Mark Watches ‘Fringe’ Liveblog: Neither Here Nor There

FRINGE IS BACK!!!!!! After an agonizing wait (and one HELL of a season three cliffhanger), it’s time for us to (hopefully) start to find out WHERE IS PETER BISHOP? Oh god, Fringe, I have missed you SO MUCH.

Alas, despite how unbearably excited I am, I cannot see “Neither Here Nor There” until TOMORROW MORNING. I am going to be in a car on my way down to Los Angeles tonight because I’m going to a wedding on Saturday. Ew, my friends are growing up and doing love things. GROSS COOTIES.

I’ll still have a review up….probably Sunday? It might be delayed to Monday, but either way, it won’t upset next week’s normal review schedule. It’s just an extra review! PARTY!

Because we are all on the exact same ground this time around, our spoiler policy for these blogs will be completely different. Anything that has aired in the past is fair game for discussion. Anything that has not publicly aired WILL BE CONSIDERED A SPOILER.

This liveblog will work in relative to when the episode airs for you. So, you may begin your livebloggy commenting down below when the episode starts. To avoid spoilers, I stick to the first page and comment away, and then go back afterwards to add any more

DO. NOT. POST. SPOILERS. This community is not the place for that. You have the rest of the fucking Internet. Go there.


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235 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Fringe’ Liveblog: Neither Here Nor There

  1. NB2000 says:

    YAY FRINGE how I have missed this show. Definitely need to rewatch the last few episodes to refresh though.

  2. Socks says:

    AHH I marathoned this show in the past month. I just finished the last episode yesterday and I am so so so excited for the new season.

  3. BSGfan1 says:

    OMG you like Fringe too? It's the only thing I have now that Torchwood has ended for the season:(

  4. monkeybutter says:

    Yay Fringe! I'm so excited to see what they do this season! Also, this seems like a good place to mention that I loved seeing Anna Torv at the Emmys. Now can they maybe nominate her (and Lena and Michelle) for one?

    And on a personal note, haha yes, I've had a lot of those "omg my friends are all getting married I am a grown up what is this" moments. I hope you have lots of fun!

  5. echinodermata says:

    Yay! And wow, I wish there were more sci-fi in the new USA fall season of television.

    • monkeybutter says:

      Me, too. But seeing as how so many sci-fi and other hour-long dramas have failed in the fall over the past few seasons, I'm cautiously optimistic about them as mid-season replacements. Awake counts as sci-fi, right?

      • echinodermata says:

        To my knowledge Awake is being officially counted as sci-fi, in any case. Even if he is hallucinating or something, I feel like it'd still probably have the spirit of scifi given parallel lives/worlds. And then there's the upcoming Alcatraz. So I'm hoping those turn out well.

        I just want more sci-fi. I mean, I'll take cancelled sci-fi over no sci-fi, but I don't really understand why this genre specifically doesn't pan out well most of the time when fantasy still does well enough.

        • monkeybutter says:

          I wish I knew why, too. It might be because it's more niche than even fantasy. Or maybe because it's usually darker and people don't like that?

  6. SecretGirl127 says:

    I am so excited!!! I've been watching the blog for updates and broke out into a sweat on Wednesday when there was still no mention. Then, last night I saw a Fringe preview on tv, and today the blog update. I'm so happy. I'm so happy. I'M SO HAPPY!!

  7. __Jen__ says:



  8. knut_knut says:

    I have coffee and ice cream, I AM READY!

  9. monkeybutter says:

    Two years in a coma and her son ran the restaurant into the ground? Hell's Kitchen sounds like a soap. (poor lady)

  10. monkeybutter says:

    Yessssssssss! It's starting!!

  11. carma_bee says:

    SO EXCITED! I missed liveblogging Fringe here!

  12. monkeybutter says:

    Holy shit, Fauxlivia.

  13. monkeybutter says:

    Peter flash!

  14. knut_knut says:

    lol I COMPLETELY forgot the 2 universes were sharing a space or whatever and couldn't figure out why the 2 Olivias were talking to each other

  15. __Jen__ says:


  16. monkeybutter says:

    Also, the Olivias are amazing and I love Anna Torv forever.

  17. carma_bee says:

    Yellow starting!

  18. knut_knut says:

    new intro??

  19. __Jen__ says:


  20. knut_knut says:


  21. monkeybutter says:

    AHHHHHH! I'm gonna have to find this opening again tomorrow!

  22. __Jen__ says:

    Those theories about the recurrence of red, blue and yellow were right!

  23. knut_knut says:

    in CT!! which is where I am! I WILL FIND YOU

  24. monkeybutter says:


  25. monkeybutter says:

    Toast is delicious, Olivia/Toast 4eva

  26. __Jen__ says:

    Lincoln. :DDD

    Lol I see that all of my comments are going to be me squeeing over everything

  27. monkeybutter says:

    That would explain all of those head colds

  28. __Jen__ says:

    It's JFLAN!

  29. monkeybutter says:

    I'm amazed at Lincoln's glasses-keeping-on prowess. And everything else about him.

