Mark Watches ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: S02E12 – Bad Eggs

In the twelfth episode of the second season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, oh, fuck you. Just fuck you. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Buffy.

I don’t deal with creatures well. The more mobile they are, the easier it is to describe one of their actions as a “skitter,” and their use to frighten people are all things that can make me feel gross and disgusted and squeamish. I was seven years old when I saw Arachnophobia the first and only time in my whole life. I just read the Wiki article on it, and it’s supposed to be a comedy. Frank Marshall, your movie terrified me so badly that for at least five – perhaps six – years after I saw it, I would cry on the spot if I saw a spider.

I wouldn’t say that I have that phobia any more. It’s calmed down over the years, and horror and science fiction films have made me more fascinated with the use of creatures and insects. I came to love Alien and eagerly awaited the next terrifying creation from the team that ran The X-Files. It always creeped me out on a visceral level, sure, but I was able to have fun. After I stopped being afraid, that is.

The creepiness of “Bad Eggs” works similar to the last episode, “Ted.” We are given a sleight of hand right from the beginning, led to believe this episode is about something else. Here, the Gorch cowboys provide that distraction. We are left to think this will be about Buffy’s clash with a vampires, the conflict she is having with her mother, and the continued strangeness of the relationship between Cordelia and Xander. The story never actually ignores any of those things, but it’s a good fifteen minutes at least before we’re even introduced to the plot that’s going to terrify the hell out of me.

I’m continually intrigued by Buffy’s relationship with her mother, though I admit “Bad Eggs” made me both frustrated and sad. I simply cannot empathize with a situation like this because I have no experience that even comes close to comparing with it. Obviously, the main struggle comes from Buffy’s secretive identity. She can’t come out and tell her mother why she didn’t pick up her dress. (Actually, she totally did in this episode, but it was just a joke. AHHHHH SO CLOSE.) I enjoy that the show isn’t trying to paint Buffy as some perfect teenager suffering the most grave injustice of all time. Buffy has her flaws as both a daughter and a student of Sunnydale, but the real issue here is that she can’t explain these to her mother. I never get the sense that she doesn’t want to be close to her mom, either! Especially coming off of “Ted,” I feel more than ever that she wishes her mother just knew.

The writers then focus on setting up the concept of teenage sexuality, and then I am ultimately confused because I’m not sure if there’s a subtext here I missed. Either there really was no commentary on this in the episode, or there was and it was so obvious that I could see the forest from the trees. Even if it is weird to me to see this sort of stuff, since I was a virgin all throughout high school, I’m glad it’s being addressed. Yes, that does mean there’s a lot of kissing between Angel and Buffy, and then Xander and Cordelia. Then there’s a hint that this all might have to do with teen pregnancy when the Scoobies are assigned eggs to treat like babies for health class.

Can we just talk about this? I’ve heard that other schools did this. Our high school had these creepy robot babies that looked like double-sized Cabbage Patch kids, and they were programmed to cry and make noises whenever they needed to be fed or changed or put down for a nap. I can understand using a doll, and whatever technology was in the ones my school had, it was pretty neat. But an egg? Babies are not comparable to an egg in nearly every way imaginable. I know for a fact that this show did not just make up this idea either. I’ve met people who had to do the same thing. I mean, first of all, wouldn’t the egg go rotten after not sitting in a refrigerator for so long? Couldn’t you just lie about your assignment and buy a new one the night before it was due?

Well, I’ve spent to much time discussing that.

Moving on. I think it’s time we talked about it. Buffy, at least at this point in its run, is not a particularly fancy show. It’s not like Battlestar Galactica, where the special effects, CGI, and graphics are a thing in and of itself to be excited for. I’m perfectly okay with that. I can already tell at this point that the stories and the characters are the top narrative priority. Because of that, the idea behind this episode, a strange mixture of Alien and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, frightens me more than the effects that come with it.

That’s perfectly fine, too. As terrible as it looks, when Buffy’s egg first hatches and attaches to her face, I was very aware that this episode was not going to be what I thought it was going to be. No, instead, it was going to turn into an utter nightmare. There is just something so basically creepy about anything that can invade a host body, and this is no exception.

Even when that reveal happens, though, there’s still a lot more going on that initially doesn’t seem connected to the larger story. There’s Angel’s admission that he can’t have children. I wondered if this tied into some metaphor for sex and parasites, but again, none of it was coming together. There’s another black man on the show! He gets thrown into a hole in the wall, though, about two minutes after he’s introduced. Yay diversity!

Of course, the biggest moment not tied to the plot is the continued examination of Cordelaa and Xander. What a weird couple, y’all. I don’t know many, but I’ve known friends who got married at some point, and currently despise one another as Cordelia and Xander do here. I’ve noticed that his creepy, unapproprate comments have been toned down, which is nice. Perhaps he’s distracted by his attraction to Cordelia. Now that is probably the strangest thing in all of “Bad Eggs.” I don’t mean that in a way to criticize it, but I generally don’t find myself making out with people I despise? I’ve certainly regretted sex before; I’ve certainly made poor decisions about whom I should make out with; and I’ve definitely been attracted to someone who not only infuriates me, but is pretty much my polar opposite. All of that I understand. But two people spending a whole lot of time being somewhat attracted to one another while insulting each other? I don’t get it, and I want a whole lot more of it. It’s so fascinating to me! It’s only a matter of time before the others find out about their closet make out sessions (Willow suspects something for sure), and then this show can only get better from there.

Really, though, the highlight of “Bad Eggs” is how quickly this turns into chaos. The moment the baby parasite broke out of Buffy’s egg was bad enough, but combined with being grounded and the gradual possession of her friends, Buffy is totally overwhelmed. It was shocking to me how fast the last twenty minutes of this episode felt. There’s a thing crawling around Buffy’s room (THAT SCENE DID SEEM TO LAST FOREVER KILL IT WITH FIRE OH GOD), then she’s grounded, then Xander nearly eats his parasite, and then WHY IS CORDELIA HITTING BUFFY OH MY GOD WILLOW THERE IS SOMETHING ON YOUR BACK SWEET SUMMER CHILD THIS EPISODE IS DOING THINGS TO ME THAT I DON’T LIKE. I think this episode is especially frightening to me because I just came off of “Ted.” Don’t shows take breaks in between this sort of stuff? I CAN’T HANDLE THIS ALL AT ONCE.

But that sense of being overwhelmed is what makes this such an entertaining and disturbing story. It’s not just one character who is infected by the parasite. It’s nearly everyone who is captured. Fuck, the scene where Giles puts the parasite on Joyce is just my least joyous moment ever for this show. HOW DARE HE. I LOVE JOYCE.

I do think that the use of the Gorch cowboys feels a bit forced and unnecessary. They don’t really serve more than a couple purposes in the story. They’re a red herring at first, and then Lyle acts as a mirror for our own reaction to Buffy pulling herself out from the parasite, covered in the creature’s black gooey substance. Truthfully, I think they could have been removed from the story completely and it would probably be stronger. Still, I really don’t think it detracts from how pervasively creepy “Bad Eggs” is. The emotional closer is particularly difficult to watch as well, since we know that Buffy just saved her mother’s life, as well as the lives of her friends and classmates. Unfortunately, how do you explain to your mother that you just saved her from a giant, egg-laying parasite that’s living under the school? So she has to take her punishment without a fight.

Well, she is going to find a loophole to get around this and make out with Angel, so there’s that. It’s kind of a sweet end to a brutal episode. Simply put, it’s nice to see these two together. They really do fit with one another.

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    Warning: Do not attempt to shove a Bezoar down someone's throat! Only shove a bezoar down someone's throat. Are you listening, class? Bezoar, bezoar. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. Oh, you lot are hopeless.

    And speaking of class, I once used the "I suppose there is a sort of Machiavellian ingenuity to your transgression"/"I resent that! Or possibly thank you" exchange in a PowerPoint presentation about Machiavelli for English class.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: fun AND educational!

    • LucyGoosey says:

      Just don't google "hair bezoar"

    • Smurphy says:

      When willow first mentioned bezoar I was like… OH COOL… is that how you kill the thing that is going to be revealed later in this episode… but nope. No crossover. Not cool.

  2. tigerpetals says:

    Buffy now has vampire senses!

    Why the sudden insulting reaction to Cordelia's comment?

    Eeww oh oh I can feel it trying to go into my mouth

    Giles has an egg!

    Ubj avpr gung gurl unir guvf pbairefngvba evtug orsber yrnavat ntnvafg 'Va Ybivat Zrzbel.' Boivbhf sberfunqbjvat – guvf jvyy or nzbat gur avtugf gurl purevfu, orsber rirelguvat jnf ehvarq. Vg nyfb pbagenfgf jung gurl'er fnlvat nobhg shgherf – sebz Vaabprapr bajneqf, gung ubcr vf bs gur cnfg. V qba'g erzrzore jurgure V abgvprq guvf orsber.

    I don't get it – we saw it hatch before. Both Buffy and Willow were sluggish. Maybe it prepares them beforehand by psychically entering their minds? Maybe that weakens them?

    Did Cordelia's take longer to hatch? Is Cordelia more lively, because she never seemed sluggish.

    Giles feels like he has children. <3

    No goop on Giles' eggshell bits.

    Gurve ynfg vaabprag rcvfbqr.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Vg nyfb pbagenfgf jung gurl'er fnlvat nobhg shgherf – sebz Vaabprapr bajneqf, gung ubcr vf bs gur cnfg. V qba'g erzrzore jurgure V abgvprq guvf orsber.

      Vg'f nyfb jrveq gung gurl unir guvf pbairefngvba nobhg xvqf jvgu Natry fnlvat ur pna'g guvax nobhg guvf orpnhfr ur pna'g unir xvqf naq Ohssl fnlf fur qbrfa'g zvaq.
      Bar frnfba yngre ur yrnirf orpnhr ur guvaxf fur fubhyq or jvgu fbzrbar jub pna tvir ure jung ur pna'g (naq fur qbrfa'g pner nobhg) naq ur vf gur bar jvgu n puvyq bayl n srj lrnef yngre.

    • Smurphy says:

      Gung'f ARKG RCVFBQR! Ab… jung? *tbrf naq purpxf* Rkpvgr! Jngpuvat vg nf fbba nf V'z qbar pbzzragvat naq fhpu.

    • whedonzombie says:

      I don't think Cordelia's hatched until it popped through her teddy bear backpack's eyeballs.

    • @cykotyks says:

      I think Buffy's and Willow's eggs were probing them that night, disturbing their sleep (possibly draining their energy?), which is why they were tired. Pretty sure Cordy mentioned putting hers in the fridge? So it wasn't close to her and wouldn't have been probing her at night. (Can these things get any creepier? eugh.)

    • RoseFyre says:

      Nyfb, gur zrffntrf va guvf rcvfbqr ner fb…sberfunqbj-l.

      Frk yrnqf gb pbafrdhraprf. Obbz! Ohssl naq Natry unir frk, bu ybbx, pbafrdhraprf!

      Nyfb, vs Ohssl vf tebhaqrq sberire, ubj vf fur hatebhaqrq gur arkg jrrx? Orpnhfr fur vf qrsvavgryl abg npgvat tebhaqrq va Fhecevfr.

      • ghostofdurruti says:

        Cbffvoyr rkcynangvba sbe gur tebhaqvat guvat: Wblpr yrg ure bss gur ubbx sbe ure oveguqnl.

        • RoseFyre says:

          Ohg Wblpr qbrfa'g frrz ng nyy hcfrg jvgu Ohssl arkg jrrx, be frrz gb pner gung Ohssl'f fgnlvat ryfrjurer bireavtug – juvpu V guvax fur jbhyq rira vs fur jrer yrggvat Ohssl bss sbe ure oveguqnl. Bu jryy. Gurer ner jbefr cybg ubyrf bhg gurer!

  3. settlingforhistory says:

    A cowboy-vampire, really?

    Poor Buffy she can’t be honest wither mom and get’s in trouble because of it, a secret identity sucks.

    Xander and Cordy sure have a strange relationship, I never understood it, but they are fun.

    Egg-sitting, do high schools actually do that? I would have killed my egg in the first hour.

    Wow, for mass murderers the cowboys are quite un-scary.

    Eek, tentacle-monster-eggs, this is so wrong on so many levels.

    Every vamp seems to know Angel, but not about his soul, even though he had it the last 80 years.

    Oh, serious talk between Angel and Buffy, I that Angel admits there are things he can’t give her like a child or growing old together (naq lnl sbe ab unys-inzc puvyq, gubhtu gurer jvyy or Pbaabe, htu).

    This horror movie trope really isn’t my favorite; the whole thing seems kind of pointless it didn’t even reveal Buffy’s identity to her mom, which would have been at least something.

    Haha, Xander blurts out his and Cordy’s relationship and Buffy completely ignores it.

    The music is hilarious, like a scary version of hi ho, hi ho.

    Wbanguna! “V fyvccrq” lrn, fher.

    They gave the vamps better teeth they only lisp half as much now.

    “A gas leak” Sunnydale could use a Muggle-worthy excuse committee.

    • Kickpuncher says:

      V ybir cvpxvat hc ba nyy gurfr Wbanguna zbzragf guvf gvzr nebhaq. Cbbe thl pna’g trg n oernx, pna ur?

    • Natasha says:

      My highschool did the egg thing, my teacher used invisible ink on them so we couldn’t replace it and fake her out. She was a smarty pants.

    • hpfish13 says:

      In my high school there was a class you could take that had the baby thing that Mark talked about. It annoyed the heck out of the other teachers, though. Especially when there was more than one per classroom. Those dolls would interrupt class non-stop.

      • cait0716 says:

        Those dolls were really annoying. It was extra credit at my school, but all the kids who had them spent a week looking like death warmed over. That was probably enough of a lesson for the rest of us.

        • TrampyMcBitca says:

          My class lucked out. It used to be hollowed out eggs, which were more fragile, but our class got to use regular Cabbage Patch Kids. We basically tossed them in our lockers a lot. We stuck pins in the head of mine in history class because we were bored. I hope everyone's child rearing skills have improved since then!

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "A cowboy-vampire, really? "

      Have you seen Near Dark?

      But seriously – why wouldn't they be cowboys? They were cowboys and outlaws as humans, and they remained the same as vampires. It's rather silly when vampires always act and dress like, aristocrats, surely other people get turned, too.

      (I love how much the Gorches on their own ruin the 'the vampire has nothing to do with the human" theory. Kind of like Unezbal.)

      Best lines:
      Giles: They made their reputation massacring an entire Mexican village in 1886.
      Buffy: Friendly little demons.
      Giles: No, that was before they became vampires.

      • @Ivana2804 says:

        BTW, I'm really loving the names Natry, Wbanguna and Unezbal. I'm tempted to keep calling them that way even when I don't need to. 😉

        • settlingforhistory says:

          The funny thing is, that they help you in guessing what the other rot13 is about before you change the text.
          Wbanguna is my favourite, I'm going to call him that the entire time in fhcrefgne.
          Bm is fun too, especially as a fangirl squeel BmBmBmBm!

      • settlingforhistory says:

        What I thout so nice about the cowboys was that they where actually rather harmless.
        And when I watched the episode for the first time, I thought it where just some guys who had watched too many Wild West movies in their lives.

        Of course I'm all for vampires of different eras v ybir bhe erfvqrag Ovyyl Vqby nsgre nyy be gur yrngure-pynq Jvyybj naq Knaqre *rkpvgr*.

    • sporkaganza93 says:

      “A gas leak” Sunnydale could use a Muggle-worthy excuse committee.

      Man, what they really need are some neuralyzers!

  4. misterbernie says:

    I’ve certainly regretted sex before; I’ve certainly made poor decisions about whom I should make out with
    Haven’t we all, Mark, haven’t. we. all.
    (Well, not ALL of course, but many, I mean)

    There’s not really much about this episode, it’s silly and cheesy and b-movie-ish and I love it for it. Afaia, fandom doesn’t like it much, but I like it for what it is, silly, cheesy fun.
    – Buffy and Joyce interaction, aww
    – Gur ovg jvgu gur fnepnfgvp pbasrffvba ernyyl qbrfa’g wvor jvgu gung zragny ubfcvgny ergpba va frnfba fvk. Wblpr jbhyq’ir ernpgrq irel qvssreragyl gb Ohssl’f fhccbfrq wbxr, V’q nffhzr. Fb V thrff V’yy tb jvgu gur snajnax gung gung bayl unccrarq va gur snoevpngrq zrzbevrf? VQRX
    – …well who keeps their eyes open during making out anyways? why would you need light?
    – "why do you all have eggs?" ilu giles
    – the ironic segue cut fairy is being busy today!
    – oh dear, fuck already
    – jryy orggre qba'g
    – okay, the Gorch brothers are just silly but am I the only one to find em kinda… hot in their non-vampy form? Anyone?
    – this is a very … meta-y assignment
    – so silly and cheesy
    – so their partners for the assignment are a thing of the past, huh?
    – oh dear, fuck already
    – see the above line
    – does this scene end soon?
    – oh another person of colour! so of course he gets a pickaxe to the head
    – Buffy has her own iron?
    – this grounding thing is weird (I don’t remember any of my friends ever getting grounded; and my mom was actually glad once I started to do going out stuff)
    – the series has been kinda fixated on closets lately, hasn’t it?
    – thankfully Giles found something on his own because I doubt they’d find a &lt;bezoar&gt; from /ˈbiːzɔɹ/
    – btw, how does a mother bezoar know the name it was given by humans to psychically transmit to people under its thrall via its hatchlings?
    – so what happens if a vampire is eaten by a giant pre-historic parasite? does the bezoar have teeth with which to separate his head from his body?
    – …okay that’s just mean, Joyce

    German title: Faule Eier – Bad/Rotten/Foul/Lazy Eggs

    • cait0716 says:

      The mother bezoar psychically gave its name to the humans it was possessing. That's how they figured it out in the first place.

