Mark Watches ‘Jekyll’: Episode Four

In the fourth episode of Jekyll, Miranda confronts Peter Syme with knowledge of what she believes is happening at Klein & Utterson while more tests are done on Tom Jackman. Through flashbacks, we learn of how Tom and Claire met and that Hyde’s appearance was not as sudden as we once thought. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Jekyll.

AHHHH HOW CAN THIS SHOW GET ANY BETTER. HOW???? I am just flabbergasted that more people don’t talk about it or by the fact that four years have gone by since it aired and I’ve never seen a second of it until now. I am enamored with this story, and the fascinating narrative devices used here only accent what Moffat’s written instead of distracting from it.

In order to talk about the two stories we’re given, I’m going to focus on each one separately. I know that they’re deeply intertwined and relevant to one another, but it would be too hard to cover everything if I stuck with how the episode presented them to us. I’ve said before that I generally do like flashbacks, especially when they’re executed well; they work so perfectly in episode four because they’re unexpected. I did not think we’d ever get this much backstory on Claire and Tom, and I’m pleasantly surprised by how much of an influence and part Claire has in the full story. But it’s confusing at first, too, since episode three ended with Tom in that mysterious box and Claire tied up in the back of a truck. So when we open with Tom out of the box, interacting with his wife in a bizarre way as if he doesn’t know here, there are those few seconds of dissonance. What the hell is going on?

The progression of the flashbacks not only show us the utterly adorable way that Tom and Claire hook up for the first time, but give us the emotional weight to contextualize everything that’s happening in the present. (I’ll get to that later.) That is what I love about fiction and why I ultimately find myself drawn towards good characterization. I relish the chance to get a complete picture of a person, to learn parts of their history that bring them to where they are now, to understand their motivations and their emotions like we get to here.

Yet on top of this, I was simply shocked that we learned that Tom Jackman began his transformation to Hyde a whole lot earlier than we’d been led to believe. I’d just assumed that the transformation in front of Katherine was maybe the second one, that this was a very sudden and recent change for Jackman. However, now I realize how little sense that makes, given what I know about Jackman. Which is still not that much more than it was before, honestly, but that’s the appeal of this. Moffat is slowly releasing details that make the very idea of Tom Jackman more mysterious instead of more definable.

Things start off small. His thumbprint physically changes so that it’s no longer recognizable. (AHHHH PETER SYME WAS THERE AND HE FUCKING KNEW. PS: I have now taken to shouting WEDGE ANTILLES every time Peter’s onscreen. CAN’T STOP ME.) He mysteriously grows hair on his arm that wasn’t there minutes before. We get glimpses of Hyde when Jackman has sex with Claire.

And then, on vacation, WHAT THE HOLY FUCK HOW DOES ANY HUMAN BEING THINK OF THIS. That scene with the motorcycle dude is one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever seen in my entire life. It is 100% awful in every universe that has ever existed. It’s almost too ridiculous in a way, and I don’t know that the show needed to go to these lengths to show us what would happen when Jackman was forced to deal with feelings of inadequacy towards his wife.

That’s really what this is all about. Hyde is the ultimate, extreme expression of masculine terror, a complete package of unrepentant, societal rage, and I found it fascinating that a social situation that challenged Jackman’s sense of his manliness would trigger this all. (Side-eyeing the use of violence against women to “develop” a male character, though I do acknowledge that this show features Claire way more prominently than I expected, given this trope.)

As Tom deals with more and more strange messages from someone that is announcing their arrival, I realized that this would be the first full conversion we’d see. And what a conversion it is: This is one of the most frightening scenes in the entirety of Jekyll. Obviously, the dynamic of the confrontation mixes personal revenge with pity all at once, making me feel all weird inside, but I started truly fearing Hyde because I had to remind myself that this first appearance had no boundaries. Jackman had never experienced this before, so there were no rules. I still don’t even know if he killed that man on the pier, but even if he didn’t, it really doesn’t make the attack any less horrifying to watch. The man is completely uninhibited as Hyde, clearly some sort of animal who has been locked up for so long. His glee at his freedom isn’t even funny to us: it’s just flat-out horrifying. Without any system of control, it’s not out of the question for him to beat the man within an inch of his life and then bite his ear off and save it for later.

