Mark Watches ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: S02E01 – When She Was Bad

In the first episode of the second season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Buffy returns from summer vacation still dealing from the trauma of the events of the season one finale. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Buffy.

I know that I usually do separate posts just for predictions, but I really just want to keep this wonderful, beautiful train rolling. That doesn’t mean I want to avoid these pantheons of public embarrassment, but I’d rather not add more days to my one hundred and thirty-two day commitment at this point, especially since I’m going to add Angel to the mix when we get there.

Anyway, I wrote these few predictions before I started “When She Was Bad.” I know it’s far less than usual, but this show isn’t terribly serial in nature, so I feel like I can only sort of guess what will happen in season two, since there will be a lot of one-off episodes.

That being said….I imagine I’ll still be pretty damn wrong.

Predictions for Season Two of Buffy

  1. Buffy will slay vampires.
  2. Xander will find someone other than Buffy to crush on, and we’ll see him actually get into a relationship.
  3. Willow will ask Xander out once.
  4. We won’t see Buffy’s father at all.
  5. Cordelia will join the main group full-time.
  6. At least one more person will learn about Buffy’s true identity.
  7. We will find out where the Anointed One disappeared to. Didn’t he just….go away? I mean, we didn’t see him die or anything, so…perhaps he’ll go the way of the unaddressed plot thread?
  8. Angel and Buffy will start dating because CHRIST THEY REALLY NEED TO ALREADY.
  9. The main mythology of season two will have to do with….um…vampires. Yeah, I’ve got nothing.
  10. Twenty-six people will die on-screen, and I am going to try to keep track of that. (Vampires don’t count; a dead body does.)


“When She Was Bad”

If anything stuck with me after this season premiere, it’s that this is easily one of the most depressing openers I’ve seen on American television. (As a contrast, for those familiar with The X-Files, “Trgufrznar” was one of the most gutting and heart-breaking experiences for me.) (PS: After typing that sentence, I got lost in a Wikipedia abyss based solely on The X-Files. Goddamn it.) I’m a big fan of emotional continuity, and “When She Was Bad” doesn’t fail on this front; in essence, it’s a direct continuation of Buffy’s state of mind after killing the Master in “Prophecy Girl.” Even further, it’s an examination of how trauma can affect a person, and how someone might deal with the guilt and fear that can come from such an event.

Let’s first talk about how goddamn adorable Willow and Xander are. Look, I don’t know that I ship them or anything, and I certainly reserve the right to go to my grave having only shipped Roslin/Adama. But when Xander puts down his defenses, I can see how he’s a nice person, a genuine awesome dude, one that’s separate from the Nice Guy persona he exhibited throughout season one. On top of that, he and Willow just have a good chemistry when they hang out, and I honestly thought Whedon would confirm something here that would give us a new direction for this season. I suppose it is still here, as the two got pretty damn close to kissing one another before that fucking vampire cockblocked the shit out of them.

The return of Buffy is victorious, but is quickly not what I expected. Her excitement is brief, only contained to the cold open, and then we get forty minutes of her moping, angsting harder than Jon Snow on a wall of ice, and being…well, I won’t use the word some characters use and Willow spells out and oh my god I laughed so hard when Xander didn’t even recognize what Willow spelled–

Anyway, you get the point. If there comes a point in your life where Cordelia Chase comes to you and tells you that you need to stop being rude, you’ve probably gone to far. “When She Was Bad” does not romanticize the way that Buffy acts, instead showing us how the way she lashes out at those close to her can actually hurt them. Badly. All summer, she was distant with her father, who tried to compensate with some retail therapy, and he and his ex-wife almost wish Buffy was burning down gymnasiums instead of being so vacant. Plagued by horrific nightmares of the Master, Buffy’s waking day is a blur. In contrast to her rejection (and then acceptance) of being the Slayer in “Prophecy Girl,” Buffy’s acceptance of her role in the world contains no emotion aside from restlessness anymore. There’s no joy in killing vampires. There’s no sense of honor or excitement or danger. It’s pure duty for her, a job she must do, and one she has to do alone. In fact, until the end of the episode, the only time Buffy seems to show any of her expected self was when Angel came to visit her. Even then, she is too late telling him that she missed him, too.

I mean…seriously, the scene where the trio run into Cordelia and Buffy is mean to her is a great sign of how much she is trying to shed any of her past self, but she does it in a way that’s grossly forced. Cordelia is genuinely being nice…well, for Cordelia, that is. But I was shocked that Buffy went straight for the insult, silencing everyone because it’s really too good. What was she trying to prove? I thought. Why be cruel to Cordelia? How is that going to make your life easier or better? I started to realize that Buffy was pushing everyone away on purpose in some bizarre combination of concern and self-hatred. I think it’s not as obvious as the latter, but Buffy doesn’t want to have to worry about whether or not her best friends are going to be murdered because of who she is. That sort of responsibility is almost worse than the responsibility of just being a Slayer. Of course, Whedon takes that concern and twists it against her because he despises joy, but we’ll get to that in a second.

For me, it seemed that Buffy just gave in to the hatred building in her, the disappointment and trauma of the Master haunting her on such a visceral level that the only thing she could do is just shut down. She’s mean, she’s cruel, and then Joss Whedon writes and directs a scene in which Buffy grinds against Xander and it is categorically one of the most awkward things I have ever seen in my entire life. Does Joss Whedon even breathe oxygen, or does he subsist on the carbon dioxide that his fans expel in bouts of terror and frustration? Because while I appreciate that it’s there, I never, ever want to watch that scene in the Bronze ever again. And it’s not just disgustingly uncomfortable, either: IT’S SUPER FUCKING MEAN. She did that on purpose to Xander, knowing that she rejected him before summer vacation, and playing on that to make him feel like a fool. Look, I have problems with Xander’s behavior last season, too, but this was absolutely unwarranted. It’s too cruel and she went too far to push him away.

Yet it’s this very stubbornness that is Buffy’s near-downfall in “When She Was Bad.” She’s rude to Giles after discovering that the Master’s bones were dug up, and she falls so horribly into the trap set by the Anointed One. Distracted by her own sense of self-confidence, she basically gives the finger to Admiral Akbar Giles and Angel and creates a disaster. To be fair, even I did not understand what the trap was until Angel and Buffy started to ponder why there was only one vampire in the basement where Cordelia and Ms. Calendar were being kept. So, yes, it was a well-designed trap, but still. Without listening to anyone, by pushing them all away with cruelty, Buffy left herself alone and vulnerable. We all know that Buffy is rather capable on her own, and the show wasn’t saying that she’s weak or useless; instead, we are shown how her network of resources and support really do help her, even if she does the bulk of the work. I like this idea that Whedon posits here: Buffy is the Slayer and there’s no changing that, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her having help. And I think that’s an important message in general; I’m a fiercely independent person, and it took me a long time to finally accept this same idea in my own life.

That being said, Buffy’s realization comes a bit too late, and we see how that’s affected everyone else. Xander in particular is furious with Buffy’s tantrum, especially since four of his friends are now STRUNG UP OVER THE SKELETON OF THE MASTER FOR A BLOOD SACRIFICE. God, what a creepy image. It’s outdone by what follows, though, as Buffy saves the day and finally stops preventing herself from being emotional about the Master. Sarah Michelle Gellar really does a phenomenal job when she destroys the Master’s skeleton, conveying the sense of grief, loss, and fear of Buffy that the Master caused her.

It’s nice, though, that Xander and Willow ultimately forgive Buffy, and I think that they both knew that what she went through over the past few months was a terrible experience. I also think they’re just happy to have Buffy back, to see her smile at their terrible jokes and to have her as a friend.

So is it safe to say that the Anointed One will comprise the season two mythology arc? I’m okay with that. Creepy kids rule.

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322 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: S02E01 – When She Was Bad

  1. misterbernie says:

    4. We won’t see Buffy’s father at all.
    One of your quicker prediction fails, eh?

    I did a rewatch of this just now, too, so:
    Initial thought:
    – Oh yeah, Season 2, from when people making DVDs thought that long (yes, five seconds is long), unskippable, horribly cheesy DVD animations were a cool thing. Here’s a hint: they weren’t.

    Okay, on to the episode:
    – I don’t wanna know either, Willow
    – five seconds of Willow/Xander chemistry? Colour me shocked
    is that a patterned short skirt what abomination
    – Welcome to the Opening Credits, David
    – very good point about the cross, Buffy
    – hi, Buffy’s dad. Wait, why do you know what to say when your daughter burns shit down do you have experience with that
    – Cordelia? If you cannot appreciate fuckin’ Tuscany, do shut up. I’d kill to have an arts and buildings vacation to any part of Italy paid for me.
    – aww, gibbering fool Giles. what is your hair, Jenny?
    – ehehe, enjoy your money, Xander
    – I assume the makers think this is hard, rebellious music. Let’s leave them with that belief, shall we?
    – and we’re back to vampires making speeches oh lord the Anointed one
    – Fcvvvvvvvvxr pbzr xvyy vg nyernql
    – accurate Dream!Xander and Dream!Willow
    – aww, I wanna pinch dejected Angel’s cheeks
    – I think Buffy needs more hugs
    – obligatory Joyce <3!
    – I assume that is a band that was important in some fashion in the 90s?
    – Xander, seriously, take a cold shower and stop being a bag of dicks
    – Willow, have some hugs
    – this band focus is getting embarassing
    – this. scene. all the cringing using Xander like that is just … gross.
    – also the music is shite, you could stage a better sexy dance with Rammstein on
    – gross Buffy, listen to Cordelia here
    – okay, I will never not smirk at bitca (or [ˈɪs.juː])
    – snarky Willow <3
    – the Bronze always is closed when it’s plot-convenient, isn’t it?
    – hey Buffy remember what Willow said?
    – nyfb V whfg abgvpr abj ubj Ohssl’f erghea gb gur yvoenel arngyl zveebef gur raq bs Orpbzvat Cneg Bar, my brain has been slow on this one
    – so is the vamp saliva gonna burn away for the cross or should Buffy really wash her hands now?
    – credits shot!
    – much better fight sequence than any of season one, yay
    – oh Absalom, battlehammers take way too long to swing. You should’ve looked into getting a nice battleaxe.
    – FIRE! sver cerggl
    – what are those pants, Cordy
    – and yay everything is alright and SAPPY MUSIC TIME
    – … what is that music am I watching Dawson’s Creek WHAT IS THAT
    – shut up, brat
    – THE END 😀 !

    German title of this one? Im Banne des Bösen – ‘In the Thrall of Evil’, which makes some more sense if you realise that the series was called Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen ‘Buffy – In the Thrall of Demons’ here.

    • Karen says:

      RUDE. I LOVE THE TERRIBLE DVD INTROS. LOLLLLLLL They are such a relic though.

      – is that a patterned short skirt what abomination
      I think the worst crime against fashion in this episode is actually the high waisted, wide legged, linen pants that Buffy wears with a white tank top tucked into it.

      • misterbernie says:

        …I've already forgotten when those appeared. I just noticed the skirt in particular because it's the very first thing we see of Buffy.
        (And I've only started noticing fashion since people were pointing out the 90ness in the first couple reviews :P)

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        OMG I totally forgot to mention the DVD menus! What the heck is up with those?

    • eruonna says:

      Ugh, the dvd menus. I think Fox was particularly bad on that front.

    • tigerpetals says:

      " nyfb V whfg abgvpr abj ubj Ohssl’f erghea gb gur yvoenel arngyl zveebef gur raq bs Orpbzvat Cneg Bar"

      It took me years before V haqrefgbbq jung Natryhf jnf ersreevat gb va gung rcvfbqr.

      And that sounds like a terrible title. Um, no offense.

      • misterbernie says:

        Ahaha none taken. While the dubbing itself is pretty solid, the titles in isolation are just … off.

        (Though I haven't watched the dubbed version in years, I've come to find it way too noticable when it is wrong)

    • DreamRose311 says:

      – FIRE! sver cerggl :

      Abbb, Sver onq GERR cerggl ;o)

      -nyfb V whfg abgvpr abj ubj Ohssl’f erghea gb gur yvoenel arngyl zveebef gur raq bs Orpbzvat Cneg Bar, my brain has been slow on this one :

      Bbbu, tbbq pnyy ba guvf bar. Arire ernyyl gubhtug nobhg ubj avpryl gung xvaq bs obbxraqf gur frnfba.

      Even though it's gross to hurt & use Xander like that to torment him and Angel and poor Willow, I loves me some SMG as a bitca. I don't love Buffy as one, but it's worth it for a little of SMG as one, and it always makes me want to go watch Cruel Intentions afterward. I will never understand those who think she can't act.

      • echinodermata says:

        Cause it's a bittersweeeeet symphonyyyyy this lifeeee
        Tryin' to make ends meet cause you're a slave to money then you dieeeeeee

        Sorry; my favorite part of Cruel Intentions is the use of that song and I can't think of the movie without thinking of the song.

        • DreamRose311 says:

          I completely agree :o) Back when that song was on the radio all the time, anytime I heard it I HAD to watch the movie withing 24 hours of it >.<

      • misterbernie says:

        Clebcuvyr 4 ylcur urer, fb V arire ~~tbg~~ Qrzbyvgvba Ohssl'f pbzcynvag gurer 😛

        Ahaha oh yeah, Cruel Intentions. One of my guilty pleasures <3
        SMG definitely isn't bad, and especially not the way many people make her out to be. Though from what I've seen (which isn't much beyond Buffy) she needs to be given the right roles and a good director, I think. In CI, sometimes it seemed to me too much like the director said "be Buffy, but EVIL and SEXY", for example.

      • calimie says:

        Ugh, Cruel Intentions is probably my top Guilty Pleausure. I even sort of like it better than The Dangerous Liaisons. *ducks* (Not the book, the book is great.)

      • monkeybutter says:

        Hehe, I had the urge to go watch Cruel Intentions after Angel gave her the cross. Naq rirel zragvba bs Snvgu znxrf zr jnag gb jngpu Oevat Vg Ba. I'm gonna have a guilty pleasure movie marathon by the end of this series, I know it.

      • notemily says:


    • etherealclarity says:

      "also the music is shite, you could stage a better sexy dance with Rammstein on "

      I actually really like the music 🙁 I mean the lyrics are really weird but the tone is very moody and awesome.

      • misterbernie says:

        Big YMMV on that one, obviously. You could probably judge the shit out of my music collection, this one just doesn't hit the "sexy dance time" button for me.

        And speaking of weird lyrics, one of my favourite songs translates to 'the man who has all the chairs around him taken away', so take my complaints as a bit hyperbolic 😉

      • Meltha says:

        For the record, yeah, I like Cibo Matto here too.