      I bet the vampire was slowly digested over a thousand years.

    • NB2000 says:

      okay, the Gorch brothers are just silly but am I the only one to find em kinda… hot in their non-vampy form? Anyone?

      No, not just you. I'd actually managed to forget what Lyle looked like without the vampire make-up so it was kind of surprising to find…hey he's actually kinda hot.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Fb V thrff V’yy tb jvgu gur snajnax gung gung bayl unccrarq va gur snoevpngrq zrzbevrf? VQRX

      V nterr, vg whfg frrzf zber yvxryl, gubhtu gur zbbq jnf xvaq bs ehvarq jura fur fnvq gung. Vg'f abg ernyyl fbzrguvat fur jbhyq unir rira wbxrq nobhg naq vg nyfb svg'f Orpbzvat orggre, orpnhfr Wblprf ernpgvba jnfa'g gung bs n crefba jub unq urnerq nobhg inzcf orsber.

      this grounding thing is weird (I don’t remember any of my friends ever getting grounded; and my mom was actually glad once I started to do going out stuff) .

      I don't get it either, my mom always jokes that it wouldn't have been much of a punishment for me.

      bu qrne, shpx nyernql
      jryy orggre qba'g

      Gurer jurer cebonoyl n ybg bs snaf jub gubhtug gung naq gura arkg rcvfbqr: Bu, V jnf abg cercnerq.
      "Onq rttf" ernyyl vf gur sbefunqbjvat sbe gur arkg fgbel nep: qba'g unir frk, frk vf onq naq nyfb xvqf, gurl jvyy tebj hc naq gel gb xvyy lbh (lbh urne gung Natry?).

      • misterbernie says:

        V trarenyyl graq gb vtaber frnfba fvk naljnl, fb vg'f abg gung ovt n qrny sbe zr urer, vg zber naablf zr gung gurl qvq n pyhzfl, cbbeyl gubhtug-guebhtu ergpba sbe na rcvfbqr jvgu n purnc gjrrrrfgr raqvat gb ortva jvgu.

        Nf sne nf V pna erpnyy, gur Fhecevfr/Vaabprar cybg jnf bar bs gur ynfg srj cybgf V jnf pbzcyrgryl hafcbvyrq sbe. Gubhtu jura V svefg jngpurq vg, V jnfa'g gung zhpu guvaxvat nobhg frk lrg.

        • settlingforhistory says:

          V fbzrgvzrf jvfu gurl unq qbar n orggre wbo ng fgngvat "gur cerivbhf frnfbaf unir nyy orra yvxr guvf onpnhfr bs Qnja " be "gurl unir orra yvxr guvf vafcvgr bs Qnja" be "gur Fpbbovrf erzrzore riragf qvssreragyl guna gur snaf unir frra gurz"
          Guvf vf jul V qba'g ernq gur pbzvpf, gurl whfg shegure pbzcyvpngr guvatf, V cersre urnq pnaba.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Yeah, the partners thing is just…odd. Because no one actually seems to have them, or why would, say, Willow have the "kid" every night? I feel ike they wanted to make the single mother point, but then realized they needed everyone to be under mind control, so…forgot about it. Silly writers?

  5. Seventh_Star says:

    look, i like some cheese on my buffy sandwich ("v jrne gur purrfr, vg qbrf abg jrne zr."). i have noticed in the comments that many people do not like this episode…but i do. i really do. it's not the best ever, or even close to it, but i enjoy it on every re-watch.

    1. joyce: "honestly, don't you ever think about anything besides boys and clothes?"
    buffy: "saving the world from vampires?"

    OH, BUFFY. YOU SLAY ME. get it?

    2. giga pet. lulz. (yes, i had one.)

    3. ok, i gotta go off on this episode's portrayal of texans for a moment. i'm from texas and proud of it, and i get so annoyed with the same representation being shown time and time again. GET A NEW ANGLE. these two dudes are pointed out as, basically, being the stupidest of the vamps buffy has faced so far. THANKS. they actually say the phrases "giddy up" and "yippee-ki-yay"…ugh. just…i know i'm sensitive about it, but, dang, it's just ignorant. and it's lazy writing. END RANT.

    naq guvf vf whfg bar bs gur znal ernfbaf jul serq ohexyr bjaf zl urneg.

    4. cordelia: "well, i think we should look around don't you, xander?"
    xander: "it can wait."
    cordelia: "well, his body could fall out of a closet somewhere. so we should check some
    closets to see if he's in…a closet?"
    xander: "you're right. there could be a closet. let's go."

    these two play so well off each other. their senses of humor really mesh to create a highly entertaining chemistry.

    5. "angel, when i look into the future, all i see is you. all i want is you."

    this is officially their first real talk about the future of their relationship. even though buffy's thoughts are colored with the hopefulness that only a young person can possess, at least she is starting to think about things beyond their present situation.
    natry, lbh pna'g unir xvqf, uhu? gryy gung gb gur pbaabe, znlor gur zbfg gentvp punenpgre va gur jubyr ohsslirefr.

    6. ok, so one of the reasons that i like this episode is because the monsters actually TOTALLY squick me out. spider-y/ lobster-y type things that run around hiding behind furniture? a big NO THANK YOU. the scene where it jumps out at buffy and scurries around her room gives me all kinds of heebie-jeebies! plus, the pod people trope sincerely frightens me. the idea of being the only one, or one of these only ones, left fighting a hive mind type situation is one of my biggest fears.

    7. oh, those little stuffed-animal backpacks. they were all the rage…for some reason. not that i don't love a good stuffed animal.

    8. i know they constantly make up names and monsters on buffy (no complaints there because it's not what the show is really about), but a "bezoar" is a real thing. it's one of those little things that just bothers me.

    "where, mister potter, would you look if i asked you to find me a bezoar?"

    9. that's one quality pratfall, xander. i commend you.

    10. i love the way buffy looks when she crawls out of the hole all covered in inky black mother bezoar-ness. that look in her eyes is so primal. jr'yy or ivfvgvat guvf yngre va bar bs zl snibevgr rcvfbqrf, bs pbhefr.

    11. awwww! sweet bangel kisses! things between these two are certainly heating up…*znavnpny ynhtugre*

    • cait0716 says:

      5. Actually, I think that line is a sign that Buffy isn't thinking about anything beyond the present. She's not expecting to live long. The most important thing in her world right now is Angel. And spending another day with him is the only future she can see.

    • hpfish13 says:

      I also rather enjoy this episode. It's not necessarily one of the best, but I remember being thoroughly entertained and creeped out.

      • cait0716 says:

        Yeah. Every time I watch it I'm a little surprised to find that I enjoy it. It just doesn't stick with me.

      • RoseFyre says:

        Agreed. Definitely nowhere near my top ten list, or even my top 25 list, but it's done well and very very creepy. *shudders at the bug thing*

    • whedonzombie says:

      3. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't make the Texan connection (I'm sure they mentioned it, but I didn't catch it). I've always thought the characterization had more to do with them being 100-year-old hooligans who never wised up. Your observation is surely more valid and accurate than mine, I'm just saying it went right over my head.

      • Seventh_Star says:

        it only jumps out at me because i've become sensitized to it over the years. it always feels like, "OH, THIS AGAIN. REALLY?" but i don't even particularly dislike them as characters. they're funny.

      • notemily says:

        They mentioned the guys were from Abilene, which is a place in Texas, but it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference.

    • Rob M says:

      Nu, Serq.

      Vs V jnfa'g fyrrcvat jvgu Jvyybj, naq lbh jrer tnl, naq jr jrer va gur jbeyq jurer V jnf npghnyyl n tvey, gura lrf, lbh jbhyq gbgnyyl bja zl urneg. Nf vg vf, V whfg unir gb yhfg nsgre lbh sebz nsne hagvy lbh oernx zl urneg, ghea vagb fzhesrggr, or trarenyyl phgr naq naablvat, oernx Jrfyrl'f urneg, naq fbzrubj fheivir gur ncbpnylcfr jvgu lbhe cbjref bs abg-haqrefgnaqvat-arff.


    (Guvf vf n ohapu bs svyyre grkg orpnhfr whfg chggvat gur rcvfbqr gvgyr frrzf gb znxr vg vaperqvoyl boivbhf gung gurer jvyy or n fvzvyne rcvfbqr va gur shgher, ohg, bs pbhefr, nyy bs lbh ernqvat guvf ner, yvxr zr, rntreyl njnvgvat “Gur Jvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfu.”)

    • arctic_hare says:


    • Smurphy says:

      Too soon…

      naq pna'g jnvg… rkprcg V pna. Orpnhfr vg jvyy fgvyy or gbb fbba.

    • thiamalonee says:

      Legit, I would not want the bezoar touching any part of my person. It is super creepy. also (Spin-off spoilers): Jung nobhg gur frnfba guerr natry rcvfbqr Oveguqnl? Vs Pbeql unq whfg tbar yrsg ng gur cnegl, fur'q or n snzbhf npgerff, naq gur natry naq gur tnat jbhyq or qrfgeblrq.

  7. Maya says:

    Our school did flour sack babies for our psychology class where we had to write up their development over two weeks. People would go around stabbing flour sacks which was super annoying. Mine was named Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and she was awesome.

    • Meltha says:

      We did the flour sack thing too, but there was no stabbing. That was an automatic F in the class, a month's worth of detention, and a long, long talk with the dean of student behavior.

    • SnarkyWriter says:

      We did that in high school. It was really annoying because we got penalized for ANY dirt, dings, etc. on the white paper we used to wrap the flour sacks and I had to take the bus (city, not school) to school every day. Not the first time I felt like the classes penalized you for being poor.

    • Jenny_M says:

      We also had flour sacks! I gave mine a hat and only brought it out of the trunk of my car for health class.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Wow, I'm surprised how many people here actually did that fake babysitting thing at school.
      What good does it do? Did anyone later in life actually think "Well, having a child is hard, but that health class with the egg/flour sack really prepared me for that!"?
      It just so strange, but considering that my school had about 1 hour of sex ed total I'm maybe not meant to understand it.

      • cait0716 says:

        1 hour of sex ed? I got it in 5th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, and 10th grade. And each time it lasted at least a month. What can you possibly cover in an hour?

        • hpfish13 says:

          My ninth grade sex-ed got cancelled by the teacher who was supposed to teach it (which was our geography teacher for some reason) because the class right before ours giggled and joked through it too much. Other than that, we had very basic sex-ed in 5th grade (which I opted out of because I didn't want to take it in a mixed boy/girl class setting) and again in 6th grade. The graduating class after mine was required to take a full semester of health in high school, though, so I guess things have changed.

        • misterbernie says:

          We only did these are the rude bits and a rough rundown of pregnancy over two lessons and that was it. I'm not sure, but I think settlingforhistory may be German, as well? And idk about current curricula, but I get the impression that sex ed is supposed to happen at home (and via Bravo) here.

          • settlingforhistory says:

            Yes, I'm German.
            It's really not the responsibility of the school to explain where they babies come from here.
            They just give out condoms and tell you to be careful, that's all.
            We had the whole procreation in biology class, but it was purely scientific.

            • misterbernie says:

              Hmm I think we didn't even get condoms. Lol Bavaria, I guess.
              But I definitely remember more drug education than sex education (and the biggest stoner in class doing a report on them). Also the hepatitis PSA featuring a rapping needle.

              • settlingforhistory says:

                Oh yes, I can't count the number of drug speeches held by complete stoners, one of them was a known (in student circles at least) drug dealer and it felt like advertisement.
                Drugs where also discussed in almost every class at one point: politics, communication, biology, chemistry (where we produced undrinkable beer). It didn't help anymore than the eggs, though.

                • misterbernie says:

                  I don't remember there being much talk against beer, at the very least (that would probably be a prosecutable offense here 😛 ); hell, even the drug stuff was more "this is what the drug does to your body and it can be dangerous because of this" than outright "don't do it".

                  But we didn't really talk much about them outside of biology; our most frequent repeats were the political structure of Germany (both in politics (well, Sozialkunde) and history) and Nazi Germany (obvs, in history, politics, ethics, German).

        • Maya says:

          Yeah, we had ours in 4th-9th grade. Which is amazing considering the list of things we WEREN'T allowed to talk about (birth control,anything to do with being gay, anything that wasn't strictly biological/about abstinence). We were allowed to ask about them (on small pieces of paper submitted to the teacher after class), but we couldn't have our questions answered. Gotta love abstinence-only education!

          • cait0716 says:

            This is just mind-boggling to me. We had

            5th grade – You're all about to go through puberty. It's going to suck. it's going to suck less if you're nice to each other about it, so try to do that. This is how a tampon works. This is all a good thing because eventually you'll be able to have sex which, aside from making babies, feels really good. In the meantime, masturbation is fun and informative. So have fun with that.

            7th grade – Well, a bunch of you are going through puberty now, so we'll recap that. This is how conception works. Here, dissect a bull testicle. Then we segued into another lesson in which we learned that if it's a truly harsh winter a mother wolf will eat the food and let her cubs starve because, until they can take care of themselves, the mother's life is more important. She can have babies again next year, while motherless cubs will probably just die the next day. It was an interesting way to sneak in a pro-choice message.

            8th grade – Condoms. condoms, condoms, condoms. Not only do they protect against pregnancy (like the pill!) they protect against most STDs (unlike the pill!). Here's how you use a condom. Here, take care of this sack of flour and learn some basic childcare stuff like how to change a diaper

            10th grade – STDs. STDs are scary. Memorize all these symptoms and how to tell if someone else has one (or not) and how to guard against them and remember that you can contract one even if your partner doesn't show any symptoms and many of them aren't curable. Some of them even if you're using a condom. (This was the abstinence only part, but it was all really good information. Using STDs as a scare tactic ultimately proved informative.) Then we went into more detail about the biology of pregnancy and shifted into genetics.

            • settlingforhistory says:

              Wow, that is really thorough sex ed.
              I guess I had 1 hour of the 7th and 8th grade material in my 7th grade and then the genetics stuff in biology in my 9th grade for a month. As misterbernie said, Bravo helped, too. (though I always thought that magazine rather embarrasing, I did have a peek or two.)

            • Maya says:

              4th-6th grade was about puberty and AIDS and why you shouldn't be afraid to touch people who have HIV/AIDS. We were also separated by gender, so I have no clue what the boy's class was like. 7th-8th grade was STDs and why you should wait (nothing about birth control, although our teacher's graphic description of giving birth was enough for most of us). 9th grade was "The Miracle of Life" and the biological realities of sex (including a rather interesting pasta metaphor that put all of us off Italian food for a while). We were actually told if we had questions about birth control or homosexuality, we could only be told that they exist and the types (for b.c.) and NOTHING about being gay.

            • notemily says:

              You got "masturbation is fun and informative"? I'm pretty sure any of my teachers who told us that would get fired. O_o

              Not that I disagree! I learned sex ed almost entirely from books that my mom would bring home (she taught sex-ed to the 7th graders at her school), and most of them were very body-positive and cool. I know I got school sex-ed, but I'm pretty sure I had already read about most of that stuff in books before we got there.


              I didn't get condoms handed out or even taught how to use one in a classroom setting until college. That was a fun lecture, though. (The first week of college everyone had to go to a lecture in which the older students demonstrated condoms (on a banana) and dental dams and other fun things. They had a great sense of humor about it too, unlike my elementary and middle school teachers who was like IF ONE OF YOU LAUGHS YOU ARE ALL IN DETENTION FOREVER.)

              • cait0716 says:

                Ah, yeah, we got the whole condom demonstration on the first day of college, too. We also had an interesting activity in which six upperclassmen who each identified with a different point on the kinsey scale stood up front and a volunteer had to organize them in order of the kinsey scale. It was kind of cool, especially since the point was "you can't tell by looking at us, so don't assume". But they were all also willing to hang out and talk about sexual orientation with anyone who wanted.

                I've had a very liberal life.

      • Maya says:

        Ours was actually for the psychology elective. It was a part of the developmental psychology section. Every three days or so was another stage of psychological development and we had to write about what our "babies" were doing at that stage.

      • Sarah S says:

        I know we had sex ed in grade six and a health class thing in grade nine, I think it was, but I have almost no recall about what happened. I have a vague notion we covered aspects of puberty, and there was a lot of talk about condoms and all other forms of birth control being fundamentally inferior. Still, the only thing that really stuck with me was the memory of my male classmates making jokes based on the then-current theory that AIDS had originated through some sort of contact with monkeys in Africa. So, since AIDS could only be contracted by an exchange of bodily fluids, they took the route that obviously someone had been having sex with monkeys. And you can just imagine the kind of (hem) "comedy" material produced.

        So . . . that's all I took away from sex ed.

        • Sarah S says:

          I just want to clarify something since I have no way to edit what I just posted. My classmates were theorising about exchanges of bodily fluids obviously leading to bestiality. Not the teachers. Who actually never explained how the AIDS transmission would work from the monkeys.

  8. t09yavosaur says:

    <img src=''&gt;

    I know they have a real name but yeerk is the sound you make when you see them so it applies to all Body Snatching insects/arachnids. [I would like to thanks K. A. Applegate for my childhood, My love of Evil with Mind Control/Body Snatching powers, and the Happy Meal with extra Happy] [Thinking about it, since '98 was the year that Animorphs was “big” I can only assume that this episode was based off of it.]
    This is the first episode of Buffy that I ever watched straight through and I still don't know how I knew it would be about something I love (the same is true for the other 2 episodes of Buffy I have seen). There is absolutely nothing in the beginning of this episode that would have attracted my younger self.

