wbff Jurqba arire vagraqrq sbe n ubzbrebgvp fhogrkg gb or gurer orgjrra Ohssl naq Snvgu naq bayl fnj vg jura gur snaf cbvagrq vg bhg gb uvz.

  59. Alexis says:

    Rirel gvzr Znex fnlf gung ur ybirf Wblpr Fhzzref V qvr n yvggyr vafvqr guvaxvat bs uvf ernpgvba gb frnfba svir…Ohg gura gur qnex cneg bs zr tvirf na rivy ynhtu. Jung vf jebat jvgu zr??

  60. clodia_risa says:


    Zna, V arrq gb fgneg erjngpuvat frnfba 3. Tbbq guvat vg vf fhpu na njrfbzr frnfba. Jung vf Qnja qbvat va guvf rcvfbqr, thlf?

    • cait0716 says:

      V org fur whfg ybirq Snvgu. V pna frr ure ng gur qvavat ebbz gnoyr whfg fbeg bs fgnevat ng ure va njr. Naq gryyvat ure gung vg'f gbgnyyl bx gb fgrny Ohssl'f sevrf. V nyfb guvax Ohssl jbhyq unir orra n ovg zber npprcgvat bs Snvgu, jung jvgu nyernql univat gur byqre fvfgre rkcrevrapr. V guvax gurve obaqvat znl unir unccrarq rneyvre.

      • NB2000 says:

        V gbgnyyl cvpgher Snvgu orvat ernyyl cny-l (cnyyl? V qba'g xabj) jvgu Qnja, ybgf bs pbzcyvzragf naq trarenyyl orvat gur Pbby Sevraq qhevat gung fprar. Znlor jvgu n "Jul pna'g LBH or gung pbby Ohssl?" sebz Qnja.

    • @owldragon says:

      V guvax gung Qnja orvat snfpvangrq ol Snvgu'f neeviny ng svefg nqqrq gb Ohssl'f vafrphevgvrf. Yngre, ubjrire, Qnja'f vzcnffvbarq qrpynengvba gung abobql vf n orggre fynlre guna ure ovt fvfgre jnf irel urnegjnezvat.

  61. Plactus says:

    • "Admittedly, it's not a haven for the brothers. You know, strictly the Caucasian persuasion here in the 'Dale." Bwa.
    • That looks more like a small than a medium. I'm obviously way too familiar with fast food drink sizes. Of course, I've never been to Happy Burger.
    • …that's the last dream, right? Since he's back after this episode?
    • "I think what my daughter's trying to say is, 'nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!'" Love you, Joyce.
    • Qneyvat Ivbyrggn… vfa'g gung gur onaq gung cynlrq gur Natry gurzr fbat?
    • Oh, and, hi, Faith.
    • Is Cordy talking about Faith? Yeah, of course she is.
    • Ack, poor Scott.
    • "…unless I'm doing it wrong." Love you, Willow.
    • While I'm sure viewers who missed the whole Kendra saga appreciate the explanation of why there's two Slayers, Cordelia's smarter than that. Come on, David Greenwalt. (V jbhyq unir obhtug vg vs vg unq orra Naln.) (And in light of the later "You never told me you died" scene with Joyce, this seems especially pointless.)
    • "Way too stuffy for a guy like you." "Maybe I should introduce you again. Faith, this is Giles." Love you, Buffy. And Giles.
    • "They say young people don't learn anything in high school these days, but, um, I've learned to be afraid." Love you, Xander.
    • "Vg'f cebonoyl tbbq lbh jrer na bayl puvyq." OJN.
    • V'ir frra arneyl rirelguvat ryfr Snvgu tbrf guebhtu hagvy fur naq Jvyybj tb onpx gb Fhaalqnyr va "Becurhf"… frrvat ure cnenylmrq ol srne vf arj (gur pybfrfg V pna guvax bs vf jura fur jnf fhvpvqny qhevat ure svefg nccrnenapr ba Natry) naq hafrggyvat.

    • Nattlinnen says:

      They say young people don't learn anything in high school these days, but, um, I've learned to be afraid." Love you, Xander.

      Yea, sometimes a cuter side of Xanders fears appear.

  62. t09yavosaur says:

    -Buffy picnics!
    -Creepiest restaurant mascot ever.
    -Pig hands.
    -So dream!Angel isn't the real Angel (at least this time). Good to know.
    -Soo close to revealing souled Angel got stabbed.
    -Disco dancer dude is awesome. And his shirt is interesting.
    -Scott had an Oz-ian way of speaking. Proven by Oz's approval.
    -Don't bash him Cordy! Though now you brought him up means he's probably a vamp. 🙁
    -Yup. Also, Hi Faith!
    -Faith is trying so hard to make friends but Buffy's friends are making Buffy jealous.
    -Rupert “Ripper” Giles, Watcher for the Slayer of the Hellmouth was not invited to the Hoity Toity Watcher's Retreat? They don't deserve him.
    -Background wall posters: Behind Flirting Faith and Scot~ “A lot of campus rapes start here.”; Behind Buffy (same scene)~ “You choose your future”
    -“When did you die?” I am surprised this is only now coming up.
    -Ok Faith, what happened to the trying to be friendly thing.
    -Kissing Toast, Taquitos, appropriate for a pig-vamp.
    -The Pig fight seemed a bit anti-climactic after how scared Faith was before.
    -Giles, you are smart and observant and awesome.
    -Annnnnd…Plot Twist… … …Naked Angel's falling from the sky? (Or did he fall from underground. I couldn't really tell.)
    -*Insert Angel joke here.* Angel's brooding is so annoying that even Hell kicked him out.

    So what is the “Science” behind hoofed vampires?

    • pica_scribit says:

      So what is the “Science” behind hoofed vampires?

      As Giles says here, it's because he's so old. We saw something similar with the Master. Apparently the older a vamp is, the more the demon bleeds through and corrupts the human form, I guess.

  63. lurknomore says:

    I know its a small point, but does anyone have any speculation (spoilerish or not) over why Giles wouldn't be invited to the Watcher's Retreat? At first I thought maybe it was because he had the responsibility of an active Slayer, yet later in the episode it sounds like he's never been invited. Plus, if the Watchers assigned to slayers didn't get to go, he'd know that Faith's watcher couldn't be at the retreat. I would have thought for Giles to be the one of presumably lots of Watchers to be assigned to the one and only Slayer (at least before Buffy's "death") he would have to be really well-respected.

    My fanwank is that Watchers are assigned to monitor loads of global hotspots, and then whoever is stationed in closest proximity to the newly-called Slayer gets to be her Watcher. So, my guess is Giles was assigned to Sunnydale, not Buffy, and it was a matter of chance/fate/mystical call that he wound up with her.

    • Inseriousity. says:

      My guess is linked to what Faith says about him being stuffy. They don't see him as stuffy enough so don't invite him to avoid lectures descending into arguments cos Giles has different opinions to the rest of them and is not afraid to say so? Basically, to stop Giles getting on his soapbox!

      That's my fanwank (I will never stop loling at this word btw).

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      I'd be really interested to know the official explanation for this. I actually really want to see more of the Watchers, because they seem like a really important organisation, but we know so little about how they work.

    • cait0716 says:

      Maybe it's because of his rebellious youth? Like this exclusion is just extended punishment from his days as Ripper

    • @owldragon says:

      Well, THEORIES ABOUND here, but I like the idea that Giles ended up as Buffy's Watcher despite the choices of the other Watchers. In "Becoming", we saw Buffy's first Watcher approach her. If he was the original choice to be Buffy's Watcher, perhaps the other Watchers had to scramble for a replacement, and Giles was the only one available. It would be ironic if Giles ended up with Buffy because the more trusted Watchers were already assigned to other potential Slayers. If the other Watchers weren't fond of "that Ripper fellow" to begin with, and then resented his ending up in such an important position, it could partially explain why no one ever tells him anything, like the fact that there is ANOTHER $#% SLAYER.

    • robin_comments says:

      Zl FCBVYREYL fcrpghyngvba vf:
      Gurer jnf nyernql qvfnccebiny va gur enaxf nobhg uvz jryy orsber Urycyrff (naq gung'f bar bs gur ernfbaf gurl'er fb unefu ba uvz gura). V guvax rira orsber orpbzvat fb crefbanyyl nggnpurq gb Ohssl, Tvyrf qvqa'g ernyyl try jvgu gur trareny Jngpure vqrn bs gur Fynlref nf ercynprnoyr sbbgfbyvqref sbe gur pnhfr… juvpu jbhyq znxr uvf cnegvpvcngvba va n ybg bs qvfphffvbaf hapbzsbegnoyr.

      Nyfb, V graq gb funer lbhe snajnax gung Jngpuref ner nffvtarq gb trbtencuvp greevgbevrf naq guhf Tvyrf jnf erfragrq sbe trggvat na npgvir fynlre jura abobql yvxrq uvz zhpu.

    • Oh, wow. I REALLY like the idea that Watchers are assigned to geographic areas; that would make so much sense, akjshkdhaskjdhsk.

      Someone asked this question earlier and it made me wonder if the Slayer lifespan has anything to do with Giles' lack of prestige despite being the Watcher in charge of the Slayer. I mean, it's a very dangerous job, right? Kendra died quite quickly, and Buffy died at the end of Season One even if she did get brought back. Maybe being the active Watcher in charge of the Slayer doesn't actually mean very much because everyone assumes that the Slayer is just going to die soon anyways?