      • hassibah says:

        I like Cibo Matto but I do think they're pretty weird (that's also why I like them but as far as I understood, the food lyrics were supposed to be metaphors and it was partly cause the girls weren't that confident with their english at the time.) I think they're way closer to dance music than the watered down Pearl Jam clones that are usually at the bronze though. Like some of the stuff we see people slow dancing to in season 1 is kind of really wrong, but I do remember middle school dances that were actually like that. So wrong but unfortunately accurate!

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Oh yeah, Season 2, from when people making DVDs thought that long (yes, five seconds is long), unskippable, horribly cheesy DVD animations were a cool thing. Here’s a hint: they weren’t.

      I loved these thigns when I first bought the dvds, but they are horrible for re- and re-re-watching,

      I assume the makers think this is hard, rebellious music. Let’s leave them with that belief, shall we?

      It's one of the few times that they actually announce the band before we see them at the Bronze,
      fortunately, because that is just silly. Gurl yngre qb vg n ybg jvgu Qvatbf ngr zl onol ohg gung ng yrnfg svgf gur pbairefngvba. Urer vg fbhaqf zber yvxr cebqhpg cynprzrag be fbzrguvat.

      Fcvvvvvvvvxr pbzr xvyy vg nyernql

      Lrf, V'z fb tynq jr jba'g unir gb qrny jvgu gur yvggyr perrcl xvq sbe zhpu ybatre.
      V nterr jvgu Znex, perrcl xvqf ner sha, ohg ur whfg jnfgrf Fcvxr'f fperra gvzr.
      Jr bayl unir gb jnvg bar zber rcvfbqr, lnl!

      also the music is shite, you could stage a better sexy dance with Rammstein on

      Hihi, now I really want a fanvideo with Buffy dancing to Rammstein.

      nyfb V whfg abgvpr abj ubj Ohssl’f erghea gb gur yvoenel arngyl zveebef gur raq bs Orpbzvat Cneg Bar
      Gur shaal guvat vf, gung V bsgra fxvc guvf rcvfbqr jura er-jngpuvat, fb jura V qb jngpu vg, V trg nyy pbashfrq jura Ohssl vf va gur yvoenel naq Knaqre vf gurer.
      Bs pbhefr vg zveebef Orpbzvat, orpnhfr Natry fnj ure snyyvat sbe gur gevpx naq Natryhf erzrzorerq vg.

      German title of this one? Im Banne des Bösen – ‘In the Thrall of Evil’, which makes some more sense if you realise that the series was called Buffy – Im Bann der Dämonen ‘Buffy – In the Thrall of Demons’ here.

      That actually confused me. Why did they name the episode after the series title?
      Why couln't they call the sereies "Buffy die Vampierjägerin anyway? There is no thrall anywhere
      (rkprcg sbe Qehfvyyn'f naq Qenphyn'f) , it makes it sound as if she where the slave of demons, which is just stupid (naq engure vafvtugshy jura lbh svaq bhg ubj gur svefg Fynlre jnf perngrq).

      • misterbernie says:

        I meant the rock-ish music when Buffy is training before that with that comment. But yeah, the product placement vibe is just weird. The weirdest ever for me is probably gur punve-va-zl-urnq jbzna, ab jbaqre vg cvffrf Inzc!Jvyybj bss.

        German dubbing has a long, honourable tradition of not making much sense when it comes to naming things.
        Some changes are sensible when you consider the culture shift (I mentioned Gur Mrccb yesterday, which you can't use in German orpnhfr gur bayl jnl jr xabj gur Znek oebguref vf ivn serdhrag nyyhfvbaf va Nzrevpna zrqvn), and in this instance, the concept of bad is imo actually kinda hard to translate because none of the translations I can think of really fit (they either go too much in the direction of 'misbehaving child' or plain 'evil' – at least as far as their connotations are concerned for me).
        As for the series title itself, I have no idea. She isn't fighting vampire all the time, so that makes sense? idek

      • DreamRose311 says:

        Oh yeah, Season 2, from when people making DVDs thought that long (yes, five seconds is long), unskippable, horribly cheesy DVD animations were a cool thing. Here’s a hint: they weren’t.

        I loved these thigns when I first bought the dvds, but they are horrible for re- and re-re-watching,

        – Vg'f rfcrpvnyyl onq sbe gur qrynl orgjrra svavfuvat Orpbzvat cg 1 naq trggvat gb Orpbzvat cg 2

    • NB2000 says:

      – Fcvvvvvvvvxr pbzr xvyy vg nyernql

      Fbbbbbba. Zbaqnl pnaabg trg urer snfg rabhtu…nffhzvat Znex'f abg cynaavat ba fxvccvat Zbaqnl yvxr ur qvq guvf jrrx.

    • Aaww, I like the DVD menu for season 2. It reminds me of the video games that were out in the 90s and early 2000s, and that makes me wish there was actually a really awesome video game based on the show I could play. And at least it's not the terrible DVD menu from season 1, where they insisted on playing a quote from whatever episode you were about to watch. I'll take cheesy 3D graphics over that.

      Also, while we're also talking about the crappy music they play during the horribly uncomfortable scene with Xander and Buffy, I tracked down a digital copy of the Buffy soundtrack a few months back. I listed to some of the non-score music and couldn't figure out why all this shitty 90s music that seemed to have little to do with the characters was on this soundtrack. Rewatching the show, now I know that it's most of the music they play at the Bronze and I just laugh.

      • NB2000 says:

        I kind of like the menus too. The CGI is pretty dated but it's a nice idea. The music playing over the menus was a good choice, suitably creepy. I do prefer that the episode selection is a list rather than a grid, less chance of forgetting what episode is meant to be next (okay maybe that's just me).

        • threerings13 says:

          I do prefer that the episode selection is a list rather than a grid, less chance of forgetting what episode is meant to be next (okay maybe that's just me).

          No, when we first watched it my husband and I HATED the grid episode thingy because we could never tell which episode was next and were always afraid we'd chosen wrong.

    • notemily says:

      2. Does David Boreanaz get in the opening credits in season two? I assumed they were the same as season one. I need to re-re-watch. I MISS SO MANY THINGS
      3. (or [ˈɪs.juː]) …did you just randomly press some keys?
      4. That dude's name was Absalom? Appropriate.
      5. But Buffy is not in the thrall of demons! She kicks their demon butts!

      • misterbernie says:

        for 2) Well, according to buffy.wikia he does 😛

        for 3) I copied the IPA from the appropriate wiktionary page.

        for 5) As I sad above, German dub titles don't have 'making sense' as their primary… iss-yoo.

        • notemily says:

          OHHH. I didn't realize you were talking about how Giles pronounces issue! I thought you were still talking about "bitca" and I was really confused.

          lol iss-yoo.

          • misterbernie says:

            I can see how I might've written that confusingly.

            I usually prefer British accents, but sometimes ASH just slips into waaaaaay too RP-y territory.
            BGBU, uvf cerfrapr frrzf gb xrrc Wnzrf Znefgre'f Oevgvfu npprag npprcgnoyr. V jnf jngpuvat Natry FSvire erpragyl naq… jung vf unccravat gurer Q:

    • notemily says:

      Also, when I click on Google Translate for the German title of the series, it just gives me "Buffy – the Vampire Slayer." LOL

  2. There’s no joy in killing vampires. There’s no sense of honor or excitement or danger. It’s pure duty for her, a job she must do, and one she has to do alone.
    Fur'f whfg tbvat guebhtu gur zbgvbaf, jnyxvat guebhtu gur cneg. Abguvat frrzf gb crargengr ure urneg.

    • echinodermata says:

      Rkprcg sbe ohaavrf.

      (checbfryl whzcvat gb n qvssrerag fbat)

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Nyy V pbhyq guvax nobhg juvyr jngpuvat guvf rcvfbqr jnf frnfba fvk Ohssl.
      V qba'g xabj jul, ohg V xvaq bs yvxr gung fur jbhyq ernpg gur fnzr jnl whfg gra gvzrf jbefr nsgre qlvat naq orvat oebhtug onpx, ntnva.
      Vg frrzf yvxr n ersyrk gb ure, gb jvguqenj urefrys rzbgvbanyyl naq chfu rirelbar njnl.

      • James says:

        V qba'g xabj jul, ohg V xvaq bs yvxr gung fur jbhyq ernpg gur fnzr jnl whfg gra gvzrf jbefr nsgre qlvat naq orvat oebhtug onpx, ntnva.

        Gur xrl qvssrerapr orvat fur jnf ernql gb qvr naq jnf unccl, bayl gb or qenttrq onpx ol gur crbcyr jub ner fhccbfrq gb ybir ure. Vg vf ernyyl pbafvfgrag jvgu guvf rcvfbqr, naq V ybir gung.

    • Karen says:


      • This is why watching with Mark is so fun. V arire cvpxrq hc ba gur cnenyyryf orsber, ohg, yvxr frggyvatsbeuvfgbel cbvagrq bhg, guvf vf gur jnl Ohssl qrnyf jvgu genhzn: fur jvguqenjf. Uryy, nsgre guvf frnfba, fur jvguqenjf culfvpnyyl, nyy gur jnl gb Y.N (V ybir "Naar" fb zhpu!).

        • settlingforhistory says:

          V ybir "Naar" fb zhpu!

          Bu Naar, V ybir gung bar. Vg jnf fb fhecevfvat gung fur whfg yrsg naq gurer jnf nyjnlf gur cbffvovyvgl gung fur jbhyq fgnl va YN. Gung jbhyq unir orra na ragveryl qvssrerag fubj bs pbhefr.

          • RoseFyre says:

            Enaqbzyl yngr: abj V jnag gb frr na NH svp jurer Ohssl raqf hc va YN sbe frnfba 3 naq Natry (naq znlor Snvgu?) fgnl va Fhaalqnyr. Fb n ybg bs fjvgpuvat cynprf naq fghss.

        • calimie says:

          Sbe n gvzr V jnf pbaivaprq gung raqvat gur frevrf ng Orpbzvat cneg 2 jbhyq unir orra cresrpg va vgf qrcerffvatarff. (V'z abg n irel unccl crefba, lbh frr.)

          • settlingforhistory says:

            Sbe n gvzr V jnf pbaivaprq gung raqvat gur frevrf ng Orpbzvat cneg 2 jbhyq unir orra cresrpg va vgf qrcerffvatarff. (V'z abg n irel unccl crefba, lbh frr.)

            V'z nyy sbe gur qrcerffvatarff, gung'f jul V ybir frnfba fvk.
            Ng yrnfg rirel frpbaq rcvfbqr vf na raqyrff pelsrfg naq V rawblrq rirel zvahgr.
            Abg gur unccvrfg crefba rvgure.

    • tigerpetals says:

      Jvyy V fgnl guvf jnl sberire, fyrrcjnyx guebhtu zl yvsr'f raqrnibhe.

      –Ubj pna V ercnl-


      V qba'g jnag gb orr..tbvat guebhtu gur zbgvbaf, ybfvat nyy zl qevir, V pna'g rira frr, vs guvf vf ernyyl zr, naq V whfg jnag gb orrrr nyvvvvvir!

      (whzcf onpx checbfryl orpnhfr V ybir guvf fbat)

    • MrsGillianO says:


      Ernqvat guvf nyy V pbhyq guvax bs jung "Guvf vf ubj fur nyjnlf ernpgf gb pbzvat onpx gb yvsr.", lrg vg'f abg n yvax V unq qverpgyl znqr orsber.

      Bu zl fubj, gurer vf arire na raq gb arj naq vagrerfgvat jnlf gb guvax nobhg vg.

    • notemily says:

      Snibevgr fbat sebz gur zhfvpny.

  3. echinodermata says:

    Oh, Mark. Predictions, unprepared – you know the drill.

    I appreciate that the show didn't just move on to the next thing at the beginning of the season but rather addressed that there could and would be emotional fallout after what happened. I mean, Buffy died! She died! She went into a fight she thought she wouldn't come out of.

    Now, I say I appreciate it, but I also find this episode very uncomfortable to watch; of course, that's the point, but I can't say I enjoy this episode. But I do appreciate how uncomfortable it's written – the provoked response from this episode is 'Buffy, what are you doing?!' I'm glad that the show both wants to say that it won't take the events of S1 lightly, but also won't condone Buffy's behavior. It hits a perfect balance between respecting the shit Buffy went through and is still working out, but flat out portraying her skeevy behavior as wrong. Buffy is going through issues and they show that and I appreciate that. But Buffy is also acting out over her issues and hurting her friends, and she is damn well called out on it by both the writing (hell, the title of the ep is 'when she was bad') and by other characters. I appreciate that too.

    And I do really like Cordelia being a greater part of the narrative – she's had to deal with the impact of acknowledging the existence of monsters, and acts as a foil for Buffy's behavior. It's cool, and I'm glad Cordelia is given character growth.

    Totally do not care for the super cheesy music in the second to last scene during class, though. Wow that actually killed the mood they wanted to make.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I mean, Buffy died! She died!

      – V qba'g xabj jul ohg guvf vf znxvat zl oenva whzc sbejneq gb jura Wblpr svaqf bhg gung Ohssl qvrq… Bu V ybir Wblpr

  4. samface says:

    "I suppose it is still here, as the two got pretty damn close to kissing one another before that fucking vampire cockblocked the shit out of them."

    This sentence made me giggle for ages. It's even funnier if you imagine Cartman saying it.

  5. bargeek says:

    Whenever I get ridiculously angsty and grumpy, I swear I hear Cordelia in my head saying "Whatever is causing the Joan Collins 'tude, deal with it. Embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet, whatever, but get over it."

  6. LindsayFunke says:

    Mark, I'm so excited you're going to cover Angel too! I'm working my way through it right now. Are you going to watch something between Buffy and Angel, or are you going to jump straight in?

    ETA: For those of you who DID watch Angel, qbrf ur trg yrfg Natfg!Natfg!Natfgl, nsgre frnfba 2, be vf vg whfg tbvat gb trg jbefr? V whfg svavfurq gur "Natry sverq gur tnat!" nep, naq V fjrne 80% bs uvf qvnybthr pbhyq or fhzzrq hc vagb, "V'z Natry, naq V oebbq >:(". Jvgu gung orvat fnvq, V srry yvxr gur frevrf vf SVANYYL fgnegvat gb uvg vg'f fgevqr sbe zr. V qba'g srry gur pbaarpgvba gb gur punenpgref yvxr va Ohssl, ohg V pregnvayl yvxr gurz nyy rabhtu.

    • Mez says:

      qbrf ur trg yrfg Natfg!Natfg!Natfgl, nsgre frnfba 2, be vf vg whfg tbvat gb trg jbefr?

      Gurer vf na njshy ybg bs natfg va gur fubj – ohg lbh'er evtug, gur jevgref unir uvg gurve fgevqr. Lbh ERNYYL fubhyq jngpu frnfba 3.