    All that I can think of is that I psychically sensed that it was about my favorite topic and, since this is not the only time it has happened, this theory still stands. And it is not only with Buffy episodes either. One weekend I was watching TV; I didnt have cable so the only thing worth watching after cartoons was one of the hopefully good random movies playing (this is how I first saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off). On this day they were playing:
    <img src=''&gt;
    I don't know if anyone has seen it but it is basically a campy Yeerk style story where aliens take over people in a small town school, the only way to fight them off is with home-made crack, and the only ones who know about it are a mismatched group of Breakfast Club teens. It has a lot of names (hello Elijah Wood) and I found this tidbit on the imdb page when I was thinking about my post:
    “The role of Delilah was originally written for Charisma Carpenter. She turned it down because she felt the role was too similar to her character Cordelia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Coincidentally, Sarah Michelle Gellar who is another Buffy star, also turned down a role.”
    I have not yet seen the “not censored for television” version so I am hesitant about expressing my love but it is currently up there as one of the most ridiculous-yet-entertaining movies I have ever seen.

    • t09yavosaur says:

      Anywayz, I should talk about the actual episode so here is a smaller then usual list:
      -Xander for parent of the year! You could argue that boiling his kid was just giving him a toasty bath but then he went to eat it.
      -The cowboy vampires are awesome.
      -There were a whoooole lot of make-out sessions.
      -Hi again Danny Strong! You keep getting redshirt lines but you are still around.
      -Buffy should have told her mom she was unconscious in a small room. A short trip to the hospital would have been better than grounding for saving the world.
      -I liked that the yeerks still acted in their host's interests while controlling them. Controlled!Giles still kept Buffy's secret.
      -YEERKS!! They must have been cramped in those tiny chicken eggs.
      <img src=&ldquo <a href="http://;”&gt;” target=”_blank”>;”&gt;

    • t09yavosaur says:

      Anywayz, I should talk about the actual episode so here is a smaller then usual list:
      -Xander for parent of the year! You could argue that boiling his kid was just giving him a toasty bath but then he went to eat it.
      -The cowboy vampires are awesome.
      -There were a whoooole lot of make-out sessions.
      -Hi again Danny Strong! You keep getting redshirt lines but you are still around.
      -Buffy should have told her mom she was unconscious in a small room. A short trip to the hospital would have been better than grounding for saving the world.
      -I liked that the yeerks still acted in their host's interests while controlling them. Controlled!Giles still kept Buffy's secret.
      -My school didn't have the school-wide parenting egg thing but the child development class did have robot babies for a few months.
      -YEERKS!! They must have been cramped in those tiny chicken eggs.
      <img src=""&gt;

    • Zoli says:

      +10 for the Animorphs reference. I need to reread that series at some point.

    • LucyGoosey says:

      +1000 for Animorphs. I've been rereading them, and despite the dated references and third grade reading level, they hold up really well- strong characterization, fairly mature themes

      • t09yavosaur says:

        They are actually re-releasing the series with updated pop-culture references for the current generation.

        • Smurphy says:


          • Zoli says:

            Apparently book 1, 'The Invasion' was re-released May 2011, so it should be available in stores and such. Looking on Amazon, it seems they have re-released through Book #7.

            Of course, if you just want to reread the series, and you're near a Half Price books, I think they usually have lots of the old books for very very cheap.

            • Zoli says:

              (Oops, I was mistaken: Book #6 is due out in March.)

            • Smurphy says:

              I also have all the books through 20-something (when Applegate started using ghostwriters and the entire thing just got a bit… too much? Is that the word? I don't know.) Read a bunch of the last few but not all of them.

              I also wrote a fanfic of sorts for school called seamorphs. It's hysterical.

              • Zoli says:

                I only ever read up through #34 (?), after the fiasco with David. Though I did pick up the last book or two just to see how it turned out.

                • Smurphy says:

                  David! I picked up the last David book randomly and then had to go back and reread all the David books. *sigh* and *shiver* every time I think about it. I also read the last few to see how it ended… eh.

                  • t09yavosaur says:

                    My very first Animorphs book was the middle David book. I didn't even realize it was part of a trilogy until I was much closer to owning them all. (I have all but 6 in a box somewhere in my room.)

                • ladysugarquill says:

                  I got spoiled ALL THE ENDINGS (well, almost, and I'm still trying to finish them – they're hard to find over here) and I can tell you that it gets AWESOME.

            • quenstalof says:

              This is kind of really exciting! I'm curious to see what gets changed (not that I still have my old copies or anything. I mean my brother's copies.) I think I'm gonna have to load these new ones up on my kindle because I'm sure I'll fly through them.

              • t09yavosaur says:

                I found a site that lists the corrections if you want to be able to compare. They make me laugh and also a little sad. For example:

                "•Page 13 – "creepy" replaces "creepazoid" when Rachel talks about Cassie's smooth demorphing in comparison to the others."

      … – you click on the book's relaunch link and go down to the edits and updates section. It only goes up to book 4 so far.

            • notemily says:

              I just looked this up on Amazon. Those new covers are kind of creepy.

          • t09yavosaur says:

            They have these fancy new holographic covers (which I check out in B&N and they are pretty cool).

            Apparently it might be for Scholastic to test out possible interest in a Animorphs 2.0 series (!!!!!)

            The new website is pretty cool too:

            • Smurphy says:

              All of this information is too exciting! I feel like…. I'm 12 again? That's probably not a great thing…

              ALSO I TOOK THE QUIZ AND I'M TOBIAS. Actually I'm more of a Rachel or a Jake but I think my Rachel/Jake answers were too split.

        • LucyGoosey says:

          Not sure how I feel about this development- I know they date the series, but I just can't imagine Animorphs without someone comparing Rachel to Xena

          • t09yavosaur says:

            From looking at the website, it looks like they might have switch Xena with Storm? but that could just be that they haven't released more than the first few books? Do you remember which book the first Xena reference is in?

            It is a sad world that kids do not know Xena.

            • LucyGoosey says:

              It was one of the earlyish ones I believe- early enough that they still had to do the first/second chapter character description go round. Something like "Rachel may look like some dippy Clueless type, she's really more like Xena Warrior Princess"

              • t09yavosaur says:

                Guess not then. Though it is kinda funny that Storm, introduced in 1975, is more modern than Xena. Good job X-mem movies.

                • Neet says:

                  Storm and Xena were my first two great character loves, so she's probably the only person I could cope with Xena being replaced with. Still, everyone should know Xena (still hoping I can convince Mark to watch it.

          • Smurphy says:

            Xena was an answer at Bar Trivia the other night. Got it right. Woot. Now that you mention it if I were to reread it I'd probably want to read the original I mean I am always in the mood for some good old fashion 90s nostalgia. (Which is half the reason I'm loving this Buffy rewatch.) BUT I always try to get the kids I babysit into them and they don't stick. Maybe they'd "get" the new ones more?

          • ladysugarquill says:

            Theychanged that? I was hoping they didn't, and not only because it's a perfect match in personality (they could have used Buffy for that, or hell, even Katniss), but because their *stories* match so much…

        • notemily says:

          I love when they do that! It's so fun to compare the old references to the new ones.

    • Smurphy says:

      I desperately need to reread this series. Agree about K.A.Applegate forming my childhood.

    • whedonzombie says:

      Hey– Clea Duvall was in the Faculty (Marcie Ross in "Out of Mind, Out of Sight").

    • notemily says:

      I would like to thanks K. A. Applegate for my childhood.

      Me too, but for other reasons (I was a big fan of her teen romance books). I was a little too old for the complete Animorphs craze, although I did read enough to know that Tobias's relationship with Rachel is totally hawkward.

      I love The Faculty and it's totally of the same era as Buffy with the silly campy horror stuff. I love that the message of the movie is basically "drugs will save you." Also Elijah Wood <3

  9. Smurphy says:

    Classicly horrific sex ed lesson, well I guess its only a parenting lesson but still, and strange creatures that remind me of that time creature that hooked onto Donna in "Turn Left" (too soon) and then round off all that with horribly stereotypical western cowboy vampires and Buffy getting double grounded after saving the world…

    In future rewatches I will skip this episode.

    But seriously people what did the egg as baby lesson actually teach?


    • whedonzombie says:

      I feel your end of Season 4 Dr.Who pain.

      • Smurphy says:

        My emotions last night were just everywhere and while avoiding watching "Journey's End" I was attempting to do some non-spoilery research. WHICH I DID BECAUSE HELLO Mat… oh wait… MORE DAVID TENNANT. Anyway. I discovered Elisabeth Sladen had passed away. 🙁

        • whedonzombie says:

          Heartbreaking! I admit to feeling a little blindsided by the news. I read it in a comment someone made on a Doctor Who post on an io9 article. It's not like I knew the woman or anything, obviously… but, I was a little upset that I hadn't read anything about her being sick beforehand. I try not to get attached to characters and the actors who portray them, but I am just HORRIBLE at it.

          • Smurphy says:

            I know. I get so attached… but usually when they leave they can come back… I MEAN EVEN ROSE CAME BACK!!!! But for Sarah Jane after a certain episode (which I haven't seen yet). She can't anymore. Because she's dead. 🙁

    • nathaniel essex says:

      I'm sure this will get me some hate, but I never really liked Donna all that much as a companion so I was not really affected by her leaving the series.

      • Smurphy says:

        I agree she's not my favorite. See I have boiled it down to this. I don't like Donna because I AM DONNA. I am loud and obnoxious and my self-worth ain't all its cracked up to be. So I think at first I didn't like her but then… in the end… I realized that I did…. but it was too late… because now she's gone. 🙁

        Wilf's speech was the real catcher. I cried. A lot. It was a bit embarrassing.

        • nathaniel essex says:

          I like Wilf, he was alright, in fact he should have been the companion and Donna the occasional guest star, would have made for a more interesting season.

          • Smurphy says:

            Yeah… but can you imagine him running… a lot. With explosions and guns and the end of the world in every other episode?

    • bookworm67 says:


      But hey, that means you're almost to… uh, other good episodes in the future!

      I can't believe series 7 isn't until fall. FALL. as in, AUTUMN and SEVERAL MONTHS AWAY ;-;

  10. stephanie says:

    i hate this episode with a fiery passion of a thousand suns.
    that is all.
    oh, except
    so not prepared.

  11. Karen says:

    (spoilers for the Buffy spin off and the comics in rot13) Natry fnlf gung inzcverf pnag unir onovrf, ohg bs pbhefr jvgu uvz gung gheaf bhg abg gb or gur pnfr nf ur unf Pbaabe ba Natry. Naq V qba’g ernq gur pbzvpf, ohg nccneragyl Ohssl vf abj certanag jvgu Natry’f onol???

    Moral of the episode: Don’t have sex. You will get Chlamydia. And die.

    The Cordy/Xander relationship seems to be purely hormonal at this point. They still seem to dislike the other person, but enjoy making out. But LOLLLLLLL Cordy’s story about the car. Never stop being that amazing Cordelia. The other important thing about that scene is that I think it shows pretty clearly that Xander definitely feels threatened by Cordelia’s sexual experience.

    Buffy killed her Giga Pet! GIGA PETS! THOSE WERE THE BEST. Well Tamagotchis were the best, but my parents got me a Giga Pet so I wasn’t one of the ~cool~ kids. Ahem. My high school didn’t do the egg thing. Instead we had to carry around a 5 lb sack of flour for a week. It was cool though because after the week was over, it was tradition to bake your child into something yummy and bring it to lunch to share. Although some of the guys just decided it’d be more fun to have a flour fight. I do think that at least my school was well aware it wasn’t going to do anything to prevent teen pregnancy and just had us do it because it was a kind of fun tradition (the baked goods part of it).

    So Buffy and Angel spend a lot of time this episode making out instead of talking or doing work. When Buffy says that when she looks into the future all she sees is Angel, I’m just like “Guuuuurrrl”. But high schoolers can be really short sighted like that.

    Cracking open a chicken egg only to find a chicken fetus is a fear of mine, so idk. This episode squicks me out majorly. Anyway, the actual plot of the episode is not that great. It’s very Invasion of the Body Snatchers and is creepy, but not the best thing the show has ever done.

    Oh and can we take a minute to LOL at Cordy’s teddy bear backpack. That can’t possibly have been stylish- even in the 90s.

    • Smurphy says:

      Which of Mark's blogs was I reading and someone was saying there wasn't enough mean girls/whichever blog I was reading crossovers. I think it was Dr. Who. Anyway. That is the best horrible hollywood sex ed lesson of all time. Such a good movie. I haven't seen it in forever…. might watch it later.

      Oh and gigapet throw back…. I also broke mine a lot but I tended to get them wet… lols.

    • misterbernie says:

      Cracking open a chicken egg only to find a chicken fetus is a fear of mine, so idk.
      So no balut for you, I assume?

    • cait0716 says:

      So do we think Cordelia is not a virgin at this point? Because I've never quite been able to nail that down

      • Pseudonymph says:

        I don't know. Obviously it really depends on one's definition of "virgin".

        V erpnyy va "Cunfrf" (V guvax) fur gnyxf nobhg ubj fur qbrf guvatf fur pna arire gryy ure sngure nobhg – ohg ernyyl, gung pbhyq pbire n jvqr enatr bs npgvivgvrf qrcraqvat ba bar'f eryngvbafuvc jvgu gurve sngure.

        I generally just tell myself that she's more experienced than Xander, which is easy since it seems that Xander has zero experience. It's interesting to think about, character-wise, because Xander spends a lot of time slut-shaming her and yet I like to think that her having more experience than he does is part of what he finds attractive about her.

        Then I wonder why I've given this so much thought.

        • cait0716 says:

          V thrff V jnf whfg nyjnlf fhecevfrq gung fur naq Knaqre arire unq frk. V nffhzr fur ybfg ure ivetvavgl fbzrgvzr va uvtu fpubby, orpnhfr fur qbrf frrz ernyyl rkcrevraprq ol gur ortvaavat bs Natry (V ershfr gb oryvrir gung ure svefg gvzr jnf va "Rkcrpgvat"). Fb V'z whfg pbashfrq nobhg jurgure vg unccrarq OK be abg.

          I have clearly given it just as much thought.

          • misterbernie says:

            Gung'f cerggl zhpu zl nffhzcgvba, gbb, naq vavgvnyyl V npghnyyl gubhtug gung Pbeqryvn naq Knaqre'f ovpxrevat va frk rq ersreerq gb gurz, l'xabj, univat frk va n pne.

          • @Ivana2804 says:

            Jung znxrf lbh guvax fur jnf rkcrevraprq? Fur uneqyl qngrq zhpu… Nsgre gung thl jub tbg ure certanag jvgu gur qrzba, gurer jnf Tebb. Naq gung'f cerggl zhpu vg …fnqyl. 🙁

      • RoseFyre says:

        Ubarfgyl abg fher. Jr trg Ohssl, Jvyybj, naq Knaqre nyy ybfvat gurve ivetvavgl, ohg vfa'g vg fgngrq gung Bm unf unq frk orsber jura ur naq Jvyybj svefg qvfphff vg? Naq boivbhfyl gurer vf gur nffhzcgvba gung abar bs gur byqre punenpgref ner ivetvaf.

        Pbeqryvn'f ernyyl gur bayl bar gung'f uneq gb cva qbja – orpnhfr V ubarfgyl oryvrir gung Knaqre ybfg uvf ivetvavgl gb Snvgu, juvpu yrnqf zr gb oryvrir gung ur naq Pbeqryvn arire unq frk…ohg vs ur naq Pbeqryvn jrer gbtrgure sbe n tbbq *purpxf qngrf* lrne, naq fur'q nyernql unq frk…V qba'g xabj nyy gung znal crbcyr jub jnvg bire n lrne gb unir frk va nal eryngvbafuvc nsgre bar jurer gurl'ir nyernql unq frk. Fb gung znxrf zr nffhzr gung fur unfa'g. Ubjrire, vg'f cbffvoyr fur qvq fbzrgvzr nsgre fur naq Knaqre oebxr hc ohg orsber jr frr ure ba Natry, be cbffvoyr gung fur qbrfa'g.

        Juvpu, npghnyyl, vf bar guvat V yvxr. Pbeqryvn vf gur cbchyne xvq, gur bar jub pna trg nyy gur oblsevraqf – naq lrg fur'f gur bar jub jr qba'g frr fyrrc jvgu nalbar. Fb vg gheaf gung fgrerbglcr ba vgf urnq.

    • tigerpetals says:

      Jr qba'g xabj jub vf gur sngure bs Ohssl'f onol, gubhtu na vagreivrj vzcyvrq vg unq gb qb jvgu n qehaxra avtug va gur svefg vffhr.

    • Jenny_M says:

      I get farm fresh eggs at home from my CSA.

      I will lead you to draw your own conclusions regarding the fertilization of such and mistakes that may have occurred and vomiting I may have done.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "Natry fnlf gung inzcverf pnag unir onovrf, ohg bs pbhefr jvgu uvz gung gheaf bhg abg gb or gur pnfr nf ur unf Pbaabe ba Natry. Naq V qba’g ernq gur pbzvpf, ohg nccneragyl Ohssl vf abj certanag jvgu Natry’f onol??? "

      LMAO Jub gbyq lbh gung? Ohssl vf certanag, naq jr qba'g xabj jub gur sngure vf, ohg vg vf zbfg qrsvavgryl abg Natry, fvapr 1) ur vf n inzcver, naq 2) fur vf abg na ryrcunag, naq fur ynfg unq frk jvgu uvz fbzr 7-8 zbaguf orsber naq ur unfa'g rira orra ba gur fnzr pbagvarag fvapr (naq fur qbrfa'g rira jnag gb ybbx ng uvz nsgre gur riragf bs frnfba 8).