      That would be so distressing if it was true, though, oh my goodnes. ;____;

    • RoseFyre says:

      V ernq na rkpryyrag svp (Wbffrq, bs pbhefr), juvpu unq gur vqrn gung gur Jngpuref pbhyq trarenyyl bayl inthryl cerqvpg jub gur arkg Fynlre jbhyq or ng nal fcrpvsvp gvzr – fbzrgvzrf gurl jrer evtug, naq vg jnf bar bs gur tveyf gurl jrer genvavat, ohg whfg nf bsgra gurl jrer jebat – ohg va gung pnfr, gur hagenvarq Fynlre hfhnyyl qvrq dhvpxyl naq nabgure bar gbbx bire – fb gur barf gung ynfgrq ybatre jrer hfhnyyl genvarq. Va gung bar, gurer jrer fcrpvsvp cebcurpvrf eryngvat gb Xraqen, fb gurl xarj cerggl zhpu rknpgyl jura fur'q or pnyyrq – vg jnf hahfhnyyl pyrne – naq fb rirelbar xarj Ohssl jbhyq qvr…naq gura Ohssl znantrq gb oernx nyy rkcrpgngvbaf naq xrrc yvivat. Naq fb gurl'q orra qbvat nyy guvf genvavat sbe Xraqen, naq frag Tvyrf – n abg-jryy-yvxrq Jngpure – bhg gurer gb Ohssl, jvgu irel yvggyr fhccbeg – naq gura Xraqen qvrq, yrnivat Tvyrf naq Ohssl, ohg ol gura gur frcnengvba jnf gbb zhpu naq gur qnzntr jnf qbar.

      Gur svp vgfrys unf orra irel Wbffrq sbe bgure ernfbaf, ohg V fgvyy yvxr gung vqrn.

    • pica_scribit says:

      Maybe getting a slayer is not so much a sign of favour among the Watchers? After all, there's the constant danger aspect. Maybe all the other Watchers are doing research in safe, cozy libraries, sipping tea and high-fiving one another for not having to live on the Hellmouth?

  64. Peter says:

    Gosh, I can't believe how young Eliza Dushku is. Also I can't believe HOW WONDERFUL THIS IS THAT I FINALLY GET TO SEE HER ON BUFFY (since previously my familiarity with her only came from Dollhouse, even though I knew she played Faith). OMG this show is so good

  65. numfar says:

    I watched this again today and what stood out the most was just how FUNNY it was. I LOLd a lot.

  66. Ida says:

    First: I don't understand this whole deal with romantic relationships. Just getting it out there. I have been in a few, and I was always relieved when they ended because I felt so much pressure when being in them, that I didn't want to be with the person all the time like I was supposed to, and that I felt like I was being expected to do things that I did not want to do (no, not sex). I'm a loner; I like being a loner, most of the time, and it feels that, if you're in a relationship, you're supposed to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend all the time. No thanks. I've never been truly in love, either, except with some fictional characters. I rather become friends with people than get romatically involved with them.

    Secondly: Faith. Nz V gur bayl crefba jub fvzcyl pnaabg FGNAQ ure? Frevbhfyl, V whfg ungr ure fb zhpu. V qba'g rira xabj jul, ohg vg'f yvxr, rirel gvzr fur bcraf ure zbhgu, V whfg srry veevgngvba perrcvat qbja zl fcvar. Vg fhpxf, orpnhfr V ybir frnfba guerr bgurejvfr naq gur Znlbe vf bar bs zl nyy gvzr snibevgr ivyynvaf.

    • robin_comments says:

      I have the exact same challenge in relationships — I'm a loner, I don't want to be with the person all the time no matter HOW much I like them (it's not personal, it's not a reflection of my feelings about them, it's just me), and I struggle with all the obligations to go places I don't want to go/do things I don't want to do. JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

      Snvgu vf zl yrnfg snibevgr cneg bs gur frnfba gbb. Abg ybivat Snvgu pna or n qent va gur OgIF snaqbz orpnhfr uvfgbevpnyyl fur'f orra fb ybhqyl, nyzbfg havirefnyyl pryroengrq. Cerggl zhpu rirel bgure znwbe punenpgre (bgure guna Bm), riraghnyyl gurer'f ng yrnfg n fznyy tebhc bs ibpny, raguhfvnfgvp qrgenpgbef nybatfvqr ybgf bs nivq snaf, fb lbh'er vapyhqrq rvgure jnl.

      V guvax V fbzrgvzrf ernpg zber artngviryl gb Snvgu guna V bgurejvfr jbhyq unir orpnhfr V srry guvf hacyrnfnag *cerffher* gb rawbl ure, rira gubhtu V xabj ybtvpnyyl gung ab bar'f sbepvat zr gb qb nalguvat.

      • Ida says:

        Thank you, that actually makes it feel better. 🙂 It always nice knowing you're not alone.

        Lrnu, lbh xabj, jura vg pbzrf gb Snvgu, V guvax gurl gevrq gb znxr ure guvf pbby, qnex naq fbeg bs "onq tvey" punenpgre naq V nyjnlf sryg gurl gevrq gbb uneq, vg nyzbfg orpbzrf n pyvpué. Jura gurl fgnegrq tvivat ure n onpxfgbel jr jrer fhccbfrq gb srry fbeel sbe ure, naq V qvqa'g, orpnhfr vg sryg fb sbeprq. V'z fbeel gb nyy gur Snvgu snaf bhg gurer, ohg gurer vf fvzcyl abguvat nobhg ure gung V svaq vagevthvat, naq V jnf fb cvffrq bss jura V ernyvmrq fur jnf tbvat gb trg n ovt cneg va frnfba frira.

        Naq V xabj jung lbh zrna, vg'f yvxr lbh'er fhccbfrq gb yvxr Snvgu, naq vs lbh qba'g lbh'er whfg jrveq. V'z tynq V'z abg nybar va gung rvgure.

    • Seventh_Star says:

      v gel gb or haqrefgnaqvat nobhg snvgu, ohg fur vf gur znva ernfba jul v qb abg pner sbe frnfba 3, juvpu vf hasbeghangr. vg'f fhpu n fgebat va znal bgure jnlf.

  67. Fiona says:

    It was on Graham Norton, it should be on Youtube somewhere.

    [youtube rSAaiYKF0cs youtube]

    There it is :D.

  68. nanceoir says:

    I haven't read all the comments, so it's possible someone else mentioned this, though I'd imagine not. Anyway.

    Vf guvf gur svefg nccrnenapr bs Tvyrf' fanmml terra zht? V guvax vg vf. V ybir vg; gur Sver Xvat Wnqr-vgr vf fb cerggl.

    (V znl be znl abg unir orpbzr fyvtugyl bofrffrq jvgu vg n srj lrnef ntb, fb zhpu fb gung V obhtug n ivagntr bar whfg yvxr vg, rira gubhtu V'q erpragyl ybfg zl wbo. Vg zvtug unir rira orra zl ynfg evqvphybhf chepunfr sebz zl ynfg cnlpurpx.)

    Naljnl, lnl zht!

  69. canyonoflight says:

    Angel butt!

    Always with the deep thoughts, I come.

  70. John Small Berries says:

    V ybir vg jura fubjf vagebqhpr arj punenpgref jura gurl zbir vagb n arj frnfba.

    V frevbhfyl pna'g jnvg sbe uvf ernpgvba gb Qnja'f vagebqhpgvba. V pna whfg vzntvar gur urnq rkcybfvba.

    in fact, I would pay to watch videos of Mark watching Buffy, just to see his realtime reactions. I think it would be even more entertaining than MST3K.

    • cait0716 says:

      V'z cynaavat gb gebyy uvz uneqpber. V jvyy qb zl orfg gb pbaivapr uvz gung Qnja unf npghnyyl orra va gur frevrf nyy nybat.

      • John Small Berries says:

        Gung fbhaqf yvxr terng sha. V jbaqre jung xvaq bs pevgvpny znff jbhyq or arrqrq gb znxr uvz frevbhfyl dhrfgvba uvf bja zrzbel.

      • nanceoir says:

        Bbbu, gung'f n oevyyvnag vqrn, bar gung ybgf bs crbcyr fubhyq wbva va ba (vs lbh qba'g zvaq)! V qba'g graq gb cbfg zhpu yngryl, ohg V'q qrsvavgryl or hc sbe fbzr 'Qnja unf nyjnlf orra urer' sha.

  71. maccyAkaMatthew says:

    I've had a really long week and my brain has stopped working, but I noticed that nobody has posted this (apologies for earworms every time she appears):

    [youtube 6Cs3Pvmmv0E youtube]

    Sorry, I don't have anything sensible to say. But I'm all you good people have got it covered.

  72. kelseyofcake says:

    -"Or to do that thing with your mouth that boys like!” Willow is competing with Mark for champion of sexual innuendos.
    -Confession: I work at a fast food place, often in the drive-thru, and that scene with Trick dragging out the cashier sometimes comes into my head when I'm working at night.
    -Eeeuuugh, rotty-face Angel.
    -Heeheee, I love Buffy and Joyce taunting Snyder. We need to see more of them being badass together!
    -Looking at this scene in hindsight, Giles does a really good job at BS-ing this whole ritual deal. He even set up herbs and stuff.
    -*sigh* Another use of the word slut. But, hi Faith!
    -The way they all look at Buffy when Faith mentions the horny thing is beautiful.
    -Wow, Cordelia told Xander to “get a new theme” just as I was typing a criticism of his obsession over naked Faith. Perfect timing.
    -Why wouldn't they invite Giles? He's the Slayer's Watcher, nobody snubs Giles! 🙁
    -I like Trick. He's fun.
    -”But I'm the one getting single-white-femaled here.” huh? Um, okay, I am white, and I have no idea what that means? Is this some kind of reference to something or am I just being slow?
    -"Vg'f n tbbq guvat lbh jrer n fvatyr puvyq" Uz, abj V'z jbaqrevat jung Qnja'f zrzbel bs guvf fprar vf yvxr. Qvq fur guvax Snvgu jnf pbby yvxr rirelbar ryfr, be qvq fur nterr jvgu Ohssl?
    -Okaaaay, Faith you need to slay a lot faster than that! Buffy needs you help!
    -Uuuugh, ableism. I know what she did was stupid, but still that's unnecessary.
    -A vampire can get cloven hands and feet if it's old enough? That's…weird.
    -Oh dear, that poor boy. Most unfortunate gift of all time. 🙁
    -Um, Buffy, didn't you recently do something similar to this? Running away I mean?
    -Poor Faith. I don't even want to know what happened to her watcher. 🙁
    -Oh, Giles. 🙁
    -So, Faith was able to let go of what happened to her watcher, and Buffy was able to let go of what happened. I like her putting the ring down in the spot where he “died”, kind of like flowers on the grave of someone you love.
    -And this apparently has the magical ability to bring him back. I honestly thought this didn't happen until later.