      • LindsayFunke says:

        Jryy rira ol (gur frpbaq unys bs ) Frnfba 2, V'z yvxvat vg n ybg orggre. Sbe fbzr crefcrpgvir, V'ir orra gelvat gb trg vagb guvf fubj fvapr V jngpurq Ohssl gur svefg gvzr… va 2007. V'ir frra zbfg bs frnfba gjb, naq fbzr bs gur orttvat rcf bs gjb, ohg guvf gvzr V whfg fnvq SHPX VG, naq fgnegrq jngpuvat jura Qneyn naq Qeh pnzr onpx ba gur fprar . Frrzf yvxr V znqr gur evtug pubvpr orpnhfr V'z svanyyl rawblvat vg abj!

    • TxCronopio says:

      Uhu. Lrf naq ab. V'q fnl gung gurer ner zber synfurf bs uhzbe, ohg ur'f arire tbaan or Ze. Ovt Ont bs Sha.

      • LindsayFunke says:

        BX, V pna npprcg gung ng yrnfg. V zrna, V nyernql xabj gurer'f na rcvfbqr jurer Natry orpbzrf n ZHCCRG, fb v'z ubcvat bar pna'g oebbq juvyr orvat znqr bs sryg. V pbhyq or jebat gubhtu, sbe nyy V xabj gung rcvfbqr jvyy or gur Natry rdhvinyrag bs "Gur Obql".

        • hpfish13 says:

          Gur zhccrg rcvfbqr vf gur svefg rcvfbqr bs rvgure Ohssl be Natry gung V rire fnj, naq vg'f gur bar gung pbaivaprq zr gb jngpu gur fubj!

        • NB2000 says:

          V jvyy fnl guvf, gur zhccrg rcvfbqr vf bar bs gur srj V'ir frra bs gung frevrf, naq vg'f bar bs gur srj bppnfvbaf jurer V npghnyyl YVXR Natry nf n punenpgre.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Gur sbhegu vf jurer V jnagrq gb fgbc jngpuvat, ohg fgnl fgebat, frnfba svir vf jbegu gur oebbqvat bs frnfba guerr.

    • tzikeh says:

      To be clear — Mark is not going to be watching Angel *except* for the important crossover episodes.

  7. Seventh_Star says:

    firstly, i am so bummed that i didn't get to comment in a timely manner on the finale post. i was nursing a massive sinus headache. yay? SO many great one-liners in that episode. joss was really kicking that shit out. anyhoo, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!

    here we are at my favorite season of buffy.

    only a couple things today.

    1. HOW CUTE IS ICE CREAM NOSE WILLOW (rhetorical question)? i mean, c'mon! alyson hannigan is one of the most adorable people on the planet.

    2. here we arrive at one of the most iconic scenes on buffy, the seductive dancing scene. why do i love it so much? i don't even know, but watching smg "bad girl" it all over the place is just so much fun. teasing xander like that! OUCH. BURN.
    besides the fact that i absolutely love the song "sugar water", and i still listen to it, in a totally non-ironic way. THEN seeing sean lennon playing with them (he was dating the keyboardist at the time)? WHAT? HOW DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? the son of one of the members of my most favoritest band ever just made an appearance on my most favoritest show ever? to quote xander, "shoot me, stuff me, mount me." but in a good way.

    that's all for today, kids. did i mention how much I LOVE SEASON TWO? MORE THAN MOST THINGS.

    • rabbitape says:

      Ice cream nose Willow is infinitely cute! A level of cuteness that cannot be measured by the meager tools we currently have at our disposal.

    • James says:

      Sean on the bass is one of the things that delights me most about this episode, ngl. And seeing as I love this episode, that's saying a lot!

    • cait0716 says:

      I hadn't noticed Sean Lennon until this rewatch. Totally awesome randomness right there.

    • knut_knut says:

      WHAT I missed Sean Lennon! Must rewatch…but then I'd have to sit through that awkward scene….

      • Seventh_Star says:

        it's only for a moment. the camera pans (is this the correct terminology?) past him. you could fast forward 😉

    • misterbernie says:

      And mark this as the moment I learn Sean Lennon exists.

    • Dru says:

      Why would ANYONE listen to Sugar Water ironically? (it is one of my favourite songs ever, and certainly my favourite off the show, tying with Przragrq Fubrf ol Zl Ivgevby ng Gnen'f cnegl va "Snzvyl". Second place is "Gnyrf bs Oenir Hylffrf" va "Rnefubg" naq jura Tvyrf yvfgraf gb vg nsgre Wblpr'f qrngu 🙁 🙁 :(.

      And also, we are watching a show whose theme tune is played by a band whose name is a Star Wars reference. COME ON, PEOPLE, YOU CANNOT TELL ME THAT STAR WARS+BEATLES+BUFFY IS ANYTHING BUT AWESOME.

      • Seventh_Star says:

        preaching to the choir! in regards to your love for "sugar water" and your on-the-nose definition of "doing things ironically". intent is hard to read on the internet, but i was mocking people that do that sort of thing. just a little bit 😉

        v ybir tvyrf yvfgravat gb "gnyrf bs oenir hylffrf" nsgre wblpr cnffrf. vs lbh erpbtavmr vg, vg'f fb zbivat. naq v ybir pernz naljnl pbf PERNZ. zl bgure snibevgr fbat sebz ohssl vf "oyhr" va "pbairefngvbaf jvgu qrnq crbcyr." vg'f dhvgr nssrpgvat. gur ylevpf ner fb ornhgvshy naq fnq.

    • Dru says:

      That said, maybe it is because I'm not American, but I do not understand this business of "doing things ironically". Is it really code for "I'm going to do something that would get people to mock me, but I will pretend I don't really like it so I don't look uncool"? Because that is pathetic.

      I mean, if you are an adult you SHOULD own the things you love, not be making half-assed excuses about not really loving them anyway.

  8. rabbitape says:

    especially since I’m going to add Angel to the mix when we get there.

    Sorry, I need a sec. There's a party in my heart right now.

    • Smurphy says:

      I read the predictions before reading the rest of the review (because I am so far behind in my Mark-verse. (Coining that term for the jointness of Mark reads and watches? Yes?)) AND I MISSED THAT LINE COMPLETELY!!! So thank you for drawing attention to it.

  9. mediamadmeg says:

    Oh, reading your predictions is always exciting and wonderful.

    Honestly, two of my favorite parts of the episode are right at the very begining: Giles/Jenny general adorableness, and Xander calling Giles "G-man."

    "Her excitement is brief, only contained to the cold open, and then we get forty minutes of her moping, angsting harder than Jon Snow on a wall of ice…"

    I just started Game of Thrones and that MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD Yeah, angsty Buffy can get annoying. I mean, she died, her frustration and anger is understandable and real, but it's nice to see her begin to move on at the end of the episode.

    Have I mentioned that your blog actually makes me dread the weekends because it means two days without updates? Your "strong like" of Buffy has me doing a perpetual happy dance.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Honestly, two of my favorite parts of the episode are right at the very begining: Giles/Jenny general adorableness, and Xander calling Giles "G-man."

      Our minds are as one…I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    • notemily says:

      I love the "G-man" thing and how Giles is like "never call me that again." Kind of like the Eleventh Doctor. "WHO DA MAN? All right, never saying that again." "No, I'll fix it, I'm good at fixing rot. Call me the Rotmeister. No, I'm the Doctor, don't call me the Rotmeister."

  10. Karen says:

    So Buffy has been in LA for the summer and due to lack of Hellmouth, Willow and Xander have had a monster-free summer in Sunnydale. That opening scene with Willow and Xander though… poor Willow. Xander almost actually seems kinda into her when they’re about to kiss, but then there’s a vampire and Buffy reappears and Xander only has eyes for her.

    (Sidenote of unimportance: Idk why, but Cordelia’s line “Is it possible to have too much character?” cracks me up. Reminds me a bit of 10 Things I Hate About You.)

    Anyway, Buffy is clearly disturbed by the fact that she actually lost and died. She was distant from her dad all summer and got scary intense in her training with Giles, and has nightmare where the Master kills her again. ALSO, WTF AT ANGEL CREEPING IN HER BEDROOM? STEPHANIE MEYERS HAD TO HAVE SEEN THIS EPISODE. BOUNDARIES, ANGEL. BOUNDARIES.

    Buffy’s near death experience has made her angry and wanting to act out. And I think she’s probably struggling with her complicated feelings about Angel who is dead. So she dances with Xander, being unfair to him and leading him on (she knows he has feelings for her since he asked her to prom in “Prophecy Girl”) and unfair to Willow (since she knows Willow has feelings for Xander) in an attempt to join the living to feel alive and maybe to show Angel she doesn’t need his undead self.


    Cordelia: You're really campaigning for bitch-of-the-year, aren't you?
    Buffy: As defending champion, you nervous?
    Cordelia: I can hold my own. You know, we've never really been close, which is nice, 'cause I don't really like you that much, but… you have on occasion saved the world and stuff, so I'm gonna… do you a favor.
    Buffy: And this great favor is…
    Cordelia: I'm gonna give you some advice. Get over it.
    Buffy: Excuse me?
    Cordelia: Whatever is causing the Joan Collins 'tude, deal with it. Embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet, whatever, but get over it. 'Cause pretty soon you're not even gonna have the loser friends you've got now.
    Buffy: I think it's about time you start minding your own business.
    Cordelia: It's long past.
    Buffy: Nighty-night.
    Cordelia: I'll just see if Angel feels like dancing.

    OH GOD. I LOVE EVERYTHING THAT SCENE CHOOSES TO BE. Vg’f Pynffvp Pbeqryvn. “Gnpg vf whfg abg fnlvat gehr fghss” naq “V guvax vg; V fnl vg. Vg’f zl jnl.” Pbeqryvn vf oehgnyyl ubarfg juvpu vf abg nyjnlf n tbbq nggevohgr, ohg vg qbrf yrnq gb fprarf yvxr guvf. Nyfb, gur Pbeql/Natry fuvccre vafvqr bs zr ybirf gung Pbeql fnlf fur’f tbvat gb tb nfx Natry gb qnapr ng gur raq gurer.

    So Buffy finds out that the Anointed One might be attempting to bring back the Master, and I think that really scares her. She DID lose to him and he did kill her. She’s been having nightmares about it. And now some vampires are trying to bring him back, so she goes off to find the Anointed One and Angel shows up.

    Buffy: You know, being stalked isn’t a big turn on for girls

    Preach it, Buffy! Anyway, Angel is there as back up. But Buffy is keeping him at arm’s length and tries to antagonize him into fighting with her. Buffy has to rescue her friends and fight the vampires and then works out her issues in fighting them. She destroys the Master’s bones (which really they should have done in the first place), physically and symbolically overcoming him once and for all. And I’m not much of a Buffy/Angel shipper, but the way he comforted her right there was indeed sweet. Seeing how Buffy was affected destroying the bones clued Willow and Xander into why Buffy was acting so oddly and thus they’re able to forgive her quickly the next day at school.

    • lyvanna says:

      SMeyer couldn't have watched this episode or she'd have seen the bit later on when Buffy tells Angel "being stalked isn't really a big turn-on for girls".

    • MaggieCat says:

      I love that scene too… evtug hc hagvy Pbeqryvn zragvbaf nfxvat Natry gb qnapr. Orpnhfr gurer vf ab jnl V pna urne gur jbeqf 'Natry' naq 'qnapr' va gur fnzr fragrapr jvgubhg guvaxvat bs gur fprar sebz "Fur" naq juvyr gung znl jryy or gur SHAAVRFG FPRAR RIRE vg qbrf xvaqn ehva gur rssrpg fvapr V'z trarenyyl fgvyy favpxrevat jura Ohssl svaqf gur Znfgre'f rzcgl tenir.

    • notemily says:

      "Can you ever just be whelmed?" "I think you can in Europe."

      I love Cordelia for all the same reasons as you.

    • LBF says:

      Fb, lbh fuvc Natry/Pbeql, ohg vafhyg Natry jurer vg pbapreaf Ohssl. V'z pbashfrq. Ubj pna lbh onfvpnyyl pnyy n thl n perrcre, ohg trg rkpvgrq jura vg pbzrf gb uvz orvat jvgu nabgure tvey lbh yvxr?

      Fuvccref pna or fb evqvphybhf.

  11. TxCronopio says:

    Ur guvaxf 40 zvahgrf bs zbcvat vf ybat? OJNUNUN. Whfg jnvg gvyy Frnfba Fvk, zl sevraq.

    • NeonProdigy says:

      Htu, lrnu. V'z fbeel, jul pbhyqa'g Pbeql pbzr onpx naq fync fbzr frafr vagb Frnfba Fvk Natfg-Mbzovr Ohssl? Urpx, V'z va gur zvqqyr bs n erjngpu evtug abj, naq V'z gbgnyyl tbvat gb jnvg sbe Znex gb pngpu hc nsgre gur Frnfba Svir svanyr. Zbfgyl orpnhfr V nofbyhgryl ybir Frnfbaf Sbhe naq Svir, ohg nyfb gb nibvq… onfvpnyyl rirelguvat va Frnfba Fvk. Sebz Zntvp Fhqqrayl Orvat N Qeht gb Frnfba-ybat natfg Ohssl gb Knaqre naq Naln'f snvyrq jrqqvat gb gur Gevb orvat greevoyr nagntbavfgf gb JUNG UNCCRAF GB GNEN >:( GB TEVZQNEX JVYYBJ (uru, naq bapr ntnva V'z pbzvat onpx gb Ubzrfghpx gb qrfpevor ubj V srry… fraq uryc).

      Gnohyn Enfn naq gur Zhfvpny Rcvfbqr jrer sha gubhtu.

      • NeonProdigy says:

        Uryy, yrg zr erivfr zl fgngrzrag: Nyy gur Fpbbovrf arrqrq n Pbeql-Oevtug Fync (naq abj V'z ersrerapvat Zbovyr Fhvg Thaqnz. TB ZR!)

        V'z cerggl fher fur'f qrnq naq Nfpraqrq Gb N Uvture Cynar ng guvf cbvag va gur Ohssl-Natry gvzryvar…

    • MrsGillianO says:

      Abg gb zragvba F4 bs NgF…

      • settlingforhistory says:

        Bu lrf, xvyy vg jvgu sver!
        Bayl Znex pbhyq znxr zr jngpu vg ntnva.

        • LindsayFunke says:

          BU AB! Qba'g gryy zr gung! Natry vf whfg fgnegvat gb trg tbbq sbe zr ng gur raq bs frnfba 2. Ner lbh gryyvat zr frnfba 4 jvyy or NABGURE frnfba bs, "V'z Natry naq V OEBBQ."

          • TxCronopio says:

            Oh, well, no. S4 is odd for all kinds of other reasons 🙂

          • settlingforhistory says:

            Whfg jnvg, qba'g yrg zr fcbvy gur zbbq sbe lbh. Frnfba sbhe vf fvzcyl abg gur zbfg snibhevg nzbat snaf.
            Natry vf n jbaqreshy fubj gubhtu, qba'g fgbc jngpuvat!