      Abj, nf gb gur npghny pvephzfgnaprf bs gur certanapl, V jnea lbh, vg'f engure qvfgheovat:

      Ohssl tbg ernyyl qehax ng n cnegl va vffhr 9.01 naq unq n oynpxbhg naq jura fur jbxr hc, fhfcrpgrq fur zvtug unir unq frk jvgu fbzrbar. Ng gur raq bs gur yngrfg vffhr (9.05) fur'f whfg unq zbeavat fvpxarff naq n cbfvgvir certanapl grfg. Gur pbzvpf rqvgbe unf pbasvezrq gung fur tbg certanag ng gur cnegl naq qbrfa'g xabj jub gur sngure vf fvapr fur qbrfa'g erzrzore jung unccrarq. Guvf vf jung jr'yy frr va gur arkg vffhr. Vg jnf boivbhf vg unq gb or gur cnegl fvapr, nf sne nf jr xabj, fur unqa'g unq frk jvgu nalbar sbe gur cerivbhf 7 zbaguf be fb.

    • echinodermata says:

      Please don't use "crazy" on this site.

      • whedonzombie says:

        Eeep. Sorry– meant it in terms of "wild", but I get it. I've spent the last 20 years in and out of medicated psychiatric treatment, so believe me when I say I wouldn't go there intentionally. Sorry if I offended. Tried to edit it out but there is no edit button available on this post for some reason. I'll refresh and try again.

        • whedonzombie says:

          Didn't work, so I just deleted it entirely. The point had become redundant anyway, since @Ivana2804 posted the same answer simultaneously. Hope that clears up any problems.

        • echinodermata says:

          Thanks. A lot of people accidentally mess up even when they know the rule so it's not a big deal as long as you make an effort not to use it on the site in the future.

          Fyi, you can't edit your comment once there are replies to it (makes sense when you think about it). But you can ask a mod to edit it for you if you want.

          • whedonzombie says:

            I thought that might have been the case, with the not being able to edit. I just deleted it entirely. No reason to keep it up. I make a concerted effort to monitor wording and spoilers here, which caused some frustrated shouting at my monitor when I read your reply! (Frustration over the slip, not your comment!) In the future, I'll be sure to employ a finer-toothed comb than the one I was previously using.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "Cracking open a chicken egg only to find a chicken fetus is a fear of mine, so idk."

      Ugh – I still remember when I was a small child and my mom and grandparents were at dinner and they cracked an egg and it had a fully formed chicken fetus and they flushed it in the toilet – UGH HORRIBLE

      • hpfish13 says:

        We did this obstacle race at camp and one of the things someone on your team had to do was carry a chicken egg in your mouth. I volunteered, only to find out after the race was over that the eggs were fertilized eggs. So, if it had broken, I would have had a chicken fetus in my mouth. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper…….

        • whedonzombie says:

          That is…kind of disturbing. When I think about it, though… having an unfertilized egg in my mouth sounds almost as bad!

    • Ginsue says:

      Neither Cordelia/Xander or Angel/Buffy are my OTP, but I made one odd observation. In the context of the show, Cordelia and Xander's relationship appears more forbidden than the vampire slayer and the vampire. Was that intentional?

      • @Ivana2804 says:

        Interesting observation. Maybe it's because the Scoobies don't really quite get what it means that Angel is a vampire with a terrible past ohg gurl fbba jvyy… And for the viewers, it somehow doesn't feel as real. On the other hand, high school dynamic is all too familiar and close to home to all of us, and for Scoobies it's the real life more than the slaying of vampires.

    • notemily says:

      Zbeny bs gur rcvfbqr: Qba’g unir frk.

      Ab ab gung'f ARKG rcvfbqr 😉

      Yeah I'm pretty sure that teddy bear backpack would only have been stylish in elementary school.

    • hassibah says:

      "Oh and can we take a minute to LOL at Cordy’s teddy bear backpack. That can’t possibly have been stylish- even in the 90s. "

      You know I kind of wish I hadn't chucked out all my old seventeens cause I would have had documentation for this but..this was a thing. I think Willow would have been way more likely to have one though.

  12. tigerpetals says:

    I had an egg baby. It was pretty much a waste of time, especially since we were forced to buy trappings and pretend we were a stereotypical Protestant family, complete with wedding photos, an actual ceremony held at the school, and fake papers to fill out that didn't really mean anything to me that were to be stuffed into an album. And photos of the egg. The egg had to be dressed up or at least put in some basket decorated like a cradle. Het pairing ups were enforced although there were too many girls, and I heard one of my teachers saying that it was better to encourage polygamy than to encourage homosexuality. .

    • cait0716 says:

      I always thought the paring thing was a bit weird. We had a similar project at my school, but everyone had to be a single parent.

      • whedonzombie says:

        Same at my school, with us all being "single parents". I think enforcing the pairing, and then taking it further with fake ceremonies and photos is a little frightening, while simultaneously going against what they were trying to accomplish. I thought the point was to try to frighten kids away from becoming single, teen parents,by attempting to show them what that feels like. instead, their way of doing it might have helped some of the kids realize that they weren't down with the generic family structure they were trying to promote. I kind of like this side effect, but still… So. Weird.

    • Natasha says:



    • pica_scribit says:

      You suddenly reminded me that there were always more girls than boys at my church camps, and that prom dates were assigned by the staff. This was not treated with any kind of seriousness, and you were allowed to part company after the first dance; it was just so that no one ended up feeling left out. But it meant that some of the guys went with two girls. So heteronormativity was enforced-ish. I wonder if they still do that now? It was the Episcopal Church, which is pretty open and accepting these days in the face of LGBTQ issues. I should ask someone if they've changed their prom procedure at all.

      (Funnily enough, I remember spending a pleasant afternoon at said camp sitting between two guys on the sofa and making out with both of them, one after the other. Ah, high school!)

      • whedonzombie says:

        Does that mean you were basically forced to go to the dance? What if you were assigned a partner but didn't want to go? That is the strangest thing I have ever heard.

        • pica_scribit says:

          *shrug* It was camp. All group activities were pretty much mandatory. You had to ask your assigned date to the dance (they would switch off every other year whether it was girls-ask-boys or boys-ask-girls), you had to sit with them at dinner, and you had to have the first dance with them. Then you were free to go your own way. It was usually a pretty good time, and even when my "date" wasn't someone I knew well or particularly cared for, I never minded it.

          • whedonzombie says:

            Hmmm… I suppose it makes it a bit better that you weren't forced to spend the entire evening with them. Although, I think I'd rather not have a date, than know my date was forced to ask me and then watch as they abandoned me to go hang out with more interesting people, as soon as they were allowed! lol. As a kid, that would have kicked all of my self-worth and abandonment issues into high gear! I'm sure I would have had people there I'd rather hang out with as well, though. I just wish schools/camps would promote dances as group activities, that didn't require “dates”. I went to ONE school dance in my entire life, and that was only because a girl asked me and I was trying to convince everyone that I was straight. That was at the end of the 80's, and I'm sure things are a bit more open today. Just brings up some issues for me.

  13. cait0716 says:

    According to Wikipedia, Lyle and Tector Gorch were characters in the 1969 movie "The Wild Bunch". In that movie they massacred a Mexican town. They were also double-crossed by a character named Angel. I need to see this movie and see if I can work it into Buffy canon.

    We had to carry around bags of flour to simulate children in my school. There were also programmable crying babies that you could take home for extra credit, but why deal with that if you don't have to?

    I don't have much to say about Bad Eggs. I almost never re-watch it, especially when I'm just looking for a Buffy episode or three to throw on as background noise. It's not bad, in fact parts of it are really funny. But it's just kind of there. I agree that it suffers from splitting its focus between the Gorches and the bezoar, but I'm also not sure that either one could fill an entire episode.

    Rira gubhtu vg'f n fgnaq-nybar rcvfbqr, V guvax vg jbexf sne orggre va gur pbagrkg bs gur frnfba. Vg'f onfvpnyyl sberfunqbjvat sbe gur arkg gjb rcvfbqrf, naq V pna nccerpvngr vg n ybg zber sebz gung fgnaq cbvag. Ohg ba vgf bja? Zru

  14. cait0716 says:

    Those are the real bezoars, though. It's interesting how the word gets twisted around in SF and fantasy

    • LucyGoosey says:

      Well, they were believed to be antidotes for poisons, so maybe that's where it started (also- ICK- I remember reading in a book on rural village health care that "the grosser a traditional cure sounds, the less likely it is to work")

  15. Natasha says:

    OT: I love that new entries go up just as I get on the train home from work every day! Lovely way to end the day.

    This episode just makes my skin crawl. The feelers going into her ear? NO. NO. NO.


    • whedonzombie says:

      Ever since I was little, I pull the covers up around my ears to fall asleep. SO AFRAID of something crawling in my ears. This episode did not help.

  16. NB2000 says:

    I want to get caught up in the terror of everyone being possessed by these really creepy little monsters, but then I remember that the creepy chanting music is just "Bom bom bom bom" over and over. Just sucks out all the tension from everyone walking down to the Bezoar.

    The actual baby Bezoars are pretty icky I have to give the show that. The tentacles spreading across Buffy's face while she sleeps, just, MNRGH.

  17. clodia_risa says:

    Qnja Guernq!

    V guvax gung Qnja jbhyq unir znqr sha bs Ohssl’f rtt. Shegure, V qb abg guvax gung fur jbhyq unir orra va gur fprar jvgu Wblpr orvat vasrpgrq. Fur jnf unatvat bhg jvgu n sevraq be…fbzrguvat. V whfg guvax vg jbhyq unir orra ragveryl gbb zhpu. Ubjrire, Qnja jbhyq unir nfxrq nobhg gur rtt ntnva ng gur raq, naq Ohssl jbhyq unir onaarq ure sebz ubzr rp.

    V nffhzr gung gurl jrer qbvat guvf cebwrpg va ubzr rpbabzvpf? Be urnygu? V arire unq gb qb nal bs vg va uvtu fpubby, fb V’z n yvggyr hapyrne.

    • tigerpetals says:

      They called it teen health in the dialogue. That's pretty much what we called it in my school.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Qnja pyrneyl znqr sha bs gur rtt, naq rfcrpvnyyl gur snpg gung Ohssl pnyyrq vg Rttoreg. "Jung xvaq bs fghcvq anzr vf gung? Pna'g lbh ng yrnfg or bevtvany?"

      Naq lrnu, V'z vapyvarq gb oryvrir gung fur jnf ryfrjurer sbe zbfg bs gur rcvfbqr.

  18. buyn says:

    V qb guvax gung gur hfr bs gur Tbepu pbjoblf srryf n ovg sbeprq naq haarprffnel.

    Whfg jnvg gvy cebz Znex. Whfg lbh jnvg.

    I somehow survived middle school and high school without one of those icky fake babies. I did however half a few weeks in middle school where we had to pretend to be married. That was interesting. I did enjoy making more money than my 'husband', but the instructor was obviously biased in some situations. So, I don't enjoy those kinds of projects in fiction.

    • NB2000 says:

      Npghnyyl vg'f Ubzrpbzvat jurer Ylyr fubjf hc ntnva.

    • t09yavosaur says:

      We did that in my enrichment class. I was a pharmacist so I earned a good amount. My "husband" was the class slacker but he had a decent job as well. We then had to go online and find a house and car and such that we could afford with our salarys.

  19. Avery says:

    "Angel, when I look into the future, all I see is you. All I want is you."

    All I can think of is, "This situation could have been avoided if only Buffy had had a Sassy Gay Friend."

    I am all for clandestine makeouts, but the sheer number of them in this episode (between pairings I don't really care for) means they get boring fast. It's more entertaining to read the directions in the shooting script out loud: "[Xander and Cordelia's] hands touch. That's all it takes. They're all over each other – wild with… inexplicable… passion." "Buffy and Angel are leaning against a tree. Kissing madly. It's pretty hot." "Angel and Buffy are leaning against a tomb this time. Major league necking." LOL forever. Lbh xabj vg'f n Znegv Abkba rcvfbqr jura…

    Mark, I hope someone who has actually had an egg-raising assignment answers your questions because I have wondered the exact same thing. Wouldn't it smell terrible? Can't you just leave it in the fridge the whole time?

    • cait0716 says:

      I love the shooting scripts

      • rabbitape says:

        I'm rolling at "wild with…inexplicable…passion"

      • Avery says:

        Me too – they're so interesting to read (especially the asides in the stage directions), and there's so many cut scenes I wish had gotten filmed. As a bonus, this one happens to read like a romance novel.

    • stormwreath says:

      "This situation could have been avoided if only Buffy had had a Sassy Gay Friend."

      Fur qbrf! Rkprcg gung gur fnffl tnl sevraq unfa'g ernyvfrq fur'f tnl lrg. Naq nyfb, gur FTS fuvcf Ohssl/Natry evtug abj, fb jbhyq unir rapbhentrq ure, abg jnearq ure bss.

    • @HydeDesigns says:

      I'm pretty sure the eggs won't smell unless they crack. If you've ever seen Ukranian easter eggs, the traditional thing to do is just to leave them until they dry up inside, rather than hollow them out as is usually done these days.

    • whedonzombie says:

      During my egg assignment, we had no choice but to carry them around all day, every day at school. Once I was home, though, that little guy went in the refrigerator and I faked the timetable I had to fill out. I'm sure most kids did the same, though I did it more out of a fear that I was going to break it (which I eventually did), than out of a desire to skip by on the assignment.

      • jenesaispas21 says:

        Same here. Except I broke the egg on the very first day by trying to stuff it in the cute little house I made for it out of a caboodle (remember those?). Evidently the compartments were too shallow for an egg when closed (spatial skills…I haz them). After that, egg #2 spent the majority of its time in the fridge…

  20. guest_age says:

    All I can say is that this episode immediately following Ted really didn't help my opinion of Joyce recover. *sigh* I really liked her before Ted. I swear. It's just a touchy subject. Blah.

    Those bb!bezoar(s?) IDK the plural there are the creepiest fucking. Eeesh.

    • txcronopio says:

      FOR SHAME! Joyce Rocks!

      • @cykotyks says:

        Not everyone has that opinion. Wblpr vf nyy svar naq jryy jura fur'f fgvyy gur pyhryrff cnerag, ohg (vzb) fur trgf cerggl sne sebz "cresrpg" naq "njrfbzr" bapr fur'f va gur ybbc. Crefbanyyl, V'z fbeg bs tynq gurer ner bgure crbcyr nebhaq urer jub qba'g guvax fur'f jbaqreshy.

        • whedonzombie says:

          Agreed. Watching the series again for the umpteenth time, now with Mark's thoughts on Joyce, has given me an appreciation for the character I didn't have previously. V hfrq gb nofbyhgryl ungr ure. V fnj ure nf abguvat ohg na bofgnpyr gb rirel fgbelyvar fur jnf vaibyirq va. Nsgre fur onfvpnyyl xvpxf Ohssl bhg ng gur raq bs gur frnfba, V jnagrq ure gb qvr, cnvashyyl. N ybg bs gubfr fragvzragf pnyzrq qbja sbe zr qhevat frnfba 5, ohg V pna'g fnl V rire zvffrq ure punenpgre ng nyy.

      • guest_age says:

        What I was referencing (and this is totally my bad for not being clearer) by "touchy subject" is that on Mark's "Ted" review, I wrote a long explanation of why that episode was dead-on to my real-life experience of being abused by my step-family and my mother not believing me when I told her what was happening. Thus, my opinion of Joyce was pretty low after that episode because it's a very personal subject for me, and when I see Joyce in that episode, I see my own mom. So to have this episode coming right on the heels of that one, in which Joyce once again several times interrupts Buffy and refuses to listen, it doesn't exactly help Joyce's case in my book.

        But that said, this is a very personal topic for me, and I can completely see why other people, who don't have that sensitivity, can forgive her and enjoy her. I am just unfortunately not one of those people.

        • robin_comments says:

          I think it's fine to see her as an imperfect parent. (I like the character a lot, but I personally enjoy her as a flawed person. I think it makes her interesting, because I feel like a lot of times in teen shows you get the perfect parent, the absent parent, or the completely awful parent.)

          The interrupting and not really listening can make me side-eye her as well.. I can see how she's frustrated with having a teenager who hasn't been easy to raise in the last year or so, and lots of good parents do feel like their kids are burdens sometimes (though well loved burdens)… But I can't help but feel like, if you have this kid that you know has had serious trouble with some big flashing warning signs… then the #1 thing to do is TALK TO YOUR KID. Don't suffocate but ask leading questions & wait for the answers, and if your kid is shying away from specifics then go for generalities and try to find out what's going on in there emotionally, try to show your kid that you want to hear them and how they're feeling. Invite them to explain their thought process.

          I know it's the whole secret identity trope, but sometimes it does come off like Joyce jumps to conclusions and doesn't want to hear Buffy explain what's going on. I know Buffy can't tell her the real situation, but I think she could find a way to communicate her problems and feelings with metaphors/comparative situations if given more patience and a real chance when she's not pressured to respond in 20 seconds or get cut off on the subject forever.

          Sometimes Joyce seems to give up so quickly. (Which, again, I realize is based on plot necessity. But that doesn't erase what it does to Joyce's characterization.)

          V guvax fur unaqyrf gur "yvfgravat" zhpu orggre jvgu gur Erzrzore Natry Lrnu Gung Jnf Zl Oblsevraq pbairefngvba n srj rcvfbqrf yngre… gubhtu V unira'g frra vg sbe n ybat gvzr fb znlor zl bcvavba jvyy punatr jura V erjngpu.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      I wasn't wild about Joyce at the time, either. And my late mom would certainly agree with you, she had a very bad opinion of Joyce's parenting skills. "Ted" upset her in particular.