    <img src=""&gt;
    <img src=""&gt;

    So, Faith is really fun and awesome and I'm really excited that you finally got to meet her!

  73. _Bailey_ says:

    "Fhqqrayl fbzrbar neevirf va ure yvsr jub pna frrzvatyl qb rirelguvat fur pna qb orggre, naq nyy ure sevraqf naq snzvyl ner rkpvgrq nobhg guvf."

    Vebavpnyyl, guvf vf ubj Snvgu srryf nobhg Ohssl. Snvgu jnf fhccbfrq gb or Gur Bar. Vafgrnq, fur trgf ure zbzrag bs tybel bayl gb svaq bhg gung fur'f gur onpx-hc, naq gung rirelbar ryfr jvyy nyjnlf frr Ohssl nf GUR Fynlre, juvyr Snvgu orpbzrf fvzcyl n Fynlre. Bs pbhefr, rirelbar urer jnf Ohssl'f sevraq svefg, fb bs pbhefr gurer jvyy or ovnfrf, ohg pbhcyrq jvgu gur vffhrf Snvgu nyernql unf ertneqvat obgu Xnxvfgbf naq ure hcoevatvat (juvpu jr trg uvagf bs), vg bayl pbagevohgrf gb ure qrfgehpgvir graqrapvrf.

    "V guvax Ohssl�f ovttrfg srne vf abg gung fur�f ercynprnoyr. V guvax vg�f gung ure bja fhfcvpvbaf ner pbzvat gehr. Fur vf nsenvq gung fur ernyyl vfa�g gur orfg Fynlre. Fur vf nsenvq bs vanqrdhnpl."

    V guvax Ohssl nyfb svaqf vg jrveq gb unir gurfr crbcyr nebhaq jub abeznyyl jbhyqa'g or nebhaq hayrff fur jnf qrnq. Fur fnlf fbzrguvat nybat gung yvar gb Xraqen, naq V guvax rirelbar'f wbl ng univat Snvgu nebhaq pbagevohgrf gb guvf. Jvgu Xraqen, Jvyybj gbyq ure abg gb jbeel nobhg gur sevraqfuvcf Xraqen jnf sbezvat (zbfgyl jvgu Tvyrf); jvgu Snvgu, abobql gryyf ure gung, naq va snpg gryy ure ubj njrfbzr vg vf gb unir Snvgu nebhaq. V qba'g guvax gurfr ner srnef bs orvat ercynprq fb zhpu nf whfg trareny "V fubhyq or qrnq naq gung vf jrveq naq V qba'g jnag gb guvax nobhg vg ohg V unir gb orpnhfr lbh'er urer guebjvat vg va zl snpr jvgu lbhe irel cerfrapr" fdhvpxvarff. Fur riraghnyyl trgf bire vg nf fur trgf gb xabj Snvgu naq frr ure zber nf n crefba engure guna gur erfhyg bs ure (naq Xraqen'f) qrngu, whfg nf fur frrzrq gb qb jvgu Xraqen ol gur gvzr "Orpbzvat" ebyyf nebhaq, ohg ng svefg vg xvaq bs fcvaf ure urnq, juvpu vf jul fur'f ubfgvyr gb obgu arj Fynlref ng svefg.

    "Ohg va gur zbzragf nsgre vg, V guvax vg�f rnfl gb vzntvar gung fur�f fgnegvat gb jbeel gung fur ernyyl vf vanqrdhngr nsgre ure rkcrevrapr jvgu Natry. Rira ba n ynetre fpnyr, V guvax n ybg bs hf pna eryngr gb gung srryvat, pna�g jr? Unir lbh rire whfg sryg oebxra? Nf vs lbhe cnegf qba�g zngpu hc naq rirelbar ryfr whfg frrzf gb unir vg nyy gbtrgure?"

    Guvf erzvaqf zr bs ubj va Frnfba 5 Ohssl jbeevrf gung fur pna ab ybatre srry ybir orpnhfr fur unf gebhoyr rkcerffvat vg. V'ir frra n ybg bs snaf tb ba nobhg ubj Natry ehvarq Ohssl sbe ure bgure eryngvbafuvcf, orpnhfr gur qnzntr ur pnhfrq arire gehyl jrag njnl. V guvax guvf vf jul fur gryyf Knaqre va Frnfba 7 gung fur "ybirq [Natry] zber guna nalguvat" — abg orpnhfr fur npghnyyl qvq, ohg orpnhfr vg jnf gur ynfg gvzr fur sryg gung xvaq bs nyy-pbafhzvat, abguvat-ryfr-znggref ybir. Naq juvyr V qba'g guvax fur ybirq Evyrl, V qb oryvrir gung fur ybirq Fcvxr, naq V guvax vg'f n tbbq guvat fur terj bhg bs gung xvaq bs ybir orpnhfr jung fur naq Fcvxr unir ol gur raq bs Frnfba 7 vf gehyl ornhgvshy. Jvgu Natry, V nyjnlf sryg gung gurl jrer oneryl shapgvbavat nf n pbhcyr rira orsber ur ybfg uvf fbhy, naq gur "Jura lbh xvff zr V jnag gb qvr, jura V ybbx vagb gur shgher nyy V frr vf lbh, V pna'g oerngur [jvgubhg uvz]" bayl rire znqr jneavat oryyf tb bss va zl urnq. Fb juvyr V uheg sbe Ohssl naq V'z hcfrg gung ure cnfg eryngvbafuvc qbrf graq gb birefunqbj ure shgher barf, V guvax vg'f n tbbq guvat gung fur arire qbrf srry guvf xvaq bs grrantr-natfg ybir ntnva. Abg gung fur arire snyyf va ybir ntnva (er: Fcvxr), fur whfg qbrf fb va n zber nqhyg-yvxr snfuvba jurer gehfg naq fhccbeg ner nyfb znwbe cynlref.

    "Tbq, gur thvyg gung fcernqf bire Jvyybj�f snpr jura fur ernyvmr jung fur vanqiregragyl qvq gb ure orfg sevraq�SHPX. Jung n ubeevoyr guvat gb svaq bhg, rfcrpvnyyl orpnhfr Jvyybj jnf trahvaryl gelvat gb qb gur orfg guvat sbe Ohssl, naq vg vebavpnyyl raqrq hc pnhfvat zber cnva."

    Naq hasbeghangryl fur vfa'g tbvat gb yrnea. Fur nyjnlf zrnaf jryy, ohg TBQ. Frevbhfyl, jul jbhyq lbh guvax gung n zneglerq jneevbe bs gur crbcyr jbhyq tb gb uryy?!?!?!

    Sorry about those odd question-mark thingies. I have no idea.

    • cait0716 says:

      I like this lots! Thanks for writing it! V qb guvax gung Ohssl gehyl ybirq Evyrl ng bar cbvag, naq gung gurl unq n urnygul eryngvbafuvc sbe n juvyr hagvy uvf vafrphevgvrf tbg gur orggre bs uvz. Ohg bgure guna gung V nterr jvgu rirelguvat.

    • Karen says:

      VGN jvgu jung lbh fnvq nobhg jung Ohssl zrnag jura fur fnvq gung fur arire ybirq nalbar yvxr fur ybirq Natry. Yvxr, V qba'g guvax gung vg'f n ONQ guvat. Ohssl ybirq Natry jvgu na nyzbfg nyy-pbafhzvat cnffvba naq V guvax vg'f tbbq gung fur zbirq bhg bs gung. V qb guvax fur ybirq Evyrl, rira vs fur arire ernyyl yrg urefrys rkcrevrapr vg shyyl, naq V qb guvax gung fur ybirq Fcvxr va frnfba 7. Ohg vg jnf n qvssrerag xvaq bs ybir- n zber zbqrengr xvaq. Naq cbffvoyl na urnyguvre xvaq.

      • _Bailey_ says:

        Zhpu urnyguvre, naq gunaxf sbe cbfgvat! V srry yvxr lbh fgngrq zber pyrneyl jung V jnf gelvat gb rkcynva.

        Nf sbe Evyrl, V'z cebonoyl n yvggyr ovg ovnfrq orpnhfr V ernyyl qba'g yvxr uvz. V ybir Fcvxr, naq gur jnl Evyrl gerngf Fcvxr svyyf zr jvgu entr. Nqq gb gung uvf vanovyvgl gb qrny jvgu univat n tveysevraq jub vf fgebatre guna ur vf, naq . . . . lrnu.

        • Meesha says:

          V nterr jvgu lbh nobhg Evyrl – cnegvphyneyl nsgre ur ybfg nyy gur raunaprzragf ur unq tbggra sebz gur Vavgvngvir. Ur pbhyqa’g qrny jvgu Ohssl orvat fgebatre guna ur jnf naq V arire ernyyl tbg gur vzcerffvba gung gurve eryngvbafuvc jnf urnygul ng nyy. Rira ba Ohssl’f fvqr bs vg orpnhfr n ynetr cneg bs ure vagrerfg jnf jnagvat gb unir n eryngvbafuvc jvgu fbzrobql jub jnf “abezny”.