      • calimie says:

        V unira'g jngpurq Natry ohg V'ir ernq urer gur guveq frnfba vf gur orfg bar. Fubhyq V cergraq gur ynfg bar arire unccrarq naq fvzcyl nibvq vg? (yvxr V qvq jvgu Irebavpn Znef)

        • UnstrungZero says:

          Abbbb, gur ynfg frnfba bs Natry vf gur orfg, Svir jnf jbegu gur JUBYR FREVRF gb zr. Rkprcg gur npghny svanyr. >.<

        • MrsGillianO says:

          Ab! F5 vf zl snibhevgr bs nyy gur "Natry" frnfbaf, jvgu ybgf bs uvynevgl naq nyfb qnexarff. Naq zber guna bar fbhyrq inzcver. Vg vf njrfbzrarff crefbavsvrq. (Be frnfbavsvrq? Jungrire.)

          NgF F4 vf oyrnx naq tevz naq gurer znl whfg or rcvfbqrf V unira'g rira jngpurq lrg.

          • calimie says:

            Bx gura, V fhssre guebhtu vg :c
            (V snvyrq naq gubhtug gurer jrer bayl sbhe frnfbaf, yby)


            • Imo says:

              Cyhf, qrfcvgr f4 abg orvat gur snibhevgr bs znal snaf, gurer ner ybgf bs erny zbzragf bs oevyyvnapr va gurer. V'q qrsvavgyrl abg jnag lbh gb zvff bhg ba gur terng ovgf bs frnfba 4.

        • misterbernie says:

          V guvax gur frpbaq unys bs Svir vf njrfbzr naq vagebqhprf gur orfg yngrpbzre gb pnaba. Gur svefg unys vf gbb zhpu Nabgure Inzcver gur Frevrf (thrfg fgneevat Qnivq Obernanm nf Natry).

        • TxCronopio says:

          Whfg qb jungrire lbh unir gb qb gb trg gb F5 — naq lrf, lbh QB unir gb jngpu F4, V'z fbeel gb fnl. Ohg F5 vf fbzr bs gur orfg jbex Jurqba unf rire qbar.

  12. egao-gakari says:

    My favorite scene in this ep? CORDELIA BEING A BOSS. I love how she basically tells Buffy there's no room for more than one bitca in this town.

    My second favorite is the supremely uncomfortable scene between Buffy and Xander in the Bronze. I think it's important to note that what she did here was not intended just to push Xander away, but Willow as well. She KNOWS how Willow feels about Xander, and Alyson Hannigan plays the hell out of the betrayal.

    rot13'd for casting (?) spoilers: V urneq fbzrjurer gung Nylfba Unaavtna naq FZT unq fbzr xvaq bs snyyvat-bhg yngre ba va gur frevrf naq gung gurl onfvpnyyl ungr rnpu bgure abj. Qbrf nalbar xabj vs gung'f gehr? Lbh pregnvayl pna'g gryy ol gur fprarf gurl unir gbtrgure.

    • etherealclarity says:

      Actually, the sexy-dance wasn't just intended for Xander, or for Xander and Willow, it was intended for XANDER AND WILLOW AND ANGEL, all at the same time. It was a masterfully cruel stroke, three birds with one stone, and I loved the brilliance of it at least as much as I hated the intention.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I always kind of felt she wasn't intentionally pushing Willow away here, that she was just more being selfish and not even thinking of the fact that Willow was watching too… Either way… badness!

    • James says:

      V unir ab vqrn ubj gurve sevraqfuvc vf abj ohg gurl jrer svar guebhtu gur frevrf naq V vzntvar gurl'er fgvyy va pbagnpg. Gur Wbff-Snzvyl jnezf zl urneg :Q

      • UnstrungZero says:

        Zvar gbb, nygubhtu vg qrcerffrf zr gung V urneq gung Nylfba naq fbzr bguref sbhaq bhg FZT jnfa'g tbvat gb qb na 8gu frnfba ol ernqvat na vagreivrj jvgu ure: 🙁

    • whedonzombie says:

      That Bronze scene upset me so much the first time I watched it! To this day, my stomach gets a little fluttery whenever I hear "Sugar Water". (Maybe I shouldn't have it on my iPod…but, you know… Buffy soundtrack, how could I not?)

  13. Mez says:

    ohg guvf fubj vfa’g greevoyl frevny va angher, fb V srry yvxr V pna bayl fbeg bs thrff jung jvyy unccra va frnfba gjb, fvapr gurer jvyy or n ybg bs bar-bss rcvfbqrf.

    Uru. Bu Znex, lbh ner fb abg cercnerq.

  14. Christina says:

    Hahahaha, Mark you SO UNPREPARED!

  15. NB2000 says:

    LOL at your fourth and seventh predictions being dealt with right away.

    It's such a contrast to see Hank actually showing concern for Buffy after his appearance in Nightmares (even if that wasn't actually him). He seems genuinely upset that he couldn't connect with her over the summer. It's also interesting to see that he and Joyce are being civil after Buffy talked about how they would fight a lot. Guvf nyy cebonoyl fgnaqf bhg n ybg zber pbafvqrevat vg'f gur BAYL gvzr jr frr uvz npg guvf jnl. Joyce attempting to reach out to Buffy in the car even though she has no idea what's really bothering her daughter is yet more of why Joyce is amazing.

    That pair of lime green shoes they're unpacking though, the chunky heel and sole I can accept but that colour is just…eww.

    IT’S SUPER FUCKING MEAN. She did that on purpose to Xander, knowing that she rejected him before summer vacation, and playing on that to make him feel like a fool.

    Not just Xander, it's also an awful thing to do to Angel (who has to watch her dancing with someone else) and WIllow (who she KNOWS has a crush on Xander).

    "You being stalked really isn't a big turn on for girls." THANK YOU BUFFY! Now could someone pass this along to Stephenie Meyer (sorry I had to bring it up)

    If there comes a point in your life where Cordelia Chase comes to you and tells you that you need to stop being rude, you’ve probably gone to far.

    This is almost exactly what I put in my notes, so much love for Cordelia for stepping up and calling Buffy out on her attitude. I have to admit I'm always slightly distracted during her scenes because it sounds a lot like Charisma Carpenter was sick during this episode, her voice sounds a lot lower and snufflier (that's totally a word!) than is did in season 1.

    • Raenef_the_5th says:

      Not just Xander, it's also an awful thing to do to Angel (who has to watch her dancing with someone else) and Willow (who she KNOWS has a crush on Xander).

      Wow, yeah, she totally got three birds with one stone right there.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Awww but I love the shoes! WANT. Maybe I just have awful taste. 😛

      • NB2000 says:

        I have to admit I probably would have wanted them too at the time this aired (I have a fleece jacket in roughly the same colour somewhere in the depths of my wardrobe and a camisole vest thing I still wear occasionally). I think part of it is the colour doesn't seem like something Buffy would wear, maybe they were an impulse buy.

        • enigmaticagentscully says:

          Mmmmm they aren't very practical for vampire slaying, I'll grant you. Something with a thin wooden heel would be better.

    • msnaddie says:

      it sounds a lot like Charisma Carpenter was sick during this episode

      Oh God thank you, it wasn't just me then! It was definitely distracting for me.

      • t09yavosaur says:

        I was going to say in my post that it sounded like she was losing her voice but I had figured it was probably the bad quality of my video.

        • msnaddie says:

          Haha I was watching it online and I was wondering if it was the sound quality, but everyone else sounded the same. It sounds like her voice will be back to normal next episode? Seriously though I couldn't recognize her when she first appeared in the episode because her voice was different and her hair colour was noticeably lighter to me.

  16. beckaboomer says:

    It's hard to watch Buffy be so mean to her friends, but I like that she's a complex character. I hate that scene in The Bronze as much as you, Mark… so much, in fact, that I still can't really watch it fully even to this day. Not only is it cruel towards Xander, whose feelings she is well aware of, but also Willow, who she knows is watching. Ow, Buffy.

    "A bitca?" Oh Xander… well, I was going to say "never change," but some parts of you really do need changing. So, stay funny in any case.

    Poor Boreanaz is still finding his footing as an actor here. I still giggle at that scene in Buffy's bedroom when he somehow manages to glower without truly emoting at the same time. "Don't underestimate the Anointed One just because he's a child." *peer dangerously*

    I like Buffy destroying the Master's bones as therapy; I also love that Xander understands her need at this point without being told. He's more perceptive than he's given credit for. At least all is forgiven at the end, and everyone is shiny happy YAY! …oh God, this is a Whedon show. How long can happiness last?

    • tigerpetals says:

      Yes, it's really uncomfortable to watch. I didn't mind getting up to get something in the kitchen during today's rewatch.

    • whedonzombie says:

      Funny… I just replied to another comment about how to this day my stomach drops whenever I hear "Sugar Water". That scene did a number on me.

  17. Raenef_the_5th says:

    I love that this ep is dealing with the emotional consequences of season 1's finale. That stress and trauma of dying and killing the Master just building up all summer, then getting into self-destructive coping. Also, Cordelia! Cordelia should always come and give fierce pep(?)talks.

    There was a little girl, who had a little curl
    Right in the middle of her forehead,
    And when she was good, she was very, very good,
    But when she was bad she was horrid.

    She stood on her head, on her little trundle bed,
    With nobody by for to hinder;
    She screamed and she squalled, she yelled and she bawled,
    And drummed her little heels against the winder.

    — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  18. knut_knut says:

    I LOVED that the show addressed the emotional weight of the events that happened last episode, even though it was incredibly painful to watch. SHE DIED! How can someone die and just move on as if nothing happened? But I also like that she was called out on her behavior a few times, and that her friends accepted her back and forgave her in the end, which isn't something that always happens in high school.

    Admiral Akbar Giles

    <img src=""&gt;
    (this is really just an excuse to use this gif)

  19. hassibah says:

    I thought that this episode was happening tomorrow so I haven't rewatched yet but two things for now:

    One: I don't care what anyone says I have a one big soft spot for Cibo Matto because they are pretty much the only band that both me and my high school friends liked. You don't know how happy it makes me that they are the first band on this show that doesn't sound like Creed(just a slight exaggeration here.)

    Two: Cordelia's commentary here:
    "Whatever is causing the Joan Collins 'tude, deal with it. Embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet, whatever, but get over it. 'Cause pretty soon you're not even gonna have the loser friends you've got now."

    So good! So brutally honest! This is the Cordelia that I know and love.

    • I dig me some Cibo Matto too! This episode introduced me to them, and I knew it was them because Willow and Xander had a whole bit of dialogue that was basically CIBO MATTO CIBO MATTO CIBO MATTO. I mean, it wasn't as bad as Product Placement Pete's "Yeah, Remy Zero!" but still.

    • clodia_risa says:

      Just to show my ignorance of Cibo Matto, I almost un-ROT13’d the name because I didn’t recognize it as actual words. To penance, I promise to find and listen to some Cibo Matto tonight.

      • hassibah says:

        Well those are Eyetalian words, not proper American ones. My friends were super geeky about bands so I wouldn't expect most people to know who they were, especially since they broke up 10 years ago (they reunited to play a benefit for Japan this year, but you get what I mean.) They're kind of weird but Viva la Woman is good trippy chill out music if you like that kind of thing. Sugar Water (the song of the evil dance scene) also has a pretty cool music video:

        They covered Soundgarden too. In French, for some reason! Do people still know what Soundgarden is or am I hopelessly old and crusty? Or both?

        Anyways you made me go and put their first album on, thanks guys.

    • sporkaganza93 says:

      Wait, that was a real band?! I totally thought it was made up just for the show, because I was like "There's no way there's a real band like this." You just blew my MIND.

    • Fuchsia says:

      This episode premiered just around the same time that Sean Lennon released his first solo album, although he was [obviously] still playing with Cibo Matto at the time, and I was so excited to see him/them on the show. As awful and cringe-worthy as that scene in the Bronze is, I've watched it at least thirty times just to watch the band. [I had this episode on tape… still do actually, downstairs. it's labeled "Sean on Buffy" and everything. I only got the DVDs last year so this is acceptable.]

    • BradSmith5 says:

      It's so much fun watching re-watching these; I had forgotten that Cordy just struts up for a chat about the Master. If this were any other show we'd be listening to her deny ever seeing anything or some crap like that. SO GOOD INDEED.

      • hassibah says:

        Well Cordy was there when the Bronze was ambushed by vamps back in episode 2, so apparently it takes a few times before she snaps out of denial. I like the part when she asks Buffy for help with dealing with invisible girl because she thinks that she's in a gang <3 Girl's really grown.

  20. DLXian says:

    out of curiosity, are you watching this in surround sound? There are a few episodes where they play with sound direction.

  21. The_Consultant says:

    Oh God. I never really liked this episode because of the cringey sexy dance with Xander. So much awkwardness! I still struggle to watch that scene but the rest of the episode has improved on rewatch now that I can see it as 'Buffy is having a legitimate reaction to a traumatic event' rather then 'Buffy is mean to everyone'

    Also I'm pretty sure I used the word 'bitca' a lot when I was 12 because it was like swearing without actually swearing. I was super cool like that.

    I was also going to say that 26 seemed like quite a high number to guess for a death count (I honestly have no idea what an accurate number would be V xrrc gelvat gb rfgvzngr naq gura fgehttyvat bire jung pbhagf – Qbrf n ebobg pbhag? jung nobhg n Senaxrafgrva glcr ernzvzngrq crefba? qbrf gheavat vagb n frn zbafgre pbhag? naq gura V erzrzore Wraal naq guvax 'ohg fur fubhyq pbhag sbe fvk…' VQX ) but then I realised that the first season had approximately 12 dead or missing students so who knows…

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Jryy, V pna guvax bs ng yrnfg guerr va gur arkg guerr rcvfbqrf, fb V thrff ur jvyy abg or bss ol gb znal rira vs jr bayl pbhag gur uhznaf.

      • The_Consultant says:

        I Just found a site that keeps track… Buffy Body Count

        (link goes to the season 1 page so it's fine for anyone following along but other pages will obviously have spoilers.)

        Edit to make the link actually work. This time. Please.

        • settlingforhistory says:

          Gunaxf sbe gur yvax.
          Gjragl frira sbe frnfba gjb. Jbj, Znex vf nyzbfg evtug gura.
          Vg'f shaal gung gur ahzoref tb hc jvgu rirel frnfba, rkprcg sbe frnfba fvk, ohg zbfg bs gubfr n cerggl ubeevoyr.

    • Mary Sue says:

      I was 19? 20? when this aired and I used bitca a lot because it was funny.

      Actually, I still use it. Sometimes. When I'm not going, "Oh, farkdardles, she's really getting right up my left nostril today."