How weird is it when Jackman calls his wife from the hospital and initially feels satisfied? God, what a creepy, unsettling thought. He has no idea why he feels as if he’s gone through some brilliant catharsis, but it speaks to how uniquely attuned Hyde and Jackman are to one another. But let’s just come out and discuss this episode’s gigantic, confusing reveal: When Claire gives birth to her twins, the doctors were genuinely surprised that Claire had two children.


Okay, OKAY. I cannot ignore that. How is that possible? Clearly, that’s at least part of the explanation for Jackman’s dual nature, but….what. WHAT. WHAT.

I can’t find where I said it, but I know that I’ve mentioned that I sort of hate when characters are in some weird, confusing, or complicated situation and they don’t just stop and ask questions. Well, that doesn’t happen here at all, and I was full of joy while watching Claire, Katherine, Miranda, and Min all take Peter Syme to task over what’s going on with Tom Jackman. Look, I just love how playful Miranda and Min are, so there’s that. Plus, it’s so rare to see a room full of women in this context, and the confrontation between Katherine and Claire isn’t played out to be some sexist or side-eye-worthy trope. But what I found so fascinating was how we were led to believe that Miranda had arrived at Klein & Utterson’s with all of the answers we’d been waiting for. I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of clones, but I was completely taken just watching Miranda talk. It was initially a brilliant way to provide us with some exposition BUT THEN IT WAS ALL WRONG. Oh my god, that look on Peter’s face when he says he expected better only because the Institute knows just as much as she does. I mean….HOW IS ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE??? I know the answer is hanging out right in front of me, but I can’t figure it out. How did Jackman come to possess these powers if can’t be Dr. Jekyll’s descendent? Where the hell is his “mother”? She’s not his mother, is she?

And even through all of this, I still don’t know what the Institute is really for. We find out that they’ve given Jackman whatever “cure” they’ve possessed for the last fifty years, but we don’t know why. There’s a chance he will also end up permanently in the Hyde body, too. But, again, why? Why give him the cure? Is that the entire point of the Institute? I thought they needed Jackman for something, but it makes no sense to me that they would do this to him at all. Peter’s bizarre retort that seems to suggest that Jackman is a “cure” for something is equally confusing: what part? The Hyde side? And, again, why would you take the risk of curing Jackman if his Hyde counterpart was some huge scientific breakthrough?

I’m certainly intrigued and emotionally hooked by this show’s mythology and the strong cast of characters we’ve been given. (Though Katherine really hasn’t been around that much, has she?) Above all of this, I’m simply entertained. It’s a whole lot of fun to watch Jekyll and it’s certainly satisfying to know that the story only has six parts. This almost feels like one really long movie if you put aside the cliffhangers we’ve gotten. I really don’t think it’s possible that the man who will step out of that box (after Claire so gloriously doused Peter with hot coffee for all his fuckery) will be Tom. It has to be Hyde, and I think that’s what will need to be addressed immediately in episode five. I can’t say that I am any closer to figuring out what the hell is going on, but the thought that I’ll soon know is rather exciting.

This show, y’all. THIS SHOW.

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  1. redheadedgirl says:

    The great thing about British TV season (series) being so short is there's no time for extranious crap and it all rips through at breakneck speed.

    The terrible thing about British TV seasons being so short is THERE ARE ONLY SIX EPISODES WHAT THE FUUUUUUUCK

    • pandalilies says:

      This, this, a million times this.

    • Tauriel_ says:

      THIS. It's a really schizophrenic feeling, to be honest – you're simultaneously glad for the high quality-to-quantity ratio, and furious because there isn't MOAR EPISODES!!! 😀

  2. Maya says:

    I absolutely love how Claire and Tom meet. It's so completely ordinary in a series where everything is totally extraordinary. So many shows have characters meeting their significant others in increasingly bizarre and complex ways- I love that such a complex couple just get set-up by friends.

  3. monkeybutter says:

    Still haven't seen the show, but I cracked a huge grin at this:

    "Jura Pynver tvirf ovegu gb ure gjvaf, gur qbpgbef jrer trahvaryl fhecevfrq gung Pynver unq gjb puvyqera. ORPNHFR GURER JNF BAYL BAR ERTVFGRERQ URNEGORNG GUR JUBYR GVZR. Bxnl, BXNL. V pnaabg vtaber gung. Ubj vf gung cbffvoyr? Pyrneyl, gung’f ng yrnfg cneg bs gur rkcynangvba sbe Wnpxzna’f qhny angher, ohg….jung."