  21. whedonzombie says:

    I had to do the egg baby assignment in 8th grade! This was back in the late 80's, so I suspect if the automated baby-dolls were a thing then, they were probably too expensive for my Los Angeles public school to invest in. No, we used eggs. My egg baby died on the second day, when the school bus hit a bump and he flew out of his little padded box. I suppose I should have learned some lesson about car seat safety from that??? I think all I really learned is that bus drivers get really angry when a raw egg gets dropped and yolk oozes all the way down the walkway, to the front of the bus.

  22. robin_comments says:

    I don't have much to say here. For me this is one of those good but forgettable Monster of the Week episodes. The one memorable part for me tends to be the wacky Buffy/Angel make out montage and I tend to misremember these scenes as occurring in other episodes. (I think most of my problem is that I'm just not a huge fan of MoTW in general. My happy place is serial drama where the plot gets significantly advanced with every episode. When an episode doesn't heavily affect the season-long arc then I kind of check out. Though at least with Buffy there's always hilarious dialogue to make it worth my time.)

    I have to agree that the Gorch cowboys serve little purpose here, other than to be red herrings and join the Greek chorus of characters remarking about past!Angel and how surprising the Buffy/Angel pairing is.

    Though, seriously, how CUTE is Buffy with Angel here? It's just nice to see her be in the throes of young love, all giddy and delightfully irresponsible. THAT'S RIGHT BUFFY, YOU CAN GET IT.

    bx, V xabj guvf nyy gheaf bhg ubeevoyl jebat ohg vg nofbyhgryl fubhyqa'g unir. Ohssl fubhyq unir orra noyr gb unir lbhat, erpxyrff, thnenagrrq aba-certanapl naq qvfrnfr-serr frk jvgu ure ubg oblsevraq. Gurer'f ab ernfba sbe ure gb fhfcrpg gung gur crbcyr jub phefrq Natry jbhyq or fb PBZCYRGRYL NAQ HGGREYL NJSHY gb unir frg n genc qbbe va vg gung jbhyq gubhtugyrffyl snpvyvgngr gur qrnguf bs fb znal vaabprag crbcyr. Url, lbh ehvarq bhe vasvavgr fhssrevat cnegl fb jr'er frggvat n cflpubgvp zheqre znpuvar gb ebnz serr! (Vafgrnq bs, lbh xabj, vafgnagyl xvyyvat uvz, be znxvat uvf cravf snyy bss, be fbzrguvat ryfr abg pbzcyrgryl veengvbany naq qrfcvpnoyr.)

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Zber gb gung qrfphffvba gbzbeebj ohg V'z fher gurl gubhtug gurl jbhyq or nebhaq gb er-phefr uvz. Gung Natry xvyyf obgu Wraal naq ure hapyr jnfa'g cynarq, ohg gurl fubhyq unir xajba orggre.
      V'z fb rkpvgrq sbe gbzbeebj naq zber sna-jnax.

  23. LucyGoosey says:

    Only possible egg=baby connection I can make are that eggs are fragile like tiny humans, and you REALLY shouldn't drop either.

    Cheesy B movie monsters have their place, this place is in an entertaining one off episode.

    This really is kind of an empty episode. Its entertaining while you watch it, but in retrospect very little truly sticks.

    BU TBQ gbzbeebj. Naq gur erfg bs gur jrrx!

  24. Zoli says:

    Mm. I think our high school had bags of flour and later the dolls for the parenting class. That class was an elective, however, and I don't think a lot of people took it. I saw a few flour babies around the school but not many.

    I also don't get the point of an egg. I, like Xander, would have shoved mine in the fridge, probably eaten it, and then grabbed another to turn in.

    The episode is definitely fun and the monsters are creepy and DO NOT WANT. Not the best episode ever, but still more interesting than, say, the Praying Mantis teacher. :/

  25. Frankincense says:

    Pna’g jnvg sbe gur arkg gjb erivrjf. Nalbar ryfr rkcrpgvat “Vaabprapr” gb or na nyy pncf erivrj?

  26. mulewagon says:

    No, no, eggs don't go bad for months, as long as they are clean and uncracked.

    • enchantedsleeper says:

      Well, I think it's that if you don't crack them then you don't know they've gone bad. Because I had one that sure did.

  27. Smurphy says:

    Oh btw… my school didn't do eggs or fake babies. The closest thing we had was a preschool our high school ran. The class was "Child Development" the kids came 2 days a week for like 3 hours. I was actually in the preschool when I was little so it was cool to go back and be a teen buddy.

  28. stellaaaaakris says:

    -I kept thinking cowboy with the black t-shirt was Brad Paisley when it would just pass over him, not gonna lie.
    -I still have a wild fear of spiders and other crawling creatures. I mentioned how my house has been infected by camelback crickets over on Mark Reads I believe and how I burst into tears at the sight of them and then yell loudly. I've learned how to deal but it includes excessive amounts of bug spray and a vacuum.
    -I had the baby dolls that I had to use a "key" thing that was tied around my wrist for a whole weekend. It was annoying. The only time we used eggs was when he made a protection package thingy for them and threw them off the roof of our school building. If they didn't break, you moved on to the next round. I think I only made it to the second round because it hit a girl on the way down. But it's okay because I didn't like her. And I made it to the next round. Woohoo!

    • cait0716 says:

      Oh, we did the "protect the egg" project, too. Except instead of dropping them off the roof, we made rockets out of 2L soda bottles, vinegar, and baking soda. You had to put enough padding in the soda bottle for the egg to survive being launched into the air and falling back to the ground. It was awesome. And I don't think a single egg survived.

    • hpfish13 says:

      We did the egg drop project in middle school and were graded on how much it weighed (without the egg) as well. I used balloons (non-helium, those weren't allowed for obvious reasons) that I surrounded the egg with. It was attached in the middle with rubber bands, and the eggs sat inside of a nylon. It only weighed 14 grams! A few years after that, the Mars Rover landed, and they used a balloon-like system to protect it. My family was convinced that NASA stole my idea…………

  29. theduck says:


    – Hee, I love how Buffy and Angel can't stop kissing long enough to actually patrol.

    – When they do that experiment at my school, they give us full-size baby dolls that cry and scream if you don't take care of them. I'd prefer the eggs…

    – EW EW EW WHAT IS THAT oh my god I forgot how gross this episode was ew.

    – Honestly, I don't understand this episode much at all. Why did the tentacles come out of the egg and then go back in? How was there not a hole where it came out? Why was there an egg on the library shelf??? Was it Giles' egg?

    – "I resent that! Or possibly thank you." Hee.


    – Ewww oh my god it hatched


    – Joyce, that's kind of unfair?? You didn't catch her doing anything except talking on the phone…

    – Is it bad that I kinda ship Giles/Joyce? Not as much as Giles/Jenny, but still…


    – A bezoar is a thing you use to cure Ron not a creepy slime monster

    – That's right vampire dude, run!

    • RoseFyre says:

      "- Joyce, that's kind of unfair?? You didn't catch her doing anything except talking on the phone… "

      Well, she's also still dressed, or got dressed – the assumption is that she's going to sneak out, though obviously we know that she just snuck in. I still think it's going a little overboard, but not completely.

    • notemily says:

      If shipping Giles/Joyce is wrong, I don't want to be right!

  30. I’ve certainly regretted sex before; I’ve certainly made poor decisions about whom I should make out with;

    My thoughts on this? Some advice, folks: never have a one night stand with a bounty hunter from Maryland.

  31. kte says:

    While this is not one of my favorite episodes, I distinctly remember watching it when it originally aired. I was alone in my apartment and as soon as that thing started skittering across the floor in Buffy's bedroom, I screamed and pulled my feet up off the floor, and kinda freaked out. I immediately called my mother, who was also watching the episode, so I could have someone to freak out with. I hate skittering things. Vampires are so much easier to take.

  32. SnarkyWriter says:

    Ugh. I dislike this episode for two specific reasons:

    1. The slurping. You do not HAVE to make so much noise when you kiss. PLEASE STOP IT.

    2. It felt too much like "a very special Buffy," especially with the whole discussion in class. "What about pregnancy? That would be a big one, right?"

    Even without those two MAJOR (to me) issues, the ep is just kind of . . . there. Ohg fgvyy abg nf onq nf "Tb Svfu," juvpu V ungrf sberire, cerpvbhf.

    • robin_comments says:

      omfg yes, the squeaking and slurping noises. whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    • Noybusiness says:

      2. If anything, it annoyed me that Xander and Cordelia were making those irrelevant comments when they should be saying TEEN PREGNANCY! How they can be so oblivious to such a serious issue! The episode clearly wasn't about that, because it hardly mentioned it.

      • RoseFyre says:

        Or, you know, STDs. Which, I was in about…8th grade when this aired, and we vaguely discussed STDs in sex ed.

    • whedonzombie says:

      V xabj abg guvf "Tb Svfu" lbh fcrnx bs. V unir rssrpgviryl erzbirq vg sebz zl zrzbel, naq jvyy sberire xrrc vg sne njnl sebz zl cerggl oenva cnegf. Frevbhfyl, jurarire V nggrzcg gb pbaivapr fbzrbar gb jngpu Ohssl, V pvgr Tb Svfu nf na rcvfbqr gb nibvq. Jbhyqa'g jnag gurz gb fghzoyr hcba vg naq guvax gung vg jnf ercerfragngvir bs gur frevrf. Htu.

  33. kelseyofcake says:

    My thoughts on "Bad Eggs"

    -"This would work a lot better for me if you didn't talk." Ew. Shut up, Xander.
    -Well that was an appropriate scene transition.
    -Yes, unwanted pregnancy can be a consequence of sex between heterosexual cis-gendered partners. Teaching the students about safe sex and preventive measures like condoms and birth control would probably be a lot more helpful than this silly egg project.
    -Speaking of, we never did that in school. You did the robot baby thing if you were in an elective class about adult responsibility though. If you were a girl you also got to wear a fake pregnant tummy under your clothes.
    -Giga pets! I had one of those.
    -Okay why are they all freaking out? It would be really easy to cheat and bring in an egg from home if yours broke.
    -"Goodnight Eggbert"
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">
    -Ewww, Do Not Want the gropey tentacle thing.
    -AUGH GOD!!! THE SOUND OF EVIL! My alarm clock makes that exact same noise! Anyone else have an automatic feeling of hatred when they hear an alarm that sounds like theirs on TV?
    -Okay, I will admit I'm jealous of Buffy and Angel here.
    -Characters on this show get knocked out way too often. Shouldn't there be permanent brain damage by now/
    -Who thought this choir music was a good idea?
    -Okay, I guess in this case amnesia after possession is an actual thing? Hmm.
    -Oh, so I guess Joyce took the nails out of the window?

    I wasn't actually frightened by this episode even though I also hate spiders and things that move like them. I thought it was kinda silly, actually. And I found it strange that something as large as that monster laid eggs that looked exactly like chicken eggs.

    • SnarkyWriter says:

      "-Characters on this show get knocked out way too often. Shouldn't there be permanent brain damage by now/ "

      "V fjrne, bar bs gurfr qnlf, lbh'er tbaan jnxr hc va n pbzn." XD

    • Pseudonymph says:

      I took the class that had robot babies and the fake pregnancy bellies but everyone in the class had to do both. I actually enjoyed the robot baby. I only had it for a day and it was kind of fun. The pregnancy belly was just irritating, though.

      It also bothers me how often people get knocked out on television because, yeah, getting knocked out, from what I understand, is not a haha-no-big-deal kind of thing.

      • whedonzombie says:

        If the boys had to wear them, as well… I'm pleasantly surprised. That's impressive.

        • Pseudonymph says:

          Yep, the boys too. My school was weirdly progressive in certain ways, especially considering the town and surrounding area are decidedly conservative. The class was optional, though.

    • whedonzombie says:

      Whenever I hear the ring tone from my old alarm (which meant getting up to go to a job I hated), my stomach literally drops. Like I'm on a roller coaster. It's just an auto-response anymore.

      • notemily says:

        If I smell the shampoo I used when I was in school and had to get up at 5 every morning in order to make it to school on time (it was far away), I immediately feel this sense of dread and sleep deprivation.

        • kristinc says:

          There's a perfume oil I own that smells exactly like fallen and slightly bruised Golden Delicious apples on wet grass with chilly dewy air all around. Exactly, I shit you not. It's a very beautiful scent, but it's also the scent of every damn cold dark autumn morning getting up for the school I hated when I was depressed and overwhelmed. So … yeah. My strategy was to wear it during warm, joyful, happy-time events like Thanksgiving and that helped to decouple the bad associations from it but I still have to steer clear of it if I'm already feeling down.

    • notemily says:

      AUGH GOD!!! THE SOUND OF EVIL! My alarm clock makes that exact same noise! Anyone else have an automatic feeling of hatred when they hear an alarm that sounds like theirs on TV?

      YES! Or you tense up when you hear YOUR cell phone ringtone.

      • SnarkyWriter says:

        Ahahaha! My ringtone is the Fringe theme and my text message alert is the "Bad Robot" sound, so any time I'm watching anything JJ Abrams I twitch toward my phone. XD

  34. mediamadmeg says:

    Joss's explanation for Xander/Cordelia: They are so completely wrong for each other, and so of course they must have each other, and they must have each other NOW.

    Somehow I escaped high school without doing the baby/egg assignment. No idea how, but I'm really relieved.

    • "Somehow I escaped high school without doing the baby/egg assignment. No idea how, but I'm really relieved. "

      Yeah me too. I saw people that did to but I don't remember what class it was. It wasn't the regular health class.

    • RoseFyre says:

      I don't think my high school even HAD that.

      Of course, my memories of 10th grade health are the teacher who quit after one day, then the two weeks of substitutes, then the replacement with one of the elementary school gym teachers…who clearly had no idea how to teach a class that required homework and stuff, considering we managed to convince him that watching American Pie would clearly be educational.

      But they didn't do that sort of thing even in the health classes with the really experienced teacher, so…it's a very foreign thing for me.

  35. mutatio42 says:

    "V guvax guvf rcvfbqr vf rfcrpvnyyl sevtugravat gb zr orpnhfr V whfg pnzr bss bs “Grq.” Qba’g fubjf gnxr oernxf va orgjrra guvf fbeg bs fghss? V PNA’G UNAQYR GUVF NYY NG BAPR."

    Bu, Znex.

  36. Inseriousity. says:

    Ahaha I thought they only used eggs cos the teacher was possessed by big creepy eye under the school but to think that some schools actually do use eggs as babies makes me worry for future generations.

    Moral of the story: Hard boil your kids so they don't break!

  37. @farwell3d says:

    Peckinpah tributes as vampires? Yes please.

    Also, this episode WAS the break, Mark. It's meant as a funny 50's creature feature episode.

    So, so, so, SO not prepared. You are not even prepared for how unprepared you are.

    • kelseyofcake says:

      Jryy, npghnyyl ur vf n yvggyr ovg. Ur gjrrgrq nobhg uvf nathvfu bire jngpuvat "Vaabprapr" ynfg avtug. Cbbe Znex. 🙁

  38. I do not like this episode and I skip it everytime I re-watch Buffy. It has a few good moments but I honestly feel like it was just filler. It's one of the more rotten episodes of BtVS. *ducks flying objects*

  39. quenstalof says:

    It kinda icks me when Xander says he'd rather she didn't talk. I mean she gives as good as she gets with she'd rather the lights be off, but still…icky.
    Pregnancy is the number one negative consequence? I think probably STDs are much more commonplace, but I don't really know the data for the 90s
    Egg project. Does anyone actually do that?
    Eggbert is hatching! Eeeek baby tentacle monster!
    He boiled his baby! Ew. Although I would be worried about carrying a raw egg around. Won't it go bad unrefrigerated?
    Can't deal with this makeouts episode.
    Face hugger! AHHH.
    Well i guess Xander is safe.
    Don't be sorry! You totally have the right to wake your friend up if you're afraid a baby tentacle monster is going to get her. It's like…a rule.
    It got WIllow! Oh no
    Everyone is evil! This is kind of awesome.
    I love the team-up between Buffy and a vamp against the tentacle monster babies. It was short-lived, but still pretty awesome.

  40. Mandy says:

    oh God, I just couldn't stop myself and I'm now 7 episodes ahead of Mark!
    I'm going to stop, and finish the second season with him, but one thing I can say so far : You are not prepared!

    • Ginsue says:

      I understand. I cannot believe I lasted so long without sneaking ahead. After a filler episode, you feel as if you're owed something and want to go onto the next one. 🙂

    • theduck says:

      I did that too, but I watched all the way to the end of season 3. Damn my lack of willpower 🙁

    • 00guera00 says:

      I just watched the series finale an hour ago…oops

    • RachelFatale says:

      I ended up a whole season ahead of Mark. I'm trying to restrain myself from watching too many before he catches up but it's just so difficult. I would just be like "Eh, whatever, it doesn't matter if I get ahead of him" but then I read his reviews and can't figure out what's he's talking about.

  41. Bill says:

    "I just read the Wiki article on it, and it’s supposed to be a comedy"
    Yeah, but no one said it was a good comedy

  42. enigmaticagentscully says:

    This was a really weird episode.

    I don’t even have anything to say about it. It had…oogly back parasite things hatched from eggs and a big gooey thing living under the school.

    Also, cowboy vampires.

    I feel almost like I was tripping during this episode, and no-one told me.

    What the hell did I just watch?