      (Being a kindergarten teacher for a short while completely changes your swearie words for the absurd).

      Naljnlf, gurer'f gur Ohssl Obql Pbhag jrocntr, , ohg vg gbgnyyl pbhagf inzcf, gbb.

    • James says:

      I was also going to say that 26 seemed like quite a high number to guess for a death count
      There's 23 deaths in season one, so it might even be a conservative guess if you go with the sequel rules of "body count is always higher"! Mind you Buffy does like to subvert horror tropes…

      (Not rot-13'd because I honestly can't remember how many deaths there are, so this is just speculative!)

  22. Ryan Lohner says:

    Something occurred to me while rewatching this time: Buffy spends this episode basically acting like Bella Swan. And she's called on it; Xander's "If Willow gets hurt, I will kill you" is one of his most chilling moments of the whole series.

    • Kickpuncher says:

      You shut your lying mouth. Bella’s very passive and self-loathing. Buffy here is being passive-aggressive and is lashing out at other people rather than herself. She isn’t really being like Bella outside of a few surface similarities.

  23. stargaterejects says:

    This was basically my thought pattern during the first scene with Willow and Xander: "Kiss her kiss her kiss her kiss her you better fucking kiss her kiss her kiss her STUPID VAMPIRE." I was really sad that they didn't, rfcrpvnyyl fvapr gurve npghny svefg xvff whfg znxrf zr fnq. Ohg gung'f frnfba guerr, naq abj V'z bss gbcvp…

    Watching Buffy dance with Xander like that was really gross. Not physically gross, but emotionally. It was one of the hardest scenes for me to watch so far. Also POOR ANGEL 🙁

    And that's… basically all I remember from this episode. Except when Buffy smashes the bones. Which was pretty awesome.

  24. Genny_ says:

    I love, love, love how hard it ended up being here for Buffy to start to… heal, I suppose? And you're right, it's not romanticised, it's not some kind of angsty brooding we can sigh over; it's nasty, and it's hurtful, and yet it's something you can't really dislike Buffy for. It's a messy situation and I can appreciate that. I really like how this show fleshes Buffy out so well as a person; she's far from flawless, but she's not demonized for her flaws. She has complex reactions to things and all the different situations she goes through change her dramatically, even at this early stage in the game.

    I think my favourite scene is Cordelia and Buffy. I love that Cordelia is self aware about being 'bitch of the year' and owns it. I also feel like she's very shrewd in that scene. Rather than talk about how Buffy's *hurting* her friends (since I don't think that'd be IC for her at all), she points out that in the end it'll be Buffy who loses because they'll just end up leaving her. I think it's a lot sharper an observation than if she'd said, 'you're really hurting your friends you know'.

    • tigerpetals says:

      You made me think back to OOS, OOM. Like why would Cordelia care if Buffy lost her friends, or about their feelings, but Buffy was potentially going back to the state of loneliness she used to have, in which Cordelia is now. So the scene is really a callback and a way for Cordelia to repay her for that moment of empathy, not just saving her life.

  25. arctic_hare says:

    This is a very very solid episode, but also uncomfortable to watch. Buffy behaves pretty badly here, there's no getting around that. Yet – the reason why is such that I can't really judge her for it in the end, and I just end up feeling horrible for her. She died, and she still has to fight vampires and may lose her life any time, with no hope for revival. She's dealing with some serious trauma from her battle with the Master, and this is how she's processing it. It's not a good way, it's not a healthy way, and it hurts her and those around her, but she can't see any other way. She's scared that someone will get hurt or worse because of her identity as the Slayer, and she feels so isolated because of that, but she also thinks it's better for them in the end, so she takes steps to further isolate herself. She's in so much pain that I just want to give her a hug, okay? And I always get misty-eyed at the end when I see her smash that skeleton and then start crying. She needed that, I think – she needed that release, because everything inside her was all pent-up and had nowhere to go except by manifesting in her destructive behaviors.

    That's the most important thing, I think: that the narrative, and the characters within it, call out her behavior as being bad and destructive. The title of the episode alone does that. It makes no bones (sorry!) about the fact that she's acting terribly. I'm glad that the show chose to go this route for the premiere, because as hard as it is to watch her do these things, it's important that the show not shy away from emotional realism. Anyone would have a hard time dealing with what she went through, regardless of age: it's not a maturity thing. Trauma is trauma, and sometimes people do shitty things and lash out when they're hurting. I think this episode handles it well: not condoning Buffy's behavior, but also respecting the reasons why it happened. So I appreciate all of this.

    I also appreciate Cordelia more and more with every episode. <3

    And predictions! Yay, predictions! You're right about some and wrong about others. For example, the main mythology for the season will actually deal with unicorns. Thought Whedon was gutsy in killing his lead in the first season finale? YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET, WAIT TILL YOU SEE HOW HE CHANGES THE ENTIRE PREMISE OF THE SHOW NEXT.

    • In fact, "vampire" in rot13 is "unicorn"! Dun dun DUN!

      • Raenef_the_5th says:

        Sadly, I just rot13'd that to check.

        "Natry vf n unicorn" would have been great season 1 spoiler coding.

        • knut_knut says:

          it actually kind of looks like "incisor" to me, which works really well, seeing as vampires = teeth
          kind of

        • calimie says:

          My Little Angel, My Little Angel Ahh ahh ahh ahhh…
          (My Little Angel)
          I used to wonder what sulking could be
          (My Little Angel)
          Until you all shared its sadness with me

          Velvet jackets
          Tons of sad
          A beautiful chest
          Criptic 'n' alone
          Stalking Slayers
          Watching them sleep
          And brooding makes it all complete

          You are My Little Angel
          Do you know this is my very best pout

    • LindsayFunke says:

      V guvax vg'f rira jbefr jngpuvat guvf va ergebfcrpg, orpnhfr lbh xabj whfg ubj zhpu jbefr guvatf trg sbe Ohssl. V zrna uryy, rira va guvf frnfba guvatf trg cerggl onq sbe ure, yrg nybar jura ure zbz qvrf, naq jura fur qvrf ntnva, naq gura onfvpnyyl nyy bs frnfba 6. V yvxr guvf fubj orpnhfr vg qbrfa'g qnapr nebhaq hapbzsbegnoyr punenpgrevmngvbaf orpnhfr gung jbhyqa'g or ernyvfgvp, ohg vg pna fher or uneq gb frr punenpgref lbh ybir fhssre yvxr gung….

  26. clodia_risa says:

    Qnja Guernq!

    Qb lbh guvax fur jrag jvgu Ohssl gb YN? V guvax fb. V guvax fur tbg gur fnzr ergnvy gurencl, orpnhfr gung’f bayl snve. V nyfb guvax fur’f abg fcrnxvat gb Ohssl ng nyy. Ohssl ershfrq gb gnyx nobhg gung avtug naq gura jnf orvat ovgp-n nyy fhzzre, fb Qnja whfg fjrrcf bss va n uhss rirel gvzr fur’f nebhaq Ohssl evtug abj.

    • NB2000 says:

      V jnf guvaxvat ubj gur fprar orgjrra Unax naq Wblpr jbhyq unir cynlrq vs gurl'q unq Qnja gb gnyx nobhg. Yvxr, ubj Unax zvtug unir pbzcnerq Ohssl'f qrgngpurqarff gb Qnja, jub V vzntvar zvtug unir rvgure vagrenpgrq zber jvgu ure qnq be whfg frrzrq yvxr fur jnf orpnhfr bs ubj Ohssl jnf npgvat.

      V'z nyfb thrffvat jr jbhyq unir unq n fprar yvxr gur Oebamr qnapvat (rira gubhtu gung jbhyq unir uheg Qnja gbb vs fur'f pehfuvat ba Knaqre) jurer Ohssl qbrf fbzrguvat ERNYYL zrna gb hcfrg Qnja, znlor evtug orsber fur tbrf bhg sbe gur avtug fur ehof vg va gung Qnja'f gbb lbhat gb tb bhg? Be fbzrguvat rira zrnare gung V pna'g guvax bs.

      • clodia_risa says:

        Bu, lbh’er gbgnyyl evtug. Oenvafgbezvat gvzr.

        Guvf vf uneq orpnhfr V pna’g guvax bs jung pbhyq arrqyr ure rkprcg sbe:

        1) Knaqre qbrfa’g yvxr ure (naq V qba’g xabj ubj bar-abgr V jnag gb znxr guvf).

        2) Fur’f lbhat.

        3) Rirelbar pnerf nobhg Ohssl zber.

        Znlor fur’f srryvat artyrpgrq? Znlor fur nfxrq fbzrguvat naq Ohssl oehfurq ure bss? Znlor Ohssl jnf nyy yvxr “qnq ybirf zr zber, lbh pna gryy orpnhfr ur ohlf zr fghss”? V qba’g xabj, guvf vf gur uneqrfg bar lrg.

        Ohg V srry yvxr gur “lbh’er gbb lbhat gb tb bhg pyhoovat” vfa’g anfgl rabhtu lrg.

        • NB2000 says:

          Lrnu gur "gbb lbhat gb tb bhg" vfa'g nf onq nf bgure guvatf fur qbrf, vg jnf cerggl zhpu gur bayl guvat V pbhyq guvax bs.

          Vg'f xvaq bs uneq orpnhfr jr bayl unir fb zhpu vasbezngvba nobhg jung Qnja jnf yvxr ng guvf gvzr. Bu jnvg, qba'g gurl zragvba ng bar cbvag gung vg gbbx ure n juvyr gb znxr sevraqf (V guvax vg'f "Funqbj" jurer gryyf Evyrl nobhg gur oveguqnl cnegl jurer vg jnf whfg urefrys, Wblpr naq Ohssl ng gur cnegl orpnhfr fur unqa'g znqr sevraqf lrg)? Znlor fur'f fgvyy xvaq bs ybaryl ng guvf cbvag naq Ohssl zbpxf ure sbe abg univat nal sevraqf bs ure bja?

    • James says:

      Ohssl jbhyq or fb haarprffnevyl zrna gb Qnja. V whfg vzntvar guvf ivpvbhf plpyr jurer Qnja srryf erwrpgrq ol Ohssl fb fur phqqyrf hc gb Unax naq npgf yvxr n erny qnqql'f tvey naq gur "tbbq" qnhtugre gb trg gur inyvqngvba fur'f abg trggvat sebz Ohssl. Naq orpnhfr fur'f n xvq, Qnja jbhyq jnir ure "tbbq tvey" fgnghf va Ohssl'f snpr, juvpu jbhyq znxr guvatf jbefr naq nuuuu /b\ Tbq, pna gur Fhzzref tveyf pngpu n oernx?!

    • ladililn says:

      V ybir nyy gurfr! Zl bevtvany gubhtug jnf gung Qnja fcrag gur fhzzre ng ubzr jvgu ure zbz–lbh xabj, gb xvpx bss Qnjavr'f nonaqbazrag vffhrf tbbq naq rneyl–ohg V yvxr gur vqrn bs gur ivpvbhf plpyr bs gur Unax/Qnja/Ohssl qlanzvp. (Abg YVXR yvxr vg, boivbhfyl, whfg…va n cybg-l, punenpgre-l jnl, vg'f vagrerfgvat! :C) Naq Ohssl fnlvat fbzrguvat zrna gb Qnja nobhg abg univat nal sevraqf lrg vf whfg gur cresrpgyl phggvat guvat V pbhyq frr guvfrcvfbqr!Ohssl qbvat. Naq jub xabjf, znlor vg tnir Qnja n "V'yy fubj ure" nggvghqr naq fur jrag bss gb fpubby naq znqr NYY GUR SEVRAQF. KQ

      • RoseFyre says:

        V nyjnlf gubhtug Qnja univat ab sevraqf naq orvat, yvxr, gur dhvrg xvq jnf zbfgyl gur zbaxf orvat ynml. "Jr nyernql unir gb perngr snyfr zrzbevrf va nyy gurfr crbcyr, ubj znal ZBER zhfg jr perngr?" Naq gura fhqqrayl va F5 fur trgf, lbh xabj, n crefbanyvgl, orpnhfr fur qvqa'g ernyyl rkvfg orsber gura.

  27. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Right, so! In the spirit of Mark Watches, I will make my first official predictions post! Since I’m watching the first episode of season two straight after I write this, this will probably turn out to be kind of lolariously wrong. BUT WHATEVER! I promise not to change anything before I post it. Here are my predictions for season two…

    1.There will be a new main villain, but we won’t find out what/who until a few episodes in.
    2.There will be vampires
    3.There will be more prophecies
    4.Buffy and Angel will…I don’t want to say ‘start dating’ because that seems a little inappropriate, but start being more obviously couple-y and hanging out more
    5.Xander will finally get over Buffy, but Willow will find someone new in the meantime
    6.Giles and Miss Calendar will also start dating because they are adorable and I will go down with this ship
    7.We will find out more about someone’s past
    8.Actually, I really want some Angel flashbacks
    9.And some Giles flashbacks
    10.More people will die
    11.Still no-one in this whole stupid town will notice
    12. Ok, on the to the real stuff. A main character will die. I mean, this is Whedon, right? Right now I’m leaning towards Cordelia, Xander or maybe Buffy’s mom. I mean, I don’t WANT them to die but…Whedon.
    13.Conversely, a new main character will be introduced
    14.I will almost certainly hate them on principle, but grow to love them anyway
    15.Joss Whedon will fuck with our minds constantly
    16.I will probably cry again
    17.Stuff will…happen

    I am SO excite to watch the second season though! I mean, I have literally NO IDEA what will happen. Totally gonna be keeping an eye on what predictions come true, since it’s really the first time I’ve done this…
    Going to watch episode one now! I think I’ll post this in a separate comment to my review or whatever, to keep it simple.

    • arctic_hare says:


      and right about everything, except for what you got wrong

      <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    • echinodermata says:

      Yay predictions! Super fun reading these!

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        WOOT! I'm genuinely surprised that for once, I know nothing about this show and can make a proper predictions post. I mean, it's not like Buffy is the most obscure thing ever and I am usually TERRIBLE for finding out spoilers.
        Heck, before I even started watching Battlestar Galactica, I already knew who three of the Cylons were.

        I'm fully awarding myself gold stars if any of these come true. I feel like I played it fairly safe this time, maybe next season I'll go for some more out-there predictions. I'm basically just talking to myself at this point aren't I?
        Um YAY.

    • Mez says:

      V'z gelvat gb guvax bs n jnl gubfr cerqvpgvbaf pbhyq or zber npphengr… vg'f whfg abg pbzvat.