    Wrerzl Pybpxfba naq Ybofnat Yhqq! Vf Pynver Gvzr?!? Everything is Discworld. 😀

  4. BSGfan1 says:

    Okay, now this episode I enjoyed.

  5. Meg H. says:

    Sorry to derail the conversation, but I wrote this on yesterday's post as well, only to remember about half an hour later about time differences. OOPS.

    But anyway, where might a gal in Spain be able to watch Jekyll? Anyone have any tips for me, or should I suck it up and torrent/download? Netflix isn't an option over here, and I'm not sure about Amazon Video. :/

    • Tauriel_ says:

      I'm from Slovakia and there's no chance for me to watch it legally anywhere on the net, because Netflix doesn't work here. So I torrent – and I recommend you to do the same (unless you want to buy the DVD). is a really good site for all British TV and radio! 🙂

    • maccyAkaMatthew says:

      Try iTunes. It could well be available there in the normal way that TV shows are. On top of that, if you have an iPad then you can get the global iPlayer app, via iTunes, for 7 euros a month, although I'd check that Jeckyll's part of the catalogue first.

      On the other hand, it's really cheap in the UK on DVD, even brand new:

      Shipping in the EU is fairly reasonably priced, I think*. Here's a Spanish link I could find, for comparison:

      If it takes a while to arrive, you could always torrent in the meantime. Also, I think some posted some streaming links in the comments to episode one.


      I placed a dummy order, and the total cost for a new DVD, shipped from the Amazon in the UK to Spain, would be £5.44, which is 6.38 euros. It'd take 3-7 days to arrive, though.

      Edit again:

      I hadn't realised the was an before.–1-Complete-Reino-Uni

      7.99 in Euros, with 2-3 days free delivery, if my Spanish serves.

      • Meg H. says:

        Oh. My. God. You are AMAZING for doing all of this research. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

        I didn't see all the edits you made about ordering the DVD on Amazon, which is just as well since I don't have a DVD player. But I just bought an iTunes season pass, and am excited to buckle down and watch!!! Thanks again! 😀

        (And heh, yeah, we actually just got Amazon at the beginning of September. Spain's not super up on Internet culture, something I, as a complete addict, lament every day.)

      • xpanasonicyouthx says:


  6. Tauriel_ says:

    Come on, Mark – not a single mention of the fantastically creepy scene where Tom records Hyde on video for the first time? No mention of the "Are you my Daddy?" (which is now officially creepier than "Are you my Mummy?" from Doctor Who)


    But anyway, let's get to the other goodies:

    1. The first meeting of Tom and Claire. I love the awkwardness of it all! 😀 They're so cute. And I love how Claire is turned on by Tom's (admittedly, rather odd) habit of taking off his shoes under the dinner table. And then she hides them, which turns HIM on! That's so funny and adorkable. They clearly share the same sort of subtle humour. <3

    2. Hyde's gradual "awakening". One word: CREEPIFYING.

    3. Miranda and Min trolling Peter Syme by calling all his girlfriends in the office. Brilliance. And then this hilarious dialogue:

    Miranda: "But then you have quite an eye for the ladies, don't you, Mr. Syme?"
    Min: "Pot, kettle…"
    Miranda: "Although I'm not sure I trust you with the wife of a friend."
    Min: "Pot, kettle…"

    Miranda: "Although, maybe you just lock women in your basement recreationally."
    Min: "Pot, kettle…"
    Miranda: "Min!"

    😀 😀 😀 I love their banter. <3 (And also the scenes between the four women shut together in that room. Loved Min's comments about the magazines and the food cravings and the waste paper basket!)

    4. Claire. She's gaining strength as a character with each passing scene – especially once she seriously accepts that her husband is "Jekyll and Hyde". And then she throws the scalding coffee in Syme's face. That's like, the ultimate "In your face!", isn't it? Oh, Claire, you gorgeous badass. <3

    I know the answer is hanging out right in front of me, but I can’t figure it out. How did Jackman come to possess these powers if can’t be Dr. Jekyll’s descendent? Where the hell is his “mother”? She’s not his mother, is she?

    *cackles evilly and gleefully*

    Oh, Mark, Mark, you're SO NOT PREPARED (although, you've probably already watched the whole thing, so this snigger is not valid any more, I guess… 😀 ). I think by the time I got to this episode for the first time, I had already figured out how is it possible that Tom Jackman is Dr. Jekyll's direct descendant, even though Dr. Jekyll did't have any children or family. I'm not telling, though. 😉

    In the next episode, SHIT GETS EVEN REALER THAN IT'S NOW.