  43. The_Consultant says:

    Weirdly one of my main memories of this episode is that when my sister and I first watched Buffy we would spend hours on the internet looking for pictures and info about upcoming episodes (we live in the third world so we were always a season behind) and this particular episode never had much info about it. We would constantly just find this one candid picture of SMG all covered in the purple goo. It seemed to be the picture all the site's used when talking about this episode even though it wasn't a screen cap or anything. Random. (I tried to find the picture again now but it is obviously not as pervasive as it once was…)

  44. beckaboomer says:

    Yeah, I don't much like this episode. I mean, it isn't terrible, and I dislike other episodes more (such as Teacher's Pet), but it leaves me with very little to say.

    Xander/Cordelia.. I guess I just ultimately don't get it for personal reasons, because their dynamic is so not ever what I want in a romantic relationship. Or a friendship. Or… yeah, I don't really want to be AROUND someone I dislike so much. So that's all my stuff, and I think they're funny together, but they'll never make me go "awwww…." like Oz and Willow, or Giles/Jenny. I mean, he'd rather she didn't talk? (UGH.) She would rather not look at him? (BLECH.)

    The kissing noises on this show are too loud. I don't know if that's a sound problem, or if these actors are just weird kissers.

    …and there were creepy crawly things? Sheesh, this episode. Next!

  45. Ginsue says:

    I had a completely different reaction to this episode. "Bad Egg" was just weird for me, and I cannot find a better word to describe it. It was just weird for me. I think the closest I came to feeling fear was when Xander almost ate the egg. That was more revulsion.


    Vampire Cowboys. Okay this is a vampire show, so I guess why not. I just don't understand why this wasn't done before in vampire movies. It isn't like cowboys are vampire-proof.

    I was confused about the creatures anatomy. When it first broke from the egg and the tendril stretched to insert itself in Buffy's ear, eww, it looked a lot different from when it hatched. It did not have a long body part like that afterwards. Also, it broke through the egg shell, but the eggshell is not cracked in any way? It's movement didn't look possible. I understand that it is supposed to move like a spider or centipede, but it's legs are like tentacles. It would not have that kind of mobility with its squishiness. I nitpicked and thought about it too much, so I didn't really appreciate the creepy value. It is just me personally. Because I thought it looked silly.

    Two monsters of the week in one episode? Someone got their schedules screwed up, probably the cowboy vampires.

    Moving on from the weirdness.

    What I am really starting to appreciate about the show is its character interactions. The cast has great chemistry. Even Joyce and Giles who barely interact seem natural together. Oh, why can't Joyce just find out about her daughter being the vampire slayer. That would make things a lot easier.

    As far as interaction, I am so-so about Cordelia and Xander. They don't really seem to get along, but at least it is entertaining to watch. I am conflicted with them. >.<

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "Vampire Cowboys. Okay this is a vampire show, so I guess why not. I just don't understand why this wasn't done before in vampire movies. It isn't like cowboys are vampire-proof. "

      It was. "Near Dark" (1987), d. by Kathryn Bigelow, excellent vampire western with Adrian Pasdar, Lance Henricksen and Bill Paxton.

  46. Raenef_the_5th says:

    I do love that Alien-facehugger egg-baby! Man, I love Alien.

    Oh, right, Buffy. Most of it was filler for me. There are eggs, the eggs are evil! Bad! …That's it?

  47. Nakeefeet says:

    My daughter had to do the egg baby thing last year in health class. They had to bring their eggs home, poke holes in them and blow the insides out and make something to carry their egg babies around in. You could work by yourself or with a partner, (partners had twins) and my daughter chose to work with her best friend. They ended up at the friend's house, who talked her mother into taking them to a craft store, where they bought a red and green basket, little eyes to stick on them, felt to make clothes and hats, bow ties, and cotton to pad them in the basket. When the decorating was done I had twin grandeggs named Holly and Herbie, who were dressed as elves. (It was right before Christmas 2010). They kept a log of who did what with Holly and Herbie and got their A. I saw no redeeming value in the project, but the girls had fun. After the grading the grandeggs sat on my daughter's dresser in their cute little basket for months until my beagle knocked it to the floor and chewed Holly and Herbie to bits. No idea why. But it was gross. When my other daughter takes health next year, I really hope she won't have to do the egg baby project.

  48. Niyalune says:

    Ugh these eggs creatures are the creepiest thing ever. When Xander almost ate his, I almost threw up. For real.
    And I may have physically recoiled from the screen a couple of times :S. So yeah, it was a good, solid episode, but definitely goes into Nightmare Fuel for me. It's not the kind of scary I like best.

  49. @Ivana2804 says:

    I don't think this episode is awful, but it isn't that good, either. Certainly one of the cheesy MOW episodes that bring the season's average quality down, together with Some Assembly Required, Reptile Boy and Tb Svfu. The main story is rather thin. Gubhtu ng yrnfg vg yrnqf avpryl vagb gur arkg rcvfbqr, jvgu gur rzcunfvf ba grrantr yhfg naq pbafrdhraprf bs frk. Then again… V guvax V zvtug or ernyyl srq hc ol fb zhpu frk-artngvivgl va Ohsslirefr. Vg'f yvxr rirel gvzr fbzrbar unf frk, vg'f rvgure qhovbhf pbafrag be unf ubeevoyr ercrephffvbaf be ng yrnfg yrnfg bar bs gur cnegaref srryf frys-ybnguvat naq funzr nobhg vg, fbzrgvzrf zber guna bar bs gubfr.

    Although the central message is kind of interesting since it doesn't just seem to be "kids, don't have sex, it has awful consequences and leads to pregnancy" but, um… Pregnancy is evil?? Vg pregnvayl bsgra vf va Ohsslirefr. "Babies" (eggs) are the monsters in this episode, portrayed as those creepy little things that attach themselves to your body and possess you. And the main monster is their uterine-shaped momma. (To complement the phallic monster from Reptile Boy). I'm not sure what to think about this.

    I like to see the plot of the episode as a representation of Buffy's fears. She is constantly being told by her mom how difficult motherhood is, and at one point she reveals that she’s terrified of ending up like Joyce, as a single mother. Later in a conversation with Angel, she sounds freaked out by the idea of having children. She doesn’t think she would be good at taking care of a child (she mentions how she ‘killed’ her mechanical toy, juvpu jvyy or rpubrq va Gur Cebz jura fur fnlf fur xvyyrq ure svfu) and she thinks of it as something she might possibly do some day when she’s done “having a life”, but she is not thinking of having children in any near future. (An attitude I completely relate to, despite being much older than 16.)

    So far my favorite interpretation (it comes from another fan, I wish I could remember who and give credit) of this episode is that it's about the dangers of societal expectations related to having children, and that this is why the two people who fight the possession are those who don't fit the traditional idea of parenthood and family: Buffy thinks she'll be a single mother, and Xander cooks his egg, which may be seen as vasectomy. This may be overthinking it and the writers might have had any of this in mind, but that intrepretation makes me like this episode a lot more.

    – The title is a play on words – it could be referring literally to the eggs, or metaphorically to the Gorches (who were always bad eggs, even as humans), or even Buffy, who’s a bit of a ‘bad egg’ in Joyce’s eyes.

    – I don't think that Buffy has really thought about the future. She's still the same Buffy who told Willow to "seize the day". But – I don't think she has to think about things like having children and who with. She's 16, for heaven's sake. Plus as a Slayer, she's expected to have an expiry date anyway. I find it odd that Angel is talking about having kids to a 16-year old girl. He is an 18th century guy at heart, thinking that any serious relationship has to lead to marriage and children. That’s one of the crucial differences in their personalities – Angel is the one asking and worrying about the future, while Buffy lives in the now. (juvpu jr’yy nyfb frr va Gur Cebz, jura ur’yy yrnir ure, nzbat bgure guvatf, sbe gubfr fnzr ernfbaf – orpnhfr fur pbhyqa’g unir n abezny yvsr, puvyqera rgp. jvgu uvz. P'zba, fur jnf 18. Vg'f abg yvxr gurfr jrer vzzrqvngr pbapreaf. Ncneg sebz gur frk naq gur unccvarff pynhfr).

    – I get that the camera is showing Mr. Gordo in Buffy's room while she is making out with Angel as a way to hit us over the head with the idea that the teenagers are at a crossroads between childhood and adulthood, naq gung puvyqubbq jvyy fbba or bire sbe Ohss, but who keeps stuffed toys in their room at the age of 16?!

    – Best lines:
    Giles: They made their reputation massacring an entire Mexican village in 1886.
    Buffy: Friendly little demons.
    Giles: No, that was before they became vampires.

    The Gorches sure subvert the "vampire has nothing to do with the human" theory, don't they? By all accounts, they're probably pretty much the same in personality as they were before (yvxr Unezbal) – accents, dress, and what happens when outlaws/y killers become vampires? They just become superpowered outlaws/killers who like to suck blood. Did Lyle turn Tector, or they someone turned them at the same time? In any case, they have sibling affection and Lyle says he always took care of Tector – during their human lives and as vampires.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      – As someone mentioned upthread, Lyle and Tector Gorch are the names of the characters played by Warren Oats and Ben Johnson in The Wild Bunch, where they did obliterate an entire Mexican village.

      – "I don’t know many, but I’ve known friends who got married at some point, and currently despise one another as Cordelia and Xander do here. I’ve noticed that his creepy, unapproprate comments have been toned down, which is nice. "

      Naq gura gurl pnzr onpx shyy sbepr naq perrcvre guna rire va Fhecevfr.

      – This is only the second time Giles and Joyce meet. Giles thinks of Scoobies as his children? Aaaww. Naq ur fyvcf Wblpr na rtt? Uzz… V jbaqre vs gur jevgref unq qvegl zvaqf naq nyernql cynaarq jung unccraf va Onaq Pnaql.

      – "Va ybivat zrzbel" – gnyx nobhg sberfunqbjvat!

      – Zber sberfunqbjvat: Wblpr gryyf Ohssl zbgureubbq vf qvssvphyg naq wbxrf gung Ohssl jvyy frr ubj uneq vg vf jura ure rtt fgnegf qngvat; Ohssl’f ybir yvsr vf ernyyl tbvat gb or n zhpu ovttre fbhepr bs jbeel guna Wblpr pna vzntvar, naq Ohssl urefrys jvyy or nf jbeevrq jura Qnja fgnegf qngvat naq gur obl gheaf bhg gb or n inzcver (Nyy gur Jnl).

      – Ohssl vf jbeevrq fur'yy raq hc nf n fvatyr zbz yvxr Wblpr…

    • Raenef_the_5th says:

      I'll probably post this again later, but some DVD commentary in regards to the rot13 parts in the beginning of your comment:

      Wbff Jurqba ba "Vaabprapr": V perngrq ‘Ohssl gur Inzcver Fynlre’ nf n zbivr, n ybat gvzr ntb, gb cebgrpg, nf V’ir fnvq orsber, gur oybaqr tvey va gur nyyrl jub nyjnlf tbg xvyyrq. Bar bs gur qvfgvathvfuvat srngherf bs gur oybaqr tvey va gur nyyrl jub nyjnlf tbg xvyyrq jnf gung fur npghnyyl unq frk. Fur nyjnlf frrzrq gb or chavfurq sbe vg; gung obgurerq zr; naq V gubhtug vg jnfa’g snve. Fb Ohssl jnf perngrq nf n fbeg bs fgrerbglcr-ohfgre ba gung yriry.

      Ubjrire, jura jr pnzr onpx gb qb gur frevrf jr xarj jr unq gb xrrc vg va uvtu fpubby sbe n juvyr. Jr unq gb obhapr ure ntr onpx gb svsgrra, znxr ure n fbcubzber vafgrnq bs n fravbe. Fb gur vffhr bs frk jnf bar gung jr jrer tbvat gb unir gb qrny jvgu riraghnyyl, va n qvssrerag naq fbzrjung zber frevbhf jnl va gur frevrf. ‘Vaabprapr’ ercerfragf gur rssbeg gb qb gung.

      Jung jr onfvpnyyl jnagrq gb fubj jnf n ubeebe zbivr irefvba bs gur vqrn gung, "V fyrrc jvgu zl oblsevraq naq abj ur qbrfa’g pnyy zr. Naq nyfb, ur’f xvyyvat ubbxref va nyyrlf."

      […] Cbyvgvpf bs gur guvat ner nyjnlf pbzcyvpngrq. Lbh xabj, V fnvq V qvqa’g jnag gb xvyy gur tvey jub unf frk; naq lrg V chavfu gur fuvg bhg bs ure. Gung oevatf hc n ybg bs vffhrf jvgu zr. V qba’g yvxr gur vqrn bs n ernpgvbanel zrffntr, gung rirelguvat lbh qb zhfg or chavfurq. V oryvrir gung Ohssl naq Natry jrer va ybir naq gung jung gurl qvq jnfa’g onq. Ng gur fnzr gvzr V qba’g jnag gb or fnlvat, "Nyy grrantref zhfg obss! Lbh zhfg obss abj! Obss rnpu bgure! Qb vg!"

      Vg’f pbzcyvpngrq; V qba’g ernyyl jnag gb or gryyvat gurz bar guvat be nabgure. Ohg varivgnoyl va n ubeebe fubj lbh raq hc chavfuvat crbcyr sbe rirelguvat gurl qb, whfg fb lbh pna svaq gur ubeebe, gur erny rzbgvbany ubeebe bs rirelguvat gurl tb guebhtu. Ohssl qevaxf orre, abg tbvat gb tb jryy sbe ure. Ohssl unf frk jvgu ure oblsevraq, abg tbvat gb tb jryy sbe ure. Gur vzcbegnag guvat vf gb znxr gur chavfuzrag rzbgvbany, naq abg unir ure or nkr-zheqrerq. Naq nyfb yrg ure tebj sebz vg; yrg ure or fgebatre, yrg vg erfbangr ba n abezny rzbgvbany yriry, vafgrnq bs ba fbzr Rivy Uvture Cbjre gung zhfg chg na nkr vagb gurve urnqf whfg orpnhfr gurl qnerq gb unir frk.

      Riraghnyyl, bs pbhefr, jr qrny jvgu gung jvgu nyy gur punenpgref; ohg jvgu Ohssl jr xarj vg jnf nyy tbvat gb or nobhg gur cnva.


      I thought it would be an interesting read.

    • Appachu says:

      "who keeps stuffed toys in their room at the age of 16?"

      ….I have an entire shelf full of stuffed animals in my room back home. I'm almost twenty. I see no contradictions in these statements.

      • hpfish13 says:

        I still have the stuffed bear I got when I was one, and I'm 25 (I also may have taken said stuffed animal with me to college.

      • @cykotyks says:

        I'm 23. My boyfriend's 22. He has a bear as old as he is named Pokey. I bought a bunny plushie a year ago and named him BunBun. We have a whole stash of stuffed animals in our room, some old, most new.

        I've always found it odd when stuffed animals are considered "childish." They're soft and cuddly and always willing to give you a hug when you need one. People of all ages (and genders!) should be allowed to have stuffed animals in their room without ridicule c:

        • 00guera00 says:

          When I was a kid, the stuffed animal I drug around everywhere and wouldn't go to sleep without was a bunny named BunBun.

          I loved that thing 🙂

        • misterbernie says:

          Stuffed animals, yes.

          But dolls? Now those are fuckin' creepy. (Sorry, but I still get flashbacks to going home with a, uh, gentleman caller, and being greeted by a framed portrait of Lady Di and a shelf of DOLLS)

        • arctic_hare says:

          I agree, sometimes you just need to hold something soft and cuddly when you're sad, or not feeling well, and a stuffed animal is perfect for that. I still have the bunny that was given to me when I was a baby, and a slew of others.

      • RoseFyre says:

        Yup, I have dolls in my room at Mom's and stuffed animals in my studio apartment, and I'm 27!

      • t09yavosaur says:

        I'm 20 and I still have most of my favorite stuffed animals from childhood, including my beaniebaby collection. They are in boxes atm because I don't have anywhere else to keep them.

        I also have a stuffed cat that goes to college with me and he was the only comfort I had when I had the scariest nightmare of my life.

      • kristinc says:

        I'm thirtymumble years old and I have a special doll and 4 stuffed animals someone will have to pry from my cold dead hands. I've had the doll and one of the stuffed animals since I was 7, so it's not an old-lady 😉 affectation either.

    • notemily says:

      I really like this whole analysis of the episode!

  50. t09yavosaur says:

    It's alright. If it had been the last one I would probably have been terrified and scarred for life so I understand your surprise.

  51. tanbarkie says:

    Oh, this episode. Umm… I have nothing to say because I saw it once and never watched it again.






  52. feminerdist says:

    Okay… wait. I haven't watched this episode yet (I'm apparently one behind! idek HOW) but I just read the first paragraph of Mark's review and I saw "fuck you" and "bad eggs" and "insects."

    Before I watch this: Is this an episode about roaches?!!!!! CAUSE I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH SKIPPING THIS ONE IF IT IS! I have never watched the cockroach episode of X-files (AND WILL NEVER), and I skipped the vomiting beetle episode of Fringe (NO FUCKING THANK YOU). Saying that I have a phobia is putting it mildly.

    So can someone… let me know? Totally okay with this spoiler, since Mark already watched it.

    • hpfish13 says:

      Nope, not about roaches, and the monsters are only bug-like. I can't handle stuff with bugs in it (the scene in Temple of Doom where the girl has to put her hand through the wall covered in bugs freaked me out more than anything else in that movie) and I'm fine with this episode.

      • feminerdist says:

        Oh god there are so many things wrong with Temple of Doom, but yes, that scene makes me freak out too.

        So thank you. I'll go catch up on Buffy now!

        • arctic_hare says:

          Temple of Doom has no redeeming qualities. It is horrible in so many ways. I don't get how people can call Crystal Skull the worst Indiana Jones movie when ToD exists. I mean, CS is no Raiders of the Lost Ark, but fuuuuuuuuuuck ToD. I hate that movie. So much.