    • monkeybutter says:

      I love prediction day! Especially when I’m not making them, because ~spoilers~ #18 is right, and they’re hard as hell to come up with. At least you didn’t get one wrong in the first episode like Mark’s “We won’t see Buffy’s father at all.” 😀

    • cait0716 says:

      V jvyy nyzbfg pregnvayl ungr gurz ba cevapvcyr, ohg tebj gb ybir gurz naljnl

      Jnl gb cvacbvag zl rknpg, erny-gvzr ernpgvba gb Bm. Naq abj ur'f bar bs zl snif

      Excellent predictions. I'll just sit over here and laugh

    • t09yavosaur says:

      Two posts. 😮 You are so much smarter than me, mine is a monster.

    • notemily says:

      😀 I'm so glad you did a prediction post! I wish I could tell you which ones are right and which ones are lolariously wrong! AT LEAST YOU WERE PROVEN RIGHT ON #2. There are indeed vampires.

    • Katie says:

      OMG! #17 is a major spoiler!!!

  28. IceBlueRose says:

    Okay, I know it's season 2 but I can't post that trailer just yet because, hello, spoilers coming out the wazoo but I thought people might enjoy this season 1 trailer for Buffy and the way they set it up like a movie (there's one for every season of both Buffy and Angel, woo!):

    [youtube -1v_q6TWAL4& youtube]

    I grinned at how quickly some of those predictions were dealt with, lol.

    If I had more time and wasn't abuot to sign back in (where the next call will come in within the next 10 seconds, OMG, stop calling please?) then I'd probably say even more but I'll just leave it with, holy crap you are UNPREPARED AND I CAN'T WAIT. 😀

    • Time-Machine says:

      I was just coming here to see if anyone had posted this!

      I love these trailers so much.

    • robin says:

      oh neat! Thanks for pointing this out. I loooove the trailer for Angel Season One.

    • Inseriousity. says:

      It's amazing how many spoilers they put in them. it's like 'hey let's ruin the good bits' 😛

      • IceBlueRose says:

        LOL, yeah not a trailer to watch if you haven't watched season 1 so I'm leaving the others until Mark reaches the end of that season. 🙂

    • calimie says:

      Wow, it starts great but it's amazing how many spoilers they put in the second part. It still amazing but wow, did they leave anything out?

      • IceBlueRose says:

        LOL, my thoughts exactly! That's why I'm not posting the season 2 one yet until Mark's done watched the finale otherwise he'd be spoiled for everything coming up!

    • canyonoflight says:

      That is fantastic! ::watches them all:: I can't believe I've never seen these before! I used to browse YT for Buffy stuff all the time.

  29. enigmaticagentscully says:

    So now we’re in season two, I’m gonna stop doing my ‘stream of consciousness thoughts while watching’ thing because…I just want to sit down and watch the episodes without distractions at this point. So instead, I’m gonna just write a few thoughts that occur to me after each one!

    Two things jumped out at me in this episode. The first is – how awesome is it that we get to see the emotional fallout of the season finale? How many shows do that?? Ok, actually a lot of my favourite shows do that, but that’s the point isn’t it? That’s what makes a good show; not just the actions of the characters but dealing with the consequences afterwards. What’s happened to Buffy so far is pretty fucked up, and I love that the show acknowledges that and shows us the effect it has on her and those around her. She’s 16, y’know?

    But none of this really matters, because of the second thing I noticed about this episode. Guys, something is happening to me. And I know the signs:

    -Rapid heartbeat
    -Shortness of breath
    -Spontaneous emission of high pitched squealing noise, or ‘Squee’
    -Irrational joy at seeing certain characters on screen despite them having little effect on the greater narrative

    I watched the entire scene with Giles and Miss Calendar with a gigantic silly grin on my face. I mean BE MORE ADORABLE. I FUCKING DARE YOU.

    Yeah, that’s right.
    I am becoming emotionally invested in a ship.


    Jesus fuck guys, the last time this happened, someone ended up with a massive spike through their chest. HOLD ME.

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

  30. tigerpetals says:

    Oh Angel, I feel sorry for you even though creeping in through the windows while she's asleep is not nice! But at least it can be fanwanked that he couldn't wait till the next night to give her vampire newsbroadasting.

    I'm not one of those who minds when Buffy angsts, but all has been said about her behavior in this episode so I don't need to add by buts. Vg'f n pbaqrafngvba bs ure ragver punenpgre wbhearl sbe gur erfg bs gur fubj. It's not that she hasn't moved on fast enough, it's that she's treating people badly and they have no idea how to help her.

    Despite knowing Hank was in this episode, and remembering how the scene went, I completely blanked out on it during rewatch. I spent the episode wondering where it was.

  31. clodia_risa says:

    “Fb vf vg fnsr gb fnl gung gur Nabvagrq Bar jvyy pbzcevfr gur frnfba gjb zlgubybtl nep? V’z bxnl jvgu gung. Perrcl xvqf ehyr.”

    V fvzcyl NQBER ubj Jurqba fhoiregf gung rkcrpgngvba. Abg gur yrnfg bs gur ernfba vf, bs pbhefr, orpnhfr bs Fcvxr! Jub fubjf hc va gjb rcvfbqrf! V nz fb ragveryl rkpvgrq!

  32. IceBlueRose says:

    Okay, I lied, I have one more thing! I can't wait to see your thoughts as this season continues. I've been marathoning the show recently and I just keep thinking of different moments that I'm looking forward to throughout the series. Ynfg avtug, V jngpurq Yvfgravat gb Srne naq Vagb gur Jbbqf naq, BZT, V pna'g jnvg sbe Znex'f ernpgvba gb gung nznmvat fprar orgjrra Ohssl naq Wblpr jurer Wblpr ernyvmrf gung Qnja'f abg ernyyl uref ohg fnlf gung fur fgvyy orybatf gb gurz naq unf Ohssl cebzvfr gb ybir ure gur jnl gung Wblpr ybirf Ohssl vs fbzrguvat tbrf jebat. Wblpr, V zvff lbh! Nyfb, Evyrl "fgnxvat" Fcvxr naq gura Evyrl yrnivat gbja. Fb znal nznmvat zbzragf pbzvat hc. Basically….YAY! (Fpubby Uneq vf bayl gjb rcvfbqrf njnl, jbb!)

  33. buyn says:

    GrrUrr. V pna'g jnvg hagvy Fcvxr xvyyf gur naabvagrq bar va n irel abarkpvgvat jnl, znxvat Znex wbff na habssvpny thrff.
    Alright. We're starting to get at the meat that is Buffy. It's like a seven course meal! Just take time to chew all of your food, so you don't choke to death.
    Because choking is bad. Anyway, I shall depart henceforth whilst the spoilers are in my head, and not on the screen. Well, other than my rot'd ones.

  34. I only hope that after TV show you'll segue to Joss Whedon-produced Buffy comics and you'll make your predictions for seasons 9-10.

    • TxCronopio says:


    • LindsayFunke says:

      I get the sense people aren't loving season 8 around here, but is season 9 faring any better? I've been catching up on 8 this week because I never got past issue 20 the first time around (I had been reading them as they were released).

      Is the consensus on Joss's S8 issues any better than that of the series as a whole? I'm honestly just reading them to find out WHAT HAPPENS.

      • Noybusiness says:

        Rira gur crbcyr jub qvqa'g yvxr Frnfba 8 (naq V nz abg bar bs gubfr) frrz gb or yvxvat Frnfba 9 orggre, orpnhfr bs zber vagvzngr sbphf ba gur tnat guna tybony.

    • Noybusiness says:

      I second the motion. The comics are really faithful to the show. The Angel ones at IDW less so, but that's because Joss Whedon was only involved in the first arc of those, but it's only the first half that's canon, so yeah.

    • Rayne says:

      I read one of the later issues from season 8 in the bookstore, and I can honestly say I was HORRIFIED and embarrassed. Ohssl naq Natry mbbzvat nebhaq rnegu anxrq juvyr univat frk naq pnhfvat gur rnegu'f grzcrengher gb evfr? Jung gur uryy jnf gung?!?!?! Npx!

  35. MrsGillianO says:


    The ice cream moment is really cute, I agree.

    As for the rest, ROT13 barely covers it.

    V whfg pna'g jnvg sbe Fcvvvvvxxxxxrrrr! Pna vg or Zbaqnl abj cyrnfr? Naq Gur Naablvat Bar nf frnfba Ovt Onq. ::pubegyrf hapbagebyynoyl::

    Wbff Jurqba vf zl znfgre abj.

  36. Beri says:

    Qvrvat va nagvpvcngvba bs Fpubby Uneq!! Sbe zr, gung vf gur gheavat cbvag bs gur fubj – jura vg tbrf sebz tbbq gb nznmvat naq nqqvpgvir.

  37. Jenny_M says:

    Did you guys know that Cibo Matto is in this episode? I did. It wasn't mentioned in the narrative or anything, but they were the band on stage during the dancing.

    It seems silly that they didn't have like, any of the characters mention that Cibo Matto was playing at the Bronze.

    (Okay, all sarcasm aside, awkward band interjections into random 90s shows are my FAVORITE THING.)

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      Wait, didn't Xander or Willow say the band name??

      • misterbernie says:

        I wish they'd put up at least a giant sign to let us know the band Cibo Matto was playing in this episode.

      • Jenny_M says:

        Hee, yes, hence the sarcasm notation – they say it like 800 times and it's inserted a leeeeeeeettle awkwardly (like early product placement)!

        It's like when Rooney was on the OC and every character was like "HEY GUYS MY MOM IS SLEEPING WITH MY FRIEND ALSO LET'S GO SEE ROONEY TONIGHT!"

        Oh, God, I just admitted watching and loving the OC, didn't I?

        • Eefje says:

          You are not alone! I love rewatching that show. 🙂

        • calimie says:

          Didn't Charmed do that a lot too? (why did I watch that, why! (ah, yes, Pbyr was hot.))

        • settlingforhistory says:

          Smallville did that too, much more often and even more awkward. "Remy zero!"
          And yes, I watched Smallville, my favourite guilty pleasure. 😉

          • Genny_ says:

            I unashamedly love the first series of Smallville. I don't know that I will never need to watch any MORE of it, personally (though the Lois Lane fan in me says YES YOU DO), but the first series just makes me laugh and laugh. In a good way.

            • settlingforhistory says:

              Well, it's a bit like a Soap with comic book characters.
              The first few seasons are sooo angsty, but with Lois everything gets better.
              Excited for seasons 9 and 10, more Lois and less mooping.

          • t09yavosaur says:

            Smallville was the first show I watched from beginning to end and I defended its faults (in a forum online far away from actual Smallville forums) until the day it ended. Now though I watch reruns on TNT and I just can't help laughing at how much slo-mo and soulful staring there is.

        • lyvanna says:

          I love The OC, there is no shame there. Also, I forgive that Rooney episode because Luke is hilarious in it.

    • LindsayFunke says:

      You guys think this is bad? Watch The L Word! Or actually don't, because season 6 is one of the hottest messes i've ever witnessed.

      L-Word spoilers (slightly) paraphrased:

      "Ner lbh tbvat gb bhe sevraq'f Xvg'f one, "Gur Cynarg", gbavtug? Gur O-52f ner cynlvat."
      "Jubnu! Xvg tbg gur O-52'f gb cynl? V ybir gur O-52'f!"

      "Lrn nccneragyl-ab-ybatre-vqragvslvat-nf-n-ovfrkhny sevraq, Nyvpr, lbh fubhyq pbzr. Nygubhtu V jba'g jngpu zhpu bs gur fubj orpnhfr V'z Funar, fb V'yy cebonoyl unir zl unaq qbja fbzrbar'f cnagf juvyr ba gur qnapr sybbe 3 srrg njnl."

      "Bu ab tHeYmM, gurer'f n ceboyrz jvgu gur O-52'f! V qba'g xabj vs gurl pna cynl abj!"

      "Qba'g jbeel, Oynpx Sevraq Xvg jub bayl fcrnxf va fgvygrq "oynpx crefba" qvnybthr! Jr'er lbh'er sevraqf fb jr'er uryc."

      "Lrn, Xvg. V'z fgvyy Funar, fb rira gubhtu V nz nsenvq bs pbzzvgzrag naq yrsg zl svnapr ng gur nygre 10 zvahgrf orsber jr jrer gb or jrq, V nz n YBLNY SEVRAQ!"

      "Bbu gunaxf, onol theym! Jurer jbhyq V or jvgubhg lbh!
      Nyfb, O-52'f."

      Nyfb, gurl znantrq gb jbex n Grtna naq Fnen pnzrb vagb gur rcvfbqr nsgre (znwbe fcbvyre) Qnan Qvrq. Nyfb, gurl jrer va n qeht shryrq ivfvba… Gunaxf Vyrra Punvxra.

  38. enigmaticagentscully says:

    AUGH so many comments in Rot13!

    I forgot how annoying it was not being allowed to read them. 😛

  39. guest_age says:

    Ah, I thought you were just doing a prediction's post today so I haven't rewatched the episode yet. Damn.

    But off the top of my head, this episode has two of the things I most-quote from it. The first being "bitca" and the second being "spank your inner moppet."

    This show has all the best quotable dialogue, seriously.

  40. Rayne says:

    So after suffering through a summer waiting for Buffy to come back, when she said "Hi Guys. Miss me?" I actually yelled YES! giggled with glee and clapped my hands.

    Bring on Season 2!

  41. Nos says:

    V unir gb jnvg hagvy Zbaqnl sbe Fpubby Uneq naq gur zbfg nznmvat punenpgre nep rin gb ortva. NUUUU. V nz fb rkpvgrq lnyy.

  42. Shay_Guy says:

    Look, I don’t know that I ship them or anything, and I certainly reserve the right to go to my grave having only shipped Roslin/Adama.

    I don't ship a lot, but I have two FLCL-related ships: Naota/Ninamori and Haruko/Deadpool.

    well, I won’t use the word some characters use and Willow spells out and oh my god I laughed so hard when Xander didn’t even recognize what Willow spelled–

    Would "jennyass" work as a substitute?

    We all know that Buffy is rather capable on her own, and the show wasn’t saying that she’s weak or useless; instead, we are shown how her network of resources and support really do help her, even if she does the bulk of the work. I like this idea that Whedon posits here: Buffy is the Slayer and there’s no changing that, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her having help.

    From "normal" people as well — none of them are Slayers. A message that one Ms. Meyer apparently seems to have missed. Apologies in advance if I induce flashbacks:

    I am not anti-female, I am anti-human. I wrote this story from the perspective of a female human because that came most naturally, as you might imagine. But if the narrator had been a male human, it would not have changed the events. When a human being is totally surrounded by creatures with supernatural strength, speed, senses, and various other uncanny powers, he or she is not going to be able to hold his or her own. Sorry. That's just the way it is. We can't all be slayers.

  43. James says:

    I like this idea that Whedon posits here: Buffy is the Slayer and there’s no changing that, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her having help.