    • notemily says:

      I love how Peter just announced to the entire room that someone was calling everyone he'd slept with.

      • Tauriel_ says:

        Yeah, that was a nice touch – he had always been very much in control of himself, but now he clearly lost his nerves.

    • tehrevel says:

      "Loved Min's comments about the magazines and the food cravings and the waste paper basket!"

      Wait, what? I don't remember these at all. Oh man if I'm watching some sort of cut down for time version or something I'm going to be pissed, my episode was 52 minutes and 36 seconds long. Is that about right? If I just missed them because I'm apparently some sort of moron then I'll still be pissed, just inwardly instead.

  7. Tauriel_ says:

    Oh, and another bit of HILARIOUS dialogue between Claire's friends:

    "Who's that?"
    "Nobody. My mother. Go away."

    😀 😀 😀 Brilliant.

  8. klmnumbers says:

    I've seen this show like a million times, and I somehow never noticed:

    When Claire gives birth to her twins, the doctors were genuinely surprised that Claire had two children.

    Man, tv watching comprehension fail on my part.

  9. Tauriel_ says:

    "How do you know which one he's… stabilised as?"
    "We open the box."

    Schrödinger's Jekyll/Hyde! 😀 😀 <3

  10. notemily says:

    So yeah, flashback episodes are ALWAYS MY FAVORITE EPISODES. OF EVERYTHING. Favorite episode of White Collar (which I'm re-watching with my roommate right now)? "Forging Bonds." Favorite Firefly episode? "Out of Gas." Favorite Gossip Girl episode? "Blair Waldorf Must Pie." I could name more, but they'd spoil Mark for shows he's planning to watch. ("Sbby sbe Ybir"/"Qneyn" anyone?) I just can't resist backstory. Favorite HP books? PoA and HBP. Because backstory!

    Thoughts as I was watching:

    I love this story about how Tom and Claire got together! It's delightful to see them flirting and being sexy. "What do you do?" "Rich men." "What do you do?" "About 350,000 a year." LOLOLOL awesome. And she stole his shoes to get more time with him! So cute!

    "Old boyfriend?" "He is now." <3


    Uh-oh, "did I bring the wrong thumb?"

    "It's an American company." Is it?

    He's claustrophobic? And now he's in a box 🙁 🙁


    Wouldn't Hyde have different handwriting?

    Hyde has hairy arms?

    "Remember you said… rich." Yeah John Jarndyce, stop being an asshole.

    "I turn his eyes black." O________O

    "Well her skirt says yes." Fuck you, Rapey McRaperson. God, this scene was about as fun to watch as the similar one in Crash. 🙁

    Yes Hyde, please go bash those rapey dudes' heads in.

    Did they just show a… shadow of a penis?

    OHH, I get it. The ice cream van song is the creepy thing Hyde keeps whistling. Because that incident helped awaken him.

    Interesting that Hyde gets the urge to hurt the dude, even though he doesn't have memory of the actual incident. But he repeats the guy's words back to him. HOW DOES THIS WORK.

    "Does he notice?" "Half the time."

    "I don't think he was born." WHAT IS UP WITH THIS

    My roommate said the word "clones" at this point. That would make a lot of sense. But he had a mom! What's going on?

    "I feel fantastic." INTERESTING. I was wondering what was up with the glasses. How does this work? Did Hyde awakening cause him OH GOD AN EAR

    OK I was right, Hyde definitely has a more pronounced cleft in his chin than Jackman.

    Here's a thing: how does Jackman know when Hyde is coming? There are "scheduled visits" right? How do they decide on the schedule?

    OK wait, so he's NOT a clone? Then how did Klein and Utterson know who he was and hire him and stuff? Before he even started being all Hyde-y?

    Schroedinger's Hyde!

    "How hot?" "Very hot." "Thanks." 😀 I love you Claire.


    oh god there are still two episodes left what is happening

    • Tauriel_ says:

      Hyde has hairy arms?

      He probably has more testosterone, that's why – after all, he's the ultimate alpha male as far as physicality is concerned.

      Did they just show a… shadow of a penis?

      I thought it was just the unbuckled belt… 😀

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