          Ubjrire, V unir gb qvfnterr nobhg Fcvxr. Uvf bofrffvba jvgu Ohssl jnf irel haurnygul nf jryy. Gung qbrf trg n yvggyr orggre va frnfba 7 nsgre ur trgf uvf fbhy onpx, ohg gur orfg V pbhyq frr sbe Ohssl naq Fcvxr jnf n sevraqfuvc. V guvax Fcvxr qrzbafgengrq ubj zhpu ur unq punatrq va gur raq jura gurl xarj ur jnf tbvat gb qvr naq Ohssl gbyq uvz fur ybirq uvz naq Fcvxr erfcbaqrq jvgu “Ab, lbh qba’g.” Ur xarj gung fur qvq abg srry gur fnzr jnl naq arire jbhyq. Ur pbhyq arire or nalguvat zber guna ure sevraq. V tnvarq n ybg bs erfcrpg sbe Fcvxr nf ur pnzr gb gung haqrefgnaqvat va frnfba 7 – naq Fcvxr jnf nyjnlf n snibevgr sbe zr.

          V frr gur cbvag lbh znxr nobhg Ohssl naq Natry, ohg gung xvaq bs nyy pbafhzvat ybir vf abezny va gur rneyl fgntrf bs n urnygul eryngvbafuvc, VZB. V erzrzore jura zl uhfonaq naq V svefg fgnegrq qngvat – V jnf 20 naq rirelguvat eribyirq nebhaq uvz. Jr fcrag rirel fcner zvahgr jr pbhyq gbtrgure naq ur rira cebcbfrq gb zr nsgre jr’q orra qngvat sbe 2 jrrxf. Gubhtu jr qvqa’g npghnyyl trg zneevrq hagvy n lrne yngre. Gung vagrafvgl yriryrq bss nf gvzr cnffrq naq jr tbg byqre. Gung jnf 20 lrnef ntb naq ur’f fgvyy gur ybir bs zl yvsr, ohg abg va gur “jura lbh xvff zr V jnag gb qvr” frafr yvxr vg jnf onpx gura. Gung jbhyq or gehr sbe Ohssl naq Natry nf jryy – naq jr qb frr gung ortva gb unccra va frnfba 3. Gung’f jung urycf Natry tnva fbzr crefcrpgvir naq ernyvmr gung ur arrqf gb yrnir – naq urycf Ohssl riraghnyyl npprcg gung ur jnf evtug. Bar bs zl snibevgr rcvfbqrf vf gur Natry pebffbire va juvpu ur orpbzrf uhzna nsgre orvat rkcbfrq gb gur oybbq bs nabgure qrzba jvgu ertrarengvir cebcregvrf. Ur naq Ohssl unq gung jbaqreshy qnl gbtrgure gung ernyyl fubjrq jung jnf fb fcrpvny nobhg gurve eryngvbafuvc naq ubj zhpu gurl ybirq rnpu bgure. Ohg, bs pbhefr, Wbff pbhyqa’g yrg gung ynfg – Natry unq gb ernyvmr ur pbhyq ab ybatre svtug qrzbaf naq pubbfr gb orpbzr n fbhyrq inzcver ntnva. *fvtu*

          • _Bailey_ says:

            Jr'yy unir gb nterr gb qvfnterr nobhg Fcvxr naq Natry, orpnhfr V qba'g guvax Fcvxr jnf evtug gb gryy Ohssl ubj fur jnf srryvat va Pubfra, naq V qba'g guvax ur jnf evtug nobhg jung fur sryg naljnl. V guvax vs tvira zber gvzr gurl pbhyq unir ohvyg fbzrguvat ynfgvat naq fcrpvny.

            Naq juvyr V'z tynq gung lbhe snvelgnyr ebznapr jbexrq bhg, V frr n ybg bs ceboyrzf jvgu gur Ohssl/Natry eryngvbafuvc orlbaq jung V zragvbarq, naq V qba'g guvax vg jnf urnygul ng nyy. Va "V Jvyy Erzrzore Lbh," Natry znxrf gur qrpvfvba gb ghea onpx gvzr jvgubhg pbafhygvat Ohssl — vg qbrfa'g znggre gung fur jbhyq abg erzrzore vg, ur gbbx njnl ure ntrapl va gung zbzrag, naq ur qbrf fb frireny gvzrf ba gur fubj, vapyhqvat obgu bs gur gvzrf jr frr uvz va Frnfba 4 bs Ohssl. v nyfb qba'g nterr jvgu jung lbh jrer fnlvat nobhg gurve cnffvba yriryvat bss va Frnfba 3 — V arire gubhtug Ohssl naq Natry shapgvbarq jryy nf n pbhcyr, naq V nterr jvgu gur jevgref jura gurl fnl gung Frnfba 3 jnf nobhg Ohssl naq Natry *yrneavat* gung gurl pna'g shapgvba nf n pbhcyr.

            Cyhf, V whfg qba'g yvxr gurl jnl Ohssl naq Natry npg nebhaq rnpu bgure. Gurl ner sne zber vagrerfgvat jura gurl ner ncneg — abg orpnhfr gurl ner cvavat nsgre rnpu bgure, ohg whfg orpnhfr gurl ner. Gur orfg guvat gung rire unccrarq gb Natry'f punenpgre jnf trggvat uvf bja fubj.

    • David F says:

      V guvax gur ernfba gurl gubhtug gung Ohssl jrag gb uryy ng gur raq bs frnfba 5 vf orpnhfr fur qvrq snyyvat guebhtu n evc va fcnpr gb nyy gur inevbhf uryy qvzrafvbaf. Fur unq gb or qrnq orsber fur uvg gur tebhaq orpnhfr vs fur unq qvrq n "angheny" qrngu (v.r. fcyng) gurl pbhyqa'g unir oebhtug ure onpx. Fvapr Tybel jnf gelvat gb hfr gung evc gb trg onpx gb ure bja uryy qvzrafvba, vg frrzf ernfbanoyr gb nffhzr gung gung'f jurer Ohssl raqrq hc.

      • _Bailey_ says:

        V oryvrir gung vf gurve ernfbavat, ohg V pna nyfb cbxr vg shyy bs ubyrf. Zbfg abgnoyl, vs fur jnf tbvat gb tb gb n uryy qvzrafvba, jbhyqa'g ure ragver obql unir tbar? Jnfa'g gung jung Tybel jnagrq — gb culfvpnyyl tb guebhtu gur evc onpx gb ure qvzrafvba? Vs ure obql vf fgvyy gurer, jung rivqrapr qb gurl unir gung whfg ure fbhy jrag? Jbhyqa'g ure fbhy or eryrnfrq vagb gur rgure yvxr gur fbhyf bs crbcyr jub orpbzr inzcverf? Vs Tybel jnf tbvat gb gnxr ure ragver obql guebhtu (naq V guvax vg'f zragvbarq gung jura fur qbrf guvf Ora jvyy qvr naq fur'yy unir gur obql onpx gb urefrys?) gura jul jbhyq bayl Ohssl'f fbhy tb naq abg ure obql? Naq vs Jvyybj vf fgebat rabhtu gb erfheerpg Ohssl, fubhyqa'g fur or fgebat rabhtu gb qb fbzr fbeg bs fcryy gung jbhyq vaqvpngr jurer Ohssl'f fbhy jrag nsgre qrngu?

        • Meesha says:

          Tybel qvqa’g unir n obql. Fur jnf uvwnpxvat Ora’f obql sbe crevbq’f bs gvzr. Ora’f obql jnf ure “cevfba” fb gb fcrnx, ohg fur sbhaq n jnl gb gnxr bire naq trg bhg jura fur jnf fgebat rabhtu – jura fur jrnxrarq, Ora gbbx pbageby onpx. Nf V haqrefgbbq vg, vs Tybel unq orra noyr gb hfr gung cbegny, Ora jbhyq unir qvrq jvgu uvf obql uvggvat gur tebhaq naq ure fcvevg – be rffrapr, jungrire vg jnf – jbhyq erghea gb ure uryy qvzrafvba. Gung’f jul Jvyybj jnf fb pregnva gung Ohssl jnf va n uryy qvzrafvba. Fur fnj vg nf n fvzvyne fvghngvba gb jung unccrarq jvgu Natry naq jnf vzntvavat Ohssl fhssrevat hagbyq ubeebef. Gung’f nyfb jul Tvyrf xvyyrq Ora – vg jnf bayl n znggre bs gvzr orsber Tybel ortna gb ertnva fgeratgu naq or noyr gb pbageby uvz ntnva. Ora pbhyqa’g fgbc Tybel sebz gnxvat uvz bire.

          • _Bailey_ says:

            Gung znxrf n ybg bs frafr, ohg vs jr'er hfvat Natry nf na rknzcyr — uvf ragver obql jrag gb gur uryy qvzrafvba ur jrag gb, fb jul jbhyqa'g Ohssl'f? Naq fvapr Ohssl vf tbvat guebhtu gur cbegny va n qvssrerag pncnpvgl guna Tybel jbhyq, qvq gurl nffhzr gung Qnja jbhyq unir raqrq hc va gur uryy qvzrafvba vs Ohssl unqa'g whzcrq? Fur cerfhznoyl jbhyq unir qvrq ba gung gbjre bs oybbq ybff. Ohssl vf npgvat va gur fnzr pncnpvgl nf Qnja, nf gur Xrl, fb gurer vf ab pbapergr ernfba gb nffhzr gung fbzrguvat qvssrerag jbhyq unccra gb Ohssl whfg orpnhfr fur vf zbivat guebhtu gur cbegny naq abg fgehat hc nobir vg.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      V yvxr jung lbh fnl nobhg Ohssl naq ybir, ohg V jbhyq yvxr gb cbvag bhg gung gur yvar "V ybirq uvz zber guna V jvyy rire ybir nalguvat va guvf yvsr" vf n) cercbfgrebhf, fvapr fur vf abg cflpuvp naq pna'g xabj jub naq ubj zhpu fur'yy ybir va gur shgher, o) qbrfa'g gryy hf nalguvat nobhg ubj fur sryg *nsgre* gur rcvfbqr "Frysyrff" jura fur fnvq gung yvar.* Vg whfg gryyf zr gung fur gubhtug fur jbhyq arire ybir nalbar nf zhpu nf Natry (abg *gur jnl fur ybirq Natry* – fur jnf dhnagvslvat vg, ohg fur cynprq gung Natry-ybir va gur cnfg, fb fur rvgure qvqa'g ybir Natry nalzber be fur qvqa'g ybir uvz yvxr gung nalzber) – naq, V guvax, gung qrrc vafvqr fur qvqa'g jnag gb ybir nalbar nf zhpu ntnva, orpnhfr vg pbhyq zrna tbvat guebhtu gung xvaq bs cnva ntnva. (Juvpu znl or jul ure "npprcgnoyr" oblsevraqf jrer gubfr fur frrzrq haraguhfvnfgvp nobhg naq qrfpevorq gurve dhnyvgvrf nf "avpr, fbyvq, abg n uryy ornfg, qbrfa'g frrz yvxryl gb pnhfr zr cnva").