    Guvf vf npghnyyl bar bs zl snibhevgr guvatf nobhg gur frevrf nf n jubyr. Fynlref qvr lbhat, naq gur ernfba Ohssl fheivirf fb ybat vf orpnhfr fur unf sevraqf. Fur qbrfa'g qb gur genqvgvbany, fbyvgnel Pubfra Bar ovg naq fur yrgf gur crbcyr fur ybirf va ba ure frpergf, naq gung xrrcf ure nyvir.

    • TxCronopio says:

      Well said!

    • MrsGillianO says:

      Ybbx jung unccraf va "Gur Lbxb Snpgbe" jura gur sevraqfuvcf ner guerngrarq. Gur Pubfra Bar naq ure sevraqf ner abg va gur yrtraqf sbe n ernfba – ohg abg gur ernfba Ohssl nffhzrf ng gung cbvag.

    • LindsayFunke says:

      Bs pbhefr, Tvyrf qbrf nonaqba ure, (lrf NONAQBA URE), va frnfba 6. V xabj vg jnf orpnhfr Nagubal Fgrjneq Urnq jnagrq gb frr zber bs uvf snzvyl, ohg vg sryg fb bhg bs punenpgre sbe uvz, naq qnza vg, V zvffrq Tvyrf yvxr penml. Nsgre nyy, Tvyrf jnf rffragvnyyl n cnerag gb ure, rfcrpvnyyl nsgre ure zbz qvrq. V jnf nf pehfurq nf Ohssl jura ur yrsg =/.

      • James says:

        Vg'f n qrpvfvba V pbzcyrgryl haqrefgnaq, gubhtu. Fur'f nonaqbarq urefrys. Ur srryf yvxr nf ybat nf fur pna eryl ba uvz gb qb fghss sbe ure, fur'yy arire qb vg sbe urefrys. Fur'f abg qrnyvat jvgu nalguvat naq ur ubcrf gung yrnivat jvyy wbt ure bhg bs vg orpnhfr fur'yy unir gb qrny.

      • calimie says:

        Gur pevrf nebhaq lbh lbh qba'g urne ng nyy,
        Pnhfr lbh xabj V'z urer gb gnxr gung pnyy.
        Fb lbh whfg yvr gurer jura lbh fubhyq or fgnaqvat gnyy.
        Ohg V

        V jvfu V pbhyq ynl lbhe nezf qbja,
        Naq yrg lbh erfg ng ynfg.
        Jvfu V pbhyq fynl lbhe qrzbaf,
        Ohg abj gung gvzr unf cnffrq.
        Jvfu V pbhyq fgnl,
        Lbhe fgnyjneg fgnaqvat snfg.
        Ohg V'z fgnaqvat va gur jnl,
        V'z whfg fgnaqvat va gur jnl.

      • arctic_hare says:

        Please don't use the word "crazy" on this site. Thank you.

  44. TxCronopio says:

    V guvax vg'f shaal gung bire unys gur pbzzragf ner LNL FCVXR VF PBZVAT. Jryy, zvar gbb 🙂 …ohg xrrc va zvaq, gung nyjnlf zrnaf gung gur qrnqyl Vapn Zhzzl Tvey vf pbzvat nf jryy. OYRPPU.

    • Seventh_Star says:

      v'ir orra fzvyvat erny ovt ng nyy gur fcvxr gnyx gbb! PBF UR VF GUR ORFG RIRE. v gel gb or negvphyngr jura gnyxvat nobhg fcvxr, ohg v nyzbfg nz arire noyr gb or. v whfg jnaan xrlfznfu/pncf n ybg. juvyr synvyvat va zl punve.

    • dasmondschaf says:

      Bu, Vapn Zhzzl Tvey…

      Jryy, ng yrnfg jr nyfb trg Rfxvzb Jvyybj (naq Bm!) bhg bs gung qrny.

  45. Avery says:

    Whoever selected and edited in that detached, dreamy, stunningly good Cibo Matto cue for an extended sequence with minimal dialogue is presumably the same person who also picked the jaunty piano music. I will always be confused about this.

    Guvf rcvfbqr vf erirnyvat ba vgf bja, ohg V ybir ubj vg'f cresrpgyl pbafvfgrag jvgu Ohssl'f rzbgvbany fgngr va frnfba fvk: urer, fur srryf natel naq cbjreyrff nsgre trggvat xvyyrq ol gur Znfgre naq ernpgf hanqzvenoyl, ohg va na ernyvfgvp jnl gung tvirf ure pbageby: ynfuvat bhg ng ure sevraqf naq jvguqenjvat sebz gurz. Fur pna'g cebgrpg gurz, fb fur'yy chfu gurz njnl gb znxr vg rnfvre. Ohssl gerngf Knaqre greevoyl va gur Oebamr, ohg vg znxrf frafr gung fur tbrf sbe uvz va choyvp orpnhfr uvf srryvatf sbe ure znxr vg pregnva fur pna ernyyl uheg uvz (naq Jvyybj naq Natry va bar pnyphyngrq zbir). Bhpu. Ohg gur pvephzfgnaprf jura fur'f oebhtug onpx ntnva znxr ure srry rira zber cbjreyrff: fur'f abg bayl vfbyngrq sebz ure sevraqf ohg nyfb erfragf gurz, fb fur pna'g qenj fgeratgu sebz ure ybirq barf; fur'f obzoneqrq ol erny-yvsr erfcbafvovyvgvrf; naq gur fbhepr bs ure qrfcnve vfa'g nalguvat pbapergr fur pna qrfgebl. Fb fur qverpgf ure natre vajneq naq vg gheaf gb frys-ybnguvat, ohg gur vzchyfr gb gnxr bhg ure natre culfvpnyyl naq nffreg pbageby ol uhegvat fbzrbar ryfr vf fgvyy gurer – bayl vg fubjf hc jvgu Fcvxr, fbzrbar bs rdhny culfvpny fgeratgu. Juvpu whfg bcraf na ragveryl qvssrerag pna bs jbezf, ohg gung'f sbe yngre.

    YBY ng gur evfvat gvqr bs pncfybpx nagvpvcngvba sbe Fpubby Uneq (!!!!) irefhf cbbe artyrpgrq Fbzr Nffrzoyl Erdhverq, gur bcravat onaq abobql yvxrf. Vg'f bxnl, lbh pna fvg va guvf pbeare jvgu Tb Svfu.

  46. Elle says:

    I really love this episode for how it fleshes out Buffy, if in somewhat unflattering ways. What's great is that even when she's being awful she's so understandable in it because the root of it is really her pain and trauma…the thing about Prophecy Girl is that it really raised the stakes (so to speak) on the show. It delved into what you have to give up to be a Slayer beyond being socially awkward and having to flake out on dates. I think Buffy is still reeling from learning so intimately that for as long as she lives, every single day she will be putting herself in danger to save the world, and that when she dies, it's probably going to be like she did when fighting the Master. It's such a massive thing for a sixteen year old to have to come to terms with that frankly even when she was being awful in this episode I just felt overwhelming sympathy for her. Especially because, IMO, it seemed like Giles was the only one who actually got that she went through a traumatic experience. When Willow was like "God, what's WRONG with you?" on one hand I got that she was frustrated because of Buffy's behavior but on the other I was thinking that there is practically a neon sign flashing above Buffy's head that says I DIED AND I'M REALLY BROKEN UP ABOUT IT.

  47. Raenef_the_5th says:

    Cordelia: It stays with you forever. … I mean, you can dry clean till judgment day, you are living with those stains.
    Ms Calendar: Yeah that's the worst part of being hung upside down by a vampire who wants to slit your throat: the stains.
    Cordelia: I hear ya!

    I always love Cordelia's earnest I HEAR YA at the end.

  48. Fuchsia says:

    I personally love this episode because GIVE ME ALL THE ANGST PLEASE [geez it's no wonder I'm such a Whedon stan]. I think this episode deals with everyone's characters wonderfully, even Buffy's trauma regarding the finale [as a note, for some reason I always remember this episode as being the finale, not the next season's premiere, oops]. It also has Xander's switch from being the Nice Guy to being the comic relief which, in my opinion, is about three steps up for him. Although I feel bad for Willow, I think it's pretty realistic that his crush on Buffy came back with her… but he didn't resort to his previous tactics, so that's improvement.

    I'll also admit to just loving this episode because of Cibo Matto. I said in another comment, I've watched this episode [and specifically that scene in the Bronze] so many times because they're in it. This is the start of showcasing good bands on the show, in my opinion. And Sean Lennon is so adorably dorky up there on stage, *sigh*. [I love his music a lot, solo and with Cibo Matto.]

    I personally mix the seasons up so I can't remember specifically which arc happens when [no, really, I've seen every episode multiple times and I know what happens, I just have no idea what's season two and what's season three… my memory is horrible] but I enjoyed reading your predictions!

    • RachelFatale says:

      Agreed about Cibo Matto! I'm glad they decided to start using real bands that make good music for scenes at The Bronze, instead of terrible, excessively '90s fake bands.

      And seeing Cibo Matto in this episode inspired me to look them up on Wikipedia to see what they're up to, and apparently they have plans to release a new studio album next year. Awesome.

    • notemily says:

      Sean Lennon was there? I need to watch this again.

  49. lawrence_s says:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar really does a phenomenal job when she destroys the Master’s skeleton

    To nitpick, however, the props people and editors do not. How many times did she smash his rib cage, exactly?

    (And for that matter, I'm not sure if it was brought up before, but … why did he leave a skeleton behind in the first place when all the other vampires we've seen just turn to dust? I'm sure there's a fanwank for it, or even possibly a Josswank, but it seemed odd to me that this would even be possible.)

  50. notemily says:

    Mark! Your predictions! Look:
    1. Already proven right this very episode! Granted that was the easy one.
    4. Already proven false this very episode.
    7. Right again! So that's a 60% rate so far, pretty good! Better than Trelawney!

    Other than that, all I have to say is MUAHAHAHA SO UNPREPARED. And for those who have seen this season: [YBY FB UNEQ NG AHZORE AVAR.]

    ["Fb vf vg fnsr gb fnl gung gur Nabvagrq Bar jvyy pbzcevfr gur frnfba gjb zlgubybtl nep?" NUNUNUNUNUNUN YBYAB. BZT V pna'g jnvg hagvy Fcvxr fubjf hc.]

    If there comes a point in your life where Cordelia Chase comes to you and tells you that you need to stop being rude, you’ve probably gone to far.

    Ahahaha this is trufax.

    I don't really like re-watching this episode because I HATE watching Buffy be mean to people. So I don't remember a lot of it. Turns out it has some pretty great lines, though.

    I just have to say, I shipped Xander and Willow SO HARD after I first saw this ice-cream scene. OMG OMG OMG. *squee*

    Someone on facebook posted a bunch of tweets of people complaining about not getting an iphone/ipad/whatever for Christmas, or getting the WRONG ONE, or not getting a car (the horror). Cordelia totally reminds me of that here, when talking about her "disappointing" summer vacation.

    "I do enjoy these pep talks."

    Ms. Calendar has bangs! I dunno what I think about this development. They're a bit short.

    I like that they're talking about dreams and then it turns out to be a dream. WHAT A HORRIBLE DREAM THOUGH. GILES!

    And then Buffy is a jerk to Angel. And Alison Krauss starts singing sadly.

    Cibo Matto! I REMEMBER THEM! I HAD A CD! Oh man, remember CDs? I kid, I kid. "Sugar Water" is still pretty awesome.

    "Yes, our own… personal demons." Hee.

    One thing I can't stand is people who are obviously angry but keep saying they're not upset or they don't know what people are talking about. Don't give me that shit, Buffy. It's cheating at communication.

    Aw, now Buffy is upsetting Angel AND Willow by dancing all sexy with Xander. Don't make Willow sad, Buffy. It's not allowed.

    "Don't you wish I would?" Ohhhh. Buffy goes straight for the heart. Much like she does with vampires.

    Cordelia is pretty awesome in this episode. But then NOOO! She gets taken by some vamps and Buffy doesn't see!

    "No, actually, that would be one of the five."

    "The part that says PS, this is a trap!"

    "You know, being stalked isn't really a big turn-on for girls." Anti-Twilight statement from Buffy! WHOO!

    "Why are you ridin' me?" Angel, why are you suddenly saying things like "why are you ridin' me"?

    [Naq fur snyyf sbe vg rirel gvzr!]

    Vampire torture! Yay?

    Unconscious people hanging upside down? Always creepy.

    Improvised stake with that torch thingie! And she kills TWO vamps with it! Extra points!

    [V pna urne gur ortvaavat bs gur Ohssl/Natry gurzr fbzrjurer va urer! Trg gb vg, zhfvp qrcnegzrag!]

    "It's entirely pointy!"

    Aw, they saved her a seat.

    "Well, we could grind our enemies into talcum powder with a sledgehammer, but gosh, we did that last night!" <3

    "I hate that girl!" This may be the first (and only?) time I find the Anointed One amusing. Maybe because it's the first thing he says with actual emotion in his voice.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Wooooo! I feel like I should say something because I always enjoy your posts but I never really have anything to say in reply. ^^
      Wasn't Trelawney like 100% right about everything though? Or was that just a weird editorial I read?

      • notemily says:

        I thought it was Ron who was 100% right about everything, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Trelawney theory too. I was just going by the fact that only two of her predictions are real actual prophecies and the rest is just stuff she made up.

    • NB2000 says:

      "I hate that girl!" This may be the first (and only?) time I find the Anointed One amusing. Maybe because it's the first thing he says with actual emotion in his voice.

      They seem to have abandoned that stupid echoey effect they had on his voice last season, probably because they realised how silly it sounded

    • misterbernie says:

      I almost wrote something to the effect of "I wouldn't mind riding you, Angel" but then I thought I shouldn't. JSYK

      Also I cannot imagine how uncomfortable the hanging upside down must've been to shoot :<

  51. plaidpants says:

    On a shallow note, while I love Buffy's new hair, I'm not really digging Cordelia's. I love the new character attitude however, it keeps her connected with the Scooby gang but still retaining her own unique characterization.

    I really enjoyed this episode, but it was particularly uncomfortable to watch. Gah that awkward scene with the dancing just seemed to go on forever, and I think you could tell Xander himself was a bit uncomfortable in it/knew something was up. And then Cordelia giving awesome advice! I'm really excited to see what this new season will mean for her character.

  52. Segreant says:

    Oh, man, Mark. I’ve never felt compelled to comment here before, despite having read you on and off for years, but after looking at your predictions… I feel the need to present you with a visual representation of how very, VERY unprepared you are for Season Two:

  53. fieldofwhitetulips says:

    Sweet summer child, I started Buffy for the first time when you did, Mark, but I finished season 2 last night because I lack willpower and now I can't stop cackling at everyone's predictions. All I can say is WE ARE NOT PREPARED. AT. ALL. Okay, starting season 3 now! I'm so excited to catch up and actually be able to read everyone's rot13 discussions.