          • feminerdist says:

            Oh I think Crystal Skull totally trumps Temple of Doom for the worst. Mainly because it seems like all the lessons they learned from Temple of Doom they unlearned when they made Crystal Skull.

          • hpfish13 says:

            Yeah, I've only seen it once for a reason. There is so much DO NOT WANT in that movie. I like Crystal Skull in a campy kind of way (it probably helps that I don't hate Shia Labeouf like so much of the internet–thought he was awesome on Even Stevens, and I still like him today).

          • PheasantPlucker says:

            I feel a visceral and enduring hatred for both CS and ToD, although the blatant race!fail! of ToD makes it the winner in my mind. I can't think of anything that would redeem either movie, although having only ever seen each one time (HOW CAN ANYONE REWATCH THOSE ATROCITIES?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?) I cant claim an in depth knowledge of their 'merits'.

            • arctic_hare says:

              They're both racefaily, though ToD moreso (I think; it's been a while since I saw CS), and traumatized me as a child with the bugs and the heart scene, whereas in CS I at least could look at Cate Blanchett. That was enough for me.

              • feminerdist says:

                Hmm…. these are all excellent points. I've just seen ToD more often, simply because it's been around longer. So that might be why I hate CS more. I just haven't seen it enough to do an honest comparison. (Not that I'd really want to subject myself to that, lol).

          • t09yavosaur says:

            I hear Temple of Doom inspired the R movie rating.

    • notemily says:

      there's a vomiting beetle episode of Fringe? I am reconsidering my desire to someday watch this show.

      (I should clarify that my particular phobia is vomiting, not beetles.)

  53. LadyPeyton says:

    Things I like about Bad Eggs: The Gorches, Xander/Cordy

    Things I disliked about Bad Eggs: the little Alien face sucker thingies, Bezoars are a real thing! and they're not basement dwelling sarlaac creatures!

    We never had the egg thing in high school, but then I went to an all girl's Catholic high school in the 80's. They already spent an hour a day teaching us that we were precious jewels that shouldn't waste ourselves before marriage. I would have rather had the egg.

    Also, eggs do not need to be refrigerated. they will last at room temperature for 1-2 weeks, If you can get them fresh from the chicken they will last even longer. That said, I still keep my eggs in the fridge, as my mother taught me.

    Also Mark, the amount that you are so not prepared breaks my heart.

    • Brieana says:

      Your school didn't think of using teen pregnancy as a way of scaring you all into keeping your pants on? I'm sure my school only wished that they could have given us a demon egg so that we'll do our damnest to never ever get pregnant.

      • LadyPeyton says:

        Sadly, no. Catholic schools used movies and photos of abortions to do scare us away from teh sex when I was in school. I hope like hell they don't still do that.

  54. txcronopio says:

    Nalbar ryfr pna'g jnvg gvyy gbzbeebj???

  55. lycomingst says:

    I kinda like the Gorch Brothers and only recently learned that they are named (probably) in honor of characters in the the movie, "The Wild Bunch".

  56. arctic_hare says:

    This episode doesn't really leave me with much to say. I don't hate it, it has some funny moments and some genuinely creepy stuff (HAVE I MENTIONED THAT PARASITES TERRIFY ME? ALSO I DON'T LIKE SPIDERS OR ANYTHING THAT SKITTERS), but it's just kinda there overall. Fun but kinda forgettable, yet not bad.

  57. hassibah says:

    So I was expecting that I was going to have to defend my liking of this episode but it doesn't seem to be getting the hate I thought it would, which is nice. I mean it would be nice if Jenny and Oz were here but that's about the extent of my complaints, this episode's silly and I like it for what it is.

    I also hated bugs as a kid (still hating centipedes) and I used to have nightmares about the giant facebug from Alien all the time, so gross.

    I kind of like the Cowboy vampires just being ..there for once. It was just kind of neat that different stuff that Buffy was fighting would get to run into each other from time to time, it's not like they all line up single file to deal with her.

  58. WhiteEyedCat says:

    I'm not a fan of this episode, the Gorch brothers are more annoying than threatening, and they could have been a really cool threat for Buffy to face. The fact that they massacred a village BEFORE becoming vamps is interesting to me (in a morbid way) and since discovering a love of Western movies last year, I think that vampire cowboys done well could be really cool. But this episode isn't really about them, so onto the actual parasite of the episode.

    I've never been bothered by small skittery things, spiders have never scared me at all. I'm much more concerned about bigger things that you can't squish (like toads, I'm completely terrified of toads). The body snatchers part of the episode is pretty interesting, although I'm more of a fan of body snatcher stuff when they're acting completely normal and you have no idea who's infested and characters are being picked off one by one…I guess there was an element of that in the episode.

    On a random note I'm really excited to find out that those robot baby things actually exist! I saw it in an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and thought that they had made it up. We never did anything like that at my school which is probably for the best since I get waaay too attached to things, "NO YOU CAN'T HAVE THE DOLL BACK IT'S MY BABY!"

  59. notemily says:

    Bad Eggs lol

    – "But a thin streetwalker!" So many things wrong with this.
    – "But you promised you'd never cheat on me again, honey." I always like the whole "pretend you're the sleazy guy's girlfriend or ex in order to get the other girl to leave" thing. I don't know why, but it never gets old for me. They use it all the time in How I Met Your Mother. Mostly with Barney.
    – I went to go look up the actress's name who plays the girl playing the arcade game, and hey, IMDb has changed their episode-listing format. I like it.
    – Let's count the tropes! "You're a rough one, ain't ya? I like that."
    – Another trope: The Gorch brothers are Texan stereotypes! Because everyone from Texas is "not very bright" and wears cowboy hats. And I'm a bit rusty on my Texan, but those sound a lot like Generic Southern Accents to me.
    – "…why do you all have eggs?" lol Giles
    – Aw, "Egg-bert."
    – The problem with this episode is it's boring. I'm bored by the tentacley eggs. I'm bored by the Gorch brothers and their stereotypey stereotypes. I mean, part of this is definitely because I know what happens, but one of the reasons I love Buffy so much is that I am usually entertained by it even when I've seen the episode a ton of times before. Not so with this one–it's pretty skippable.
    – Oh look, Lyle gets the page quote for Red-Headed Stepchild! I don't know, I'm just in a TV Tropes mood today.
    – OK how can the egg sprout tentacles at night and then go back to being a regular egg in the morning? IT BROKE THE SHELL. You can't un-break an egg shell.
    – I laughed at Joyce's "You sure your egg is secure in that?" Ah, parenting advice from Grandma. A time-honored tradition.
    – "Your egg keep you up all night?" You know, in order to really be authentic, this assignment should involve way more sleep deprivation. But that's kind of the point, right? There's no way to really prepare someone for the experience of having a kid, especially not with an egg that doesn't poop or eat or cry. And if they COULD make it an authentic experience, it'd disrupt their schooling way too much, which is of course what the assignment is designed to prevent.
    – "You boiled your young?" Hee. This assignment is SO EASY to cheat on–just buy another egg if yours breaks! Xander's cheating saves him from the tentacles, too, so I'm for it.
    – "I resent that! Or possibly thank you."
    – [Natry, qba'g jbeel, lbh'yy trg gb rkcrevrapr gur wbl bs puvyqera fbba!]
    – "When I look into the future, all I see is you!" Buffy, this is what we call an unhealthy relationship.
    – Oh hey, a black security guard at the school! Any bets on how long he lives? Anyone?
    – Aaand that was less than two minutes. (I know, he didn't die, he just got Bezoar'd. STILL)
    – I kind of want to watch something hatch now. Like, a little baby chick, not a demon thingie. I'm the kind of person who will watch kitten birth videos on youtube though. Because FASCINATING.
    – This is probably the creepiest part of the episode–there's SOMETHING hiding in her room and she doesn't know where! AGH KILL IT WITH SCISSORS
    – My parents never grounded me. I didn't really "go out" much, anyway. I mean, they did threaten to take away my internet occasionally, but I don't think they ever went through with it, THANK THE GODS OF TECHNOLOGY. These days, it's probably "take away your smartphone" or something.
    – "Is that your real hair?" Ohhhhh Cordelia. We need to talk.
    – Nooo! The poor bear!
    – A bezoar is a stone found in the stomach of a goat, not an egg-demon-thing. HAVEN'T YOU GUYS READ HARRY POTTER
    – [Abbbb abg Wbanguna! Jura pna jr fgbc ebg-13vat uvz? V thrff jura Znex abgvprf jub ur vf.]
    – I do like how the Gorch brothers end up HELPING Buffy just by the fact that the possessed people are attacking all of them.
    – lol and then one of them gets eaten by the mama Bezoar.
    – Another trope I like is the "hero gets swallowed by monster but fights her way out" thing.
    – "What was it really?" Hee, Giles.
    – Awww, now Buffy STILL gets grounded, even though she's just saved everyone. Dammit Joyce! Whatever happened to "you kept your head in a crisis and I'm proud you're my daughter"?
    – Aw, she didn't leave her room but she got makeouts anyway. Yay?

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "- "When I look into the future, all I see is you!" Buffy, this is what we call an unhealthy relationship. "

      To me it's more of what I call a teenager being romantic and not really thinking about the future at all. 🙂

      I'm far more weirded out by Angel talking to her about the future that involves having children. Dude, she's 16! Why would she even think about that? Girls aren't obliged marry their first boyfriend and have kids with him. You may break up years before she even wants to have kids, or one of you might end up dead, due to her (and yours?) line of work.

      • notemily says:

        Yeah, it just made me think a little too much about Bella Swan and how she was like "I can't possibly go to college, I have to be with Edward for ever and ever."

    • Sadie says:

      Rot13'd for discussion of Angel.

      As a "born-'n-raised" (more or less) Texan myself, as far as Texas cliches go, I would posit that Serq vf n sne zber creinfvir naq veevgngvat fgrerbglcr guna gur Tbepurf. Fnvq inzcverf ner whfg nabgure frg bs guebjnjnl zbafgref-bs-gur-jrrx jub qba'g unat nebhaq ybat rabhtu gb ernyyl trg naablvat (nygubhtu gur ~*havagryyvtrag Fbhgurea genvyre-genfu*~ guvat vf oebhtug hc ntnva va "Ubzrpbzvat", gung gvzr jvgu n jbzna). Ubjrire, Serq vf n gbgny pneqobneq phgbhg bs n qenjyvat fjrrg-nf-nccyr-cvr Fbhgurea pbhagel tvey jub fcbhgf "ln'yyf" naq "n'vagf" naq gbffrf bhg n arire-raqvat fgernz bs tnt-vaqhpvat "nqbenoyr" cuenfrf fhpu nf "V ybir lbh yvxr cnapnxrf" (AB BAR V XABJ GNYXF YVXR GUNG, GUNAXF IREL ZHPU, FUBJ). Naq V fnl guvf nf fbzrbar jub nqberf Nzl Npxre sbe rgreavgl, fb ab oynzvat gur npgerff'f gnyragf urer; vg jnf ragveryl n ceboyrz jvgu gur jevgvat grnz.

      Yes, I have ~FEELINGS~ on the subject.

      • beckaboomer says:

        Nf n Graarffrna zlfrys, V arire unq n ceboyrz jvgu Serq'f hfr bs "l'nyy" be "nva'g," fvapr V svaq zlfrys hfvat gurz va rirelqnl fcrrpu cerggl bsgra. V nterr jvgu lbh, ubjrire, ba gur sbeprq fjrrgarff bs ure crefbanyvgl, n irel fgrerbglcvpny qrcvpgvba bs n "Fbhgurea Oryyr." Oyrpu. V yvxrq Serq bgurejvfr, ohg gur phgrfl cuenfrf (fhpu nf gur bar lbh zragvbarq nobhg cnapnxrf) qvq tengr dhvgr n ovg.

        • etherealclarity says:

          Uezz. Serq'f fjrrgarff/phgrarff arire cnegvphyneyl fgehpx zr nf Grkna, be fbhgurea… vg whfg fgehpx zr nf Jvavserq-vna. Irel Xnlyrr-rfdhr. Serq whfg frrzf fb sne sebz fbhgurea oryyr gb zr nf n punenpgre gung V arire cnegvphyneyl abgvprq n pbeeryngvba.

          • beckaboomer says:

            Vg vf xvaq bs n Wbff guvat gb unir uvf "fjrrg" srznyr punenpgref gnyx gb bgure crbcyr yvxr gurl'er fbzrjurer nebhaq svir lrnef byq (be hfr cuenfvat gung fhttrfgf puvyqvfuarff/vaabprapr). Serq, Xnlyrr, va fbzr pnfrf Jvyybj… guvf vf n gbgny LZZI guvat, naq fvapr onol gnyx jnf nyjnlf n crg crrir bs zvar, gurfr punenpgref nyy tbg ba zl areirf ng bar cbvag be nabgure. Bqqyl rabhtu, V raqrq hc ybivat Serq, vaqvssrerag gb Xnlyrr, naq qvfyvxvat Jvyybj fgebatyl ol gur raq bs Ohssl. (V fgvyy ybir rneyl Jvyybj, gubhtu!)

            Npx, bss-gbcvp! Naljnl, Serq'f fjrrgarff vfa'g gbgnyyl fbhgurea va punenpgre, ohg gur vagrewrpgvbaf bs "l'nyy" whfg gnxr zr gurer nhgbzngvpnyyl. V yvxr "l'nyy," gubhtu. Vg'f sha gb fnl.

      • Seventh_Star says:

        i can't say that we are in agreement on this subject. i am a texan myself, and i ranted about the gorches in my comment because i couldn't help it. they're walking, talking stereotypes that our culture is inundated with. when i have traveled, i can't count (seriously) the number of times i've been asked if i ride and/or own a horse. these two characters represent why that has happened.

        v'z abg fnlvat fur qbrfa'g unir synjf (nyy gur punenpgref qb), ohg v'ir nyjnlf gubhtug bs serq'f fjrrgarff nf ure whfg orvat serq. fur'f nyfb oenir naq xvaq naq qryvtugshyyl reengvp naq qerffrf yvxr n abezny crefba. nobir nyy, fur whfg zvtug or gur fznegrfg crefba va gur jurqbairefr. onfvpnyyl, ure orvat n grkna vasbezf ure punenpgre, ohg vg'f abg gur ragvergl bs ure punenpgre. v pna trg oruvaq gung.

      • Sadie says:

        Urrurr, ubj shaal jvgu nyy gur qvssrerag Jurqbairefr bcvavbaf; V ybir vg! V arire ybfg zl nssrpgvba sbe Jvyybj, Xnlyrr qvqa'g ernyyl nssrpg zr bar jnl be gur bgure, naq V npgviryl qvfyvxrq Serq, ohg V nofbyhgryl nterr gung gurl nyy unir ryrzragf va pbzzba. Ubjrire, V sryg gung bs gur guerr, Jvyybj jnf nyybjrq gb or n erny crefba jvgu ure bja ntrapl; gb rkcyber ure yvzvgf, znxr uhtr zvfgnxrf, naq fgvyy or ybirq ol ure sevraqf. Xnlyrr jnfa'g ernyyl nebhaq ybat rabhtu gb or qrirybcrq qenfgvpnyyl bar jnl be gur bgure, ohg fur qrsvavgryl unq cbgragvny gb or na vagrerfgvat crefba. Serq, ba gur bgure unaq, vf xrcg engure va n tynff ohooyr ol gur jevgref, guvf fhtne-fjrrg, hagbhpunoyr tvey jub fvgf nebhaq hfvat pyblvat "Fbhgurea"-vfzf naq orvat chefhrq ol unys bs gur znyr pnfg bs gur fubj – ure nep jbeqf ner fbzrguvat nobhg n unaqfbzr zna erfphvat ure sebz n pnfgyr, sbe tbbqarff' fnxr. Jura fbzrguvat qenfgvp svanyyl qbrf unccra jvgu ure fgbelyvar va Frnfba 5, fur'f ragveryl cnffvir, jnvgvat gb or erfphrq ol gur zra va ure yvsr, naq riraghnyyl orvat yvgrenyyl xvpxrq bhg bs ure bja zvaq ol fbzrguvat fgebatre guna ure. Fb lrf, zl ceboyrzf jvgu Serq rkgraq JNL orlbaq gur Fbhgurea fgrerbglcrf, ohg sbe zr, gubfr fgrerbglcrf fbeg bs ercerfrag gur bgure znwbe vffhrf V unir jvgu ure punenpgrevmngvba. Nf V fnvq nobir, gur npgerff unf abguvat gb qb jvgu zl bcvavbaf; V nqber Nzl Npxre, naq unir gur ovttrfg pehfu ba Pynver Fnhaqref lbh jbhyqa'g oryvrir. V unir fvzcyl arire sryg gung Serq jnf Wbff'f svarfg zbzrag nf sne nf srznyr punenpgref tb.

        • Sadie says:


          Nf sbe Serq'f vagryyvtrapr, V arire sryg gung vg ernyyl nqqrq gb ure nf n crefba; lrf, fur jnf fzneg, ohg jr arire ernyyl frr ubj orvat fzneg nssrpgf URE… gb zr, fur nyjnlf frrzrq zber bs n fgbc-tnc va beqre gb tvir gur grnz fbzrbar jub pbhyq qb cerggl zhpu nalguvat gung jnf inthryl gb qb jvgu zrqvpvar be zngurzngvpf; rira ure nernf bs rkcregvfr jrer inthr naq frrzrq gb punatr va nppbeqnapr jvgu gur rcvfbqr-gb-rcvfbqr cybgyvar. Gurer ner cyragl bs bgure oevyyvnag punenpgref va gur Jurqbairefr, obgu znyr naq srznyr, jub qba'g shapgvba nf cybg qrivprf naq unir gurve crefbanyvgvrf sne orggre qrsvarq gura Serq qbrf.