      *Ng gur gvzr, fur qvqa'g guvax fur ybirq Fcvxr – va gur rcvfbqr "Uvz" evtug nsgre "Frysyrff", fur gbyq Qnja "Ab" jura Qnja nfxrq ure vs fur ybirq Fcvxr – "V srry sbe uvz". Fur qvqa'g fgneg frrvat ure srryvatf sbe Fcvxr nf ybir ng yrnfg hagvy Fubjgvzr (VZB) naq jr qba'g xabj vs fur jnf fher nobhg vg hagvy Pubfra.

      • _Bailey_ says:

        Gunaxf sbe pynevslvat! V xarj V jnf cnencuenfvat — V cebonoyl fubhyq unir ybbxrq vg hc, ohg sbe gur zbfg cneg V nz ynml. :C

        Lbh tvir n terng nanylfvf bs gung yvar! Nygubhtu V nyfb qba'g yvxr vg orpnhfr fur qbrfa'g fcrpvsl ebznagvp ybir urer, naq gur grez "nalguvat" xvaq bs znxrf vg jvqr bcra, yvxr fur ybirq uvz zber guna ohooyr onguf, be fbzrguvat. Ohg gura gung nyfb vzcyvrf gung fur ybirq uvz zber guna ure cneragf, naq . . . . V trg gung guvatf unccra gung znxr fbzr crbcyr abg ybir gurve cneragf, ohg zvar ner whfg nf jbaqreshy nf Wblpr, naq ab thl V'ir rire qngrq, rira gur barf V pbafvqrerq zlfrys gb or va ybir jvgu, rire pbzcnerq. Nyfb, V guvax Ohssl'f tevrs ng ybfvat Wblpr jnf n ybg zber frirer guna ure tevrs ng ybfvat Natry. Fur znl abg unir eha njnl, ohg gurer vf n ernfba Wbff pragrerq na rcvfbqr nebhaq gur qrngu bs Wblpr naq abg gur qrngu bs Natry.

  74. fantasylover120 says:

    You've gotten to Faith! YES! Even more fun times now! Well…as fun as a show run by Whedon can get.
    Daily Buffy Quotable
    Willow: I'm giddy. Oz: I like you giddy. Always have.
    "You've just gotta stand up and salute that death rate."-Trick
    "I think what my daughter is trying to say is na na na na na."-Joyce (being the most awesome mother ever)
    Willow: Are you mad at me? Giles: Of course not. If I were angry I believe I would be making a strange clucking noise with my tongue.
    "Raise your hand if ew"-Buffy (sorry B, I agree with Faith)
    "Five by five."-Faith, several times
    "People say you don't learn things in school anymore. I've learned to be afraid."-Xander
    "You guys are a hoot and a half. If I'd had friends like you, I'd've still dropped out, but I might have been sad about it."-Faith

  75. Angel coming back at the end of the episode is the biggest WHAT THE FUCK moment so far

  76. Mark says:

    I have a feeling that I'm one of the 7 or so people who doesn't care for Faith that much. Znvayl orpnhfr LBH QB ABG GBEGHER JRFYRL NAQ TRG NJNL JVGU VG, RIRE. V qba'g pner vs lbh fnir na bhg-bs-pbageby ohf shyy bs xvggraf nsgrejneqf, V jvyy arire sbetvir lbh vs lbh uheg Jrfyrl.

    • Snvgu unq n YBG bs cbgragvny naq V srry vg sryy syng. V'z nyfb n ovg qvfnccbvagrq gung FZT fubg qbja gur vqrn bs Snvgu/Ohssl unccravat orpnhfr fur qvqa'g srry gung Ohssl jbhyq "qb gung." Pbafvqrevat ubj qenja gurl jrer gb rnpu bgure'f fynlre cbjre V crefbanyyl guvax vg jbhyq or cresrpgyl ybtvpny gung gjb fynlref jbhyq or frkhnyyl nggenpgrq gb rnpu bgure. V'z cerggl fher gung'f jul Ohssl fyrrcf jvgu n tvey va gur pbzvpf. Jevgref svanyyl trggvat jung gurl jnagrq.

      • robin_comments says:

        "V'z nyfb n ovg qvfnccbvagrq gung FZT fubg qbja gur vqrn bs Snvgu/Ohssl unccravat orpnhfr fur qvqa'g srry gung Ohssl jbhyq "qb gung." "

        bzst V arire xarj gung jnf ernfba gung qvqa'g unccra! Fbeel, ohg V svaq vg uneq gb ivrj gung whfgvsvpngvba nf nalguvat bgure guna n ovg bs fhopbafpvbhf ubzbcubovn. [Orsber nalbar sernxf bhg, V'z ABG ng nyy fnlvat gung FZT vf n ovtbg & ubzbcubor. V'z fher fur'f n irel avpr, jryy zrnavat vaqvivqhny jub yvxryl pbafvqref urefrys gb or na nyyl. Ohg whfg yvxr ubj hapbafpvbhf enpvfz pna nssrpg crbcyr jub ner abg vagraqvat gb or enpvfgf, fbzrgvzrf crbcyr'f rinyngvba bs jung vf nccebcevngr naq oryvrinoyr be abg vf nssrpgrq ol urgrebpragevp guvaxvat naq hapbapvbhf ubzbcubovn.]

      • UnstrungZero says:


    • Ida says:

      I'm one of these 7 too. It isn't only that I don't care about her that much (or at all, for that matter), but I actively find her to be extremely annoying, and I just can't stand her.

      Bu, naq url, sryybj Jrfyrl sna. 🙂

    • Seventh_Star says:

      NZRA. v ybir jrfyrl fb zhpu. jngpuvat gung fprar vf gbegher (trg vg?) sbe zr.

  77. @sesinkhorn says:

    LOLOLOLOL I love the fascination with Angel's butt in comments. It is, admittedly, a very nice butt.

    I feel like I don't have much to add beyond FAAAAAAITH and MR. TRICK and SHUT UP XANDER and GILES YOU ARE MY FAVORITE.

    Also, Seth Green's delivery of Oz's deadpan humor is always so spot on. THE BEST.

  78. robin_comments says:

    So to be honest I had to force myself to sit down and watch this, because I kept putting it off. I don’t remember Season 3 very clearly but Faith is not a favorite character of mine and I knew from the title that this is when she’d appear. And… now I am laughing at myself, because this episode was actually very enjoyable! I will not be hesitating on the next one.

    “It’s no longer cutting. It’s legal.” I love Willow’s giddiness here because I was finally able to go off campus during lunch (as a junior) and I definitely remember the glee and also the illogical fear that someone was going to stop me any moment.

    Though… there were no grassy picnics.

    Buffy with the butterfly clip is so ridiculously cute.

    Ominous Limo of Wealthy Evil


    Trick is so well dressed and charming. And polite the fast food employees before he rips them out to eat them! My kind of vampire.

    Another surreal dream sequence! In which Buffy continues to have gorgeous hair and everything ever.

    “I think what my daughter is trying to say is… Nah Nah Nah Nah.” The Summers women working together is truly a force to be reckoned with!

    “It goes without saying.” Awwww THE WAY GILES’ FACE SOFTENS THERE.

    I’d forgotten that they STILL didn’t know the soul spell worked at this point.

    Willow’s overinvestment in Buffy dating again is just intrusive and creepy to me, sorry. I get that it’s coming from mostly good intentions, but I think that subconsciously a lot of it is also down to not liking feeling uncomfortable & self-conscious about her own “coupley” behavior while Buffy is alone… and it’s not really appropriate or fair to be trying to make herself feel more at ease by making Buffy feel weird and pressured to be “better” more quickly. Buffy will heal and move on at the rate in which it’s right and comfortable for HER. idk. I’m not saying Willow’s being a terrible friend or anything, just that it bothers me and I don’t like watching it.

    I love disco vampire’s dancing SO MUCH. I picked up on it when they panned over him and Faith originally, and then we get MORE. *claps hands*

    Ok, still not wild about Faith (my initial reaction pretty much mirrors Buffy’s) but I am so thankful that she immediately notices that Giles is hot stuff. I have a huge platonic crush on Giles.

    Trick is definitely the most modern vampire we’ve seen yet, with a grasp of technology and globalization. A business man to Spike’s unruly punk persona.

    I really liked the moment when Joyce finds out that Buffy died.

    And then, yes, Faith has a “different” temperament.

    Buffy in that hallway conversation with Giles again is just so distractingly gorgeous. This is becoming a problem. God, am I Xander? I feel like I’m becoming Xander right now.

    Oh, Giles, I want to hold you as you reminisce about the all the reindeer games they won’t let you play anymore BUT I AM TOO BUSY WANTING TO STROKE BUFFY’S HAIR BACK BEHIND HER EARS. AAAAAAHHHHHH.

    “Kissing toast. He lived for kissing toast. .. maybe he lived for taquitos.” brb lolling forever.

    I had completely forgotten that Faith’s watcher was died and had been horribly murdered by Kissing Toast guy. And I actually like Faith quite a bit in that hotel scene, and then her breakdown moment is well done.