  30. knut_knut says:


  31. monkeybutter says:

    Holy crap what is wrong with his face.

  32. monkeybutter says:

    Astrid on the scene!

  33. __Jen__ says:

    Astrid is on location being awesome!

  34. monkeybutter says:

    Lee and Olivia <3

  35. knut_knut says:

    Asterisk/Asteroid/Astro! How I've missed you! <3

  36. __Jen__ says:

    The observers are everywhere.

  37. monkeybutter says:

    Soooo, everything is different?

  38. monkeybutter says:

    Olivia seems a lot more self-assured, btw.

  39. knut_knut says:

    can Lee please brush his hair over on his right side? It's very distracting

  40. knut_knut says:


  41. monkeybutter says:

    So, you can't be trusted either?

  42. monkeybutter says:

    Not a disconcerting conversation to overhear AT ALL.

  43. __Jen__ says:

    I love that Lincoln just grabbed the dead bird barehanded with no hesitation.

  44. monkeybutter says:

    Zombie doves. Awesome.

  45. knut_knut says:

    NOOO!! the poor pigeon!! 🙁

  46. monkeybutter says:

    Okay, nm, it's redead.

  47. monkeybutter says:

    Oops, I think I was paying attention. It's A-P so far, right?

  48. carma_bee says:

    I keep forgetting that Peter got erased from history and that he's not around anymore (or back yet) 🙁

  49. monkeybutter says:

    lol Walter is very demanding.

  50. knut_knut says:

    hmmm, this monster reminds me of the very first one I think from season 1 (I think…I can't keep them straight)

  51. monkeybutter says:

    Poor Astrid.

  52. __Jen__ says:

    Lol poor Astrid. :D:

  53. MeghanCL says:

    Aww, Season 1 "fuck the world" Olivia!

  54. monkeybutter says:

    Tonight is the awkward loner episode. Awkward loners named Olivia.

  55. knut_knut says:


  56. __Jen__ says:

    I am so smitten with Lincoln.

  57. monkeybutter says:


  58. __Jen__ says:

    Star Wars commercials give this little burst of happiness and then just make me angry when I think about how much Lucas screws everything up.

  59. __Jen__ says:

    Observers being creepy and having powers FTW.

  60. __Jen__ says:


  61. monkeybutter says:

    lol I'm sure he's still not the weirdest guy that shopowner saw that week.

  62. monkeybutter says:

    lol Walter. He's still himself.

  63. monkeybutter says:

    Or, something more terrifying…

  64. __Jen__ says:

    Poor Walter. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  65. carma_bee says:

    Is Peter THE MAN?! 😀

  66. monkeybutter says:

    Oh! Peter!

  67. __Jen__ says:

    Do we know yet how all this went down without Peter?

  68. knut_knut says:

    I'm glad Walter still wanders around naked

  69. __Jen__ says:

    Peter was Walter's tether. ;___;

  70. monkeybutter says:

    Okay, one revision: it's the episode of loners and no pants.

  71. __Jen__ says:

    Olivia is very tan.

  72. monkeybutter says:

    Not a heavy-handed moment AT ALL.

  73. knut_knut says:

    I really like that they brought up what happens to the victims families. I never really thought about it before

  74. monkeybutter says:


  75. __Jen__ says:

    Blargh fingernails. I just gagged a bit.

  76. monkeybutter says:

    So, before this episode I didn't think there was anything more unsettling than gangers. Glad to see I've been proved wrong!

  77. monkeybutter says:

    I think that was an E, so A P P E? Appear?

  78. MeghanCL says:

    Haha a commercial for a Lincoln…….

  79. knut_knut says:

    damn I thought she was talking about Peter

  80. monkeybutter says:

    Aww, Lincoln I love you so hard

  81. knut_knut says:

    Lincoln, you are so adorable! I'm glad you're here <3

  82. monkeybutter says:

    Oh shit oh shit oh shit

  83. __Jen__ says:


    OH SHIT.

  84. knut_knut says:


  85. monkeybutter says:


  86. __Jen__ says:

    Are these a new kind of shapeshifter, then?

  87. monkeybutter says:

    Then what's the point of you?

  88. carma_bee says:

    "You mean from China?"
    "No, not China"


  89. monkeybutter says:

    Okay, I don't want to blame Walternate right away. Could other people have been brought over at the same time?

  90. __Jen__ says:

    This is so thrilling! 😀

  91. knut_knut says:

    well this must be awkward for Lincoln

  92. monkeybutter says:

    Oh god, duh, that's why they need the heavy metal.

  93. __Jen__ says:

    Lol Lincoln's face.

  94. knut_knut says:

    awww Walter!! sleeping in his office <3

  95. monkeybutter says:

    Okay, so the crossing over was only in that room? I guess I missed that!

    Also: weird.

  96. monkeybutter says:

    lol Poltergeist

  97. knut_knut says:

    nyooooo i knocked my coffee over!

  98. __Jen__ says:

    PETER. 😀

  99. monkeybutter says:

    Dammit, no one's going to believe Walter.

    APPEAR makes a lot of sense now.

  100. __Jen__ says:

    Yay glasses!

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