    • cait0716 says:

      The "is that your real hair" comment seemed to be to one of Cordy's friends. I've definitely heard girls start conversations this way or discuss whether their hair is real or an extension. It always seems weird to me, but it is something that actually happens and that Cordy would care about.

    • Ginsue says:


      You doomed me by posting Tropes links. *clicks*

      The last part about Buffy getting grounded. That just is sad. When I was a kid and I watched TV shows. If a character I liked was being unfairly punished and took the blame for something they didn't do, I got a stomach ache. I just couldn't take the tension. This is Buffy's life in a nutshell.

  60. Brieana says:

    My brother had one of those robot dolls, too. I think they're called "cry babies"? We moved away before I entered whatever grade that was, so I never got one myself.
    I did like that Xander boiled his egg and tried to eat it later. That Xander just cracks me up. I've never done the "carry an egg around like it's a baby thing" but I'd imagine that'd be an easy A.

  61. fantasylover120 says:

    See, I never had a class that did the whole "taking care of a fake baby" thing (or the fake marriage project, which as I recall some of the boys I went to school with, I'm highly grateful for). I don't think my school even offered a class that would have used the project (seriously is it a home ec class? Social studies?). But seriously, I never encountered this project in school but apparently these projects are common? That monster hatching scene though will forever freak me out though.
    Daily Buffy Quotable
    "Do now. Make fun of your mother later."-Joyce
    "Did I ask for backseat mommying?"-Buffy
    "I resent that! Or possibly thank you."=Xander
    Xander: Buffy, disect it. Buffy: Why me? Xander: Because you're the slayer. Buffy: And I slayed. My work here is done.
    "They can be such a…I don't want to say burden…Actually yeah, I do want to say burden."-Joyce (in reference to children)

  62. Sarah S says:

    I have to say, I have nothing to say about this episode beyond that this is making me have to muffle my desire to bring up spoilers so much, you have no idea. Personally, I always loved this episode. Keeping in mind that I actually hate long arcs, angst, seriousness and complicated social disquisitions on the nature of Bad Things In Modern Society, this is one of my all time favourites. It's funny, I adore the Gorch brothers, as a Buffy/Angel 'shipper it pings every one of my happy place buttons and . . . okay, the other thing I'd say is spoilers so I won't say it.

    To make the same joke several other people have made, has anyone written the fanfic where when Snape asks Harry where to find a bezoar, he answers, "under a high school"?

  63. MrsGillianO says:

    Jryy, fur vf tbvat gb svaq n ybbcubyr gb trg nebhaq guvf naq znxr bhg jvgu Natry, fb gurer’f gung.


    Vg'f shaal – guvf vf abg na rcvfbqr V cnegvphyneyl engr, lrg Znex tbg fb zhpu bhg bs vg. Vg whfg tbrf gb fubj gung rira n "zru" rcvfbqr bs Ohssl vf orggre guna zbfg bs jung ryfr vf bhg gurer.

    There's a novel by Anne Fine called Flour Babies which takes the same approach but using bags of flour instead of eggs. I suppose the point is to convince the kids that this is a serious and important exercise. After all, tens of thousands looked after Tamagotchi eggs once upon a time. Joyce is just so clueless, isn't she? Sweet.

    BZT V pnaabg jnvg sbe gur arkg srj rcvfbqrf. Ebpxrg ynhapure. Ebyyre Obl. Naq nyy gung Natry-natfg.

    • 00guera00 says:

      There's a novel by Anne Fine called Flour Babies which takes the same approach but using bags of flour instead of eggs.

      I knew I read a book about those!

  64. todd says:

    It's so hard for me to watch this episode. Not because it's bad; it's decent, and parts of it are quite good (the whole "hormones controlling you" thing is pretty hilarious when they make hormones = babies = evil creepy monsters on your back), but the idea of something messing with me when I'm in bed is just no. Do Not Want. I'm one of those people who pulls the covers over my head when watching a scary movie, or a blanket, depending on the circumstance. If my psyche thinks something can get in there then it's game over.

    Also: Poor Mark. Poor, sweet, innocent, unprepared Mark.

  65. @cykotyks says:

    My school's health class didn't do the baby thing – I think that was the Home Ec or some other elective. I remember a couple people talking about (I think) programmed dolls or flour sacks that would cry periodically and you had to tend to it and how one was "colicky" and randomly assigned to somebody. I'm really glad I never had to do it because I was in swimming at the time and, one, needed what little sleep I got, and two, was in the water for several hours a day. And three, I never wanted kids anyway! P:

    But yeah, this episode creeps me out because a;ejhdgkfjhg creepy crawly things AND things going into ears?! NOT. OKAY. The Gorch brothers sorta crack me up tho c:

    • @cykotyks says:

      Adding this: V fvzcyl pnaabg rzcnguvmr jvgu n fvghngvba yvxr guvf orpnhfr V unir ab rkcrevrapr gung rira pbzrf pybfr gb pbzcnevat jvgu vg.

      Uvqvat n irel ovt cneg bs lbhe vqragvgl sebz fbzrobql lbh qrfcrengryl jnag gb gryy ohg pna'g? Lrnu. V pna. Va Ohssl'f pnfr vg'f zbfgyl orpnhfr fur'f fjbea gb frperpl (sng ybg n' tbbq gung qbrf ure); va zvar vg'f orpnhfr V jnf nsenvq bs gurve ernpgvba. Ohg bgurejvfr lrnu, V pna rzcnguvmr jvgu Ohssl cerggl uneqpber. Vg'f whfg gung vg znxrf zber frafr gb rynobengr ba guvf jvgu n yngre rcvfbqr.

  66. RachelFatale says:

    I, too, saw Arachnophobia when I was seven years old, and I have no idea why I did because I already had a huge fear of spiders before I saw it. But my brother wanted to see it and I was always eager to watch things with my brother whenever he would let me. Luckily I don't think it made my phobia any worse, and I was very pleased whenever a spider died in the movie.

    The skittering things in this episode don't bother me, just creep me out a little, but of course I CANNOT watch the tarantula scene in "Nightmares".

    I think the egg thing was also done in an episode of Strangers with Candy. Unless I'm confused and they used dolls, but I'm pretty sure it was eggs.

    Vg arrqf gb uheel hc naq or gbzbeebj abj, orpnhfr V pnaabg jnvg gb ernq Znex'f erivrjf sbe Fhecevfr naq Vaabprapr!

  67. Sally Amber says:

    As long as the egg doesn't break you don't have to know about any bad smells goin on inside. Before the toy industry revolutionized sex ed the idea was that the teacher signs each egg or puts a symbol or something on it so they know you didn't cheat and then you need to make sure it doesn't break. And when you always have it on you that means you always have to be checking it's still ok aka- putting something else above everything else. No idea if it's effective whatsoever….

  68. Hotaru_hime says:

    We had sacks of flour but I wasn't allowed to participate. Which was great because I didn't have to lug around 10lbs of flour every day.
    I don't even remember this episode, so that's the end of my commentary.

  69. John says:

    Likewise, this episode freaks me out more than I can say. For me, the name "Mother Bezoar" terrifies, and whenever I see the word "bezoar" I'm instantly reminded of this episode, and I want to cry myself to sleep.

    I tend to not like episodes of shows when the main characters are under a particular spell or influence and only one person is in his/her right mind. It reminds me of nightmares I used to have.

  70. whedonzombie says:

    Did anyone else notice that in "Ted", Buffy gets hit in the face by a ROBOT and her Slayer powers cause her to have no visible marks (which is important to the plot), yet, in "Bad Eggs", she gets hit by teenage girl and has a bruise on her forehead for the rest of the ep? Granted, it was a "possessed" teenage girl, but still…I loves me this show! Don't make me question continuity, writers!

  71. Kari18212 says:

    Ugh this episode. I rarely rewatch it, but I faithfully watched it today to see if Giles was knocked out on camera (nope, although I'm assuming he was unconscious when he got possessed or whatever-doesn't count though!). I had to click away from the screen when the tentacles were coming towards Buffy in her sleep though-so creepy, do not want.

    As for my contribution about the fake baby thing-I took a parenting class in high school, which I figured would be good since I love babies, but was a total waste of time. We had to carry around stuffed animals for 'babies' and create little scrapbooks and whatever. Lots of people brought it to class and left it in their lockers the whole rest of the time.

    On the other hand, my cousin had the whole electronic baby that cried every 3 hours and had to be 'comforted' with a key that was on a bracelet on your wrist which was not allowed to be taken off at any point for the weekend. For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea if she stayed over one night that weekend-yeah that 2 am wakeup did not work for me at all. Probably a more effective teaching technique than the stupid stuffed animals though.

  72. Polgara says:

    Fhecevfr naq Vaabprapr! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Jrqarfqnl vf tbaan or NJRFBZR!

  73. NotQuiteDave says:

    "V guvax guvf rcvfbqr vf rfcrpvnyyl sevtugravat gb zr orpnhfr V whfg pnzr bss bs “Grq.” Qba’g fubjf gnxr oernxf va orgjrra guvf fbeg bs fghss? V PNA’G UNAQYR GUVF NYY NG BAPR."

    Bu Znex, fb anvvir. Guvf VF gur oernx!

  74. etherealclarity says:

    This episode makes zero sense to me and the plot is rather boring. Meh on the Gorches. Meh on the pod people plot. Where did the eggs come from in the first place? I guess the teacher got infected first and then purposefully infected everyone with the assignment? That's the only option that makes sense to me, but even that is stretching it a bit. How did the first baby creepy crawly manage to find the one person who had an excuse to give eggs to people and make them sleep near the eggs for several nights in a row? NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE. Though that moment at the end when Buffy emerges from the beozar pit covered in black goo looking all badass is AWESOME.

    Plus, this is one of my favorite quotes from the series: "There was a certain Machiavellian ingenuity to your transgression." "I resent that. Or possibly thank you."

    V ybir jura Wblpr naq Tvyrf vagrenpg. GURL ner zl Tvyrf-eryngrq fuvc. V'z abg gur ovttrfg Wraal sna. (Abguvat jebat jvgu ure, ohg fur qbrfa'g ernyyl vagrerfg zr rvgure.) Naq Wblpr naq Tvyrf frrz gb unir ernyyl ybiryl purzvfgel ba fperra.

  75. canyonoflight says:

    I never understood the egg thing either! We never had to do anything like that at my school. The only people who had to do it were the students at the vocational school who were studying childcare and I think they had the high-tech dolls.

  76. SosaLola says:

    In this episode Xander teases Buffy about her smoochies with Angel with a good nature, no resentment. He seems to be on his way to move on.

    I also enjoyed the small Xander/Giles bonding moments. Xander is obviously the least of the three that Giles likes – can barely tolerate. Here, Giles asks the three to give him a hand, Buffy and Willow decline, but Xander jumps to help him with enthusiasm. I think this is a defining characteristic in Xander, he's always ready to help, so excited to help. I could be wrong, but I don't remember a moment where Xander refused to help a friend when asked.

    Also, when they discover that Xander boiled his egg, Giles compliments Xander thinking it's clever. Xander mistaking it for an insult clearly shows the dynamic of their relationship.

  77. kristinc says:

    We didn't do tend-a-"baby"-round-the-clock activities at any of my schools, which is almost a shame, as it would have been complete cake for me being as I did 4-H and had a houseful of weird pets for which I provided lay medical care from time to time. By middle school I'd already had the experience of getting up several times in the night to care for something helpless thankyouverymuch. I kinda thought that kids who had ever done anything like that were weird, and possibly wimps. (I was like 12, man, don't judge me too harshly.)

    Instead, in 7th grade Home Ec, we … turned an egg into a baby? I dunno. We blew out the contents and then decorated the shells like babies and then … that was it. It was really spectacularly pointless, and I can only imagine that bits of the original "egg baby" exercise had been vetoed one by one as impractical/disruptive/offensive until what was left had no even vague educational value whatsoever.

  78. FuTeffla says:

    So, I've never actually seen the whole of this episode because for some reason my Buffy disc developed a fault and wouldn't play all of it. And considering my fear of anything that looks or moves in any way like a spider, I was actually pretty cool with that.

  79. @farwell3d says:

    Although this is clearly just a monster of the week/filler episode, and not part of the big myth-arc, I think it's one of the strongest non-arc eps of the series.

    Again, though, I just might like Wild Bunch Vampires more than other people.

  80. Zoli says:

    Okay, so, no lie, last night I had a dream where there was a horrible pale scorpion/shrimp monster that I was trying to squish and then it LEAPT AT MY NECK and then I woke up. It was fucking horrifying and I BLAME THIS EPISODE. Damn you, Joss Whedon, and your constant nightmare fuel.

    (S4 spoilers): V nyfb unq gb jbex ERNYYL UNEQ abg gb guvax nobhg gur Tragyrzna gur bgure avtug, nsgre V fnj "Uhfu" sbe gur svefg gvzr. Ubyl fuvg, gubfr guvatf jrer nofbyhgryl greevslvat. Nyfb, JNL gbb zhpu yvxr gur Fvyrapr sbe pbzsbeg. Ab bar pna pbaivapr zr gung Zbssng qvqa'g ybbx ng gubfr guvatf naq tb "Uzzz. Greevslvat. Irel greevslvat. Ohg V org V pna qb rira orggre."

  81. Siobhan says:

    I've only ever seen this exercise with a fake baby on US TV, I'm in the UK and we never did. Although I don't speak for the rest of the world! 😛 Anyone not from the US have to do this?

    • enchantedsleeper says:

      Same, I'm from the UK and I've never had to do it as a part of normal schooling. I know someone who had to take care of a fake baby as part of nurse training, but that seems reasonable enough. One of the other classes in year… 9? at my school did make flour babies, but I think that was to do with reading the Anne Fine book in English rather than as a 'health' experiment.

  82. Nicholas says:

    V'z jnvgvat cngvragyl sbe Znex gb jngpu "Fhecevfr" va whfg n pbhcyr ubhef. Ur guvaxf ur xabjf jung'f gb pbzr. Ur unfa'g rira ortha. UNUNUNUN! Nyfb, Natry'f erghea sebz uryy va frnfba 3 zvtug or fbzrjung fcbvyrq sbe Znex, frrvat nf ur xabjf gung Natry trgf uvf bja fubj.

  83. Hiccup says:

    Gbzbeebj Znex'f va sbe dhvgr gur…fhecevfr.

    <img src=""&gt;

  84. enchantedsleeper says:

    Yeah, I found the Gorch cowboys a rather annoying addition to the episode. I didn't really catch what Giles said about them in the first place, and all the scenes with them in after that just made me roll my eyes with boredom. Their dialogue was so annoying to listen to. I felt like they were just a depth-less stereotype, "hick" cowboys with the slightly unusual addition of vampirism. I did find it pretty funny how they suddenly turned up at the worst possible moment and then one of them kinda helped Buffy fight off the parasite drones whilst attacking her in between pauses. xD Then Buffy hauled herself up out of the pit all badass and covered in blood, and the vampire was like "crapcrapCRAP no way I'm taking her on!!" But mostly they were just a device to make us think they were the main plot and randomly complicate stuff.

    It was so frustrating to see Buffy constantly get punished because she couldn't explain to her mother what was going on, but the end scene was adorable with the 'loophole' that she and Angel found to continue their makeout sessions XD Plus there was that surreality of Buffy calling to her mother and then turning to continue kissing the vampire at her window XD Love it.

    Mark, I share your hatred of scuttly, many-legged things. I absolutely can't stand spiders, and unlike Ron, I hate them even when they're dead. They revolt me to my very core. *shudders* And speaking of revolting… that boiled-egg parasite is gonna haunt me for a while. For some reason I found that more disgusting than the live one.

    I find Xander and Cordy's interactions a bit weird as well. Love/hate relationships are one of my favourite tropes ever ever ever, but even I find it odd how they can alternate so quickly between insulting each other and kissing passionately. I guess I would just like a bit more depth beyond "one minute we're making out, the next we're slinging insults back and forth" to make the relationship more believable.

  85. Shiyiya says:

    If I remember correctly, in The Alfred G Graebner Memorial High School Book Of Rules And Regulations (it's a novel! it just has a really fucking long title!), their home ec class had bags of flour to treat like babies.

    (My middle school 'wellness' class did nothing of the kind, and I don't remember even HAVING a health class in high school, though I only did two years of high school so I could have just missed it.)

    (Middle school 'wellness' class did however have a really ridiculous video about sexual harrassment, pronounced sexual harrisment, that my class mocked for months. THIS SCHOOL'S GOT RULES YOU KNOW!)

    • notemily says:

      Yeah, after my middle school got the video on sexual harassment, people went around yelling "that's sexual harassment and I don't have to take it!" at each other for lulz. In terms of educating kids about actual problems the video was a complete failure.

  86. aurelia says:

    I still think this is the worst episode of the series, but there is one scene that I love. The "Machiavellian ingenuity" exchange between Giles and Xander and the way Willow and Buffy are both protective of their eggs. I think those relatively small gestures reveal soooo much character.

    The egg monster and the stupid cowboy-vampire brothers? Ugh.

  87. ladysugarquill says:

    American schools actually do the "take care of the fake baby" thing? I thought that was just on TV! And why would you do that? There are certainly more important things to do and learn at school than pretending a flour bag is a baby…

    I generally don’t find myself making out with people I despise?
    I think the idea here is that Xander and Cordelia dont *hate* each other. They are attracted to each other, but he's a "loser" and she's the girl who always treats him like a loser, so they try very hard to hide it.

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