    OMFG Hulu gave me a Dougie Howser MD advertisement. I used to watch that show as a kid and look at how precious Neil Patrick Harris was. <33333333333

    I like how they explore how important attitude/perspective is for a Slayer in this episode. This is stuff I think I really didn’t appreciate when I watched the episode before. First we have Faith’s more vivacious attitude and claim of optimism and enjoyment in slaying vs Buffy’s more solemn duty perspective, and then we have Faith’s recklessness as she loses herself in the violence, and then finally we have Faith crippled with hopelessness and fear. V guvax Snvgu'f ybff bs svtug vf vagrerfgvat va gur pbagrkg bs qvfphffvbaf yngre va gur frevrf nobhg gur Fynlre qrngujvfu, naq ubj gurer'f n cbvag jurer Fynlre'f graq gb tvir hc naq tvir va gb qrngu.


    • robin_comments says:

      I love Trick with his big picture thinking! Like a lot of things in this episode, I’d forgotten that too – that he’d simply walked away, appreciating that vengeance crusades just makes you weak and gets you killed. Yay for modern vampires!

      Again, I forgot the spell was a fake. And Buffy’s monologue about Angel was very affecting, despite my lack of interest in their relationship. Her pain was just so simply expressed, understated but sincere.

      Scott Hope is completely yawn-inducing in every way, except that thing where he had to think about it and then it was only 2 seconds was… slightly adorable. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but boy does this guy have a forgettable face. It’s like he has one of those.. what you call it… don’t-notice-me perception fields from Doctor Who/Torchwood.

      GODDAMNIT ANGEL. I thought we had another episode before he was back. As I’ve remarked on rot13 previously, I really wish we’d been given more time with him gone. (I understand the writers’ plotting reasons, I just don’t agree with them and would have preferred a different path. Oh well. )

      Like, after I stop dating or seeing someone, I go months without even thinking of a guy except in like that way where I think Ryan Gosling is adorable and I just want to be text message buddies with him? PLEASE TELL ME OTHER PEOPLE DO THIS. I have these weird platonic crushes on people where I find them so attractive but I would NEVER want to sleep with them and I just want to be friends with them.
      oh, absolutely! I completely shut down and hibernate after the end of a strong relationship. Not just a few weeks or months, but like 2 years. And weird platonic crushes are the best. They bring joy to my life.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Oh, the nineties. If you look, the soda machine in the school lounge is sixty cents for a can.

      I am jealous.

  79. Smadin12 says:

    There is a way to find out Faith's back story. There is a great book called 'Go Ask Malice' by Robert Joseph Levy. A suggestion for a short Mark reads perhaps?

  80. theDMG says:

    One of my favorites in the "Under-Rated Episodes" department. Loads of great quotable writing, including pretty much the entirety of the Mr. Trick teaser and anything involving Willow or Oz. The Giles moment near the end is amazing and, while I'm not a big Angel fan, that's still a nice shocker. I even like Scott Hope quite a bit and give the man many bonus points for mosey. But the biggest allure for me is definitely Faith. Love the character, love Dushku's talent, and Dushku is tops on my celebrity crush list. Lots of love – so much so that after typing that sentence I got the Mary Tyler Moore theme stuck in my head.

  81. Mauve_Avenger says:

    I knew of Faith but not about Faith, and knew from seeing the episode title that she was coming, so I was prepared in the most minor of ways for this episode. Maybe it's just me, but my first reaction to Faith's "my dead mother hits harder than that" is that it might be implying that Faith had to fight/stake her own vamped out (or otherwise undeadified) mother.

  82. shoroko says:

    Just wanted to chime in to say that I totally get what you mean about platonic crushes. I'm having a big one on Daniel Radcliffe at the moment – I just want him to be my nerdy BFF with whom I'd watch marathons of Adventure Time while scarfing down marshmallows. I used to try to convince myself that these feelings for dudes were equivalent to romantic/sexual feelings, but finally accepted that they were not. I want to hang out and joke around with Daniel Radcliffe. I want to bake brownies for Leslie Knope and make out with her on her face. (LA LA FICTIONAL CHARACTER I CAN'T HEAR YOU)


    I feel like I should have something to say on the episode. Um. Eliza Duhsku does look really young – I don't remember noticing it the first time around, but it did really strike me this time.

  83. Kari18212 says:

    There is not much new to say at this point, but it would be criminal if I didn't say YAY OMG FAITH IS FINALLY HERE!!!! In just one episode, you can tell that there is just so much going on with her, and it is SO INTERESTING. Also, Giles making up the spell makes me go 'awww.' And Xander getting punched was really okay with me 🙂 (not sure why he got punched for his remark that was actually not intended seriously when so many other gross remarks that were meant seriously got ignored, but I'll take what I can get.)

    Last thing: Oz is 1000% perfect in every word he says in this episode. He and Willow are way too adorable it's ridiculous.

  84. Imo says:

    Hi Faith! *waves*
    V guvax ure nep zvtug or zl snibhevgr va gur jubyr Ohssl/Natry-Irefr. Jvgu Jrfyrl'f pbzvat n pybfr frpbaq!

  85. Flowerry Pott says:

    "…I think Ryan Gosling is adorable and I just want to be text message buddies with him? PLEASE TELL ME OTHER PEOPLE DO THIS."

    LAWL. I was in the grocery store the other day and there was a picture of Johnny Depp on a magazine. I thought, "He looks like a sweet boy. It would be fun to be his mom."

    Wow, I crossed some kind of frontier there, didn't I? LAWL again.

  86. Hotaru_hime says:

    Theory time!
    I think that if Buffy ever died again, no new Slayer would be called because Kendra was already called. So the order is really supposed to be Buffy -> Kendra -> Faith. So with Kendra's death, Faith was called, if Faith dies, someone else is called, but nothing will happen with Buffy because it already happened.
    That's just my theory.
    Also, why hasn't another Watcher found Faith?! I mean, really, they should be better at keeping track of Slayers- that's literally the name of their job.
    I don't think all of Buffy's feelings of inadequacy can be traced back to Angel. I think it might have started when her parents started having trouble in their relationship (we don't know if that started pre-Slayer days or post-Slayer) because pretty much all children feel like it's their fault. Then she becomes the Slayer and burns down a gym and her parents divorce and everything she had is gone. She arrives in Sunnydale and the Slayer thing happens again, and she sucks at school. She can't be a cheerleader, she's no good in class, people die around her all the time… and then Angelus preyed on all of her fears.
    Just my two cents.

    • stormwreath says:

      I think the Watchers haven't found Faith because as soon as her own Watcher was killed she ran away, and has been living in motel rooms and hitchhiking across America to (a) hide from Kakistos (b) reach Buffy and ask her help.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Yeah, the feelings of inadequacy definitely start earlier. The flashback in Becoming Part 1, with her parents arguing – that can't have been a good situation, and it's born out in Nightmares, with the fear of her father saying it's because of her. While the later stuff definitely made it worse, there's definitely issues with her dad and possibly even her mom – and there's clearly a reason why she didn't tell Joyce she was the Slayer for so long.

  87. Hypocrisy of Cake says:

    "God, the guilt that spreads over Willows face when she realize what she inadvertently did to her best friend&FUCK. What a horrible thing to find out, especially because Willow was genuinely trying to do the best thing for Buffy, and it ironically ended up causing more pain."

    Bu qrne, qvq Argsyvk fraq Znex gur jebat qvfp? Qvq ur vanqiregragyl jngpu gur Jvyybj'f ernpgvba gb Ohssl'f eriryngvba fprar va "Bapr Zber Jvgu Srryvat"? Urer ortna Jvyybj'f uvfgbel bs "urycvat" Ohssl…evtug vagb n urncvat cvyr b'cnva.


    Pna jr gnyx nobhg gur Wblpr Ybir? Cyrnfr?
    V qba'g hfhnyyl srne sbe gur zragny urnygu naq jryy-orvat bs gbgny fgenatref…V zrna V qb trarevpnyyl, ohg abg FCRPVSVPNYYL. Naq V nz whfg urer gb fnl V nz ernyyl pbaprearq sbe Znex jura "Gur Obql" pbzrf nybat. V zrna, V fxvccrq vg naq "Sberire" ba zl ynfg srj ivrjvatf orpnhfr vg gnxrf fb zhpu bhg bs zr. V pna'g vzntvar jung vzcnpg vg jvyy unir ba fbzrbar jub trahvaryl YBIRF gur punenpgre bs Wblpr. Vg ernyyl jvyy or fnq.

    • To your rot13:

      Same. 🙁

    • Fuzzysnowpuffs says:

      Lrnu, Jvyybj'f ernpgvba va guvf rcvfbqr vf abguvat pbzcnerq gb "Bapr Zber Jvgu Srryvat" kQ

      V jbhyq vzntvar zbfg crbcyr jub xabj jung vf tbvat gb unccra va "Gur Obql" vf pbaprearq nobhg Znex'f ernpgvba rirel gvzr ur zragvbaf Wblpr, V xabj V qb. Fbzrgvzrf V er-jngpu gur "Gur Obql" vs V'z va gur zbbq sbe fbzr pelvat orpnhfr V pel gur jubyr jnl guebhtu rirel fvatyr gvzr. V ybir Wblpr, ohg abg pybfr gb ubj zhpu Znex qbrf…..

      • zephyras13 says:

        Gb or ubarfg, V'z n ybg zber jbeevrq nobhg Gnen'f qrngu. Rfcrpvnyyl jvgu ure hcoevatvat, naq gur snpg gung fur'f whfg na njrfbzr punenpgre va trareny, V jbeel ubj Znex vf tbvat gb ernpg.

  88. @farwell3d says:

    [/limp bizkit]

    Someone else probably already pointed this out, but Trick murdered the drive thru guy, and they killed pizza men and such who's bodies were laying around in the lair.


    So not prepared.

  89. WhiteEyedCat says:

    Oh Faith, basically I have very mixed feelings about Faith. I love Eliza Dushku and I think that Faith is a great character but I don't like her. However I do find her philosophy on slaying and her "zest" (to steal Giles' word) really refreshing after all of Buffy's recent torment. Also she creates a really interesting dynamic for Buffy and the Scoobies. So overall…Yay, Faith's here!