    • Raenef_the_5th says:

      Jnfa'g frnfba gjb n uhtr, urnegoernxvat evqr? NAQ V YBIRQ RIREL FRPBAQ. Unir sha jvgu gur erfg bs gur frevrf!

  54. unefeeverte says:

    HAHA. Oh, Mark. You are never prepared for this season.

  55. Partes says:

    When I was younger I haaated watching this as I liked Buffy so much, and I just couldn't understand why she was doing what she was doing. Now that I get it a little bit more? This rose about ten points in my estimation, and I love the multifaceted characterization going on with just about the whole gang here.

    Let's do this.

    <img src=" the Vampire Slayer/buffy.gif">

    -Sexual tension between Willow and Xander. D'aawwww, and ice cream. This is like two of my favourite things guys.
    -And then Buffy shows up. I love her confidence here, just grabbing and whack, dusted. Plus, Xander trying for two hugs made me lol. Oh Xander, you so needy.
    -Distant Buffy is worrying.
    -The conversation between Giles and Snyder is amazing. I want them to have their own spinoff fighting crime. Or possibly partcipating it depending on their mood. It would be so fucking depressing but incredible.
    -Giles plus Ms Calendar is adorable.
    -"Yo G-Man, what's up?" HAH this is what I'm calling Giles from now on.

    It was about this point that I realised I fail at bullet points and hate interrupting the episode to write my thoughts. Woops.

    I love the way Buffy's pain was addressed here, put in the perspective of multiple characters but never being dismissed by those she cares about; their worry over her behaviour comes from concern, not a mere desire for a return to the status quo. It's immediately acknowledged that she's gone through something that none of the gang could understand (not really) and they try to approach her from a point of understanding (outside of Cordelia, but even that was done through a place of concern). Her nasty behaviour is not something which she should really be blamed for, but more of a symptom of a greater issue. Also, the scene with her crushing the Master was incredibly carthartic and well done.

    She will not heal quickly, but there's a ray of hope. Rather than trying to package her experiences in a neat little bundle labelled "dealt with" it's clear that they will continue to affect her in a variety of ways for the rest of her life, whether because of personal growth or a difficulty dealing with the pain, and that feels so honest.

    This episode is where Cordelia started to really grow on me. Her frankness is not exactly Appropriate but definitely needed. and it's the first time that I can think of where she seems to be genuinely trying to do a good deed (through words rather than actions such as with the car in Prophecy Girl.) Plus, Charisma Carpenter's delivery is always great.

    I also like that the normal vampires actual held a real sense of menace compared to most of their appearances in Season 1; they were almost mindless in prior episodes, rushing to attack Buffy the moment she appeared. Here they actually seem fairly confident, and even the mook Buffy tortured displayed at least a small amount of personality, something sorely lacking from the Minions of Evil in the first few episodes.

    V unir gb nqzvg, gubhtu, V'z ernyyl ybbxvat sbejneq gb yngre qrirybczragf zber guna nalguvat qbar urer. Natry'f genafsbezngvba yngre guvf frnfba, sbe rknzcyr. Natryhf vf cebonoyl gur zbfg snfpvangvat ivyyvna sbe zr gb jngpu, fvzcyl orpnhfr bs gur wbl ur gnxrf va qbvat jung ur qbrf, naq qnza qbrf Obernanm fryy vg. Cyhf, Fcvxr. Onpx jura ur jnf npghnyyl njrfbzr.

    PS "angsting harder than Jon Snow on a wall of ice" made me laugh out loud. Oh Game of Thrones, how I love you.

  56. Danielle says:

    “Fb vf vg fnsr gb fnl gung gur Nabvagrq Bar jvyy pbzcevfr gur frnfba gjb zlgubybtl nep?”

    Zl bayl erfcbafr gb guvf: *gebyysnpr* Uru uru uru.

  57. feminerdist says:

    I gotta say, this episode surprised me. I like that they're dealing with the emotional baggage, and that it's not just like "oh look new season, let's move on to season 2 shinies!"

    And I also loved the scene in The Bronze, because it was so uncomfortable. I love that Buffy just looks like a bitch, and that there's no other reason for this awkward sexy dance (which SMG made look both bitchy, and awkward, but not quite sexy – good job there on her part) than to piss people off. I also liked how whatshisname played it. Xander really just looks pissed off, like he knows what she's doing and he's not amused, while Angel looks all jealous and angry, and Willow just looks betrayed. That's awesome that Whedon put his leads into that position.

    I think I might start to like Xander a little more. Not that I didn't like him, but it's hard to get past the fact that he clearly is a 25 year old man and not a high school boy. But I know, the actors are always a little bit older anyway in all tv shows (like Smallville). So I'm working on letting that go.

    • echinodermata says:

      Please don't use "bitch" on this site – you can quote characters saying it, but please don't use the word in your own commentary.

  58. fantasylover120 says:

    Honestly this is the first I've rewatched this ep in awhile because it's simply not my fav. I get it but that Bronze scene with the dancing…yeah…just NO. Even after all this, it's awkward to watch. I understand the need for this ep and appreciate the psychology the Whedon tries to go through with it but still…not my favorite episode. Though I do so love when Cordelia tells Buffy off. As said above when Cordelia Chase tells you you're being a jerk, it's time to pause and reflect and the bitca line from Xander will never stop being hilarious.

  59. Maribeth says:

    And how is Cordelia going to get the stains out of her clothes?
    I love Season 2! I'm glad you dived right in!

  60. amyalices says:

    All I have to say is that season two is my favourite season.

    Perfect balance between plot and cheese, imo.

    *Settles in* 😀

  61. Kari18212 says:

    Way late today, but the Giles Knock Out Count goes up to 5.5. We don't actually see Giles get knocked out, but we see him later unconscious, so I'm thinking it's a pretty safe assumption he got knocked out at the school and not just when he got hung upside down 🙂

    As a random note on this episode that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere, Buffy putting her cross in that vampire's mouth to get her to talk is kind of brilliant (in an creepy and not fun to watch kind of way…)

    And "Well, we could grind our enemy's bones into talcum powder with a sledgehammer, but gosh we did that last night," will never not be funny to me.

  62. Dee says:

    I love Xander's face when Buffy was dancing with him. It was like 'Oh man, I wanna enjoy this but this is so fucking wrong!'

  63. t09yavosaur says:

    I don't like predicting. I am good at results of actions and observation but outright guessing is hard and there are probably self esteem issues worked into it as well. I wanted to note that I am only doing this because I am following along and plan to do this whole thing properly. Be that as it may, I give you permission to laugh at me.

    Thus Begins My First Ever Prediction Post:
    ~Lets get the easy ones out of the way: Buffy will slay vampires.
    ~And other things.
    ~One of the two episodes I have seen before will be in this season. (I know this one is true because I looked at the episode titles cause I am a cheater sometimes. Sorry)
    ~Hopefully we get some Werewolves as they make everything more fun, when they aren't pining.
    ~Less pining this season? I expect to lose this one.
    ~Willow will get a boyfriend who is not an internet demon.
    ~He will probably be some other kind of supernatural being.
    ~Xander will stop making Mark-ers (Mark-ettes?) fight. Please Xander.
    ~Angel will still be Creeper McCreepyson but I will still enjoy looking at him.
    ~He and Buffy will continue their forbidden romance nonsense, with hopefully less nonsense.
    ~Cordelia will be involved more now. But still be shallow.
    ~Giles will be nerdy.
    ~Computer Lady will be awesome.

    Season #2, Episode #1
    -Xander got a haircut. I dont know if I like it.
    -Interesting developments. Bit of bad timing there everyone.
    -Everybody has new hair!
    -Angel is a regular now?
    -Giles and Miss Calender need to flirt always.
    -Ugh, Creepy Kid. Black is not his color.
    -Xander and Willow are adorable.
    -…In Buffy's dreams?
    -Oh Angel.
    -If Angel actually made social calls maybe Buffy wouldn't mind work visits.
    -Cordelia wants in the club.
    -Even Xander looks a bit uncomfortable.
    -Though Angel's Edward Cullen Eyes amuse me. I don't know how David Boreanaz and Robert Pattinson can look so much alike sometimes.
    -Knock some sense into her Cordy.
    -Noooo, Cordelia! Computer Lady! Danger Will Robinson!
    -Glad Xander isnt in denial anymore.
    -Possession is always a possiblity, or…
    [youtube xD-Huwlg2kY youtube]
    -Oh! Need bait to catch a trout.
    -Xander is especially oblivious this episode.
    -To arms, Slayerettes!!
    -Giles will probably be heartbroken over his computer.
    -Why did they just rough Xander up a bit?
    -Nobody likes a rhymer.
    -Ha. Poor Annointed One.

    Predictions From After This Episode Since My First Ones Were Kind Of Tame:
    ~Xander and Willow will learn to fight since it is really about time for that to happen.
    ~The Annointed One will NOT be the Big Bad but he will help the actual one.

    Wow, this post is long.

    • notemily says:

      😀 I love your predictions!

      [Bm vf obgu n jrerjbys naq Jvyybj'f arj oblsevraq fb gung'f guerr va bar oybj!]

    • RoseFyre says:

      Because no one answered this yet – they only roughed Xander up a bit and didn't kidnap him because he wasn't in the library when the Master died. He was helping Angel guard Buffy – they'd just gone to get her and performed CPR and all, then she went up and the Master fell down into the library when he died, which is where Giles, Jenny, Cordelia, and Willow were. So he couldn't have been physically nearest to the Master, so he wasn't needed.

  64. NikolaosR says:

    V pna haqrefgnaq crbcyr trggvat rkpvgrq nobhg Fcvxr, ohg ner lbh nyy sbetrggvat nobhg Qehfvyyn??? Fur'f gur ernfba V ybir frnfba 2. :Q

  65. orchardist says:

    I loved this episode. I loved it BECAUSE Buffy was bad. I liked that the main character was shown to be flawed. Yes there is rationale but she crossed several lines, ultimately recognized it and then felt remorse. Works for me.

    Favorite bits:
    – Ice cream moment
    – I actually liked the "Sugar Water" song and how painful that moment was — it shows exactly how smart Buffy is and she took out three (Angel, Willow and Xander) with one blow
    – Cordelia calling out Buffy
    – Xander threatening to kill Buffy if Willow gets hurt. I love the Xander/Willow bond. Also him picking up that it wasn't over yet until after she smashed the bones.

  66. Smurphy says:

    Fb V unira'g jngpurq gur rcvfbqr ntnva… lrg. Be ernq Znex'f erivrj… lrg. OHG V ernq gur yvggyr ortvaavat oyheo naq V gubhtug:

    Vfa'g gung frnfba guerr? Hz….

  67. Tori says:

    2 things about this episode that always strike me. 1. Spank your inner moppet is possibly my favorite thing Cordelia ever says.
    2. When Buffy is crushing the Master's bones, they sort of wiggle in that really obvious that they are silicone or something. I didn't notice it until the eleventy billionth time I watched it, but now I can't NOT SEE IT. So distracting!

  68. Seventh_Star says:

    don't get me started on music! seriously…i'll never STFU.
    it's one of the man, MANY great things about buffy, the inclusion of so many unsigned bands. it's seriously jarring to be when "nyy gur fznyy guvatf" is playing in the bronze. it's just…weird.
    i grew up with some pretty good music, but that's only thanks to my ex-hippie parents. i live in texas where A LOT of country and/or christian music is played on the radio. i'm not trying to be a hater, but, well, I HATE IT. as a hardcore music lover it's just soul-crushing.
    BUT! i have my iPod and my buffy.

  69. TrampyMcBitca says:

    I was just looking for an excuse to re-watch Buffy. Yay!

    "well, I won’t use the word some characters use and Willow spells out and oh my god I laughed so hard when Xander didn’t even recognize what Willow spelled"

    I loved it so much that it became my screen name.

    Wblpr: V'yy whfg or unccl vs fur znxrf vg guebhtu gur fpubby lrne.
    Bu Wblpr, lbh ner fb hacercnerq sbe jung'f gb pbzr.

    Njj, Ohssl'f qnq orsber Wbff znqr uvz n qrnqorng!

    I think my favourite part of the episode was the Cordelia/Buffy scene.

    Well my girlfriend's car was just broken into and her briefcase stolen so that cuts my comments short. 🙁

  70. sesinkhorn says:

    Admiral Akbar Giles Oh my GOD I laughed so much.

    There is no doubt that CORDELIA telling Buffy to get over her own damn self is a thing of beauty.

  71. ChronicReader91 says:

    So, I’m probably going to regret this, since I have way too much to do to spend hours of the week watching TV and more hours on the internet, but I decided I missed this blog, and that I would watch along with Mark starting with season 2. And this morning my season 2 DVD’s arrived, so I guess I’m in!

    These first few episodes are more of a refresher to my memory, as I’ve seen through episode 6. I also know how the season ends- long story short, I came across the last two episodes on TV one night, and I was hella confused but also hella intrigued. So I’m most interested to see what the heck will happen in between.

    I suppose it is still here, as the two got pretty damn close to kissing one another before that fucking vampire cockblocked the shit out of them.

    Fucking vampires, going around cockblocking people all the time. Big pains in the neck.

    So yeah, this was a really great season opener. It’s great how they dealt with Buffy’s trauma from the season finale so realistically. And I like how truly nasty she becomes in the process of pushing people away, and that there are very real consequences for that, but I never felt like it unsympathetic towards her taking into account the fact that she died.

    If there comes a point in your life where Cordelia Chase comes to you and tells you that you need to stop being rude, you’ve probably gone to far.

    I’m still not the biggest Cordelia fan, but she’s growing on me, and moments like that are among the reasons why.

    “You know, being stalked isn’t really a big turn-on for girls.” I knew this line from the Buffy vs. Edward video, which I watched before I had seen a single episode of Buffy. It's nice to see it in context, even if I still think it's more suitable to Edward than Angel.

    I’m sure this has been answered, but why wasn’t the Master’s skeleton destroyed along with the rest of him? Whatever, I enjoyed Buffy’s cathartic smashing it so much that I’ll let it slide.

  72. Smurphy says:

    The corny music at the end ruined the rest of the episode…. well maybe not ruined but heavily dampened. Oh 90s.

  73. ajaxbreaker says:

    This is actually one of my favorite episodes of Buffy. I love how the show doesn't shy away from showing its heroine as a flawed person while at the same time letting us sympathize with her and understand her completely.

    But most of all I love the way Giles pronounces "iss-yous" 😀

  74. SteveP says:

    Buffy dancing sexy … what's not to like … oh yeah, everything. Poor Xander. Poor Willow.

    I love the emotional / narrative honesty of this episode. Joss makes us face the darkness that comes from being scared. He takes risks too … not many shows allow their main character to act so horrible. As always, Joss is showing his awesomeness.

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