    On another note, I really don't like Buffy's style this season, her bleached bangs, the little hair clips and all of the pastels don't really seem to fit the trendy style that she usually goes for. Unless that was trendy when this was made? Or it may have been a decision to contrast Buffy as much as possible with Faith and all of her red and black.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Combination, I think. The hair was definitely trendy – I remember my sister using Sun In on the front two locks of her hair until they literally broke off because they'd been bleached too much. And the clips! I owned so many useless little clips that held absolutely no hair but that were "pretty"…but I could never get them to look good anyway, so I never wore them, they just…sat on my dressing table. Poor things are still there, I think.

      As for the clothes, I don't remember as clearly, as I never did well with clothing trends. But even if it was trendy, I agree on it also being a contrast.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      I hate Buffy's clothes. She's dressing like a soccer mom all of a sudden, just because the show wants to make a stronger contrast to Faith. Obb sbe gur tbbq tvey/onq tvey fgrerbglcrf.

  90. hassibah says:

    I'm really bummed to be late to the Faith and Trick flailing who are tied for my fav character and vampire respectively, and now that I've read everybody's stuff all I can think to say is that Scott looks so much like this conservative douche that I can't fucking stand and it's really hard for me to separate them in my head even though that's totally my problem. So much good here: Faith hitting on Giles, Giles helping Buffy moving on, Buffy helping Faith to move on before Angel comes and ruins it for everybody. Then there's Faith's cleavage tassels, which I'm not even going to try to understand.

  91. Hella says:

    Nyy lbh arjovrf yvxvat Snvgu. Lbh whfg jnvg hagvy lbhe urneg vf evccrq bhg yngre. *rivy fzvyr*

  92. karate0kat says:


    Someone please tell me that there is fic with Buffy, Kendra, and Faith somewhere. I don't care how Kendra and Faith are alive at the same time, I don't care if it's not addressed at all. I just desperately want these three to exist at the same time and have to deal with each other because IT WOULD BE EPIC.

    • Neet says:

      I don't know about fanfic, but "The Book of Fours" by Nancy Holder is one of the tie-in novels and though it's not the best book ever written, it involves all three of them, plus the slayer from before Buffy.

    • RoseFyre says:

      I've seen it in a very AU (as in, not set in the exact Buffyverse reality) fic, but it only went two chapters and then died (er, the fic died, not the characters). I was sad.

  93. _Bailey_ says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  94. celestineangel1 says:

    Sooo… this year, it will officially have been a decade since my last relationship. You are not alone. In fact, you're not even the extreme.

  95. notemily says:

    FAITH HOPE AND TRICK! To which I say FUCK YEAH, go away, and yay, respectively.

    – "Prepare to un-couple… un-couple."
    – Scott Hope looks almost exactly like an ex-boyfriend of mine, which might help explain why I can't stand him. Something about him just gets on my nerves. Go away, Scott Hope.
    – Xqnder, no calling people sluts, you will get punched. (Nice to see there is actually a consequence for his sexist remark for once!)
    – Mr. Trick, you are correct about there being no black people in Sunnydale. You and that one black nurse from the hospital. That's pretty much it.
    – Remind me never to work at a drive-thru near a hellmouth.
    – I like the misdirect done with this episode's Cheesy Angel Dream. You think that's David Boreanaz's required appearance for the episode, and then BLAM! The ending!
    – Joyce being badass to Snyder is the best thing ever. SUMMERS. WOMEN. FUCK YEAH.
    – It's the Mayor on line one! ~omg mysterious~
    – The whole thing with Giles needing to find out more about Acathla is pure genius. Once again Giles is getting all my gold stars for this season.
    – "You told me if I came after eight I could run into Buffy!" Go away, Scott Hope.
    – "That's not what making out sounds like. Unless I'm… doing it wrong!"
    – FAAAAITH jdsfkj;fsadjksdjkasjkf
    – Boston accent! Hee. She says "aboat."
    – Xander interrupts Buffy's story because XANDER IS STILL AN ASSHOLE.
    – "We're five by five, you know?"
    – Faith I love your hair and your lipstick and your awesomeness and your hottness and your RED LEATHER PANTS
    – Poor Buffy, everyone is all into Faith, even Willow, who is normally sensitive to things. Not that I can entirely blame them, because Faith is hott. But Buffy is still my girl and I feel so bad for her this season.
    – I like that Mr. Trick is into modern technology. So many vampires are into ritual and prophecies and ancient artifacts. He's like the opposite of the Master.
    – Remind me never to deliver pizzas on a hellmouth.
    – Now Joyce is ignoring Buffy in favor of Faith? I still hate everyone. It must be leftover hate from last episode. Grrrr.
    – Oh man, we were SO CLOSE to a Slayer vs. Slayer fight! Stupid vamps.
    – Now we see Faith getting a little TOO into punching the vamps before staking them.
    – Coincidence and leprechauns!
    – "It begins with conversation, we all know this…" Go away, Scott Hope.
    – NOOOO the stupid Claddagh ring! IT'S NOT FOR FRIENDSHIP, DUDE. You need to google that shit. (OH MY GOD THIS WAS BEFORE GOOGLE)
    – "Not if I listen to broads like you." Broads? What is this, Guys and Dolls?
    – Faith has the same running-away suitcase as Buffy!
    – Faith has a female Watcher! Nice to know the Watchers are equal opportunity. From Giles's "my father was a Watcher, and his father was a Watcher" it seemed like they were a dude club full of dudes.
    – Faith stakes Kakistos! With… the biggest stake ever.
    – Buffy finally confesses to Giles and Willow that the curse had worked. <3333 I just want to give her ALL OF THE HUGS.
    – Giles knew the whole time, too. I love Giles.
    – Buffy, don't ask Scott Hope out. Scott Hope sucks.
    – Aaaaaaand ANGEL! BAM!
    – NAKED Angel, at that!

    One reason I don't like the Buffy/everyone else dynamic from this and the last episode is because it seems kind of forced. Like, every time Buffy starts to speak in this episode, someone or something cuts her off, and it just feels like the writers are trying too hard to set things up so that she's completely alienated. I have trouble thinking that Joyce would completely ignore her daughter's request to pass the peas or whatever just because she was so interested in Faith, just like I have trouble believing that Willow, in the last ep, would have just watched Oz in the band and smiled rather than trying to hear Buffy. I feel like the writers are making the characters act mean, not that the characters would be mean. Well, except Xander, because he has always sucked.

    • Danny_SAP says:

      Quick "um, actually" The black woman in Killed By Death was a doctor.

      • notemily says:

        Well, now I feel like an asshole. Thanks though.

        Also, I thought of another black person–the security guard from Bad Eggs doesn't die. He gets brainwashed with the rest of them but I'm pretty sure he's okay at the end.

        • Danny_SAP says:

          Don't feel like an asshole! It's pretty much ingrained that women = nurses and men = doctors.

        • misterbernie says:

          There's also the cop in Dark Age who I remember for giving Cordelia the loveliest of side-eyes.
          (And I think it may be in the same ep that Giles is seen talking to a black student.)

          • notemily says:


            • @farwell3d says:

              It's literally more non-white people than I graduated with in the small town I'm from, and getting close to being more than I knew as a kid/teen.

              No, seriously, my graduating class had one black student, two Latino students (who were brothers, one got held back a year when we were in elementary) and about 115-120 white students.

              Which might explain why, despite having watched every episode of Buffy multiple times, the lily-white nature of the show never penetrates my mind unless someone points it out, and then it quickly vanishes again…

              • cait0716 says:

                My high school class had the same make-up…and all the non-white kids had been adopted by white parents. We also had one student of Italian descent and even he stood out as significantly darker than the rest of us. I think almost everyone at my high school was of Irish, English, or German descent. It wasn't until college that I realized how white my world was (and, honestly, still is)

            • misterbernie says:



    • kelseyofcake says:

      "Poor Buffy, everyone is all into Faith, even Willow, who is normally sensitive to things. Not that I can entirely blame them, because Faith is hott. But Buffy is still my girl and I feel so bad for her this season."
      Jvyybj ybbxrq yvxr fur jnf ernyyl trggvat vagb Snvgu'f ahqvgl fgbel gbb. V jbaqre vs fur jnf srryvat n gval ovg nggenpgrq gb ure naq ybbxrq onpx ng guvf yngre naq unq bar bs gubfr "Bu, rneyl fvtaf bs zl tnlarff!" zbzragf.
      And yes, Faith is very hot and her red leather pants are indeed amazing.

      It's not something I noticed the first time, but I would agree with you that some of the behavior from Buffy's friends and her mother seem forced. The bits with Joyce are especially confusing to me, because we just recently saw how much she missed Buffy and agonized about her being gone.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "From Giles's "my father was a Watcher, and his father was a Watcher" it seemed like they were a dude club full of dudes. "

      You remembered it wrong. Giles said that his father and his father's MOTHER (his grandmother) were Watchers.

      Giles: I was ten years old when my father told me I was destined to be
      a Watcher. He was one, and his mother before
      him, and I was to be next.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Black people also include the police officer in The Dark Age!

      …Uhu, V jbaqre vs Jvyybj unq n pehfu ba Snvgu gbb naq qvqa'g ernyvmr vg. Vg jbhyq pregnvayl rkcynva ure cerbpphcngvba jvgu Snvgu va guvf rcvfbqr.

      Huh, Google had just been incorporated right before this season started. God, life before Google. It feels like it's always existed.

    • SosaLola says:

      I agree with you about the Buffy/everyone else themes. I try to excuse it as Buffy's unreliable narration, seeing the show through her eyes so that she'll always look like the misunderstood one and the others as jerks.

  96. Meesha says:

    I've been lurking for a while – getting caught up with the episodes. I actually caught up with Anne, but I wanted to wait until Mark reviewed the first three episodes of season three before commenting because I think they go hand in hand in terms of Buffy finally starting to deal with the issues that drove her to run away at the end of Becoming, part 2.

    I know that I will be in the minority here, but I have to say – I agreed with the Scoobies in DMP. They were all right. What Buffy did by running away was hurtful, selfish, and emotionally unhealthy for her. Running away solves nothing – it only makes things worse. Shutting down emotionally solves nothing – it only makes things worse. Buffy has what no other Slayer before did – a solid support base. And she refuses to use it.

    But, let's go back a bit because this is becoming a pattern for Buffy. When we first meet her in season 1, we learn that Buffy had been kicked out of her old school and that's why her mother had to move to a new city and get a new job to find a school that would accept Buffy as a student because of her record. In other words, Joyce had no choice but to give up everything and start over in a new place because her daughter is the Slayer – and she didn't even know it then. That's not Buffy's fault – she didn't ask to be chosen. But it was a consequence – being the Slayer is no picnic. Buffy's response to all this emotional trauma was to withdraw – not gonna be the Slayer anymore. Only, being the Slayer is not a matter of choice and fate drags her back into slaying by dropping her into the Hellmouth just in time for The Harvest. Buffy accepts that she is the Slayer and that her new friends want to help her.

    At the end of season 1, Buffy discovers that a prophecy reveals that the master will kill her. Again, her response to emotional trauma is to withdraw – he can't kill her if she quits. But she gets it together after what happened to Willow and realizes, again, that she can't quit. She faces the master, dies, comes back and kicks master butt. But she can't deal with the emotional trauma – she died. The master was able to enthrall her and pulled her right to him. Again, Buffy withdraws – shuts down emotionally. She spends the summer with her dad being brookdy and acquiring a fabulous new shoe collection because her dad can't think of any other way to connect with her. She returns to Sunnydale with an attitude – pushing her friends away, refusing to talk to anyone about what is bothering her, etc… It takes four of her friends being threatened to force Buffy to deal with her problems – which she chooses to work out by pounding the master's bones into dust rather than talking about them. Still, that's some progress from just shutting down emotionally.

    The end of season 2 is a huge step backwards though. Major emotional shutdown and this time, she runs away. Leaves a not for her mom – not a word to anyone else. It's not being kicked out of school – she's dealt with that before. It's not fighting with her mother – she's dealt with that before too. Not to mention that both of those problems were going to go away – Snyder had no valid reason to expel her and it was obvious her mom didn't want her to leave forever. She could have just gone to Giles until Joyce calmed down. No, Buffy left because of Angel. The events of the latter half of season 2 were all leading up to Buffy having this emotional breakdown over Angel. Xander was right – though his delivery was crude and he could have shown more finesse.

    Buffy couldn't forgive herself for having sex with Angel – she blamed herself for him becoming Angelus. She blamed herself for still having feelings for Angel and being unable to kill Angelus before he killed Jenny. She blamed herself for having to kill the man she loved just moments after he was cured. But instead of turning to her amazing support base, Buffy once again, shuts down emotionally and, this time, leaves. She runs away from her problems and being the Slayer. Now, I'm not saying this is completely wrong – it is a natural defense mechanism. But it's not a healthy one and Buffy needs to learn how to face emotional trauma as much as she does the physical danger involved with being the Slayer.

    • Meesha says:

      continued ….

      Anne shows us Buffy in hiding – avoiding her problems by becoming someone else. Then Lily comes into her life and she realizes that she is doing essentially the same thing that Lily has done for years – hiding behind a false identity. That's an important lesson for Buffy and it makes her reclaiming her identify with the demons all that more powerful.

      But that's not the only lesson. Buffy also has to learn to deal with the consequences of her actions. She can't just waltz back into Sunnydale and pick up where she left off. She hurt people and she needs to apologize to them. She hurt herself by withdrawing emotionally and running away – she needs to deal with her problems and talk about them. DMP deals with the first in a beautifully awkward confrontation. And, while I do agree with others, that the Scoobies should have confronted Buffy right away instead of trying to avoid it, I also think that was a confrontation that was eventually going to happen regardless. It couldn't be avoided. It became obvious very quickly that Buffy was still trying to avoid her problems. She just wanted to pick up her life and pretend nothing had happened. She's back home, but she still isn't talking. The Scoobies and her mother are afraid to push it – what if she runs again? But that was going to come to a head and it did in a spectacular way. Still not done though – they get the apology from Buffy, but she's still not talking. Though I'm sure fighting zombies worked out a lot of tension for all of them.

      That's the key for Faith, Hope, and Trick. Buffy has to learn how to talk about what's bothering her. She has this amazing support base, she needs to learn to use it. She should know that she could go to Willow and tell her that Angel was cured and have a sympathetic ear. She should know that she can depend on Xander to reassure her that she had no choice but to kill Angel – though Xander definitely needs to work on his delivery. A lot. Her mother knows that she is the Slayer now so she can talk to her as well. And Giles' primary function is to be there for Buffy – to help her get through things like this. Previous Slayers only had their watcher to talk to. Buffy needs to learn to use her support base to maker her stronger. Giles understands this and comes up with a brilliant way to get Buffy to talk about the real problem – what drove her to shut down emotionally and run away. Now it's out in the open and Buffy can deal with it. Hopefully, Buffy will learn from this and not turn away from her support base in the future.

      On a more shallow note. NAKED ANGEL!!!!!

      • @Ivana2804 says:

        It's hard for me to see Xander as amazing support base guy, when his empathy for what Buffy went through is shown in the way he dismisses Buffy's incredible trauma of having her boyfriend lose his soul after sleeping with her, turn evil, kill a lot of people including her teacher/Giles' girlfriend, try to destroy the world, and Buffy having to send him to hell just as his soul was returned and he was his old self… for Xander, it's "boy trouble". As if it's the same as a girl worrying that a boy she likes doesn't call her.

        All the more ironic since Xander whined in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered how difficult it is to date Cordelia, and how much his life sucks when she dumped him – to Buffy, whose boyfriend was out killing people and stalking and threatening her.

        • arctic_hare says:


        • Meesha says:

          Well, I do agree that Xander over simplified the issue by calling it “boy trouble”, but that is what it boiled down to. Buffy took off without any explanation or even trying to talk to any of her friends because of Angel. She blamed herself for him becoming Angelus. She blamed herself for not being able to kill Angelus before he killed Jenny. She blamed herself for having to kill Angel after he was cured.

          Instead of trying to deal with those issues and talking to her friends, Buffy ran away and hid. Classic avoidance and very unhealthy. However crude Xander can be right now because he is still an emotionally immature teenage boy, he does care about Buffy and he was worried about her – just like they all were. Xander is more observant than they give him credit for – he just needs more maturity in how he expresses himself. He is brutally honest and that can hurt. But sometimes brutal honesty is what people need before they can start the healing process. Buffy needed to acknowledge how much her selfish action had hurt her friends – as well as herself by trying to avoid the issue instead of dealing with it.

          Watch the end of Becoming Part 2 – they didn’t have any idea what had happened beyond being certain that Buffy had prevented Acathla from sucking the world into hell because the world was still there. They didn’t know if Willow’s curse worked and maybe Buffy and Angel had gone off somewhere together – or if it hadn’t worked and Buffy had to kill Angelus. Buffy didn’t tell them anything. She just took off because she was hurting and, instead of dealing with the pain, she wanted to run and hide from it. Buffy was wrong and Xander called her on that – not in the most mature way, but the point he made was valid. Buffy needed to deal with everything that had happened with Angel.

        • SosaLola says:

          He was supporto guy in Phases. Jenny's death was kind of the last straw, he couldn't keep being supportive when Angel was just roaming around and killing people. Especially people Xander cared about. His anger in Dead Man's Party was very extreme, but it just shows how much Buffy meant for him. When you love someone so much, having them run away for three months without contact bring strong emotions within you. Notice how it's Joyce, Xander and Willow who got really upset, they're the ones who really care about Buffy. Giles, as a watcher, has more control over his emotions and understood what she was going through better than them.

          I confess Xander does need to go into an anger management class, though.

  97. flootzavut says:

    FWIW, I find the whole "dating in order to get over someone" thing WEIRD. I just don't get it.

    And I wish I didn't identify quite so hard with the thought of being broken, mismatched, and just plain inadequate :-/

    • John says:

      I find that the best way to get over someone is to get into someone new.

      But I've only ever dated, I haven't been in a serious relationship before. So maybe it's different.

      • flootzavut says:

        I think different people are just wired differently… and yeah maybe it's down to the seriousness (or not) – I am not sure I *could* go out with someone unless I felt pretty serious about them, you know? I think partly I'm just wired up not to do relationships unless they are pretty serious. I'm too fragile for that!

        I seem to have mislaid my vocabularly, I'm sure there must be a decent synonym for "serious" that I'm missing!! 🙂

  98. quenstalof says:

    Aww Willow you're kinda cute trying to set Buffy up, but Oz is totally cute not stopping her from rambling.
    "Ya little slut." Really Xander? Why do people do this? I recently ended a relationship and i've had several people ask me if I'm gonna "slut it up" now that i'm free. Just, what is that?
    That Happy burger statue order thing is terrifying. Who's this in the limo? The mayor? Guess not. Hello new bad guys. (Honestly when I was watching this and saw the Happy BUrger I was thinking this was gonna be some food taking over people's brains thing, but then I rmembered we already did that in Ted.)
    Well that's certanly the way you want to start a new year with the principal….
    Willow totally Wingardium Leviosa'ed that feather. You cannot convince me otherwise.
    I agree, bonus points for mosey
    Umm…Hello Faith.. are you a slayer or what?
    Oh! Of course! When Kendra died. I'm kind of embarrassed that Cordelia got it before me.
    Ugh Xander what?
    Wow everyone is so into Faith.
    That means we're gonna have a leprechaun episode at some point doesn't it?
    I'm trying not to be a creepy stalker, but I bought you a ring as gift. What?
    Her? There are she-Watchers? Cool
    Oh, Giles
    Um…What just happened?

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